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Photo: Manis with performer of the Deangle initiation masquerade
Photo: Manis residence interior with 12+ masks, Deangle costume for masquerade (now in Harn collections).
Photo: Manis residence interior with 15+ masks (shows Deangle costume for masquerade now in Harn collections).
Photo: Manis residence interior with 19+ masks, Deangle costume for masquerade (now in Harn collections).
Harn Museum of Art information leaflets
Harn Museum of Art Events : May - June 2007
Harn Museum of Art information leaflets
Harn Museum of Art Exhibitions : Fall 2006 - Spring 2007
Harn Museum of Art Events : March - April 2007
Harn Museum of Art information leaflets
Harn Museum of Art Exhibitions : Fall 2007 - Spring 2008
Harn Museum of Art Events : January - February 2007
Harn Museum of Art information leaflets
Beaded Coronet (orikogbofo)
Beaded Panel (isebebe)
Sash with Triangular Pendant (nkody mupaap)
Beaded Panel (ithemba)
Bridal Apron (itshogolo)
Beaded Panel (isibebe)
Male Royal Ancestor Mask (Mbwoom)
Beaded Panel (isibebe)
Elephant Mask
Beaded apron
Woman's Belt
Fertility figure (akua'ba)
Beaded Panel (isibebe)
Belt (mukody mu-ikup lakiing)
Beaded Panel Necklace (ithemba)
Necklace with Porte Koran (xirsi)
Beaded Panel (impondweni)
Diviner’s Headdress
Beaded Apron
Girl’s Initiation Apron (thito)
Female Twin Figure (ere ibeji)
Beer pot with lid (ukhamba with imbenge)
Beaded Coronet (orikogbofo)
Beaded panel (ithemba)
Belt (yeemy mikomingom)
Beaded Panel (isebebe)
Beaded Panel Necklace with Female Figure (isibebe)
Man's Wedding Apron (ibeshu)
Child's Apron
Child Figure (nwana)
Beer Pot (ukhamba)
Beaded Coronet (orikogbofo)
Beaded Panel Necklace (ithemba)
Hat (kupash)
Beaded Panel (isebebe)
Beaded Panel (isibebe)
Married Woman's Apron (Isephepehtu)
Beaded panel pin (isipheleti)
Doll (ham pilu)
Wedding Staff
Seated Female Figure (esi mansa)
Face mask (deangle)
Diviner's Bag (apo Ifa)
Beaded Panel (ithemba)
Hat (mpaan)
Beaded Panel (isibebe)
Doll (umndwana)
Beaded Panel (isebebe)
Gala Blanket (nguba)
Beaded Doll (nguana modula)
Beaded earflap
Married Woman’s Apron (mapotho or lipothu)
Doll (umdwana)
Royal Slippers (bata ileke)
Ngwane Wedding Cape (isikoti)
Beaded Panel (ithemba)
Belt (yeemy mambolmashet)
Beaded Panel (isibebe)
Dance Staff (ithelefonu)
Man's Back Tie (ulimi, uthayi)
Tobacco Bag (ingxowa)
Beaded panel pin (isipheleti)
Beaded earflap
Bride's Apron (pepetu)
Sheepskin Wrap Skirt
Small Bag
Divination Tapper (iroke ifa)
Alternate View
Married Zulu Woman's Belt (isibhamba or ixhama)
Back Apron (thimba)
Young Matron's Dress
Beaded Panel (ithemba)
Man's Prestige Hat (ashetu)
Beaded Panel (isibebe)
Dance Staff (amandondolo)
Beaded panel (isebebe)
Beaded apron
Woman's Purse
Doll (ngwana wa pelego)
Lid for Beer Pot (imbenge)
Beaded Crown (adenla)
Headrest (ngachar or chemperit)
Florida tomorrow : Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
Faculty guide : the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
Gilt Wood Seated Bodhisattva
Budget report
Harn Museum of Art: Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) digitization grant proposal
Mary Ann Harn Cofrin
Reading the world of art
Synapse : sculpture by Jane Manus
Policy for collecting archeological materials and antiquities at the Harn Museum of Art
Collections management policy
Between the beads : reading African beadwork
Fashioning Kimono brochure
Annual report
Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art five-year strategic plan 2008-2013
Harn Museum of Art code of ethics
Knowing Kimono family guide
Annual report
Annual report
Come for Dinner: Creating a Self-Sustaining Signature Fundraising Event for the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
Art gift honoring Samual Peebles Harn (npa2413)
Campus Loan Outreach Program at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
Building Drawings of Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
Inform magazine.
