SWFLN - Southwest Florida Library Network

Quick Tips

  • Boolean Searching

    Use + or and between terms to find records with all the terms.
    Use - or or between terms to find records with any of the terms.
    Use ! or and not between terms to exclude records with terms.
    If nothing is indicated, and is the default.
    EXAMPLE: natural and not history

  • Phrase Searching

    Placing quotes around a phrase will search for the exact phrase.
    EXAMPLE: "natural history"

  • Capitalization

    Searches are not capitalization sensitive.
    EXAMPLE: Searching for NATURAL will return the same results as searching for natural

  • Diacritics

    To search for words with diacritics, the character must be entered into the search box.
    EXAMPLE: Searching Précédent is a different search than Precedent

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