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FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions


Basic Searching

How can I search the collection for the best results?

The Florida Digital Newspaper Library can be searched using basic keywords, advanced searching for types of keywords, and through two browses. New users may want to try browsing "New Items" because the "New Items" browse will show recently loaded items, including recent and historical newspapers.

For basic searches, users can search by words or can browse. To search using keywords, type in the search terms in the search box and click enter (or press "Go"). For advanced searches, users can search by keywords within particular fields, which include "anywhere" and "full text" as well as "title", "author", "subject keywords" and others. The advanced search page also includes tips for Boolean searches and phrase searches.


To search using the "Browse" options, choose either "All Items" or "New Items". New users may want to begin by browsing "New Items" using the "Thumbnail View" (see below) because the "New Items" browse will show recently loaded items, including recent and historical newspapers and the "Thumbnail View" is an inviting interface for those new to the Florida Digital Newspaper Library.

Thumbnail View for Browsing and Searching

Search Results

When searching the most relevant materials are displayed at the top of the results list. When browsing, items are shown alphabetically. For both searching and browsing, users can choose to see items in one of three views, table, brief, or thumbnail. Table and brief show the basic information in text - title, place of publication, date of publication, and number of issues. The thumbnail view shows a small image of the first page of each item with the title and number of issues listed in text below.


How can my newspaper or my hometown paper be included?

Please contact us or see our "Partner" and "Publisher" pages to help make yesterday's news new again while ensuring its preservation for the future.


Why are some images blurred?

Blur obscures copyrighted content that we do not have the rights to duplicate. Florida's newspaper publishers give us permission to reproduce their newspapers for your use. Unfortunately, they cannot give us permission to use the content that they purchased from other news organizations. Because this commercial content is available elsewhere and because we could not afford to purchase it, the Florida Digital Newspaper Library blurs copyrighted text.

Most of the content under copyright is available elsewhere in the Florida Electronic Library, or in state or local public library online collections. Other collections may have password requirements. Members of the University of Florida community can also search the University Libraries.


How do I search FDNL together with other UF Digital Collections?

The Florida Digital Newspaper Library (FDNL) is available in two interfaces. There is a Florida Digital Newspaper Library (FDNL) only version and a UF Digital Collections version.