Title: List of Core Group Members of the Water Supply Development and Funding Work Group
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Title: List of Core Group Members of the Water Supply Development and Funding Work Group
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Abstract: Jake Varn Collection - List of Core Group Members of the Water Supply Development and Funding Work Group
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T P :904-922-53 Mar 11 '92. 2:47

Environmental Pollcy/Community & Economic Developmen I Init
The Capitol, Room 1501
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001
(904) 488-5551, FAX: (904) 922-6;00


TO: Water Supply Development and Funding Wor Group
Core Committee preontPtive

FROM; Estus Whltfleld

SUBJECT: Continuing Discussions

DATE: March 10, 1997

As you know, the Work Group did not resolve the iaw of miimau flows and levels and
anticipated continuing discussions on this topic. Canacqucutly, te Governor's bill, based on the
Work Group recommoodationn, does not acmvrudy contain rovision, oai minimun flows and
levels. However, several bills have been filed in the Lgislature which address unnimuum flows
and levels and a number of folks are interested in trying to each conscnsuo on the issue before
the end of the 1997 session.

Another itom, which the Work Group addressed and on which it reohod some oonsonsus, relaws
to statutory direction to the Public Service Commission in rt getting and determination of cost
rccovcry for water and wastewater utilities it reglates. Work Group recommendations on
this issue were somewhat sketchy, but they provided a fo nation f further considerations.
There is interest in discussing an expansion ofthis part of e Governor's bill.

Tho purpose ol'this memo is to notify you of two separate meetings to discuss these two issues,
Further meetings may be arranged, ifnecessary. The meeting on minimum flows and levels will
be at 3:30 on Thursday, March 13, in room 1502 Capitol. The meting on Public Service
Commission issues will be at 11:00 on Friday, March 14, room 1502 Capitol

Please call me or Terry Pride if you have questions.

cc: Linda Loomis Shelley
Dan Stengle


P. 02/02
- -. -

ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT :904-922-53 Mar 11 '927 2:46 P. 01/02

FAX TRANSMISSION Please phone Yvonne Zola
Pages: 2. (including cover) at (904) 488-0784 if transmission
is incomplete
March 11, 1997

Water SupplY Development Core Group
Chuck Aller, DACS
Eva Armstrong, Florida Audubon Society
Butch Calhoun, FL Fruit & Vegetable Assoc.
Bram Canter, WCRWSA
David Guest, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
Wade Hopping, Hopping, Green, Sams & Smith
Chuck Littlejohn, FL Chamber, FES
Janet LLewellyn, Office of Water Policy, FDEP
John McCue,
Charles Pattison, Dept of Community Affairs
Fred Rapach, Palm Beach Cty Water Dept
Mike Slayton, SFWMD
Tom Taylor, FL Conflict Resolution Consortium
Jake Vam, Carlton, Fields
Oel Wingo,

Water Supply Funding Core Group
Gene Adams, FL Associate of Realtors
Debbie Drake, The Nature Conservancy
Mercer Fearington, Jr.
Casey Gluckman, Gluckman & Gluckman
Keith Hetrick, FL Home Builders Assoc.
Pam McVety, FDEP
Philip Parsons,
Roy A. Reynolds, Broward Cty Water Mgmt
Bill Segal, SJRWMD Governing Brd.
E.D. ""Sonny" Vergara,SWFWMD
Steve Walker. Lewis, Longman & Walker, PA.
William Whitson
John Williams, Public Service Commission


if tranwnission I Incomplete, please phone Yvonne Zola at (904)

No. of Pages:X
(including cover sheets)

TO: Water Supply Development and Funding Work
(sa distribution below)

