Title: Seawater Desalination Proposals Show Promise
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12/15/97 13t33

Southwest Florida
Water Management District
2379 Broad sreet a Boorksvllr, Flordd 34609-6899 1-800-423-1476 (Florda Only) or
(352) 796-7211 SUNCOM 628-4150 T.D.D. Number Only (Flodda Only): 1-800-231-6103

Ao Fqdu Lprynunrit baaiWr

FAX # (352) 754-6874 or SUNCOM 663-6874


-**- J VARN

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12/15/97 13:33 0904 754 6874

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'^c ..lyP;. m lOU, '
gtcuxj HIIUIOKW ft% L PINILUM CAuffl

Contact: Michelle Klase
(813) 580-9013
(813) 796-2355
Don Lindeman
(813) 796-2355
Jim Jensen
(813) 289-5300

December 12, 1997

CLEARWATER, FL The West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority today released
summaries of the five responses to its request for proposals (RFP) for 20-50 million gallon
per day seawater desalination water supply facility.


The project has been an ongoing process involving the Authority's member
governments and Southwest Florida Water Management District SWFWMD, through a
Management Advisory Committee, in a cooperative effort to determine the viability of
developing a 20-50 mgd seawater desalination water supply.
For more information contact: Jim Jensen, project manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff
at (813) 289-5300, by fax (813) 289-4405, or mail at 1408 N. Westshore Blvd., Suite 300,
Tampa, FL 33807; or Don Lindeman, project manager, West Coast Regional Water Supply
Authority at (813) 796-2355, by fax (813) 855-7479, or by mail at 2535 Landmark Dr., Suite
211, Clearwater, FL 33761.
For more information on the Master Water Plan, contact our 24-hour automated
phone line at 1-888-MWP-2015. Residents in Hillsborough and eastern Pasco counties can
access the Master Water Plan information, toll-free line by dialing 929-3200.

2535 Landmark Drive, Suite 211 Clearwater, florida 33781
phone 813.796.2355 fax 813.855.7479


,...,..rm r~vorv ~~ I VARN

12/15/97 13:34 904 754 6874 u .- -.rW


Propose: Progress Energyolaks Partnership
The tbllowingiforma uon ie preliminary ip natuo based on chl executive summary provided h he proposal
and oua y exnaminatia of the proposal T information= is subject to charu braed on funthi eviluati of the
plposal. The water ewO preseaned below Is based on a bes plant size of 20 million gpilal per day (md) as
dla ined ihe request for proposals d donot nesarilym repre t the lowet cot option oCdeliverd war
as presented by the developer tam.
The Tarn
Program Enagy Corp maon (PEC) ooics, Lqc .. plan to form a limited paruership.
Pleat lting
Tle priary site for dei propo tf iity le lowled accent to Firid Power Corpration's (FPC) Higis
Por Statioa is Pipllas Coemy on Old Tamps Bay. As ulwnarti.es, th tea iW prepared to cantret the
Siy at Florida Power Corpeoraai's Analote Power Station in Puco Cmacny, o the Gulf o Meaxic, or two
hailtis could be built, o o at oeach si

