Title: Water Supply Development and Funding Meeting of Nov. 8, 1996
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Title: Water Supply Development and Funding Meeting of Nov. 8, 1996
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The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001


TO: All Interested PAies

FROM: Dan Stengle IW.,"

Estus Whitfield

Water Supply Development and Funding meeting

November 1, 1996


NOV 0 1996
Carlton Fields -Tallahassee
r-vh n \/n

We appreciate the interest that so many of you have expressed regarding water supply
development and funding. As promised, we will keep all those on our mailing list apprised as to
meeting times and places and provide you with general meeting summaries. For more detailed
information, or to ensure that your views are expressed in your absence, please call one of the
core group members representing your area of interest.

Attached for your information are the following documents:

(1) Agenda for November 8 meeting

(2) Revised problem statement

(3) Assumption and Principles as developed by group with additional participant comments as
provided (for further discussion)

(4) Meeting summary for full group and committees

(5) Core membership list of Water Supply Development Committee (address, phone and fax).

(6) Core membership list of Water Supply Funding Committee (address, phone and fax).

(7) Memo with full group meeting dates through February 1997, as revised at 10/17 meeting.

We look forward to seeing you on November 8 at the Douglas Building, Conference Room A,
9:30 a.m.



November 8, 1996
9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Building (DEP)
3900 Commonwealth Boulevard
Tallahassee, Fl
Conference Room A

9:30 Opening remarks

9:45 Guidelines for participation

10:00 Assumptions and Principles

10:30 Break

10:45 Committee Meetings

11:30 Lunch

1:00 Committee meetings

3:15 Break

3:30 Full group discussion/Committee reports

4:00 Adjourn

Water Supply Development and Funding Working Group

"Revised" Problem Statement (10/17/96)

Improvements to existing water supply development and
funding mechanisms may be necessary to achieve affordable and
sustainable water supplies and protection of the environment,
both of which are fundamental to ensuring Florida's quality of
life. While the implementation of mechanisms may vary from
region to region, improved implementation of these mechanisms
is essential throughout the State.

Water Supply Development and Funding Work Group

"Revised" Assumptions and Basic Principles Worksheet
Please review the revised set of Assumptions, and Principles that were based on your comments and suggest
refinements and additions to accurately describe the principles that can guide decision-making by the work
group and others working on water issues. REVISED OCT. 29 1996

Assumptions: Group's perception of current conditions and trends..

1. Growth is inevitable. Increased demand for water is inevitable given Florida's
projected growth rates.

2. We must ensurean adequate. affordable and sustainable water supply for domestic,
industrial, and agricultural uses, and ntatralsystem the environment.

3. We must protect the environment and public health.

4. Unless mutually acceptable solutions are found, one or all sides of the issue may lose.
Presently all sides are in jeopardy. We either continue this high-risk game or work
together to resolve the issue.

5. Adequate water supply development and funding is the solution to both aspects of the
issue, ensuring that water is available for growth, and that increased water use as a
result of growth will not degrade the environment.

Basic Principles: Guiding principles to be used in evaluating group recommendations.

1. Recommendations will address meeting the present and future water supply needs of
water Florida without adversely affecting its quality of life. and while recognizing the
necessity to address these issues on a regional basis throughout the State.

2. The basic principles of Florida water law will be maintained (i.. water is a state
resource, managed bya reasonable-beneficial use standard, etc.).

3. Recommendations will support the development of adequate, safe, and dependable
water supplies in a manner which sustains water resources and nteral systems the

4. Recommended funding options will consider the actual costs and benefits to major
user groups.

5. Recommendations will recognize the relationship between water supply and land use

OCTOBER 17, 1996


Dan Stengle opened the meeting with the following points:

Want to break into two committees one on water supply development and one on water supply funding
Each committee will have a core group of members representing each interest group with specific members
(elected by the interest parties) who will be expected to attend each meeting
However, other participants can be involved with either committee that they wish and can actively participate
Today in full group, trying to seek consensus on a set of work group process guidelines that are part of
Overall objective, in addition to formulating recommendations, is to have a core group that EOG and the
Legislature can always turn to for input on these issues in order to seek consensus and resolution of the water
supply issues
Page 2 of handout has the draft process plan with meeting dates (Nov.8, Nov. 26, Dec. 18, Jan. 8, Jan. 31,
and a Feb. Joint Workshop with Legislators)
Each committee may have additional meetings beyond these
Send any comments and constructive criticisms on how well this process works to Estus Whitfield


