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SobekCM METS Editor
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      Concepts and Preparation
      Using the METS Editor
            Creating a new METS
            Editing an existing METS
            Creating structure map
            Saving in different formats
      Batch Processes
            Spreadsheet or CSV File
            Marc21 Data File
            OAI-PMH Harvesting
            Directory/Metadata Update
      Image Derivative Creation
      Preferences and Settings
            First Launch Configuration
            Changing your preferences
            Release History

METS Editor Release History

 VERSION 1.1.0 July 7, 2013 
  • Corrected issue with the slash being the wrong way for files which appear in subfolders in the fileSec ( i.e., "xlink:href="106_105\01\105_01-01.tif" is now correctly "xlink:href="106_105/01/105_01-01.tif" )
  • Corrected the mapping of genre when importing from spreadsheets. Was a genre SUBJECT term, rather than a top-level genre element
  • Corrected issue which prevented saving to Microsoft Excel files after batch METS file creation
  • Updated MARC21 reading/writing libraries to latest code, which is much more resilient when something unexpected occurs
  • Added the following new mappings to the spreadsheet importer
    • Alternate Title (Language)
    • Classification
    • Classification (Authority)
    • Creator (Dates)
    • Creator (Family Name)
    • Creator (Given Name)
    • Creator (Role)
    • Genre (Authority)
    • Identifier (Type)
    • Related URL (Label)
    • Related URL (Link)
    • Related URL (Note)
    • Subject Keyword (Authority)
    • Title (Language)
    • Viewer (for use with SobekCM repositories only)
    • Webskin (for use with SobekCM repositories only)
  • Updated the code surrounding projects (.pmets) as default metadata so it now works correctly.
  • Updated the SobekCM Resource Object at the core of this application to include all the recent enhancements and modifications for the SobekCM web repository
 VERSION 1.0.4 May 11, 2012 
  • Added ability from the structure map to add file references ( i.e., URI ) to the METS. (External files)
  • Added ability to recurse through subfolders within the resource folder and include files in subfolders in METS
  • Added ability to import records via Z39.50 ( on 32-bit machines )
  • Added ability to easily add wrapper divs in the structure map outside the resource ( commonly used for volume/issue information )
  • Updated the installer to be built by the open-source WiX Installer, rather than Visual Studio Installer
 VERSION 1.0.3 January 11, 2012 
  • Corrected bug introduced in last version which prevented structure map from being built correctly
  • Corrected several issues which appeared when using the Dublin Core template and saving as MarcXML in the METS
  • Added new source element for the dublin core template which maps to a source note and to dc.source in the dublin core file. (Distinct from source institution/creating organization)
  • Added support for the 786 ( as a source note ) and 041 ( for multiple languages ) in the MarcXML
  • Corrected help URL so most of the elements now map correctly to their related online help
  • Made the MarcXML reader slightly more resilient when given invalid MarcXML to read
  • Code is no longer necessary when entering the source institution information in the code-statement input element
 VERSION 1.0.2 December 20, 2011 
  • Corrected issue parsing folder names while creating new METS packages
  • Corrected issue with the batch directory import including a 'New Title' title when using certain templates
  • Corrected issue with editing simple descriptions not actually removing the old descriptions before adding the new ones
  • Converted to .NET Framework 4.0
 VERSION 1.0.1 August 24, 2011 
  • Added ability to batch process through directories with MarcXML as the source
  • Cleaned up some of the structure map forms
  • Added help buttons to most the batch processing forms to link to online help pages
  • Corrected a discovered issue in the spreadsheet importer
 VERSION 1.0.0 August 14, 2011 
  • Corrected series title mapping into Dublin Core.. now maps into dc:relation
  • Completed option to create image derivatives (requires ImageMagick for the JPEGs, installs with Kakadu for JPEG2000s)
  • Completed all the batch import options
    • Excel spreadsheet or CSV
    • MarcXML report with multiple records
  • Completed batch update for digital resource folders. Reads metadata file, builds METS, and adds all files in the folders to the METS file
  • Added option to create METS files from an OAI-PMH repository feed
  • Corrected issue that indicated METS should save with .xml extension was not working
 VERSION 1.0.0 BETA May 31, 2011 
  • Major changes to application initialization
    • During the first launch, up to seven different forms step the user through initialization and configuration of all the preferences in the application
    • Presets help to perform much of the customization for the user, then shows the options for the user to approve
    • User can now enter more default values, including individual creator, default rights, and default funding note
  • Major changes to the preferences form accessible through the main menu Options --> Preferences option
    • Now many seperate tab pages, which allow for much more detailed explanation of each option
    • Some standard add-ons show their own defaults here if selected
    • User can now manage standard lists, such as METS Record Status, Resource Types, and Institution lists
  • Major changes to the way templates work
    • Templates now just dictate the "base" tabs during editing and creation of metadata
    • Add-Ons add additional pages and corresponding sections of metadata in the resulting METS file
    • Some standard add-ons additionally have defaults which appear under the preferences form
  • Added support for new metadata schemes
    • VRA Core elements encoded as an extension schema to MODS
    • DarwinCore Simple DataSet to encode zoological taxonomic information
    • Florida State University schema for encoding Electronic Theses and Dissertation information
  • Major strides in simplifying template to effectively work with Dublin Core as the main bibliographic schema as well as MODS and MarcXML
  • Corrected several bugs which had been identified in the last couple months
 VERSION 0.9.2 November 6, 2010 
  • General user-interface improvements
    • In the open existing METS file dialog box corrected METS File first option to include both *.mets* and *.xml files. METS File no longer appears twice which was particularly confusing in older versions of Windows.
    • The 'Edit Page' label on the structure map menu is now named more appropriately as 'Edit Page Label'.
    • When you click the ADD FILES option above the structure map, the drop down file filter is now dynamically built based on which files appear in your METS folder. The option to view all files will also always be there.
    • The mode indicator at the bottom left corner of the form is now set to appear in a blue color all of the time, rather than being based off of each individual windows color scheme.
    • More of the menu options from the main menu are context specific and are disabled when they are not applicable.
  • Updated much of the translations for the metadata labels, template, and main menu. Additional translations are pending and will be included in the final release.
  • Added an option under Save As... to save as a METS. This allows you to save the current METS file with a different name or in a different folder.
  • Updated the View METS option to use a web browser control. This allows copy-and-pasting, Ctrl-F find, and you can expand and collapse XML nodes.
  • Added ability to add a parent division to a division or page
  • Automatic page renumbering
    • Reworked logic of page renumbering and suspended update of tree view while updating each page for a large boost in speed
    • Can now limit automatic renumbering to within the same division
  • Bug Fixes
    • JPEG thumbnail images now correctly appear with the associated page image files with the same name under the same page. For this to occur, the thumbnail jpeg must end with 'thm.jpg'. So, the thumbnail image associated with '00001.tif' and '00001.jpg' would be named '00001thm.jpg'