Hammering Man at 2,938,405
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Inform magazine
Flowers, Fruit and Bamboo
Thirteen Famous Sites in Edo
Helios: Connecting Florida’s Asian Collections planning project: IMLS Grant Proposal
Curriculum resource unit
Pictorial Brick from a Temple Facade
Large Votive Horse
Ten Avatars of Vishnu
Seated Figures
Prince Pirthi Singh (?) of Jaipur with a Minister
Maharaja Madho Singh of Jaipur with a Minister
Celadon Flask
Blue and White Vase with Floral Design
Blue and White Vase with Dragon Design
Imari Charger with Landscape and Figural Designs
Folk Dancers Dressed as Buddhist Nuns
Ritual Ax
House Post for Efon Alaiye
Face Mask (sauli)
Helmet Mask
Pair of Horses
Classical Female Head
Horse Head
Jar with Cover (hu)
Male Head
Divination Tapper (iroke ifa)
Female Figure
Memorial Head
Epa Mask
Tripod Bowl
Standing Man with Rattle Stick
Burial Urn
Incised and Burnished Bottle
Painted Jar
Elephant with Riders and Attendants
Circular Weight
Manuscript Cover
Tapestry Fragment
Giant Mountain, No. III
Pictorial Brick from a Temple Facade
Celadon Prunus Vase
Arrow Vase with Teadust Glaze
Blue and White Bottle with Bat and Peony Design
Celadon Bottle with Irregular Glaze
Celadon Jar with Slip-inlaid Floral Motifs
Deep Blue and White Bowl
Celadon Bowl with Slip-inlaid Fruit and Floral Designs
Celadon Bowl with Slip-inlaid Decoration
Celadon Bowl with Incised Design
Déclaration (premiere planche)
Florida Marsh Scene
Tripod Plate with Rain Serpent
Smiling boy with bells on wrist
Kendi with Blue and White Garden Design
Blue and White Dish with Landscape Design
Our Lady of Sorrows
Ibo Wood Face Mask
Helmet Mask (sowei)
Mende Wood Sande Helmet Mask (sowei)
Spirit costume
Horizontal Mask (korubla)
Title Stool
Ancestral Head (uhumwelao or uhunmwun-elao)
Ogoni Wood Face Mask (Elu)
Mask (gle)
Figure (nomoli)
Sande Society Helmet Mask (zogbe)
Helmet Mask (zogbe)
Mask (suaga due)
Mask (Okoroshi Oma)
Maiden Mask (agbogho mmuo)
Communal Altar (Ikenga)
Yoruba Ivory Divination Tapper (Iken ifa or iroke)
Vessel for Shango
Spirit Spouse (blolo bla)
Buffalo Mask (nao)
Buffalo Mask
Female twin figure (ere ibeji)
What a Tailor Can Do!/Lo que puede un sastre! (from Los Caprichos, plate 52)
Whistle (ocarina) of Man in Vulture Costume
Mirror with Hunting Motif
Shakyamuni Buddha
Ritual Wine Goblet (Zhi)
Jianyao Tea Bowl
Head of Buddha
Arab Horsemen
Portable Buddhist Shrine (votive plaque, tsha-tsha)
Model of a Watchtower
Reliquary Cross
Male Ancestral Figure
Reliquary Figure (mbulu)
Black-Figure Siana Cup
Ritual Wine Vessel
Champ d'avoine
Dancing Ganesha
Tomb Models of Domestic Furnishings
Bottle Vase
Cabin Scene
Star Asters
Mountain Traveller
Landscape after Huang Gongwang
Face Mask (deangle)
Pear-shaped vase
Pear-Shaped Vase with Teadust Glaze
Meiping Vase
Tapered Jar with Olive Glaze
Covered Jar with White Glaze
Inscribed Jar with Olive-Brown Glaze
Yellow Ewer
Melon-form Ewer with Olive Glaze
Celadon Bowl with Carved Peony Design
Saucer with Molded Garden Design
Cizhou Jar with Painted Peony Design
Small Meiping Vase with Jun-type Glaze
Bottle with Dark Olive Glaze and Painted Floral Designs
