Title: Draft Water Supply Work Group Feb. 14 Meeting Results
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Title: Draft Water Supply Work Group Feb. 14 Meeting Results
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Abstract: Jake Varn Collections - Draft Water Supply Work Group Feb. 14 Meeting Results (JDV Box 39)
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FL. Conflict. Resolution Fax:904-644-4968 Feb 17 '97 15:32

FSu-e. MAIL CODE: 41 '

The Florida State University
2031 East Paul Dirac Drive, Suite 132
Tallahassee, Florida 32310

Telephone: 904/644-6320
Suncom Telephone: 284-6320


Fax: 904/644-4968
Suncom Fax: 284-4968


TO %JArLL _/___

"z- ZZ 6)3 3

FROM e r."? tL- ___

MESSAGE H-fre ,-

i cc~v,~ Cv b L~Cf -y i C

IQ-;~L- ~

P. 01/02



~ Lclr.e-

-L. Conflict. Resolution Fax:904-644-4968

DRAFT Water Suoolv Work Group Feb. 14 ,Meeting Results

Recommendations and amendments with unanimous consensus are in bold, recommdations 6 or less nays are in
italics (these are items to be included in the report as continuing issues. The number of nays on individual
amendments are included after the amendment number.

Reccs. Amendments
FINDINGS #1,2,3 (with changes),4,5,6,7
PLANNING- The State Role
1 #8
1a #9,10 (with changea),11,12,14
1b #13 (14No)
1(b)2(??) #13
2 #15
PLANNING- Regional Water Supply Planning
3 w/chg #23 (with changes), #16w (with changes)
3a #17 (withdrawn), 18 (with changes), #19 (withdrawn)
3 b #20 (withdrawn)
3c #21 (?), #22 (withdrawn)
3d #24 (withdrawn)
3 e #25 (with changes) ,26 (withdrawn)
4 #27 (?), 28(?)
5 (10 no) #29 (12 no), [30,31,32,33,34](?)
5 alternative (7 no)
6 #35
PLANNING- Local Government Planning
7 #36 (withdrawn)
9 #37 (withdrawn)
12 (?) #38 (8 no),39, 40 (14 no),41,[42, 43 (withdrawn).44,45 (7 no),46(3no)
13 (?) #47 (13 no),48 (9 no)
14 #49,50
15 #51
1 6 #52 (move to WMD), 53 (withdrawn)
1 7 #54 (withdrawn),55
18 (?) #56 (with changes), [57,58,59,60](withdrawn), 61 (9 no)
DEVELOPMENT- The Water Management District Role
19 #62,63
21 (?) #64 (1 no).65 (13 no),66 (3 no)
22 #67,68,69 (6 no),70

Feb 17 '97 15:32

f. 02/02


Feb 12 '97

UMAX -1 K ;M1Sa.ON

No. of Pages: 6
(inclucaig cover aaiEes)

SPleao phone Yvonne Zol at sowAl-i.. ...; alnission
is Incomplete.

TO: Water Supply Development and Funding Work
(see distribution below)

DATE: February 12. 1987

Gene Adams. FL Aaociate of Realtore
Joseph W. Adcock, AICP, Camp Dreser & McKee, Inc.
Paula Alien, Executive Office of the Governor
Chuck Aller, DACS
Eva Armetrong, Florida Audubon Society
Douglas E. Barr, NWFWMD
Dennis Barton,
Peter Belmont,
Frank Bernardino, Dade County DERM
Wayne Bertsch.
Bart BlUer, Suetainable Partnerwhips, Inc.
Henry Bittaker,
Daniel Blood, and Growth MgmL Dept
Gene Soles, Planning & Development Mgmt.
Russ Bowman,
Janet Bowman,
Susan Brand, Senate PreJdent's Office
Unda Branning. Senate Natural Res. Committee
Wendy Brenner,
Judith Breuggeman. Office of the Mayor
Charles H. Bronson,
Barry Brooks,
David Browning, FL Assoc. of Broadcaster, Inc.
Butch Calhoun, FL Fruit & Vegetable Aassoc.
Bram Canter, WCRWSA
Susan Caplowe,
Paul Carlson, Exec. Ofc. of the Governor
Dee Carper, Assoc. of Counties
Dione Carroll. Lehtlnen, O'Donnell, Fargas & Reiner
Ed Chance, Peace River Manasota Regional
JoAnn Chase, Public Service Commilslon
David "Hap" Clark, Pasco Cty. Government Ctr.
Gllliam N. Clarke,
Anthony J. Clemente, P.E., Miami-Dade Water/Sewer Dept
Suzanna Cooper, Tempa Bay Regional Ping. Council
Isabel Coslo, Broward Cty. Intergovernmental Afe.
Sherry Coven, FL Regional Councils Assoc.
Larry Curtin,
Rick Dantzer,
Norm Davis, Hillsborough Cty Water
Betsy Davis,
Ed de la Parte,
Bruce DeGrove, FL Phosphate Council
Mike Deming, Pery-Taylor Cty Chamber of Commerce
Bob Dennis, Bureau of State Planning
Marty Deterding, Rose, Sondatrom & Bentley
Bruce Detarding, DEP
Craig Diamond,
Chrie Doolln, Robert P. Jones & Asoc.
Debble Drakl. The Nature Conservancy
Nancy Dufoe, OPPAGA
Martha Edanfteld, Pennington Law Firm
Jeff Elledge. SJRWMD
Gady Epsteln,
Eric Etters,
Jen Eversole. HRS/HSEH