mIt ban optia~ (Opla 1) plat is d igned for us initial rm capacity of 20 md epandable to 35 ad 50 ai d
TIU pr~ect cot for the 20 nd facility is 69,307,000. The mowe coo-telective water supply Option A asu a
dai initial s pplyeapeity of 23 mgd and a project cost of S72,171,000. Option 2A provides for a 35 mid
deselinatio facility in 2001. The product water will be stored n a 1 million gallon raoreanl..
Sea wter Tretmeat Procte
Lh m aww reverm sn, m si (RO) namanbmns separaed press wa o be used. 'I 20 m gd will consi of40
RO U iat, in service ad six units installed as spars. Option IA uil have 46 RO unit in srvie an 6 uni as
spie. The AO airns will be equipped with wrgy reovery turbns to reduo .nermp oowmtepbion.
Sweater Feed Waer Supply
SSewater will be witdrawo from the Bay using the axititg inta chd el, scro~ asd pumps which
fteulny Ferved ti power sidona bt are now out of sevic bcaaue of tb cold shutdown statu of th
aoi power plant.
gib iater concentrate Disposal
'i aeon9sitratl from the faciliy will e mixed with imrante sewater pa pe rcifcally for he pArpoM of
dilating the concentrate bef or retain it to de B By vi the power plant' esitin discharge abannl.
Wstr Delivery Point
Te pzrduct wator will be delier* d through a 9.5 mtilt34 inch diameter pipeline to tb Cosme Water
Tma.tmet Plant. About 82 miles of de pipeline is located within PPC uansmission line orridors.
Water Purchase Agreemem
L sass, yea wiaer cost is 82.29 per ti usad pUonsi fo6 a 20 mnd plant at d"e igias P es Ssaties alte. Th
first ear co is 32.12 p to ousad iallois for a 23 po facilil. The St yer water cost for the 23 mSd facllt
Would be S1,34 perthomand piloc with a O5 million coseibuio fbm SWFWvMD. Th plua is andiipated W
begl water produtic 30 ma ths aer award u coaact.
A optiao am pmrsewtad by lhe developer wri bk rvi ved .a island in ra evaluatoia pr m to amuraina
t brst danrtiv for dtliveed war.



12/15/97 13:35 t904 754 6874


SawwA Foutooucu Nmso L Puams Comnus
Proposal Seawater Dealination Developmental Alernativ of the Master Water Pl
SOProposer: Ston & Webter
The following information is preliminary in nature based on the executive summary provided with the
proposal and cursory examinaioa of the proposal 1 h information is subject to change based on a
complete evvauarion of the proposal. The water cost presnted below is based on a bae plant em of 20
milian gallon per day (mgd) as defined in the request for proposals and does not nmoesarily represt t the
lest eWot option of delivemd water as prsentod by the developr tam
The Team
Skmn & Webster, TIC The Indusrial Company, and Citiuzu Uilities Company. intend to form a limited
liability company (LLC) to develop the project. The team anticipate potential participation by subsidiaries
of Tampa Elotric Company (TECO)and Poscidon Resourn s in the LLC.
Pbert Siting
The team proposes to develop a seawatcr dcsalinatio plant t TECO's Big Bend electric generating sit on
HiUlborouh Bay in southem Hillborough County. The property is owod by Tampa Elccric and
suitable sorac is available o build a 50 million gallon per day (mgd) desalination plant. The present site
is idustril in nature and, thefore. a sawater desalination facility reprents a compatible land use.
Plat Sir
h The plant will be designed for a nomin initial fim capacity of 20 ngd with 20 percent instaUdl spare
cpFity. "s capital ent of the plant is $93,619,000. Th plant will be capahbl of expansion to 50 mgd
(d ilt not provided in the proposal Two storage taks will provide storage for 10 million gallons of
Sflahed product water.
Seewwter Treatment Proces
Seawater reverse oemois (RO) membranes will be used. The RO process will consist of six trails of 4
mgd capacity eah with the sixth train providing spare capacity. The RO trains will be equipped with
Utery recovery turbines to reduce eergy consumption.
Seewetcr Intake
SThe soura water for the deal]iatiom facility will be drawn from the genrating station cooling water inlet
canal. The additional flow for the initial 20 gd facility represents only 3 percent of the total circulation
water flow for the power satio.
Seawater concentrate Disposal
The concentrate from the facility will be released to the discharge canal of the ganrating station and will be
rapidly diluted with the crculaing cooling water (1,350 md) discharged from the genemting station. The
ncentrate diseu(a c t *the ultimate capacity of 50 mrd is antiipated to be 33.3 mgd.
Water Delivery Point
"hie aished water will be pumped a~ppzontnm aly 4 nmles to an incwteree point with tbh Authority's
South County Trannsmission Main in Leg Ben od d at the intersection with US 301 in Summinrfild. The
pipeline will be capable of transportiug 50 md of finished waer.
Wuter Purehae. Agrmmen
Ti inrst year deliveod watr pric to the Authority is 52.90 per thousand pgalow T1h water price for the
sm plne with a $JO million fatobutioa on SWRWMD would be approxdratdly $2.13 pr tho und
2535 Laidmark Drive, Suite 211 Clearwater, Florida 33781
phone 813.796.2355 fax 813.855.,747