 VERSION 0.9.1 October 27, 2010 
  • When importing into an existing item, open file dialog starts in that folder
  • Corrected issue that renumbering of file "pages" renamed them "Page"
  • Added ability to SELECT ALL and ADD ALL to the other files detected form
  • Added option to always add the page image files when creating a new package
  • Corrected focus so when editing a page name, focus starts in the page name text box

 VERSION 0.9.0 October 26, 2010 
  • User is prompted for which non-page image files to include during package creation
  • User can now delete or exclude a file from the package
  • Downloads and other files are now saved as a seperate structure map in the METS
  • Began work on the batch METS creation portion
  • Linked to online SobekCM metadata help pages
  • Bug Fixes
    • Checksum progress bar now functions correctly consistently
    • Corrected issue with losing structure map after performing a metadata import
    • Corrected issue that the DMDID in the struct map was blank when outputting only dublin core
    • Corrected issue that when reading dublin core, the first creator disappeared from the template

 VERSION 0.1.0 October 6, 2010 
  • Added new elements ( Frequency, Other Titles, Publication Place, Publication Status, FCLA flags )
  • Corrected issue that the DMDID in the struct map was blank
  • Can now view the data as METS and MARC without having to explicitly save first (uses a temp file)
  • Automatically adds TIFFs, JPEGs, JPEG2000s, and text files from the directory to the page images, not just the TIFFs
  • Adds importing from EAD as an option
  • When a user adds a file in a different directory, moves it into the digital resource directory
  • Shows a progress bar / popup when creating checksums as this takes a period of time
  • Converted templates to template schema
  • Added automatic page numbering through the rest of the document
  • Non page-image files appear as second tree view under the structure map tab
  • Created new deployment project and cleaned up references to other DLLs to the number installed is smaller

 VERSION 0.0.1 July 26, 2010 
  • Changed the text under the 'New Item' directory finder to make more sense
  • Ensured import of metadata does not lose files/struct map (nor cause "_repeat" in the fileSec )
  • First time you save the METS, it did not remember the directory that you selected for some reason
  • Make "Expand All Nodes" in structure map work again
  • Add option to always show saved metadata after saving
  • Remove arrows because someone thinks they are confusing
  • Make simple FCLA Dublin Core template use the simplest title element
  • Correct issue with GroupID become GP#, rather than G#

 VERSION 0.0.0 June 2010 

Initial BETA release of the SobekCM METS Editor