MarkFarre, SWFWMD
Meroer Feaington,
RonFearad, P.E., Bames, Farand & Assoca., Inc.
Chip er.
WaWl Flower, Lewie. Logman & Walker, PA.
Jamei Fort DACS
K Fry, City of Tampa Water Dept
JohnFumero, SFWMD
JohniJ. Gallagher, County Administrator
Jim Gmer,
Pat Gleason, Camp, Dresser and McKee
Casy Glucloan, Gluckman & Gkickman
Troy oldman,
Yvonne Gstal SFWMD
Di Guest Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
Tim aag Eacambie Utility Authority
Brad Hanman, GFWFC
Jane layman, FL League of caie
Krl Hebank. FL Assoc. of Counties
Ki" hHetrick, FL Home Builders Assoc.
Mk eyl, Camp Dreeer McKee
H. Clyde Hobby,
Dick Hollahan. Symmons Industries
Sh oHb House Republican Offic
Wad Hopping, Hopping. Green, Same & Smith
Wili Horton,
Son Vergaa, SWFWMD
Robet T. Hugli Florida Phosphate Council
Charges Hunsicker, Manatee County Planning D4ept
Bi Hunter, Aaeoc. of FL Community Develope&
Wwlim L Hyde, Gumter, Yoakedy Law Firm
Ule Jaber, Public Service Commession
Diane Kleaing, Pubic Service Commission
Lee M. Kllinger. Gray, Harris & Robinson, P.A.
JohntKnowles, Sarasota County Utlities
David Kuczeneld, Wheldon/Cusick and Assocs.
Ken Kuhl. Office of Ag Water Policy
JohniKyne, Mayors Office
Stev Lamb, MF & L
Carol Langston,
CartLarrabee, Utilities Public Works City of Cocoa

t Lery, AICP, FL Farm Bureau
SLee, Broward County DNRP
dir Lahinen, LehUnen, O'Donnel, Faryas & Reiner
Hele. Levine, Hillborough County
Carl D. Litefiled,
Chuck Littejon, FL Chamber, FES
Janet LLewelyn. Offoe of Water Policy, FDEP



P. 01/05


Tylr MicMIlaen, INWFWMD
Doug Mann. A. DuL & Sons
say Mnn.om
Kirk Martin, Sooeron States Utilities. Inc.
Susan Mason, SFWMD
Jim Maesae,
Frank Matthewv, hopping, Green, Sam$ & Smith
Fred McComnack.
John McCue.
Richard McLean, SWFWMD
Mike McWeeny, HlIlborough County
Margie Menduni, Rutledge Law Firm
Kathryn Mennella, SJRWMD
Ed Mills,
Robert Minsky,
John T. Mkchell. House Select Comn. on Water Policy
Kaon Moaoy, Speakefs Office
John Moyle, Jr.,
Jim Muller, Muler & Asoolates, Inc.
Sue Mullrin, FL American Planning Aseoc.
Lie Munroe, Senate Mjority Offlce
Chester Murray, Wakulia County
Wendy Nero, FSIAWWA
Richard Owen, SWFWMD
Lynn Pappae, Pappas, Metcalf and Jenks
Philip Parsons.
Charles Pattison, Dept of Community Affairn
Avis H. Payne, House Nateral Res. Committee
Timothy Perkdno, Treanment Center
Karen Peterson,
Mike Petrovich,
Terry Pride, Office of Water Policy
Joyce Pugh, House Natural Res- Committee
Jim Quinn, Resource Planning and MgmL
Mary Lou Raichel, FL Phoepat Council
Fred Rapach, Paim Beach Cty Water Dept.
john C. Rayson,
Fern Redlo, NWFWMD
Mark A. Reinsch, Esq.. Pappas, Metcalf & Jenka, PA.
Roy A. Reynolds, Broward Cty Water MgmL
Robert M. Rhodes,
Jamee Robards City of Winter Park
Jorge Rodriguez, Miami-Dade Water & Sewer
R. Z. Saley,
Diane Salz. FL League of Ctles
Aneley Samson, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
Ray Scott, House Water Policy
Bil Segal, SJRWMD Governing Brd.
Carol Senne,
Jeff Sharkey, Capitol Strategies
Jack Shreve, Office of Public Counsel
Mike Slayton, SFWMD
Rick Smith,
Ann Spencer Austin, Kvaemer Construction, Inc.
Richard Stenberg, Ft. Pierce UtilUkes Authorty
Dan Stergle, Exec. Office of the Governor
Mary Stawart, Legislative Affairs
Nancy Stewart Paco
Jake Stowaer, Pinellas County
Jackson Sullvan, Withacoochee Regional Wtr. Supply Authority
Tom Swihat. FDEP
Pick Talley, Pinellas County Utilities
Koren Taylor. FOEP
Tim Taylor, FL Confict Resolution Conortum
Rafael Terrero, P.E., Southern States Utilities
Terea Tinker, Govemor':Office
Lynn Tipton, FLC
Vicki Techlnkel,
Jake Varn, Carton, Fields