/904 754 6874 SWFWMD EXEC

Seawater Dealination Developmental Alternative of the Master Water Plan
Proposer: Enova/SupcrSystems
The following information is pliminary i nature based on tbe executive summary provided with the
proporap l Ad cur.ory wxaumitio of the proposal. Tbe iufatiG is subject to chang based oa further
Ovaluation of the proposal. The water eost presented below is based on a base plant sia of 20 million
gallons per day (mgd) as defined in the request for proposals and does not necessarily represent the lowest
cost option of delivered water as presntd by the developer tean.
The Team
he learn is comprised of Enova Energy, Inc., a subsidiary ofEnova Corporatio, the parent company of
San DiSeo ia and Eloctric Compay and SuperSysum, Ine. SIDEM Corporation (Sociwt Intemationale
Sdo doesalcain) will provide bhe multiple effac distillatio (MED) prowes design and production.
Plat Siting
At this time. a specific project site has not beon selected. Following selection. Enova/SSI would continue
dicuusions with Tampa Electris Company regarding potential use of the Big Bead site,
Plant Size
The team proposes two plant sizes. Case I is a 33 mgd desaiaition facility which includes six multiple
effect distillation (MED) units in conjunction with a 300 moga-watt (MW) oatumal ga fired combined cycle
oeaoorascioa facity, With ve trains operating and one tain as a span, the MED facility will be capable
ofproducing oer 20 mad ofdiscilled water with a et total dissolvd solids (TDS) of 25 puts pet million
(PPM). The distilled water can be made non-corrosive with additives, or by blending with brakish warr
to provide up to 33 mgd of f ihed water. The total capital cos for the Cam I altrnative is S
Cae 2 is a 20 gd facility equinri bleeding with brackish water. Four desalination utita will be
installed, the operation and one stand-by, with a total ost of 5134,816,000.
Seawater Treatment Proces
STh desalination facility uses MED unit in conjunction with a 300 MW natural gas fired combined cycle
cogneration facility.
Seawater Feed Water Supply
Seawater will be supplied by pipeline with accau to water sources from the Tampa Bay..
Seawater Concentrate Disposal
The coacmmUoat R fm the facility will be mixed with the cooing water turn and dischared at
approdimatly 94 F to the Bay via a discharge pipeline with a diffuser at the end.
Water Delivery Point
The Aiushed water will be delivered to the Authority'is Lsional System.
Water Purchase Agreement
The fir year water cost is $3.9 per thousand gallons of delivered water to the Authority based upon 20
mid distilled wer bleded with 133 nmg of brackish urae water. Th first yaer water cost is SS. per
btoumsad Ullons if the distilled water is not blended with braciksh water. *Te plan is anticipated to bein
water production approximtely 35 months afer wawrd ofdie oentnr.
All options as presented by the dcvelopcr ill be reviews and included it ,the evluaton process to
determine the best atermativo for delivcrrd water,

