Title: Florida Water Well Association - Handwritten notes, Letters of Concern
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Title: Florida Water Well Association - Handwritten notes, Letters of Concern
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Abstract: Jake Varn Collection - Florida Water Well Association - Handwritten notes, Letters of Concern (JDV Box 86) Jake Varn Collection - Florida Water Well Association - Handwritten notes, Letters of Concern (JDV Box 86)
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.iCEIVED NOV 3 0 1981

\Florida Water Well Association, Inc.
WA P. 0. DRAWER 1519
PHONE (813) 293-5710

November 23, 1981

Mr. Jacob Varn
Carlton, Fields, Ward
P. O. Box 190
Tallahassee, Florida 32302

Dear Mr. Varn:

Fred Mixon has asked me to send to you an outline of the topics the Florida
Water Well Association Legal Committee would like to discuss during our
meeting with you on December 8, 1981 at 9:45 a.m. in your Tallahassee office.

Of utmost concern to us is the current policy of the South Florida and
St. Johns River Water Management Districts of constructing monitoring wells
on private property with their District-owned rigs. As you may know the
Southwest Florida Water Management District was the first district to acquire
a drilling rig, however they have specifically stated (see enclosed letter)
that they would not construct any wells on private property and this policy
has proven to be acceptable and satisfactory to the industry. At a recent
meeting newly appointed Executive Director William Tatum stated that he would
continue to adhere to this policy. Our objective is to secure a similar
policy from the other water management districts or, if necessary, evaluate
the possibility of getting a directive from DER to this effect or a bill
through the legislature forbidding the districts from constructing wells on
private property.

The second topic we would like to discuss is the possibility of formally
including the water well contractor advisory board in the license suspension-
revocation process that was recently delegated to the water management
districts by DER. In addition we would prefer to see some uniformity between
the district regarding their implementation of this new authority and seek
your opinion as to how we may best get this accomplished.

Hopefully the above will allow you to familiarize yourself with the matters
that we seek your valued opinion on at our upcoming meeting.


David Boozer
Executive Director
cc: Fred Mixon
Ron Frink

Water MaZnagemeznt District

DERRILL McATEER, Chairman. Brooksiv!le THOMAS VAN der VEER. Secretary, Yankeetown JOE E HILL. Lcesburg
EM ROBERT E V-UGHN, Vice Chairman, Brandon JOHN A ANDERSON. St Petersburg N BROOKS JOHNS. Li

J R GRAW. treasurer. Ocala

S C BEXLEY, JR. Land O kes


Donald R Feaster. Executive Director

May 30, 1975

Mr. Cleve Frink, President
Florida Water Well Association
P. 0. Box 11648
Tampa, Florida 33610

Dear Mr. Frink:

I have recently learned that some misunderstanding exists among members of
the FWWA and NWWA regarding the well-drilling rigs which the Southwest
Florida Water Management District is purchasing. This misunderstanding
reflects the District's failure to communicate with you effectively our
purposes for buying the rigs, and our plans for their use. This letter, I
hope, will correct the situation.

The District's drill rigs were purchased for the sole purpose of aiding in
our water management responsibilities. Our previous experience with con-
tracted monitor-well construction showed us that, no matter how conscientious
and competent the contractor, substantial difficulties will arise because of
the uniqueness of SWFWMD's requirements. For instance, we need the ability
to respond quickly to emergency situations. This present time of water
shortage provides an example: if we had the capability to do our own con-
struction, we would right now be installing supplemental monitor wells near
some of the more threatened well fields. As it is, the lengthy delays
involved in drawing up specifications, soliciting and obtaining bids, and
reaching agreement with the contractor, make our response time unsatisfac-
torily long.

Another of our special needs arises from the fact that we are not constructing
production wells, but rather exploration and monitor wells. As such, it is
often impossible for us to design exact well specifications in advance of
actual drilling, and thus we can give no assurance to a contractor of how long
the job will take, or what precisely is involved. In addition, a substantial
portion of our time on a well site will be taken up by hydrologic data col-
lection and sample analysis, so that, again, the details of a contractual
agreement are hard to define.