Feb 12 '97 11:59

Richard Voaek. City of St Peteraburg
Oave Vogel, Office Of Ag Water Polcy
Caty Vogel, Paveee, Garner, Haverlld, Daton,
Wayne Volgt. Senate Natural Rea. Commiate
Stee Wale', LeMe, Longman & Walker, P.A.
CliffWaler. Miami-Dade Watr/Sawer Dept.
JohnWehe, SJRWMD
WVliam R. Whitson, City of Milton
July Wilams, COLA
John iWIllams, Public Service Commission
GaryWiname, FL Rural Watr Assoc.
George Wfton, NWFWMD Governing Board
OeI Wigo,
Sya Young. Pasco County Courthouse
John ZImmernan, Manatee County Publcl work
Pitq NeSmih
Pat Novy



ECOSYSTEM MANRGEMENT Fx:904-922-53 Feb 12 '97 12:00

The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001






All interested parties

Estus Whitfield
Dan Stengle

Water Supply Developmeni and Funding Meeting
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
February 14, 1997
Room 148, Betty Easley Conference Center
Public Service Commissio

February 12, 1997


Thank you for your participation and interest in water supply
development and funding. Attached is the agenda for the next meeting.

Coffee and lunch are available at the food court on the premises.

We look forward to seeing you there.

. 03/05

I_ _


Water Supply Development
and Funding Work Group Meeting

February 14, 1997

Proposed Obtectives
* To. seek agreement on acceptable amendments to the
draft recommendations
* To formally approve the amended Ireport as a whole
* To agree on a strategy and responsibilities for Interacting
with the legislature


9:00 Work Group Plan for the Process and the Day
9:15 Consider Amendments to Draft Recommendations
10:30 Break
10:45 Amendment Procees Continues
12:00 Lunch (on your own)
12:45 Amendment Process Contin4es
4:00 Plan and Guidelines for the Legislative Seslion
5:00 Meeting Adjourne

Water Supply Development: and Funding VVQ Group Mooting 2-14-97
1 '

Feb 12 '97 12:00 _.04/05


Water Supply and Development Work Group
Final Decision Process

Definition of Consensus as Final Decialon Rule
The Work Group's goal Is to arrive at all substantive decisions on the final
recommendations jointly by consensus of the core group members, This moans
the Work Group strives for agreements all membre can support after all
members' concerns have been fairly considered. The consensus reflects a
judgement that each member can "live with" the recommendallon or at least
agrees not to oppose It
The process requires each member to vigorously explore possible ways to
enhance the members' support for a recommendation, a package of
recommendations or the report as a whole. When consensus on a
recommendation is not achievable on a particular recommendation, It will be
noted as a non-consenaus Item and membore nt In agreement will be named
and their objections will be stated, or the group n~ry decide to not include the
recommendation In the report. Members must be present In the room to express
consensus or vote.
Recommendatlon Review e.ad Amndmant Process

1. The initial objective on February 14 will be to adopt all recommendations and
sections as amended, into a proposed final repo#, and then to adopt the final
report on a single vote.
2. An amendment to alter or delete a specific recommendation must be
submitted using the enclosed amendment forms by fax, mall or e-mail by
February 11, 12:00 noon to the Goveor: Office- Paula Allen. Amendments
may be adopted into a section or reoommendatiqn by consensus of those
present and voting.
3. At the February 14 meeting an.amendment sponsor may accept a "friendly
amendment" to help achieve consensus on the Amendment
4. In light of the Importance of giving all members a chance to review possible
amendments, as a general rule no new amendfT~n.s will be offered from the
floor on February 14 unless there is consensus of all work group members
present to accept such an amendment for consideration.
5. A ruling by the facilitator on a procedural matter may be reversed by
consensus of those present and voting.
6. The Governor's office will draft the final reparti and Will make non-substantive
editorial changes to the text for purposes;of a'cgracy, and background, as long
as this does not alter the substance of the reports recommendations.

Water Supply Developmont and Funding Woik Group Meeting 2-14-97


Feb 12 '97 12: 00 1-. V-5/0

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