444- J VARN 8005

12/15/97 13:36

.. 7AD T l 006

12/15/97 13:37 904 754 6874 SWwMwu ZAn% .-.-


hi*vrC. Alktmaoua uwn L pinhas CoLannJ

Seawater Dealination Developmental Alternative of the Master Water Plan
Proper: Florida Sawater Dealination Company
The following information i primary in a ure based on a eecuive summary provided with the
proposal and cursory exaninamion of te proposal. The informaton is subject to change based on further
valuation of the proposal. TIh water cost preuated blow i baued on a ba plant sieof 20 million
ofdeliverd water as presented by he developer team.
The Team
DuPont Permaep Products, US Water, and Enpower, Inc. intend to fonn Florida Scawatr Daalinaton
SCompay. Floid limited liability compuy (LLC) to devlop t prota. Desuig build srvio will be
provided by Raythdo EaXgiaos d Conmctorwu, Inc. nd DuPoot. Salaiter Anlagenxba OmbH will
provide proce e inq ring dein service for the dealinaion process plant.
Plant Siting
The proposed facility will be located either in th Anclo River region of noa Pinllas Couy on a 20
acre s e on Anelo Road or at arematie site in scuthrm Pasco County on a 30 acre sized on Bileys
Bluff Road adjwcnt aftbe Acloto Rivr Power Plant.
Plant Sie
The plant will be designed for a nominal initial frm capacity of 20 gd. Th cost of tb plaut, pipeline,
associated equipment, und rew ve nd is $78,599,000. As an option, a 50 mgd plant can be constructd.
SPinshed product water storage will consist of a 10 million gallon pcstressed concree store utnk,.
Seawater Treatment Process
Seawater reverse osmosis (RO) r mbrane s will be used. The RO promesswi consist of seven rain of 3
magd capacity each. T lO trains will b equipped with corgy recovery turbines to redu energy
SSeawater Ped Water Supply
The source water for te RO plant will be drawn from 1 seawater wlls ratad at 3 mgd ecb. Most ofth
well will be located i public road rights-of-wy ar the plut property. A surface seawate intake opion
can be commodaud
Seawater concentrate Disposal
The oncentrae from the facility wi be released to the cooling water discharge cal of the Andcl~ River
Power Plant and rapidly diluted with the cirulating coolig water disdarged fon the generting station.
Water Ddlvery Point
Tbe fished water will b deliwvrd to tbe Authority's l ional Systm in northern Pinllas County.
Water Purchase Agrnmewt
Tbh An year water cost of delivered water to the Authority for the 20 uogd privately financed plant is
2.s0 per thoumnd pgallume. water price fo the se plant with a SJO million contribution from
SWFWMD would be approm nesly $2.00 a thuwand plloa. Mw plane is ualtpeued to begin water
produwson 24 moath after award of the contract.
All options a presented by the developer will be rviewd and induded in tc evaluation procss to
detenmine the best alterativo for delivred water.



,..llrnnm ~-rv~n

9o04 754 6874 SWFWMD EXEC

Seawater Daalination Developmenrll Alternative of the Master Water Plan
Florida Water Partners
The following uafonation is prdlmimry in nature bausd ou cae axeciv uv ummary provided with the
proposal and curnory sw maton of the proposal. The infrmAtiou is subject to change based on a further
valuation of the proposal The water cost presented below s based on a base plant ai of 20 million
sgaon per day (mgd) a dcfmid in the request for proposals and does ot nesusaily present the lowest
cst option of delivered wtrr a preted by the developer team.
The Team
FloridaWate Partner is a coartium comprised of Parsons Infrastructure aod Technology Group Inc.
(Parsons) and ID.E. Technologies Ltd. (DBE). Tampa Electric Company La offered to become up to a S0
percent eqily partrr in th prject..
Plant Siing
STie tea proposed to develop a water desalination plant at Tampa Electric Conipay's Big Bend
elctro generating site o Hilaborough Bay in soutbn Ilillborough CoWry. Electric power and steam
ae available at the site. The property is owned by Tampa Elecric and acreage is available for a 50 million
W alUan per day (mgd) delinatKin plan.
Plant Size
Phase I of the plant will be designed for a nomial frm capacity of 20 mtd with 10 percent installed spare
capacty. The capital cot of the project is 591,50,000. Phase 11 will ad 30 mgd of product water
capacity. One storage tank win provide storage for rnillion gallons offinishd product water.
Seawater Treatment Proces
For Phaeo 1 four reverse osmosis (RO) membrane uwis will provide 12.2 mgd of product water and seve
mechanical vapor copreision (MVC) units will provide 9.8 mgd of product water. Phae II proposes Ihe
Process of vertical cubc evaporator multiple-offe distilation (VTEMED) for an additional 30 mgd.
Seawater Intake
The source water for the RO will be drawn fom the generating station cooling water ilt canal. The
S seawater discharged frm the power plant is suitable fi direct feed to the MVC system.
Seawater Concentrate Disposal
Tbe concntrate from the facility will be released to the discharge canal of the geoorating station and will be
rapidly ddted with the circulating cooling water (1,350 mgd) disharged from the gnerating station. The
concentrate dichag is anticipated to be 20 mag at a plat capacity of20 mgd.
Regional Delivery Point
The finished water will be pumped through a. ow 24-inch diameter pipeline approximazly 4 miles to an
aiterconnect point with the South County Tanrumiauso Ma i at the iaterseaicu of Big Bend Road with US
301. The pipeline will be apble of treaspoiting s med of dniebod war.
Water Purchase Agreement
fThe st water price is $3.18 per thousnd gallons of dulived water to the Authority based upon
operation of a 20 mgd plant The water pliee for te same plant with a $50 million contribtion from
SWFWMD would be approximately S2,44 a thousand gallon. The Phse I plant is amicipated t6 begin
water production approrimaaoly 21 mooth after complcti oD aeagotiatis.
All options a presentcd by the developer will be ricviewed wid uiludcd in the evaluation process to
detcmiins the bcat altroativo for dllivercd water,

