For Publishers

Publishers can contribute to the Florida Digital Newspaper Library by granting digital distribution permissions. Newspapers in the Florida Digital Newspaper Library display with wordmarks that link to the affiliated publishers or institutions and the archives can easily be searched from publisher websites. In addition to providing attribution and connecting online user traffic to the publisher website, the Florida Digital Newspaper also serves as an archival service with all contributions digitally archived with the state of the art Florida Digital Archive to ensure long term preservation.

Please contact us to contribute by granting digital distribution permissions along with digital issues or a gift subscription for the printed newspapers to the Florida Digital Newspaper Library.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us through the online form or by phone (352.273.2900).

The Florida Digital Newspaper Library accepts contributions of Florida and Florida-related newspapers and ensures searchability and preservation. Historically universities and publishers microfilmed newspapers for long-term preservation. However, digital distribution permissions are required regardless of whether a newspaper was previously included in ongoing microfilming agreements. The Florida Digital Newspaper Library is working to ensure that Florida newspapers are accessible and preserved and are particularly interested in continuing prior microfilming efforts digitally.

Prior microfilming efforts include Florida, the Caribbean, Latin America, Judaica, and Africa. Prior efforts also include newspapers selected by theme or area, as with:

  • Florida expatriot newspapers: El Amanecer, Argentina Hoy, El Argentino, The Brazilian Sun, Estrella de Nicaragua, Haiti en Marche, El  Oriental USA, Peru Hoy, and Venezuela al Dia.
  • Caribbean and Latin American Newspapers: The Barbados Advocate, El Espestador, Justice, Kersher, The Nassau Gaurdian, The Nassau Tribune, Pais, Guyana’s Sunday Chronicle, The Trinidad Guardian, and The Weekly Gleaner.

Please contact us if you are the publisher for one of these titles or to contribute another newspaper to the Florida Digital Newspaper Library or the Caribbean Newspaper Imaging Project, a collection within the Digital Library of the Caribbean.

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