Field options and adaptability greater than that provided by contractual
arrangements are other requirements peculiar to our drilling program. It may
be advantageous, for example, for us to work simultaneously on more than one

, Wauchula


Page 2
May 30, 1975
Mr. Cleve Frink

well site, so that, while we are running geophysical logs and collecting
hydrologic data in one place, the drilling rigs can be temporarily operating
elsewhere. While these options and the other special requirements of the
District can be built into a workable contract, we feel it will be more
efficient and a better investment of our taxpayers' dollars for us to purchase
and operate our own drilling rigs.

I might mention that, on several occasions, we have advertised for bids, and
received none. While we may speculate on the reasons for this, it is obviously
a circumstance which, if recurring, would prevent our fulfilling our water-
management responsibilities.

An apparent concern of some FWWA members is that, in our drilling operations,
we will "infringe on free enterprise." The District is well aware of its
responsibilities and obligations in this area, and can assure those concerned
about possible infringement that we will make every effort to see that it does
not occur. We have taken sincere and careful precautions in defining our area
of authority, to insure that our drilling program will not extend beyond our
water management requirements.

Some guidelines which we intend to follow are:

1. We will be drilling only on District property;
2. the wells we construct will be used only for our own monitoring
purposes, and will never be pumped for water-supply purposes;
3. we will not do any contract drilling, either for private indivi-
duals or for government agencies not part of District co-operative
4. no wells will be constructed by us that would otherwise be required
to be constructed by other individuals or agencies.

In sum, our drilling program will no more infringe on anyone's right of free
enterprise than has the core-boring program of the Department of Natural
Resources which, as I am sure you are aware, has operated for 12 years with-
out incident or, to my knowledge, objection.

Since I may have overlooked some additional legitimate concern of the FWWA,
I would be most willing to discuss this matter further with you. Please be
assured that the Southwest Florida Water Management District is most anxious
to maintain good relations with the FWWA, and looks forward to a productive
interaction with its members.
Very truly yours,

DAVID N. GOMBERG cc: Mr. Guiford Miller
Hydrologist, Special Projects Mr. John Jeffries
DNG:fa Mr. Fred Mixon
Mr. Emery Meridith

Southwest Florida i
- Watear Mai2LLagemenrt District

f DERRIL McATN ER Char-,, Br..(lr THOMAS VAN dcr VEFR. Secrear) Yankect.rn JOT L HILl L-shirg
.EM ROilf-l I Al( H. V 'lI (th.,rmnr Brandon JOINH A ANDER'ON St Pelcrshug N BRP )Ks JOHNS Lakcland
i R GRAN, l rea (aT S C BEXLET JR Land O Lakes RONAiD B LAMBERI Wauchu!d
Donnio R F-e.4se Execu:se Direcir

July 21, 1975

Mr. Cleve Frink, President
Florida Water Well Association
Tampa, Florida

Re: District Drilling Program

Dear Mr. Frink:

The May 30th letter to you from David Gomberg, of our Staff, generally
states the objectives of the Southwest Florida Water Management District
well drilling program. The letter also reflects both the recognition
of our water management responsibilities, and our concern that we not
trespass on domain traditionally left to private industry. I would
amplify item #1 of the stated guidelines to note that "District property"
includes any easement upon which District wells are installed.

Our intention to maintain the best possible relationship with the
drilling industry and the Florida Water Well Association cannot be
emphasized too strongly. We hope to benefit, as we have in the past,
from the experience and knowledge of Florida drillers. In return,
and largely as a result of our Regional Observation and Monitor-Well
Program, we will be able to provide ground-water information and
evaluation that can increase the effectiveness of water-well con-

My staff and I recognize that, especially in times of economic strain,
the private sector is rightly concerned that governmental agencies not
operate in a manner which unnecessarily hinders the workings of a
free economy. The Southwest Florida Water Management District plans to
meet its responsibilities in this regard, and welcomes constructive
criticism from you, other F.W.W.A. members, and anyone else willing
to provide us with the benefit of their thinking.

Very y yours,

Executive Director


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