Title: Memos Referring to the Environmental Permitting Short Course Faculty
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Title: Memos Referring to the Environmental Permitting Short Course Faculty
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Abstract: Jake Varn Collection - Memos Referring to the Environmental Permitting Short Course Faculty (JDV Box 89)
General Note: Box 19, Folder 6 ( Local Comprehensive Planning and Development Regulations - - 1991 ), Item 3
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NOV 2 1 1990
November 19, 1990 JAC O0 V~R~HA


TO: 1991 Environmental Permitting Short Course Faculty

FROM: Those Who Know

RE: Subtle Reminder

You may recall our last billet doux outlined the basic responsibilities of a short course faculty
member. In case you don't recall or you don't know what a billet doux is, your basic
responsibilities include (in addition to being a sock-o platform person):

1. Telling us what your A-V requirements are. Send in the form we sent you earlier
or call Kay at 904/385-1790.

2. Making your hotel reservations. Failing to do that early could be a problem as there
is another large group in town vying for Tallahassee's few good hotel rooms. Once
they fill we may be able to use our immense influence and get you in the Cold Night
Shelter for the Homeless but I must tell you they are reluctant to accept lawyers.

3. Checking the enclosed grid sheet to determine the time and location of your classes.

4. Talking to your course coordinator. Find our what it is you're supposed to cover
and how many pages you have in which to cover it and GETTING YOUR MATERIAL IN
TO US BE NOVEMBER 29TH -- or suffer the curse of the wicked witch of the north.
Yes, Dorothy, tis true. The witch lives right here in Tallahassee. In the spirit of
full disclosure I must tell your that failure to get your materials in by November 29th
will subject you to one of several curses:

Being caught with all the pretty people in the Fog City Diner with only your
American Express Card.
Finding season passes to any event scheduled for Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.
Having to stand in a long line to change your registration to Democrat.
Not being invited back to teach again.

That last one may not be a curse but I think you may be getting the point. As mentioned before,
"those who know" are anxious to help so please call Linda at 904/222-7535 or Golleen at
904/681-2550 if you have any questions or problems.


Florida Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
136 S. Bronough St. P.O. Box 11309 *Tallahassee, FL 32302-3309 (904) 222-2831 FAX (904) 222-5520

Session ud itor um 123-S 110 44 1l 16 117 |1 10y
1) Tuesday D1. Developments of J. Injection Control 91. Ethical 1. Environmental 1. Regulation of 1. Surfacw Water B81. State Sovereign 01. Envlro mentat K1. Ground-water
Jan. 15th egionsl tlpact: UWell Construction Considerations in emitting Storage Tanks: Maurer, gut. (SF, SJR MO): Lands: McVoy, Denser, :ompianc ;onta-aintion:
2:00 Friedamnn, Magee, >emitting: DeRose, Enviromntal overview : Stephens, Anderson, ammro, Higgins, attison tsessments: ee,
3:40 p.m. atterson. Carey cGrath, Fisk, Permitting: [arfein, Getzoff, ott-Smith Itedge, Waterhouse illwood, ressett, tothenberger,
euering Fox, Woouson, T. Smith Halsey, Wehle chemer 5ruber, Gentry

2) Tuesday v2. Developments of 1. Surface Water )Dl. Water Management 2. Environmental 2. Regulation of 1. Surface Water FF1. Transactional lH. Environmental & LI. Marina
Jan. 15th egional lapact: ischarge: Permitting & emitting storage Tanks: Maurer, 4gt. (SUF, SR, NUF environmental Audits: public Health: permitting:
4:00 Friedmnn, Magee, ole, Millicn, Enforcement: Woodson, verview: 4. Stephens, Anderson, ): Hanson, Wirth, rookie, Miasimer, lefatto. Eichler, Lewis, Danser,
5:40 p.m. atterson, Carey ubrament, Palmer ennella, Fernandez, arfein, Getzoff, tt-Smith isk, Musgrove cCrickard, Warrus ell, Stauffer Jilber, Bittaker
Jalker alsey, Wehle
i l P I & U o..4 UmMet.. Ilnll U Ia t .i rt82. State Sowrei.an G2 Envirmental KK2. Ground-water

