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Zamia splendens
Freshwater fishes of southern Florida /
Observations on marine mammals in Florida waters
Bioarchaeology of Native American adaptation in the Spanish borderlands /
Taxonomic revision of the Amphilius uranoscopus group ( Teleostei: siluriformes ) in Kenya, with the description of a new species from the Athi River
A New early Pleistocene tapir ( Mammalia : perissodactyla ) from Florida, with a review of Blancan tapirs from the state
Lichens of Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park, Florida : proceedings from the 18th Tuckerman Workshop
Florida Note Book
Photos: Sawyer Painting, with Wife, with Friends.
Pepper-Hearst Expedition: Correspondence. 1893-1908, Not dated
Pepper-Hearst Expedition: Correspondence- Gilliland Collection (Includes Photocopies and Transcriptions of Originals). 1895-1896, Not dated
Pepper-Hearst Expedition: Frank Hamilton Cushing Memorial by Sawyer. Circa 1900
Pepper-Hearst Expedition: Frank Hamilton Cushing Newspaper Clippings. 1895-1896
Pepper-Hearst Expedition: Miscellaneous (Toast, Poem, Invoice, Notes). Circa 1895-1904
Pepper-Hearst Expedition: Notes and Fragments by Sawyer. Circa 1895-1896
Pepper-Hearst Expedition: Notes on Mound Builder and Expedition Discoveries. Circa 1895-1896