--- J VARN I007

12/15/97 13:38

12/15/97 13:38 e904 754 6874

-F-* J VARN o008


Desalination study gains steam

* Proposals for desalinated sea
water come in surprisingly low in
cost, making the option more

1ln.w St-i Writ.r
CLEARWATER Desalinated sea water,
once thought to be too expensive to play a role in
the expansion of the region's drinking water
supplies, is looking better and cheaper -
than anybody thought it could.
The West Coast Regional Water Supply Au-
thority, the largest water wholesaler in the Pinel-
las-Hillsborough-Pasco area, released numbers
Friday from five companies that want to build a
desalination plant that would add 20-million to
50-million gallons a day to regional drinking

water supplies, allowing for future economic
growth and easing the environmental strain on
areas around over-pumped well fields.
Though price is only one factor in whether to
build a plant, it is a crucial one. Predictions for
price had ranged from $3 to $4 per thousand
gallons, compared to $1 for the general whole-
sale price of ground water.
Only one of the proposals contained prices
anywhere near that high, The lowest projected
price was $1.54, and that came from a partner-
ship that includes a local company. Progress
Energy Corp., a subsidiary of Florida Progress.
"I was expecting something around $3," said
Don Lindeman, West Coasts deal project man-
ager. "The fact that it is cheaper certainly makes
it more promising."
The proposals envisioned a variety of sites for
the plant, including the area next to the Anclote

from 18
River power station in southern
Pasco, Anclote Road in north Pi-
nellas, the land next to the Higgins
power station on Old Tampa Bay
in the Oldsmar area of Pinellas
County and a site next to the Big
Bend power station on Tampa Bay
in southern Hillsborough County.
Construction costs ranged
from $69.3-million to $186.1-mil-
lion, and completion schedules
ranged from 21 to 35 months.
Because the proposals are so
complex and so voluminous,
choosing a winner assuming
West Coast decides to go the desal
route will be difficult. It is a task
not unlike comparing five different
automobiles from five different
manufacturers in five different
price ranges with five different
colors and five different options

packages and then trying to
decide whether to buy or to lease.
In addition to cost. West Coast
officials must look at each propos-
al's environmental impacts, engi-
neering, financing and operations.
"All the proposals have multi-
ple scenarios," Lindeman said.
"Because of economy of scale, the
larger the plant's capacity, the less
the water will cost. Under some of
the proposals, it is projected we
could get as much as another
$1.50 off the price."
One option for the bidders is to
accept $50-million in new-water re-
source development funds put on
the table by the Southwest Florida
Water Management District, or
Swiftmud, to defray construction
'The capital cost and the cost
of the water are both lower than
we've ever heard before, and low-
er still when you factor in the
Swiftmud money." said Gene

Schiller of Swiftmud, who sits on
the committee evaluating the pro-
posals. "'These numbers are truly
Swiftmud's -proposed Partner-
ship Plan for development of new
water resources could offer as
much as an additional $40-million
to help construct a desal plant,
which would bring the agency's
contribution to $90-million total.
But the Partnership Plan is still
under discussion.
"Obviously, that would bring
the price of water down still far-
ther," Schiller said. "The compa-
nies didn't factor in the additional
$40-million, though, because they
only wanted to use money already
approved for such a project, and
we don't know yet if the Partner-
ship Plan will fly."
The desalination proposals will
undergo another month of study,
then be presented to the West
Coast board in January.



