Title: Twenty- ninth Annual Conference on Water Management - Nov. 3-5, 2004 in Conjunction with American Water Resources Assoc. - Palatka, FL
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Title: Twenty- ninth Annual Conference on Water Management - Nov. 3-5, 2004 in Conjunction with American Water Resources Assoc. - Palatka, FL
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29th Annual


on Water


in partnership with the American
Water Resources Association
National Conference

AWRA Conference
Nov. 3-4,2004

Nov. 4-5, 2004

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W elcom e ................................... 2

Conference Information ........................ 3

Agenda .................................... 4-7

Sheraton World Resort Locator ................... 8-9

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St. Johns River
Water Management District
yLaaBmnl.ENU0or MDW.RANl Emrnaiehmba
4049 Reid Steet P.O.Box 1429 Plaka, FL32178-1429 (386)329.4500
On the temet at wmv.snwd.com.

Welcome to the 29th Annual Conference on Water Management
This year, we have entered into a partnership with the Annual
American Water Resources Association (AWRA) National Conference to
combine our conferences. This is just one example of the desire of
Florida's water management districts and the Florida Department of
Environmental Protection to engage in cooperative efforts to manage the
state's water resources by interacting with other agencies and levels of
government, the private sector, and various organizations and institutions
within communities.
During the ACOWM, we will address the Florida Chamber of
Commerce's recommendations and proposed policies regarding water
supply. Other topics of discussion will include funding incentives for local
governments to develop alternative water supplies, regional water supply
planning, and growth management issues such as linking land and water
in the planning process.
We are excited about the possibilities and the opportunities such a
conference offers to everyone who cares about Florida's water resources.
We hope you find the program interesting and enjoyable.

Kirby B. Green 11 Ometrias Deon Long
Executive Director Governing Board Chairman

O.W. 0 Las D GwwQ mom-. R. C AbVL wommr DamOmemm
4a1Ma oo aEm Ama T n S&



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_ ~_ ____ ___ _1_____1






You will receive an event pass in your registration material listing tI
catered events for which you have registered. Your event pass will
required for the reception and the continental breakfast.
Name badges must be worn to all conference events. Your badge is )
your admission to non-ticketed conference sessions. If you registered
for ACOWM/AWRA (Annual Conference on Water Management/
American Water Resources Association), you will use your ACOWMj
badge to gain admission to the AWRA sessions on Wednesday
afternoon and Thursday morning.
All ACOWM activities will take place in the East/Lakes Conference *
Center (No. 9 on map) at the Sheraton World Resort. Conference "
sessions will be held in Michigan/Ontario. The breakfast will be held
in the pre-function area outside Michigan. and the reception will bec
held outside of Okeechobee 1 on the patio.
AWRA sessions will be held in the Tower Conference Center.


- -;- --


day, November 3
:00 p.m.
tion Open Lobby of the Tower Conference Center

p.m.-3:00 p.m.
BREAKOUT SESSIONS (Tower Conference Center)
oWatershed Planning and Management Florida Bay I
onomic. Social and Cultural Issues Florida Bay 2
tas-Central Florida Water Supply Challenge Florida Bay 3
rmwater Management Tampa Bay 1

p.m.-5:00 p.m.
BREAKOUT SESSIONS (Tower Conference Center)
watershed Planning and Management Florida Bay I (repeat)
Economic. Social and Cultural Issues Florida Bay 2 (repeat)
Water Supply Issues Florida Bay 3
'Stormwater Treatment in Florida: Case Studies Tampa Bay I

ay, November 4
&m.-6:30 p.m.
tion Open Pre-function Michigan (East/Lakes
nce Center)

a.m.-10:00 a.m.
- BREAKOUT SESSIONS (Tower Conference Center)
Watershed Planning and Management Florida Bay I (repeat)
Surface Water/Groundwater/Aquatic Ecosystem Interactions -
Florida Bay 2
ater Supply Issues Florida Bay 3 (repeat)
Restoring the Everglades Tampa Bay I

BREAKOUT SESSIONS (Tower Conference Center)
Watershed Planning and Management Florida Bay I (repeat)
Surface Water/Groundwater/Aquatic Ecosystem Interactions -
Florida Bay 2 (repeat)
effectss of Climate Change Florida Bay 3
Restoring the Everglades Tampa Bay I (repeat)

_ ___ ~_ ____ _I~_ __




1:30 p.m.-3.00 p.m. Michigan/Ontario
General Session "State of the Districts"
The Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protectiot
join with the executive directors of Florida's five water management,
districts to review accomplishments of the past year and to identify Xi
and continuing challenges. The audience is invited to participate thro
a popular question-and-answer period following the discussion. "
Moderator: Colleen M. Castille, Secretary, FDEP
Panelists: Douglas E. Barr, Executive Director. NWFWMD
Henry Dean, Executive Director, SFWMD
Kirby B. Green mI, Executive Director. SJRWMD
David L. Moore, Executive Director, SWFWMD
Jerry A. Scarborough, Executive Director, SRWMD

3:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m. Pre-function Michigan
~ Refreshment Break