DATE: March a. 107

Gene Adams, FL Associate of Realtors
Joseph W. Adcock. AICP, Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc.
Paula Allen, Executive Office of the Governor
Chuck Aller, DACS
Eva Armstrong. Florida Audubon Society
Douglas E. Barr, NWFWMD
Dennis Barton,
Peter Belmont,
Frank Bernardino, Dade County DERM
Wayne Bertsch,
Bart Bibler, Sustainable Partnerships, Inc.
Henry Bittaker,
Daniel Blood, and Growth Mgmt Dept
Gene Boles, Planning & Development Mgmt.
Janet Bowman,
Russ Bowman,
Susan Brand, Senate President's Office
Linda Branning, Senate Natural Res. Committee
Wendy Brenner,
Judith Breuggeman, Office of the Mayor
Charles H. Bronson,
Barry Brooks,
David Browning, FL Assoc. of Broadcaster, Inc.
Butch Calhoun, FL Fruit & Vegetable Asssoc.
Bram Canter, WCRWSA
Susan Caplowe,
Paul Carison, Exec. Ofc. of the Governor
Dee Carper, Assoc. of Counties
Dione Carroll, Lehtinen, O'Donnell, Fargas & Relner
Ed Chance, Peace River Manasota Regional
JoAnn Chase, Public Service Commission
David "Hap" Clark, Pasco Cty. Government Ctr.
Gilliam Clarke,
Anthony J. Clemente, Miami-Dade Water/Sewer Dept
Suzanne Cooper, Tampa Bay Regional Ping. Council
Isabel Cosio, Broward Cty. Intergovernmental Afrs.
Sherry Coven, FL Regional Councils Assoc.
Larry Curtin,
Mike Cusick, Sheldon/Cusick and Assocs.
Rick Dantzler,
Betsy Davis,
Norm Davis, Hillsborough Cty Water
Ed de la Parte,
Bruce DeGrove, FL Phosphate Council
Mike Deming, Perry-Taylor Cty Chamber of Commerce
Bob Dennis, Bureau of State Planning


Bruae Deterding, DEP
Ma erdin, Rose, Sondstrom & Bentley
Chris .ooln, Rpbert P. Jones & Assoc.
Debbt Drake, The Nature Conservancy
Na Dufoe, PPAGA
Ma. Edenfiled, Pennington Law Firm
Jeff ledge, SJRWMD
Gady pstein,
Eric ,e
Jen ole, HRS/HSEH
Mark rIel SWv'WMD
Mer Fearingon,
Ron Fjerland, PIE., Barnes, Ferland & Assocs., Inc.
June Fisher,
Dave risk.
Chip Iletcher.
Wayne Flower, Lewis, Logman & Walker, P.A.
Jaml Fort, DACS
Fry, City.of Tampa Water Dept.
Mal( y Fuller, :
John' umero, SFWMD
John I. Gallagher, County Administrator
Jim ~mer,
Pat= leason, Camp, Dresser and McKee
Caser Gluckman, Gluckman & Gluckman
Trey oldman,
Yvon e Gsteigr, SFWMD
Davi Guest, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
Tim I aag, Esqembia Utility Authority
Brad -artman, GFWFC
Jane layman, FL League of Cities
Ka lebrank, FL Assoc. of Counties
Keith trick, L Home Builders Assoc.
Mike eyl. Camp Dresser McKee
H. Ce Hobby,
Dick ollahan,iSymmons Industries
Sh Holtz, House Republican Office
Wad Hoppinj, Hopping, Green, Sams & Smith
Willi Horton,
R T. Hugl, Florida Phosphate Council
Cha Hunsicker, Manatee County Planning Dept.
Bill; unter, Assoc. of FL Community Developers
W L Hyde, Gunster, Yoakley Law Firm
Ule ber, Public Service Commission
Diarn Kiesling, Public Service Commission
Lee P. Killinger, Gray, Harris & Robinson, P.A.
Gr Kisla,