4-)- J VARN a 0oo9

12/15/97 13:40 0904 754 6874


Desalination price may

be lower than estimated

BROOKSVILLE Five proposals
to build a desalination plant put
the price per 1,000 gallons of
water at $1.50 to $3.98.
of The Tampa Tribune
Turning saltwater to fresh -
long thought as a necessary step
in solving Tampa Bay's water
problems could cost roughly
half what was expected and
might be lower.
Proposals from five corporate
teams to build a desalination
plant show the price of water
ranging from $1.50 per 1,000
gallons to nearly $4 per 1,000
The wholesale price of
groundwater for the West Coast
Regional Water Supply Authori-

ty, which released an analysis of
the proposals on Friday, is about
$1 per 1,000 gallons for utilities
around Tampa Bay serving 1.8
million people.
And it's possible the price for
desalination could be even less.
Those costs are for the small-
est desalination plant West Coast
is looking to build. Enlarging the
plant to 50 million gallons a day
might reduce the price more.
"We finally have some facts
and numbers to deal with and not
work with estimates," said Don
Lindeman, manager of the desali-
nation project for West Coast.
Consultants for West Coast
had estimated the price of desali-
nation to be far higher, at $3 to
See WATER, Page 3 I

WATER/Proposals to be examined

I From Page 1
more than $4 per 1,000 gallons.
But those were estimates. No one
in the United States has built a
plant the size West Coast contem-
The price may make desalina-
tion competitive with other new
supplies of water besides well-
fields, said Gene Schiller of the
Southwest Florida Water Manage-
ment District.
During the next month, consul-
tants will examine the proposals to
make sure the corporate teams
can build the plant and check how
they will dispose of the salty by-
The consultants will rank the
proposals for West Coast's Jan. 26
The price also could be re-
duced if West Coast and Swiftmud
approve a deal that includes $40
million from Southwest Florida
Water Management District to de-
fray the construction cost of the
desalination plant. The district al-
ready plans to pay $50 million.
Before the plant is built, there
are other questions to answer. De-
s2lination produces a concentrat-

ed, salty brine that must be dis-
posed of and raises environmental
concerns. Most of the proposals
call for a plant on Tampa Bay
rather than the Gulf, something
that was not expected.
Energy use also could cause air
Here's a breakdown of the pro-
Progress Energy/lonics
Partnership proposes to build next
to the Florida Power Corp. power
plant on Old Tampa Bay. The 23-
million-gallon-a-day plant would
cost $72 million. Brine would
leave the plant through the power
plant's discharge canal. The water
price would be $1.54 per 1,000
Stone & Webster would
build at TECO's Big Bend site on
Hillsborough Bay. The 20-million-
gallon-a-day plant with another
4 million gallons spare capacity -
would cost $93 million. Brine
would leave through the power
plant's discharge canal. The water
price would be $2.18 per 1,000
Florida Seawater Desalina-
tion Co. proposes to build near the

Anclote River in either Pinellas or
Pasco counties. The 20-million-
gallon-a-day plant would cost $78
million. Brine would be released
into the discharge canal of the An-
clote River Power Plant The wa-
ter price would be $2 per 1,000
Enova/SuperSystems is-ne-
gotiating to use the TECO Big
Bend site. The 33-million-gallon-a-
day plant would cost $186 million.
Brine would be mixed with cooling
water and discharged through a
pipe. The water price would be
$3.98 per 1,000 gallons.
Florida Water Partners
would build at TECO's Big Bend
site. The 20-million-gallon-a-day
plant would cost $91 million.
Brine would be released through
the power plant discharge canal.
The water price would be $2.44
per 1,000 gallons.
Neil Johnson covers water Issues and
the weather. He can be reached at


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