Covered Box with Prunus and Moon Design
Qingbai Pear-shaped Vase with Monster-Mask Handles
Head of a Bodhisattva
Wedding Cape (isikoti)
Fertility Figure (akua'ba)
Offering Dish
Tray with White Bird
Famille-Rose Medallion Bowl
Beauties in the Garden
Lion-form Water Dropper
Female Royal Ancestor Mask (Ngady a Mwash)
Rue Boutebrie, Paris
Stupa Tower
Painted Tripod and Cover
Amitayus Buddha
Two Badgers in Moonlit Landscape
Censer with Reticulated Cover
Incense Tool Vase
Tightrope Walker
Koranic Amulet (xirsi)
Porte Koran
Wine Jar with Scrolling Decoration
Ritual Wine Vessel (Jue)
Unidentified group, album page
Glacier Point, 3,257 feet, Yosemite, California
Black Cañon, Colorado River, From Camp 8, Looking Above
Idyllic Landscape
Gala Blanket (Nguba)
Long Summer Evening
Gold-splash Vase
A View of Red Bank, New Jersey
Dragon-from Belt Fitting
Gourd-shaped Censer with Handle
Carp Among Weeds
Food Vessel
Censer with Mythical Creatures
Spring Cherry
Autumn Maple
Portrait - Miss Mary Everett
Drops of Rain
Afternoon Shadows
Boating at the Red Cliff
Sweets Bowl (Kashiki)
Polychrome jar with transforming shaman lug
Aryballoid Jar
Spout bottle with modeled reedboat sailors
Seated figure of man presenting child
Seated Female Effigy Figure
Standing Figure
Pair of figures
One of a Pair of a Seated Polychrome Couple: Man with Club
One of a Pair of a Seated Polychrome Couple: Woman with Bowl
Cylindrical vase with heads of Lord of Underworld
Drinking Seated Male Effigy
Vishnu Slays Madhu and Kaitaba
Vamana Worshipping Devi
A Mounted Raja Traveling with His Minister and an Armed Foot Guard
Illustration from a Ragamala Series: Devagandhari Ragini
Raja Shamsher Sen (r. 1727-1781) of Mandi with His Son Surma Sen (r. 1781-1788)
Hindi Poet Tulsi Das Offering His Ramayana Manuscript to the God Vishnu (A Folio from the Epic Poem, The Ramayana)
Moon Reflected in Bal Krishna's Bath
A Dancing Girl Entertains the God Indra in His Heaven
Overlook Mountain, Woodstock, New York
Head of the Bodhisattva Maitreya
Vishnu with Two Female Attendants
Meditative Buddha, Votive Figure
Digambara Jaina Shrine of the Tirthankara Rsabanatha
Krishna as the Dancing Butter Thief
God Shiva with his Consort Uma
Digambara Jaina Shrine of Tirthankara Chandra-Prabha
Small Personal Uma-Mahesvara-Mutri Shrine
Kerala Altar, Krishna with Attendants and Gopis
Small Icon of a Shaiva Saint
Mask (bedu)
Large male axe-head figure
Vishnu Vaikuntha (Narsima - Varaha)
Pig spirit mask (baba)
Double Clan Spirit Figure (ngwalndu)
Pig dance costume
Bridal Headpiece (ambusap)
Pig Spirit Mask (baba)
Bark Belt
Canoe Prow
Cassowary Headdress
Cassowary Dance Costume
Dual ancestral costume
Dance headdress
Large Dance Mask
Single face clay pot
Double face clay pot
Durga Slaying the Buffalo Demon
Elephant Mask for Kuosi Society
Bride's Apron (mapoto)
"Mud"-dyed textile (bogolanfini)
On guard! Protecting collections from deterioration
Covered Vase
Celadon Dish with Impressed Floral Design
Blue and White Footed Dish
Blue and White Footed Dish with Bats and Floral Motifs
Blue and White Footed Dish
Hunting with Falcons
Krishna Venu-Gopala
Mende Wood Sande Helmet Mask (sowei)
Head crest (perhaps 'Nwamma,' a character in the 'Okperegede' play)