3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Michigan/Ontario
General Session "Florida Chamber Water Task Force Report"
- Recently, the Florida Chamber published recommendations for the
Management of Florida's water resources. Panelists will discuss the pa
/ and cons of the various proposals put forth in the report, including
potential effects of the proposals on each water management district
Moderators:/Chuck Littlejohn, Lirtlejohn, Mann and Associates
Paeiss Jacob D. Varn, Fowler White Boggs Banker
'/ Panelists: Irela M. Bague. Governing Board, SFWMD
fThomas G. Dabney II. Governing Board. SWFWMD
d Watson L. Haynes I1. Chair. Governing Board. SWFWM
< Susan N. Hughes. Governing Board, SJRWMD
Kevin McCarty, Governing Board, SFWMD
L.E. McMullian, Vice Chair. Governing Board, NWFWM
John Sowinski. Governing Board, SJRWMD

rkr~ tiQ -SFonp
CaL'arL KoifiHy^

Thursday, November 4
ACOWM Begins (East/Lakes Conference Center)

1:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m. Michigan/Ontario
Welcome Ometrias Deon Long, Chair, Governing Board, SJRWMD

'p.m.-7:00 p.m. Outside Okeechobee 1 on Patio
Iame Reception

lay, November 5
Pa.m.-8:30 a.m. Pre-function Michigan
Uiental Breakfast

a.m.-10:00 a.m. Michigan/Ontario
I Session "Planning Regional Water Supply Plans, Linking Land
lWater, Growth Management Issues"
'water demands increasing to meet the needs of a booming state
ton and rapid development, the 2002 Florida Legislature
ended the coordination of water supply and land use planning
the passing of Senate Bill 1906. For the first time, a statutory
e was created between the state's five water management districts'
water supply plans and local government comprehensive growth
to meet growing urban, agricultural and environmental water
ly needs without harming natural systems. This session will take a
look at the progress and challenges water managers and local
ent officials face as they coordinate to ensure growth and
opment do not outpace water supplies and adversely impact

rator: Steven M. Seibert, Seibert Law Firm
ists: vPatsy D. Blackshear. Okaloosa County Growth
Management Department
Paul Bradshaw, Governing Board. NWFWMD
Thaddeus Cohen, Secretary. Department of Community
i Lennart E. Lindahl, Governing Board, SFWMD
v/ Heidi B. McCree, Vice Chair, Governing Board, SWFWMD
S v Ann T. Moore, Governing Board. SJRWMD
v\ The Honorable Shannon Staub. Sarasota County Commission
'/ Jacob D. Varn. Fowler White Boggs Banker

Mike- [ADen Jek, OCR



_ __11~_~_1_ _____1___)___~__

10:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Pre-function Michigan
Refreshment Break

10:30 a.m.-Noon Michigan/Ontario
General Session "Funding Alternative Water Supplies, Incentives fi'
Local Government Participation"
In many areas of Florida. the development of alternative water supplies
has lessened the demand For traditional sources, such as groundwater.
During this session, panelists will discuss the existing and potential
incentives being offered to local governments to develop these "new"
sources what's working and sources that need to be reconsidered.

Moderator: Carl R. Larrabee Jr., P.E.. Utilities Director. City of Cocoa
Panelists: Kelvin L. Baker, Public Services Director. City of North
Miami Beach
Thomas B. Drage Jr., Esq.. Orange County Attorney
Joyce Estes. Chair, Governing Board. NWFWMD
Nicolas J. Gutierrez Jr., Chair. Governing Board, SFWMD;
William W. Kerr, Governing Board, SJRWMD
Carlyn Kowalsky. Water Supply Department Director,
Jeff Littrell, Director, Okaloosa County Water and Sewer
Jerry L. Maxwell. General Manager, Tampa Bay Water
Judith C. Whitehead, Secretary, Governing Board,


_ ~ ~~~s_____ ~l_/~j__~l___~___ _____ I_

I. Front Desk/Concierge/Lobby/Registration
2. Sales. Catering and Convention Services Offices
3. Meeting Rooms Mediterranean Caribbean Coral
4. Oceans Ballroom Arctic Atlantic Pacific Indian
5. Board Room
6. Blue Marlin Grille and Coconuts Restaurant and Lounge
7. Max's Deli/Mini Man
8. Giftshop, Corner Store. Business Center
9. East/Lakes Conference Center
10. Offices
II. Security
12 Tower
13. Red Parrot Poolside Bar
14. Key Biscayne Pool
15. Grand Lagoon Pool
16. Key West Pool
17. Kiddie Pools
18. Game Room
19. Mini Golf
20. Guest Laundry
21. Children's Playground
22. Massage Therapy Services
23. Exercise Center
S1 24. Jacuzzi



_ ._ ~___~_~~_111_11__1___111_1 .~1~~~1_1~11. ~ 1. --

M. Bague, Governing Board. South Florida Water Management
Bague was appointed to the South Florida Water Management
Governing Board in 2003 by Gov. Jeb Bush and also serves as
n for the Miami River Commission. She is vice president of
Reyes and Co.. a Miami consulting firm specializing in public
and intergovernmental affairs. In her capacity as a member of the
Ig Board, Bague is responsible for establishing policy in the areas of
resources development and regulation. flood control, water quality
on, and natural systems restoration. Key initiatives include the
ent and implementation of alternative water supply technologies
Aquifer storage and recovery, desalination, reverse osmosis and
water storage reservoirs, and overseeing the update to the Lower
t Water Supply Plan. Her career highlights include working for
n of Florida and the National Audubon Society's Florida State Office
state's Public Affairs Coordinator. Before joining Audubon, she was a
ent and public affairs specialist in Miami-Dade County for the
Florida Water Management District. Bague also served as a legislative
t the Miami-Dade County Commission.

