Title: Water Supply Development and Funding Work Group
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Title: Water Supply Development and Funding Work Group
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Abstract: Jake Varn Collection - Water Supply Development and Funding Work Group (JDV Box 70)
General Note: Box 24, Folder 3 ( Water Supply Development and Funding - 1996-1997 ), Item 39
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Jan 23 '97 8:05 P.01/06


No. of Pages: e
(Including cover shots)

TO: Water Supply Development and Funding Work
(ee distribution below)

DATE: January Z3,1997

Gene Adams, FL Associate of Realtors
Joeeph W. Adcock, AICP, Camp Dresser & MKee, Inc.
Paul Allen, Executive Offe of the Governor
Chuck Allr, DACS
Eva Armstrong, Florida Audubon Society
Douglas E. Ban, NWFWMD
Dennis Barton,
Peter Belmont,
Frank Bernardino, Dade County DERM
Wayne Bertech,
Bait Bibler, Sustainable Partnerships, Inc.
Henry Bittaker,
Daniel Blood, and Growth Mgmt Dept
Gene Boles, Planning & Devlopment Mgmt
Russ Bowman,
Janet Bowman,
Susan Brand, Senate Presldents Office
Unda Branning, Senate Natural Re. Committee
Wendy Brenner.
Judith Brauggeman, Office of the Mayor
Charles H. Bronson,
Bany Brooks,
David Browning, FL Assoc. of Broadcaster, Inc.
Butch Calhoun, FL Fruit & Vegetable Assaoc.
Bram Canter, WCRWSA
Susan Caplowe,
Paul Carlson, Exec. Ofc. of the Governor
Dee Carper, Assoc. of Counties
Dione Carroll, Lahtinen, O'Donnel, Fargas & Relner
Ed Chance, Peace River Manasota Regional
JoAnn Chase, Public Service Commission
David "Hap" Clark, Pasco Cty. Government Ctr.
Gillam N. Clark,
Anthony J. Clamants, P.E., Miami-Dade Water/Sewer Dept
Suzanne Cooper, Tampa Bay Regional Ping. Council
Isabel Coelo, Broward Cty. Intergovemmental Afrs.
Sherry Coven, FL Regional Councils Assoc.
Larry Curtin,
Rick Dantzler,
Norm Davis, Hillaborough Cty Water
Betsy Davis,
Ed de la Parta,
Sruce DeGrove, FL Phosphate Council
Mike Demlng, Perry-Taylor Cty Chamber of Commerce
Bob Dennis, Bureau of State Planning
Marty Daterding, Rose, Sondstrom & Bentley
Bruce Daterding, DEP
Craig Diamond,
Chris Doolln, Robert P. Jones & Assoc.
Debble Drake, The Nature Conservancy
Nancy Dufoe, OPPAGA
Marthe Edenfeald, Pannington Law Firm
Jeff Elledge, SJRWMD
Gady Epstain,
" Eric Etter,
Jan Eversole, HRS/HSEH

Please phone W4M-74 Jakasn

Working Copy

a Farrell, SWFWMD
Ron Ferand, P.E., Bames, Fedrand & Assoc., Inc.
J"n Fisher,
DM Flak,
Cp Fletcher,
Wayne Flowers, Lewis, Logman & Walker, PA.
Jae Fort, DACS
t Fry. Cly of Tampa Water Dept
Mn Fular.
J Fumer, SFWMD
J' bJ. Gallagher, County Admlnistrtor
Jim Gamer,
it Gleason, Camp, Dresser and McKee
Cd'ey Gluckman Gluckman Gluckman
Ywne Gateiger, SFWMD
ovli Guest, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
Tim Haag, Eacambia Utiity Authority
SHartman, GFWFC
Jai Hayman, FL League of Ciies
Kar Hebrank, FL Assoc. of Counties
Kit Hetrick, FL Home Builder Assoc.
Mik Heyl, Camp Dresser McKes
HClyde Hobby,
D Hollahan, Symmons Industries
Sh. Holt, House Republican Office
Vwaa Hopping, Hopping, Green, Sams & Smith
VWiI Horton,
Pte Hubbell, SWFWMD
Robert T. Hugli, Florida Phosphate Council
Cats Hunsicker, Manatee County Planning Dept,
Bill untr, Aaaoc. of FL Community Developers
Wllem L Hyde, Gunstar, Yoakley Law Firm
Lla Jaber, Public Service Commission
Mik Kerr,
ie Klesing, Public Service Commission
Lee M. Kilinger, Gray, Harris & Robinson, PA
re Kisla,
John Knowles, Sarasta County Utilities
Dal Kuczenad, Wheldon/Cusick and Assocs.
K In hl, Office of Ag Water Policy
Jph Kynee, Mayors Office
iLamb. MF & L
Cr I Langaton,
CaLarrabee, Utilities Public Works City of Cocoa
Jack Lavala,
John Laurent,
P~hi~ Leery, AICP, FL Farm Bureau
Davi Lee, Broward County DNRP
Deier Lehtinen, Lehtinen, O'Donnel, Fargas & Reiner
Helen Levine. Hrsborough County
Car D. Uttlfied,
Chuck ittlejohn, FL Chamber, FES
Jnet LLewellyn, Office of Water Policy, FDEP
Tyler MacMllan, NWFWMD