Facilitator Tom Taylor went over the handout of the proposed working group process, which was generally
agreed to:

The guidelines are important to help us have an established set of guidelines to form consensus on what can
we agree upon
Not only looking at what the Legislature can do on these issues; also looking at what we can do about these
Not a lot of time for a large group to deal with these issues, so we need to develop a workplan on what is it
that we can accomplish in three more meetings
By January, we want staff to have draft legislation for the group's consideration for amendments during the
two meeting in January
See Guidelines on page 3 of the handout; 2 committees proposed: one on water supply development and one
on water supply funding, with 14 and 13 core members respectively (note error on handout: water suppliers have
2 representatives on each committee); each committee will elect a chairman and either a co- or vice-chair
Core representatives selected by each interest group
Core representatives are responsible to sharing information and soliciting input from constituents
Other participants actively participate either through core member or when recognized by chairman
Facilitators will work with the chair to set agenda, prepare reports, etc.
Staff will provide information as requested by chairs; prepare meeting reports & materials; lead staff for the
funding committee Paula Allen (EOG); lead staff for the water supply development Terry Pride


Tom Taylor facilitated discussion of the problem statement:

* On page 5 of handout is a draft problem statement; how could this be said better:

Adequate water supply and funding mechanisms are not currently in place in Florida. Without
these, Florida's development is threatened by environmental concerns, and the environment is
threatened by growth impacts on water and related land resources.


Generally, the group was dissatisfied with the problem statement. Concerns included:

The term "development" is too narrow; the economy of the State is much broader than this.
-- The mechanisms ar in place but are not being adequately utilized.
-- Need broader view: Florida's economy and quality of life are threatened; the need for an adequate,
affordable supply for all existing and future residents.
-- st statement: need to address "sustainable" water; "private property concerns" and "quality of life."
-- What we're missing is how to "improve on" existing water supply development and funding
-- The environment is being threatened right now in the state and needs to be corrected.
Don't know what "related land resources" means.
-- We keep trying for one size fits all solutions; this approach doesn't deal with regional nature of

VOLUNTEERS TO WORK ON THIS OVER LUNCH: Jake Varn; Kathryn Mennella; Yvonne Gsteiger; Fred


Tom Taylor facilitated discussion of the draft guiding principles/assumptions. The group got into a protracted
discussion of the first assumption regarding growth. Because of time constraints, the facilitator suggested that
group participants turn in further comments to staff for consideration at the next meeting.


Tom Taylor facilitated general discussion of the committee charges. Full group comments are below. The
committees discussed these further (see committee summaries).

FULL GROUP COMMENTS (specific to the charges)

Water SuDplv Development

Ic: Add: "and protection of water resources"
-- la: Need to include who makes the determination (of feasibility)- like sci. peer review
-- l.c: should be reversed; water supply planning takes into consideration the land uses, not vice versa
Lead in assumes that this will lead to legislation. May not need to be legislation
Water supply authorities only look at water supply availability should come from WMD, not water
supply authority
Lead in says regulatory; items imply planning; regulation is not specifically identified; regulatory
obstacles and incentives needed
-- This committee should not be constrained by existing institutions consider other institutions
Need to consider ways of developing traditional water supplies, e.g., to store, capture surface water.
4: Add: "consistent with the protection of the environment"
Consider what WMDs are doing with regional water supply plans under the Executive Order what
are the relationship to this work, to the WMD efforts?
-- Need to address development that's authorized but not built
-- 5: Recommend policies and goals that public and private property should not be harmed excessively
by withdrawals
-- If: Add: "research and development of demand management alternatives and new supply
Ic: "water resources protection" there are flood protection, natural systems, and water quality
protection that also have to be considered
-- le: "feasibility"-- need to focus in on term definition

-- Ib: continue establishment and enforcement of MFLs

Water Suprlv Funding

-- 3: Include "who" should be eligible
-- 7: "funding" option
2: Include cost distribution to private utilities ability to develop sources
-- 3: ADD: review existing funding inadequacy
1: What is "true cost" clarify, including private property, etc.
-- 7b: and regulatory obstacles
-- 1: true cost of any options that are identified
-- Instead of "true cost" use "full-cost accounting"
1: consider cost to suppliers and users
-- 5: who determines structure for options
2: wastewater and reuse
7b: Don't understand what it means. Inverted rate structures wouldn't necessarily increase fees
5: Need to relate to federal funding sources
2: Need to evaluate who's using the water & how much