w1. Local Comp. Plan:
Varn, Ockunzzi., Hve

rl. Dredge a rFit
Landers, Birkitt,
John Hall

.. Eth ca
considerationss in
permitting :
:ox, Woodson, T. Smith

Malsey, Stotts,

. se
(night, Schwartz,

protection : Linnan,
Erwin, Hartman, Beck

Lands: McVoy, Danser,

Smalluood, Bressett,

Gruber, Gentry

4) Wednesday 31. Environmental >D2. Water Management 1. Solid Waste L2. Use of Wetlands: 52. Surface Water FF2. Iransactiponal iH2. Environmental & L2. Marina
Jan. 16th litigation; Matthews, Pemitting & Enforcement Facility Permitting (night, Schwartz, 4at. (SF, SJR WMD): Environmental Audits: public Health: permitting:
10:30 lodley, Redmond, procedure ; Closure: Preston, Livingston amaaro, Higgins, 6rookes, Missimer, Halefatto, Eichler, ewis, Danser,
12:10 p.m. John Hall oodson, Mennella, R. McCormack, Deans Eltedge, Waterhouse icCrickard, Warus ll.e, Stauffer Jlber, Bitta Fernandez, Walker

5) Wednesday 2. Environmental 31. Growth Management 1. Stormuater t. Consumptive Use 2. Surface Water F1. Concurrency Il. Endangered & 11. 1991
Jan. 16th litigation: overview : quality: emitst: Wyckoff, gimt. (SWF, S, HWF igmt./Levels of threatened Species: legislative
1:30 tthews, Godley, (eesey, Hurley, Pfelffer Cathy Setters, season, Levin, Walker 1): Hanson, Wirth, Service: Bercow, uretl, Hlllestad, Forecast: Hopping
:10 p.m. edeond, John all Stebbins, Lienhart, isk, Musgrove nglehardt, Wright, lartman
ivingaton lenderson

) Wednesday G. Ground Water 1. Dredge & Fill (1. Public Drinking 2. Personal & 12. Consumptive Use Superfund Process & Air Quality :C1. State Permitting 2. 1991
Jan. 16th discharge: urisdiction: ater/Sewage Disposal: Corporate enamits: Wyckoff, rogra: Tucker, ermitting: Amundsen, Enforcement: Larry egisstive
:.0 thodes, Garlanger, Alter (uersteiner, Dennis, oyd, Christen, Sherman, Liabilties: s Leason, Levin, Walker arris, Guinyard, osky, Fancy elders, Grayson, Forecast: Hopping
:20 p.m. Cantrell, Silver :rook Haseyo, Stts Domenico hompson, Cathy
Burns Sellers, Jordan

7) Thursday F2. Dredge & Fit 2. Dredge & Fill 41. Hazardous Uaste 2. Solid Waste 12. Local Coap. Plan: 2. Upland Habitat 2. Stormater JJ1. Urban Sprawl & A. Coastal
n. 17th emitting: Jurisdiction: CRA: DeMeo, Colells, Facility Permitting mrn, Ockunzzi, Nave Protection: Liman, quality : Cathy ew Town Centers: construction:
15 anders, Birkitt, (uerstelner, Dennis, rdiff, Kastury Closure: Preston, Erwin, Hartman, Beck Sellers, Stebbins, rindell, Parlani, ;etzoff, Olsen,
,:55 a.m. Lewellyn, John Hall Cantrell, Silver McCormack, Deans ienhart, Livingston tarrett, Rotella Ireen

SThursday C2. State Permitting 32. Growth Management 2. Hazardous Waste EE. Federal Right to Know OSHA 2. Concurrency 112. Endangered JJ2. Urban Sprawl & :2. Public
Jan. 17th nd Enforcement: overview : CRA: Demeo, Colella, enamitting & EPCRA: Stine, Ward gmt./Levels of Service: threatened Species: iew Town Centers: drinking Water:
10:15 arry Sellers, Grayson, (eesey, Hurley, Ardiff, Kastury Enforcement Board, Fornino lercow, Englehardt, urell, Hillestad, Irindell, Pariani, oyd, Christen,
11:55 a.m. thoapon, Cathy Sellers, Pfeiffer hillips, Guinyard, right, Henderson artman Starrett, Rotella herman, Crook
Jordan Johnson, Silver


i) Wednesday
Jan. 16th
30 -
.10 a.m.

g:0 10

October 15, 1990


Jake Varn, Topic Chairman
Bill Ockunzzi
Bob Nave

OCT 10 183

iukw Varn
Working Cpy

FROM: Chuck Littlejohn

RE: Local Comprehensive Planning and Development Regulations
The Florida Chamber's Environmental Permitting Short Course

Thanks for agreeing to serve as faculty for The Florida Chamber's Environmental Permitting
Short Course. Now that you've committed to teach, there are a few things you should know:

1. The date of the Short Course is January 15-17, 1991. We will provide you with
a grid sheet detailing the time and date your subject will be offered around December 1.

