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Estus Whitfield
Stuart P. Strahl
Nathaniel Reed
Michael Collins
Colonel Terry Rice
Ernie Barnett
Malcolm S. "Bubba" Wade, Jr.
Thomas MacVicar
Michael Davis
Stuart Appelbaum
Walter A. "Tony" Rosenbaum
John C. Jones
John Ogden
EVG-017 Bill Leary 5-16-2002
Richard Allen Pettigrew
Donald Carson
George Frampton
George Wedgworth
Nathaniel Reed [EVG 2]
Public interest in "River of Grass"
Working as Marjory Stoneman Douglas' personal secretary
Uniqueness and fragility of the Everglades
Proving that the Everglades is actually a river and not a swamp
First Everglades drainage attempt and growing sugar in Florida
Army Corps and Water Management
Power of One and Quaker Philosophy
Speech by Marjory Stoneman Douglas about use of water in South Florida
Threat of the Melaleuca to South Florida
Ku Klux Klan in Miami
1971 Water Management Conference
Dancing and swimming on Miami Beach
Growth in the FDE and the Cross Florida Barge canal
Geological make-up of Kissimmee-Okeechobee-Everglades Basin
Speech by Marjorie Carr about responsible industry and protecting the Keys
Major drainage periods and conservation efforts that have failed
Value that Floridians place on the environment, and how recreation plays a part in public interest
Welfare and foreign countries
Threats of exotics in Florida
Complete area of South Florida that Ernest Coe wanted to be a National Park
First interest in environmental protection and inspiration
More environmental awareness than in previous decades
Early pioneering efforts to establish the Everglades National Park
Derivation of South Florida's drinking water
Marjory talks about where the Everglades begins and its various tributaries and flows
John DeGrove Introduction
Florida Panther's failed tracking methods
Marjory briefly discusses sheetflow
Inflow of people to South Florida since the 1920's
Marjory speaks about early memories in Florida and natives in the Everglades
Florida Defenders of the Environment
Joe Browder and Jetport Controversy
Continuing battle to protect Florida's Environment
Taylor Creek
Damages caused by the Army Corps of Engineers and Big Sugar
Spirit of Boosterism
Governor Bloxham's attempt to clear out peaty muck in Everglades
Improvements with the Water Management District
Basic simplicity of environmental problems
A brief overview of thousands of years of Everglades history
Coral Gables work for George Merrick
Questions from the audience for MSD
Coconut Grove's early social scene
Natural cycles
Marjory Stoneman Douglas talks about how water supply will eventually control population growth in the Keys
After Lecture Chat between John DeGrove and MSD
Introduction with a speech by Alice Wainwright read by Carston Rist
Damage on South Florida wildlife
Elizabeth Virrick's work in Coconut Grove's black community
Local government and the Water Management District
Women's suffrage
Dirigible over the Everglades
Importance of Water
Overabundance of studies by Corps of Engineers
Reducing population growth by one half
Sugar industry back-pumping into the Everglades
Role of "Friends of the Everglades"
Limited water and difficulties of raising vegetables in Florida
"Rivers of America"
Growing vegetables in the Third World and refugee problem
True Meaning of "Endangered" in relation to the Florida Panther
Interest in animals
Source of water, rain and desertification of the Everglades
Speech by Dr. Shirley Taylor about the future development of the Keys
Pollution caused by growing sugar in Florida
Wet and dry cycles, and cycles/change in general
Threats to the Big Cypress: Oil and Jetport
First experiences in Florida and WWI
Against Florida Panther Telemetry Program
Ernest F. Coe
Youngness of Florida and its swift development
Pollution in Conservation Areas from cattle raising
"Squatters" in East Florida
Fish and Game Commissions' involvement with Florida Panther
Differences between new and old residents
Working with the FDE
Sources of Everglades pollution
Invasive species
Dangers of Melaleuca, and Closing Statements
Poachers destroy a rookery during a houseboat tour
Closed minds and apathy amongst the public
Teaching at a girls' camp in Maine
Touring the Everglades in a houseboat with National Park VIPs
New life in Florida
Elected officials, James Watt and Reaganism
Anti-Slavery/Abolitionists in Marjory Stoneman Douglas' family
Marjories give final thoughts about the importance of tenaciousness as well as patience to help save Florida's environment
Love of the Everglades
Marjory recounts her 1932 trip to the Everglades