The full group broke for represented interests to choose who they wanted on each core committee, and then for


DEV. Jake Varn: Wade Hopping
FUNDING Keith Hetrick; Gene Adams
DEV. Butch Calhoun; Chuck Littlejohn
FUNDING Mercer Fearington; Phil Parsons
DEV. Eva Armstrong; David Guest
FUNDING Debbie Drake; Casey Gluckman
Water Suppliers
DEV. Oel Wingo; Bram Canter
FUNDING Sonny Vergara; Steve Walker
Local government
DEV. John McCue; Fred Rapach
FUNDING Jane Hayman; Roy Reynolds
DEV. Mike Slayton
FUNDING Bill Seagal
DEV. Janet Llewellyn

DEV. Charles Pattison
DEV. Chuck Aller

FUNDING John Williams
*Address, phone and faxes for all core group members included in this information packet


The two committees met from 1:00 to 3:00 and worked on setting priorities for developing recommendations
according to the proposed schedule. At 3:00, the full group reconvened, held general discussion, and received a
report from each committee.

The following revised problem statement was distributed and agreed to:

Improvements to existing water supply development and funding mechanisms may be
necessary to achieve affordable and sustainable water supplies and protection of the
environment, both of which are fundamental to ensuring Florida's quality of life. While the
implementation of mechanisms may vary from region to region, improved implementation of
these mechanisms is essential throughout the state.


This committee elected a chair (Jake Varn) and vice chair (David Guest).

The committee set an immediate task for its core members: A one-page paper, representative of each interest
group on the core committee, which lists the perceived problems related to water supply development. Core
committee representatives are to submit the paper to Terry Pride by October 28, so she can consolidate them
into a paper for discussion by the committee at the November 8 meeting. State agencies will collectively
prepare a single paper. Other core committee representatives will present a paper according to the interest area
breakdown (e.g., env./citizen will do one paper, business/industry/development will do one paper, etc.)

The committee also discussed:

OTHER TASKS needing discussion
* Delivery Systems (Hardware)




Integration of Land/Water planning
Regional Water Supply Planning
Minimum Flows & Levels; scientific peer review (Reg)
Rate Structure; public vs. private utilities
Local Sources first (Reg.)
Permit duration competing permits
Source security (Reg.)
Water to meet all needs

Note: Not all of these were necessarily recommended for the committee to address, but as an illustration of the
range of issues that had been opened up, but not resolved, during session.


* Look at Planning, Regulation, Implementation
what roles played at state, regional, local & private levels (matrix)--DEP staff are putting together a

background paper on existing roles in water supply development and funding. A draft of this should be
available before the next meeting. An agenda will be sent out by November 1.


This committee selected a chair (Sonny Vergara) and a co-chair (Phil Parsons).

The committee reviewed and refined their draft tasks, reviewed and refined criteria to prioritize tasks, prioritized
tasks to accomplish and identified information and actions needed for each task.

The top three tasks the committee identified from the committee charge worksheet were # 5, #7, and #1, with a
commitment to include all the tasks in the overall workplan. Some modifications were made to the wording of
the tasks. (see committee summary) The committee noted the interrelatedness of various tasks and the need to
confer with the water supply development committee on certain ones.

Committee representatives are to pull together existing information on funding options and send it to Paula
Alien by November 1(1501 Capitol, phone (904)488-5551, fax (904)922-6200). The information will be used
to develop background materials for the committee. The chair and staff will develop a graphic or flow-chart
depicting the elements to consider in identifying, evaluating, and implementing funding options and will
summarize the tasks and action steps the committee proposed for the workplan.



* We would like two committees to find the solution to water problem in Florida, BUT we might fall slightly
short of that SO whatever we can put together for the Legislature will help;
* If the Executive Order addresses Minimum Flows and Levels and water supply planning adequately for now,
then this group can focus on water supply development and funding and resolve that issue;
* Governor is trying to encourage a process here and opportunity for getting this issue done and resolved


Nov. 26 meeting date was changed to Dec. 6 because of the Thanksgiving holidays.

