Are you asking about the value of your own copy?

The University of Florida cannot make such a valuation, but a used or rare book dealer in your area may be able to take a look and give you an idea of edition and any other pertinent information. Also, there is a website www.rbms.info that will give you some information. You could also search www.abebooks.com which is a site where used and rare book dealers post their books, and see if another copy is for sale and if so, what information is available.

Are you asking about a children's book and you don't know the title or author?

It is very difficult to identify a book without a title or an author. There are many people who search for books from their childhood and they can only remember a character's name, or the general idea of the story. To aid with these sorts of questions some booksellers maintain archives of previous quests for remembered children's books.  This site has helped others in the past with many questions already answered in the archives and new questions are shared for the community to assist with answers: http://www.loganberrybooks.com/stump.html