Doug Mann, A. Duda & Sons
Sally Mann,
Kirk Marn, Southern Statee Utilites, Inc.
Suan Mason, SFWMD
Jim Mamie,
Frank Mathew., Hopping, Green, Sams & Smith
Fred McCormack,
John McCue,
Richard McLean, SWFWMD
Pam McVety, FDEP
Mike McWeeny, Hilsborough County
Margie MendunI, Rutledge Law Firm
Kathryn Mennella, SJRWMD
Ed Mlls,
Robert Minsky,
John T. Mitchell, House Salect Com. on Water Policy
Karon Molloy, Speakers Office
John Moyl, Jr.,
Jim Muller, Muller & Associates, Inc.
Sue Mullns, FL American Planning Assoc.
Lis Munroe, Senate Majlorty Office
Cheter Muray, Wakuls County
Wendy Nero, FSIAWWA
Richard Owen, SWFWMD
Lynn Pappae, Pappas, Metcalf and Jenks
Phlip Parsons,
Charges Pattlon, Dept. of Community Affairs
Avis H. Payne, House Natural Res. Committee
Timothy Perkins, Treatment Center
Karen Peterson,
Mike Petrovich,
Terry Pride, Office of Water Policy
Joyce Pugh, House Natural Res. Committee
Jim Quinn, Resource Planning and Mgmt.
Mary Lou Rachel, FL Phospate Council
Fred Rapach, Palm Beach Cty Water Dept
John C. Rayson,
Fern Redo, NWFWMD
Mark A. Reinsch, Esq., Pappas, Metcalf & Jenks, PA.
Roy A. Reynolds, Boward Cly Water Mgmt
Robert M. Rhodes,
James Robards, City of Winter Park
Jorge Rodriguez, Miaml-Dade Water & Sewer
RZ Safley,
Diane Salz, FL League of Ckla
Analey Samson, Siena Club Legal Defense Fund
Ray Scott, House Water Policy
Bil Sgag, SJRWMD Governing Brd.
Carol Senne,
Jeff Sharkey, Capitol Strategies
Jack Shrove, Office of Public Counsel
MKa Slayton, SFWMD
Rick Smith,
Ann Spencer Austin, Kvaemer Construction, Inc.
Richard Stanberg, Ft. Pierce Utlies Authority
Dan Stengle, Exec. Office of the Goveor
Mary Stewut, Legielatve Affaire
Nancy Stewart, Pasoo
Jeal Stoiers, Pinele County
Jackon Sullivan, Wlthaoochee Regional Wtr. Supply Athority
Tom Swihart. FDEP
Pick Talley, Pinllas County Utilities
Koren Taylor, FDEP
Tim Tylor, FL Conflict Resolution Consortium
Rafael Terrro, P.E., Southern States Utilities
Terea Tinker, Governors Offce
Lynn Tipton, FLC
Vicki Tachinkel,
Jake Vamn, Carlton, Fields

E.D. "Sonny" Vargera, Peace Rivr/Manasota Reylonal
Rfdhard Voales City of St. Petersburg
Daw Vogel. Office Of Ag Water Policy
Cathy Vogl, Paveae, Garner, Havrfield, Dalton,
Wayne Vlgt Senate Natural Res. Committee
Steve Walkr, Lewle, Longman & Walkr, PA.
Cf Walter. MiamiDade Water/Sewr Dept.
Willam R. Whiton, City of Miton
July Wllaam, COLA
JothniWliar, Public Service Commission
GaryjWillams, FL Rural Water Assoc.
George Wlson, NWFWMD Governing Board
oDe Wkrgo,
S la Young, Pasco County Courthouse
Joh Zimmerman, Manatee County Public works




Jan 23 '97

8:05 P. 02/06


., ,Depal

-LO ...Environmer
-- :-:---:-:-.:-:-:+ -, m e

Lawton Chiles

Jan 23 '97


P. 3/06

rtment of

ital Protection

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Building
3900 Commonwealth Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000

Virginia B. Wetherell





Water Supply Development and Fundig Work Group
(Full Mailing List) j

Terry Pride /.ff7r-

Upcoming Meetings

January 23, 1997

The next meeting of the full work group and both committees is on Friday, January 31, from 9:00
to 3:00 in room 171 of the Betty Easley Conference Center. We will again arrange to have lunch
delivered. Attached is a tentative agenda and a map to the conference center. Committee
agendas and materials will be faxed to core committee members within the next few days.