The process for distributing materials will be to send full meeting summaries, agendas, and mailing list of core
membership to all participants. Committee meeting agendas and materials will go to core committee
representatives, who will then distribute to their constituents.



Jake Vain (Chair)
Carlton Fields
Post Office Drawer 190
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
(904) 224-1585
(904) 222-0398 (FAX)

Butch Calhoun
Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association
2700 Blair Stone Road, Suite C
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(904) 877-3181
(904) 877-0981 (FAX)

Eva Armstrong
Florida Audubon Society
102 E. Fourth Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32303
(904) 222-2473
(904) 224-6056 (FAX)

Water Suppliers
Oel Wingo
Post Office Box 1270
Ocala, Florida 34478-1270
(352) 629-8401
(352) 629-8391 (FAX)

Wade Hopping
Hopping, Green, Sams & Smith
123 South Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(904) 222-7500
(904) 224-8551 (FAX)

Chuck Littlejohn
Florida Chamber, FES
310 West College Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(904) 222-7535
(904) 681-8796 (FAX)

David Guest (Vice Chair)
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
111 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(904) 681-0031
(904) 681-0020 (FAX)

Bram Canter
Post Office Box 10095
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
(904) 222-3533
(904) 222-2126 (FAX)

Development Core Group list (cont'd)

Local Government
John McCue Fred Rapach
Post Office Box 1263 Palm Beach County Water Mgmt.
Crawfordville, Florida 32326 206 Prairie Road
(904) 926-8876 West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
(904) 926-2071 (FAX) (407) 641-3426 (FAX)

Water Management Districts
Mike Slayton
South Florida Water Management District
Post Office Box 24680
West Palm Beach, Florida 33416-4680
(561) 687-6540
(561) 687-6200 (FAX)

Department of Environmental Protection
Janet Llewellyn
Department of Environmental Protection
3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, Mail Stop 46
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000
(904) 488-0784
(904) 922-5380 (FAX)

Department of Community Affairs
Charles Pattison
Department of Community Affairs
2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100
(904) 488-2356
(904) 488-3309 (FAX)

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Chuck Aller
Director of Agricultural Water Policy
Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
The Capitol LL29
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0810
(904) 488-3022
(904) 488-7585 (FAX)



Keith Hetrick
Florida Home Builders Association
201 East Park Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(904) 224-4316
(904) 224-1359 (FAX)

Gene Adams
Florida Association of Realtors
Post Office Box 1853
Tallahassee, Florida 32302-1853
(904) 224-1400
(904) 224-0702 (FAX)


Mercer Fearington (Co-Chair)
Post Office Box 1548
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
(904) 224-1215
(904) 222-8826 (FAX)

Philip Parsons (Co-Chair)
310 West College Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(904) 681-0311
(904) 224-5595 (FAX)


Debbie Drake
The Nature Conservancy
625 North Adams Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(904) 222-0973 (FAX)

Casey Gluckman
Gluckman & Gluckman
541 Old Magnolia Road
Crawfordville, Florida 32327
(904) 421-0152
(904) 421-2426 (FAX)

Water Suppliers

E. D. "Sonny" Vergara (Co-Chair)
Executive Director
Peace River/Manasota Regional
Water Supply Authority
1451 Dam Road
Bradenton, Florida 34202
(941) 741-3049
(941) 741-3058 (FAX)

Steve Walker
Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A.
2000 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., Suite 900
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
(561) 640-0820
(561) 640-8202 (FAX)

Funding Core Group list (cont'd)

Local Government

Jane Hayman
Florida League of Cities
201 West Park Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(904) 222-9684
(904) 222-3806 (FAX)

Water Management Districts

Roy A. Reynolds, Director
Broward County Water Mgmt.
2555 West Copans Road
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069
(954) 831-0767
(954) 831-0708 (FAX)

Bill Segal, Chairman (Attention: Linda)
St. Johns River Water Mgmt. District Governing Board
Post Office Box 1429
Palatka, Florida 32178-1429
(904) 329-4500
(904) 329-4125 (FAX)

Department of Environmental Protection

Pam McVety
Department of Environmental Protection
3900 Commonwealth Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
(904) 488-7454
(904) 414-0060 (FAX)

Public Service Commission

John Williams
Public Service Commission
2540 Shumard Oak Blvd.
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0873
(904) 413-6986
(904) 413-6987 (FAX)

The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001


All interested parties

Estus Whitfield

Schedule for Water Supply Development and Funding meetings, as revised
by group

October 17, 1996

September 30, 1996

October 17, 1996

November 8, 1996

December 6, 1996

December 18, 1996

January 8, 1997

January 31, 1997

Meetings will all be held in the Tallahassee area, but exact locations will be announced prior to each meeting. Unless
otherwise noted, meetings will be scheduled from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.