Mar 6'9 16: 17



John Knowles, Sarasota County Utilities
Ken Kuhl, Office of Ag Water Policy
John Kynes, Mayor's Office
Steve Lamb, MF & L
Carol Langston,
Carl Larrabee, Utilities Public Works City of Cocoa
Jack Latvala,
John Laurent,
Philip Leary, AICP, FL Farm Bureau
David Lee, Broward County DNRP
Dexter Lehtlnen, Lehtinen, O'Donnell, Fargas & Reiner
Helen Levine, Hillsborough County
Carl D. Uttlefiled,
Chuck Littlejohn, FL Chamber, FES
Janet LLewellyn, Office of Water Policy, FDEP
Tyler MacMillan, NWFWMD
Doug Mann, A. Duda & Sons
Sally Mann,
Kirk Martin, Southern States Utilities, Inc.
Susan Mason, SFWMD
Jim Massie,
Frank Matthews, Hopping, Green, Sams & Smith
Fred McCormack,
John McCue,
Richard McLean, SWFWMD
Pam McVety, FDEP
Mike McWeeny, Hillsborough County
Margie Menduni, Rutledge Law Firm
Kathryn Mennella, SJRWMD
Ed Mills,
Robert Minsky,
John T. Mitchell, House Select Com. on Water Policy
Karon Molloy, Speaker's Office
John Moyle, Jr.,
Jim Muller, Muller & Associates, Inc.
Sue Mullins, FL American Planning Assoc.
Lisa Munroe, Senate Majority Office
Chester Murray, Wakulla County
Julie Myers, Smith Bryan and Myers
Wendy Nero, FS/AWWA
Peter NeSmith,
Pat Novy,
Richard Owen, SWFWMD
Lynn Pappas, Pappas, Metcalf and Jenks
Philip Parsons,
Charles Pattison, Dept. of Community Affairs
Avis H. Payne, House Natural Res. Committee
Peace River/Manasota Regional WSA
Timothy Perkins, Treatment Center
Karen Peterson,
Mike Petrovich,
Terry Pride, Office of Water Policy
Joyce Pugh, Water Resources Committee
Jim Quinn, Resource Planning and Mgmt.
Mary Lou Rajchel, FL Phospate Council
Fred Rapach, Palm Beach Cty Water Dept
John C. Rayson,
Fern Reclo, NWFWMD
Mark A. Reinsch, Esq., Pappas, Metcalf & Jenks, PA
Roy A. Reynolds, Broward Cty Water Mgmt.
Robert M. Rhodes,

James Robards, City of Winter Park
Jorge Rodriguez, Miami-Dade Water & Sewer
R. Z. afley,
Diane Salz,
Ansael Samson, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
RaySott, House Water Policy
Bill Seal, SJRWMD Governing Brd.
Carol tenne,
Jeff Sarkey, Capitol Strategies
Jack $hreve, Office of Public Counsel
Mike Slayton, SFWMD
Rick Smith,
Ann; pencer Apstin, Kvaemer Construction, Inc.
Rich Stenberg, Ft. Pierce Utilities Authority
Dan ngle, Ec. Office of the Governor
Mary tewart, Legislative Affairs
Nianc Stewart, Pasco
Jake towers, Pinellas County
Jaek n Sullivap, Withlacoochee Regional Wtr. Supply
Auth ity
Tom wihart, FDEP
Pick lley, Pinellas County Utilities
Koren Taylor, F EP
Tom 1aylor, FLiConflict Resolution Consortium
Rafae Terraro. P.E., Southern States Utilities
Teres Tinker, Governor's Office
Lynn fipton, FLC
Vickl schinkel,.
Jake am, Carton, Fields
E.D;" onny' Vergara, SWFWMD
Rich d Voakes, City of St Petersburg
Cathy Vogel, Pavese, Garner, Haverfield, Dalton,
Dave /ogel, Ofice Of Ag Water Policy
Way Voigt, Senate Natural Res. Committee
Steve walker, Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A.
Cliff after, Miami-Dade Water/Sewer Dept.
John ehle, SJRWMD
Willi R. Whitson, City of Milton
Gary illiams, FL Rural Water Assoc.
John diliams, Public Service Commission
July illiams, COLA
Geor e Wilson, NWFWMD Governing Board
Oel ngo,
Sylvi Young. Pasco County Courthouse
John Zimmerman, Manatee County Public works

Mar 6 '97 16:17

P. 02/05

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