The Funding Committee will meet also on January 29 a 1:00 and on January 30 from 9:00 to
3:00, in room 152 of the Betty Easley Conference Center. We will arrange for lunch delivery on
the 30th, but not on the 29th.

Please call me at (904) 488-0784 if you have any questions.

cc: Estus Whitfield
Dan Stengle



'Proreca, Conserve untd Mugnuge florida's Envirornmcnt and .Natural Re;owures"
Printed on recycled popcr.


SFrom Airport: ]tght onto Capital-Circle SW, Right onto Shumard Oak Blvd. (after
approximately 4 traffic lights) at the Capital Circleo0ffice Center.
+ From I-10: Take exit 31-B to Tallahassee (90 W t). Left onto Capital Circle SE. Cross
Apalachee Parkway, pass the Koger Center, Left Onto Shumard Oak Blvd. At the Capital Circle
Office Center.
Go pns, Esplanadc Way, tuni lIft immediately past the Gerald L. Gunmc Building, ad park in the area to your right. This
parking area is behind the Easlcy Cenler, but you may center the Ccntcr through the cast entrance. The Easley Center
actually fuces Esplinade Way.

Existing Buildings
'I I

Under Construction


-. ______ (-riRrc (" )

Jan 23 '97

8:06 F. C4/06

.L; -I -I ~i.--'

" "'. .**'6 t" '.'b

ECOSYSTEM MANRGEMENT Fax:904-922-53 Jan 23 '97 8:06 P. 05/06
l'L.LOnT iCt.KesoiUtlon rax; ur4-~1- 1U oo Jla zL ( r IrQ r. v .,

Water Supply Development
and Funding Work Group Meeting
January 31,. 1997

Proposed Objotives
To seek consensus on development and funding committee
To agree on a strategy and respori bilitles for interacting with
the legislature

Proposed A fnda
9:00 Work Group Plan for the Proces and the Day
(Inoluding adoption of the group decslon rule see attached)

9:15 Consider Amendments to Draft Recommendations
(Please propose amendments to thO draft recommendations
attached that will enhance acceptaility to you and others. These
will be considered at the funding committee meetings on the 29 th.
and 30 th. and.the full work.aroup meeting on the 31st.)

11:00 Meetings of committees and/or smaller wording
resolution groups (Lunch ordered In)

1:00 Consideration of Proposed Amendments from
Committees and/or Resolution Groups

2:00 Plenary Discussion of Next St ps

3:00 Meeting Adjourns

FL. Confl ict. Resolution rax;uW-1-i-euuu

Jan 23 '97 8:07
| UI .. -

Water Supply Work Group
Proposed Final Decision Process
Definition of Conrensue
The definition that the work group has boen sing is that "consensus," at
best, is when everyone is satisfied they havpean acceptable, quality
product, and at worst, everyone feels their concems have been considered
and they agree to not oppose the package.
Final Decision Rule
The Work Group's goal is to arrive at ah subtantive decisions on its
recommendations jointly by consensus of the core group members. In
Instances where, after vigorously exploring possible ways to enhance the
support for a recommendation or the reports a whole, this is not
achievable, decisions will require support of t least a 80% vote of all core
group members present and voting.

Recommendation Review and Amendment Process

Single recommendations or sections will be considered:

Core members may offer amendments it a recommendation (other
participants should ask their representative core group member to
present their proposed amendments).
Amendments will be considered in accordance with Robert's Rules of
Order. An amendment, as amended, must be approved by 80% of the
core group members present.
The recommendation must then be approved by 80% of the core group
members present.
Amendments to other recommendations iln the section will be
A vote will be taken on the section as a wiole. It must be approved by
80% of the core group members present o be Included in the final

After the committees and/or wording resolution groups have had a chance
to formulate consensus amendments for recommendations that do not
receive 80% support the full group will reconvene to:
1. Consider the proposed amendments t'rtecommendations
2. Revote on sections of the work group report
3. Vote on the package of recommendations as a whole (80% approval).

r. 0b/06

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