The Mary Adelaide Cust Journal is a locking diary, with leaves, memos, newspaper clippings, illustration plates, and a calendar page. This diary begins July 1, 1860 and ends December 1863 except for entries added later by Robert Cust in 1864. Written mostly in Punjab and Dharmsala (written as Dhurumsala throughout), India, she chronicles her life, the books she reads every month, where she takes the children, and [Catholic] church meetings. Within the diary are leaves (brittle), messages sent to her husband that she and the children have arrived safely, a desk calendar sheet for October 18, 1860 with "Dhurumsala" written on it, 2 illustrations of buildings, and 4 illustration plates which were probably added by her husband after her death. There are pencil notes added by her husband (most dated 1864) as well as a postscript recording her death on January 17, 1864. Several newspaper clippings also can be found inside including a tiny notice April 18, [1862] of Robert Cust's promotion to the office of judicial commissioner.