2. The location is The Florida State Conference Center, 555 West Pensacola Street,

3. We have reserved space at the following hotels and urge you to make your reservations
as soon as possible:

Tallahassee Hilton
$90 Single/Double

Marriott Courtyard
$64 Single

Ramada Inn North
$55 Single/Double

Holiday Inn University

Cabot Lodge
$45 Single/$50Double

4. The time allotted for each topic is 1 hour and 40 minutes. The topic chairman is
responsible for coordinating the presentation to insure the topic is adequately covered
and sufficient time is allotted for audience questions and participation. If you have not
heard from your topic chairman by November 1st. please contact the chairman directly
or let us help establish contact.

5. One of the outstanding features of the Short Course is the background articles developed
on each topic. The deadline for submission in Monday, November 26. Due to space
limitations the course background articles, for each subject, not each speaker, must
be limited to 20 pages (that's 10 sheets of paper). Again, the topic chairman is
responsible for assigning portions of the background articles for you to develop.

'Iorid-; *i*ati. O. *i' : Icc, n .

i '
: s:'';~-!



- .7.;

The articles are to be submitted to:

Linda Long
310 West College Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

6. Several other things may be helpful to you and are attached:

a.) Names, addresses and phone numbers of those who agreed to serve as
faculty with you as well as all other instructors.

b.) For topic chairman only, a copy of a background article for this or similar
topic taught at a recent short course, if available.

c.) A copy of all course descriptions.

d.) A file folder to keep all of this together.

Thanks again for supporting The Chamber. We are available at any time to answer questions.
Contact us at 904/222-7535 or 904/681-2550.


* I


November 8, 1990

TO: 1991 Environmental Permitting Short Course Faculty JACOB VARN

FROM: Those Who Know

RE: Getting Your Act Together

Now that the heady rush of having been asked to be on the faculty of the 1991 Environmental
Short Course has passed it's time to get your act together so that you won't look dumb in front of
your environmental-expert peers. Here are a few hints:

1. The 1991 Environmental Short Course Brochure:
We're enclosing one. Read the darn thing, other than for the spelling of your name.
Besides a pretty good description of what your panel is supposed to cover, there is a wealth of
information ranging from location of conference hotels to conference credits. So if you know
what's in the brochure you won't have to come to the conference registration desk and ask a
question that will be repeated in a loud voice with a snicker.

2. Your audio-visual requirements:
If you feel the need to be profound via a 35 mm or overhead projector, please don't keep
it secret until the last minute. Enclosed is a form we would like you to fill out that will let us
know what's on your mind A-V wise and we'll have it set up for you.

3. Hotel reservations:
First of all, you have to make them. Second, there is a large meeting of the League of
Cities at the same time as the Short Course and rooms at Tallahassee's finest accommodations are
scarce (as are the fine accommodations) so you should make them ASAP. Like we said, hotels and
their telephone numbers are in the brochure.

4. Course Materials:
Now listen to this because this is where many of you fall short of our lofty expectations.
The date your material is due is Thursday, November 29ti. The total number of pages for a
course is limited to 20 sheets (10 pieces of paper front and back). So that you don't go prolific
and crank out 19 pages of insightful dialogue, leaving the remainder of your team only a
paragraph or two to explain how the world was formed, you might want to check with your topic
chairman to see what everyone else is doing. The topic chairman is the person listed first in the
brochure (again, a reference to the brochure you need to read). The address and phone numbers
of all the faculty members are on a roster mailed to you with a letter thanking you for being
nice and agreeing to participate. Course materials should be mailed to Linda Long, 310 West
College Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32301.

So how hard is this? You read the brochure, make your hotel reservations as early as possible,
let us know your A-V needs and after you have talked to your topic chairman to confirm your
assignment, let us have your course materials no-later-than November 29th. Of course "those
that know" are always anxious to help you get your act together so if you get stuck on any of
these assignments give Linda (904/222-7535) or Colleen (904/681-2550) a call.

Florida Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
136 S. Bronough St. *P.O. Box 11309 -Tallahassee, FL 32302-3309 (904) 222-2831 FAX (904) 222-5520

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