Title: Speaker's Help Sheet and Class Schedule
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Title: Speaker's Help Sheet and Class Schedule
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Language: English
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: Jake Varn Collection - Speaker's Help Sheet and Class Schedule (JDV Box 89)
General Note: Box 19, Folder 7 ( Florida's Water Wars - 1991 ), Item 6
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(or what successful middle aged professionals should know and
do but some don't)

1. Coordinate your course materials with the course coordinator to
insure the consolidated materials don't exceed 20 pages (10 sheets
of paper) and are in by the deadline.

2. Meet with other faculty for a few minutes before the course is
taught to coordinate who will do what for how long. If this can't
be done on site a conference call will work.

3. Follow your course-material and, if possible, utilize audio-visuals.
If you use A-V check it out before class starts. Avoid fushia on
black colors or 1971 photo copies of the Federal Register as they
are difficult to see and are boring.

4. Seek audience participation and involvement but avoid the inevitable
question that isn't a question but an endless statement about the
injustices of a system that would crush his dream project just
because it violated six separate sections of environmental law.

5. Avoid overlap of speakers presentations by utilizing examples and
case studies.

6. Start the class on time. It's not fair to penalize those who are
considerate and on time.

7. Keep track of time and make sure there is an opportunity for
questions and answers.

8. Remember the audience is professional in nature and did not
recently fall from a pumpkin truck. Assume they have a fairly
high knowledge of your subject area.



Session Salon C/D Salon B Saton G Salon F alon A Saon H Salon J :ey West limi
1) Monday A. Growth Management 1. Developments of AA1. Emerging Issues in :1. Vested Rights (1. Impact Fees & 1. Transportation !1. Stormwater
July 8th overview & Update: regional Impact: Growth Managemnt: Gold, Under Chapt. 163: developer Exactions: Levels of Service: HaLL, Leaming & Mgmt.:
:00 Bradshsw, Osterholt, Friedann, McDonald, adowski, Pelham, ouelman, Student, Siemon, Rotella, Kovacs, 4cShane, McLeod, hearer, Palmer,
3:40 p.m. Stewart, Pfeiffer oyd, Patterson, Rogers, Bercow towers Lockhart Pleasant :one, Parson, Zeno
a Beck
2) Monday 1. Local Coup. Plans & 1. Land Development 2. Emerging Issues in Where do we go Fi. Takings, Temporary 2. Transportation 2. Stormwater
July 8th Plan Amendments: regulations in Urban Growth Management: Gold, from here? LGCP Pakings, Moratoria: ,evels of Service: Halt, tLaming & Mgmt.:
4:00 ougelmn, Solin, areas: Merrill, adowski, Pelham, ftermath: Law, ipgar, Siemon, Weaver, cShane, McLeod, hearer, Palmer,
5:40 p.m. >avis )rsmond

3) Tuesday C2. Vested Rights Under 12. Developments of -1. Concurrency D. Florida's Water p1. Transportation 11. Defining Adequate 1. Enforcement, FF. Recycling Case I. Special Taxing
July 9th Chapt. 163: Gougetlan, regional Impact: Management: Price, )ars: Varn, laming 9 Management: P(btic Facilities: standing & Legal studies: Luer, districts:
:30 Student, Stowers Friedmam, McDonald, young, Roush-Burnett tbbe, Garner, ohn Beck, Lee, PeLham, McCue, Jackson, ppeas: Keesey, larbison, Gafford, tuart,
10:10 a.m. Boyd, Patterson, de La Parte, ran, Krzeminski tall tewart, Davis Bailey Assenderp,
am Beck Jodrasks ;reene, Walters

4) Tuesday Q2. Growth Management )2. Local Coup. Plans G2. Concurrency Z1. Wrap-Up of '91 (2. Impact Fees & 41. Coping with B1. Real World .1. Affordable 1. Non-
July 9th Overview & Update: Plan Amendments: Management: Price, Legislative developerr Exactions: oncurrency: Owen, Experience with Housing: Buck, transportation
10:30 a.m. radshaw, OsterhoLt, elugemn, Solin, foung, Roush-Burnett session: Linnan, iemon, Rotella, Kovacs, odf rey, Risinger, McCue Concurrency: Feell, Ansley, levels of
12:10 p.m. Stewart, Pfeiffer techanik, Gray iller, Lockhart 4cDowel, Stowers, endrickson service: Stacker,
an Assenderp, Lee, Swift >eek, Landers,
Eder oweltl

5) Tuesday P2. Transportation E2. Land Development J1. Urban Sprawl & Urban 2. Takings, J1. Upland Habitat & 12. Defining Adequate K. New Towns, Urban
July 9th PLaming & Management: regulations in Urban Service Areas: Hyde, temporary Takings, Endangered Species: Public Facilities: itllages, Satellite
1:30 John Beck, Lee, reas: Merrill, Landers, Starrett oratorla: Apgar, Fitzgerald, Erwin, Pelham, McCue, Jackson, omiunities:
3:10 p.m. Crammond, Krzeminski singer, Kovacs, Siemon, Weaver, aom Beck, Barnett Hall Brindelt, Dover,
avis Liman Correa, Carey

5) Tuesday Z2. Wrap-Up of '91 2. Non- F1. Land Development G. Not In My Back J2. Upland Habitat & 12. Coping with 42. Enforcement, BB1. Real World
July 9th Legislative Session: transportation Levels regulations in Rural aard: Salowe, endangered Species: Concurrency: Owen, Standing, Legal experience With
3:30 Linnan, Miller, of Service: Stacker, treas: Clayton, Easley, roser, Meredith, Fitzgerald, Erwin, Godfrey, Risinger, McCue appeaL: Keesey, oncurrency:
5:10 p.m. van Assenderp, Elder Peek, Landers, KoweLL offey, Van Derworp, Long, Smith, Brown Tom Beck, Barnett Stewart, Davis IcDowett, Stowers,
Hadeed __ Swift
7) Wednesday J1. Growth Mgmt. & the .2. Affordable J2. Urban Sprawl & Urban 1. Innovations in EE. Recycling & Market C. Growth Management
July 10th environment: Petruff, Housing: Buck, Service Areas: Hyde, anning 4 Urban development: Walper, or Gridlock: Weaver,
8:30 rrshefsky, Reynolds, Fewell, Ansley, Landers, Starrett design : Poole, carter, Lawyer, Luer, Boodlette, Barton,
10:10 a.m. Johnson Hendrickson Skokowaki, Dover, Ierndon urchalla
8) Wednesday J2. Growth Mgmt. & the BB2. Real World F2. Land Development 02. Innovations in N. Downtown H. Public VS. Private:
July 10th Environment: Petruff, Experience with Regulations in Rural PLaming & Urban development & Historic tosser, Kely, O'Toole,
10:30 a.m. )rshefsky, Reynolds, oncurrency: reas: Clayton, Easley, design: Poole, reservation: Gafford
12:10 p.m. Johnson cDowell, Stowers, Coffey, Van Derworp, kokowski, Dover, Einsweiler, Hepburn,
ee, Swift Hadeed altehouse ssett


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