Female twin figure (ere ibeji)
Female twin figure (ere ibeji)
Male Twin Figure (ere ibeji)
Grain Jar
Vishnu Trivikrama
Stupa Reliquary
Jaguar effigy metate
Ritual Beaker
Small Jar with Brown Glaze
Page from a Buddhist Manuscript Depicting the Goddess Vasudhara
A Multi-Scened Painting of Radha and Krishna (A Folio from the Sat Saiya of Bihari Lal)
Krishna as the Dancing Butter Thief
Inform magazine
Durga Slaying the Buffalo Demon (Durga-mahishasura-mardini)
Melon-form Ewer with Amber Glaze and Applique Decoration
Pair of Dingyao Foliate Dishes
Tea Bowl with Black and Russet Glaze
Celadon-glazed Vase with Carved Decoration
Altarpiece (oju' po)
Lidded Jar with Handle
Flower Vase with Wave Design
Gu-form Vase with Foliate Rim
Vase with Design of Dragons Amid Waves
Playing the Zither in a Bamboo Grove
Disk Pendant (akrafokonmu)
A Birthday Painting
Archaistic Vase with Banded Design
Archaistic Vase with Garlic-head Mouth
Sencha Set (tea set)
Rukmini's Messenger is Received by Krishna in His Palace at Dvarka
Page from a Jain Manuscript Depicting the Saint Mahavira
Helmet Mask (nowo)
Antelope Shrine Figure
Small Bowl with Crackled Celadon Glaze
Bridge-spout bottle of Cat God wearing trophy head
Maprik village headdress
Lidded Cosmetic Box
Seated Female Figurine
Blue and White Kendi with Floral Design
Florida Landscape
Seated Buddha
Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara in the Form of Sadakshari Lokeshvara
Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara in the form of Khasarpana Lokeshvara
Portable Shrine
Stupa Reliquary
Buddha Seated in Meditation Under a Naga Canopy
Large Cup with White Crackle Glaze
Small Bowl with Green Glaze
Shallow Bowl
Cizhou Censer with Painted Floral Designs
Tea Bowl with Hare's Fur Glaze
Vase with Braided Loop Handles
Jizhou Pear-shaped Vase with Prunus Decoration
Jizhou Pear-shaped Vase with Bird and Flower Decoration
Qingbai Vase with Molded Decoration
Celadon Censer
Qingbai Vase with Dragon-form Ringed Handles
Pear-shaped Vase with Carved Decoration
Dancing Ganesh
Figures (edan ogboni)
Battle of King Takla Haymant of Gojjam against the Dervishes
Protective Scroll with Samuel of Waldebba Riding His Lion
Virgin and Child Triptych
"Striking of His Head" (Kwe'ata re'esu) Triptych
Head for Yena Ceremony (yena masiik)
Nggwalndu figure
Blue and White Dish with Dragon Design
Jamini Roy
Jamini Roy & Bengali folk art
Arts of India
Gilt Wood Seated Bodhisattva: X-rays
Krishna Shrine Figure
Shrine Figure
Double-Faced mask (kponigougo or waniougo)
Ceramic Bottle
Eight-Panel Munjado-Chaekkeori Screen with Eight Cardinal Principles of Confucian Morality
Asian Online Exhibition
Gilt Wood Seated Bodhisattva: CAT Scans
Gilt Wood Seated Bodhisattva
sculpture: Inkstone, Choson Dynasty (1392-1910), late 19th century
The Shamanist Buddishist Monks (Sambul Chesok-do)
Seated Buddha (Amida)
Portrait of a Seated Military Official
Horses Amid Pine
Prunus Tree
Military Procession
Fruit and Blossom
Peony Blossom
Figures Boating Amidst Mountain Landscape
Korea Collecting Treasures
Korea Collecting Treasures
Conserving Treasures
Thirteen Stations of the Tokaido Road