2555 Shumard Oak Blvd., Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100
James F. Murley, Secretary

DCA-Third Floor FAX
Fax Number (904) 488-3309, S/C 278-3309

I i*1 7)Q L

*I II* .I,.L

<.W^~~ PKal-KI_____________



Fax Number

222 oSS


Office Number 122- -

Total number of pages inc

1-7 S0


-keA-ej 4A .
[f\ZA<7 W ^M~~fA^ p<^//u



68SS88PvG6 TG:9T 966T/90/TT

IR"S rs J



FA-c 7-,t1- L S

To --RrF

11/05/1996 16:51 9044883309

Water Supply Planning
". It is the intent of the Legislature that future growth and development planning reflect the
limitations of the available groundwater or other available supplies." Section 373.0395, FS.

Local governments shall assess their cur- 163.3177(8)(d) Information and data provided to local gov 373.0391
rent as well as projected water needs for a emments shall include an assessment of
10-year period. regional water resource needs and sources
for the next 20 years.
The analysis of water needs and sources I 6.813(1)(c)
shall consider applicable policies of the

Land use mape shall show existing and 103.3177(1(d) Information and data provided to local gov- 273.0391
planned waterwlls. rSJ-J(1)(b)1 emments sha include a description of ax-
u.5.I LI(4)(b)l citing and planned wefleld sites.

Local govnments shal assess their our- 1- 3177(T(d Each WMD Is directed to conduct surveys 373.03
rent as well as projected water sources for -513(1)(c) and investigations of water resources to
a 10-year period. determine the quantity of water available
for reasonable-beneficial use.
The availability of potable water facilities U-.005{2)(a)
and services to serve existing and commit- Information and data provided to local gov- 373.0391
S td uses shall be analyzed. emments shall Include highly productive
ground water areas.

Each WMO shaM inventory potential quan- 373.0335
ttles of watr available for consumptive

Each WMD shall establish minimum flows 373.14
and levels at which further withdrawals
would be significantly hannul to the water
resources of the area.

The public faciles element shall describe i.3177()(c) Each WMD ahal Identiy ata specific ar- 373.1831
he potable water problems and needs. eeas deemed prenroe oontamination or over-
'Felty capacity surpluses and deficaencels O 011(1)(0
for potable water shall be identified based Each WMD shall degnat Water Resource 6241
on current and projected demand. Caution Areas, areas with inadequate
sources available to meet projected de-
The adequacy of the current level of ser- I-S.011 (1(f)2 mands.
vice general condition, and expected life
of potable water facility and their impact
upon adjacent natural resources shall be

The pubile facities element shall indicate 16.31T(SGKc) Each WMD shall Identify areas suitable for 373.039
ways to provide for future potable water future water resource development exist-
ing sources of wastewater suItable for re-
use, and the fasiblity of intagratng coastal

The WMDs shall engage in planning to as- 373.1881
sist counties municipalities and regional
water supply euthoridee in meeting water
supply needs.

Sis the intent of the legislature that mu- 37311 The WMDs shll assist counties. munici- 373.1811(1(b)
nlcipalities, counties and regional water palities and water supply authorities in
supply authorities are to hea the primary meeting water supply needs with priority
responsibility for water supply. on encouraging conservation and reducing
adverse environmental impacts.
The capital improvements element shall 1633177(3)(a)
consider the need for and location of public The WMDs may establish, design, con- 373.191 (1)(c)
facilities, set forth principles for correcting struct operate, and maintain water produc-
deficiencies, and establish standards to tion and transmission facilities.
ensure acceptable levels of service.
nsuThe WMDs that have WRCAs shall provide 373.1961(2)
alternative source and reuse incentives.

DEP and WMDs are provided exclusive au- 373217
thority for issuing permits for the consump-
tive use of water.




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