SL Baker, Director of Public Services. City of North Miami Beach.
Ias been a department head with the City of North Miami Beach since
managing an operation of approximately 250 employees. With more
years of management experience, he has a proven record in the
N administration of public utilities as well as public works, with heavy
\ tion in enterprise funds, communications, procurements, capital
ment projects, construction grants, human resources and cutting-
anagement initiatives that clearly cut across public, private and
fir sectors. Baker was recently appointed to the South Florida Water
ment District's Water Resources Advisory Commission, recently
as chairman for the American Public Works Association, and sits on
local community boards. Baker has a bachelor's degree in human
management, a master's degree in management and certification
management. Among his affiliations are AWWA, APWA, WEF,
United Way. Dade County Public Schools. Miami Rescue Mission,
Forum for Black Public Administrators. and the Black Executive

.__ _.__ ___ ~ ______~~~~~

___ _______~~__

Douglas E. Barr. Executive Director. Northwest Florida Water Manage
District. Barr has been with the District for more than 25 years and d
that rime has also served as deputy executive director and as director
Division of Resource Management. He has authored professional re
papers on water resources and has served as project director for nu
water resources investigations conducted throughout the area. These
projects have included groundwater and surface water assessments of
principal aquifers and river systems within the District's region, as
groundwater contamination assessments and regional water supply e
and sources studies. A registered professional geologist in the state of 'i
Florida. he has a bachelor's degree in geology from Bradley University
Illinois and a master's degree from Texas Christian University with a
specialty in water resources.

Patsy D. Blackshear. AICP, Director. Okaloosa County Growth Manage
Department. Prior to her current position. Blackshear was planning m
for Okaloosa County Planning and Inspection. Before her move to OkaW
County, she was intergovernmental coordinator for the Northwest Flori
Water Management District and county planner for Walton County. i
Blackshear was selected to serve on various statewide committees and .
commissions, which included the Technical Coordinating Committee to:
Transportation Planning Organization for Okaloosa and Walton county
the Okaloosa County Comprehensive Plan Committee as chairperson,
Growth Management Study Commission, and the Walton/Okaloosa ans
Escambia/Santa Rosa Resource Planning committees. She received her'
bachelor's degree in political science from Florida State University, whO
she has also completed graduate work in urban and regional planning.,

Paul Bradshaw. Governing Board. Northwest Florida Water ManagemE~
District. Bradshaw was appointed to the Northwest Florida Water
Management District Governing Board in March 2004, representing B
(Ochlockonee, Wakulla and St. Marks rivers). He is the founder of the
f Southern Strategy Group of Florida. which he formed in 1999 to facill
interactions between the private sector and state government. He serve*
S the issues coordinator for the "Jeb Bush for Governor" campaign in 19.
and 1998 and assisted in drafting major policy initiatives that were
,I into law, including the Florida Forever land acquisition program. He
served as the Florida counsel for the "George W. Bush for President"
campaign. During the Martinez administration. Bradshaw was chief
aide to the governor, director of the Office of Planning and Budgetng.
director of the division in state government that implements Florida's
growth management laws. He is a graduate of East Carolina University
'U received his Juris Doctor from Florida State University in 1984.

I" 1 4.

_ .__ __r___~___i I~lllr__~_rl _1_1____ ~___(_ __ ~__ _

p M. Castille, Secretary. Florida Department of Environmental
ion. Secretary Castille oversees Florida's environmental regulatory
Sr.enforcement programs; the acquisition and management of public
including Florida's award-winning state parks; and the development
gulation of Florida's water resources through the state's water
cement districts. Prior to this appointment, she served as Secretary of
itida Department of Community Affairs and was formerly the
War's chief cabinet aide, specializing in environmental issues.
igy Castille was named 2003 Conservationist of the Year by the
ion Society.

Uns Cohen, Secretary. Florida Department of Community Affairs.
pore than 30 years of experience in architecture, urban design and
pnity planning, Secretary Cohen has provided economic and
pient strategies for public and private clients. His expertise in urban
g, health care development, and educational, recreational and water
pt facilities are the foundation for his comprehensive planning
ib to achieve a working relationship between public and private
i Prior to this appointment. Secretary Cohen served on the
Ibr's 2000 Growth Management Study Commission.

Is G. Dabney U, Governing Board, Southwest Florida Water
cement District. Dabney is the owner of Gulf Coast Property Services
commercial real estate development, leasing and management
my, and is also a partner in Hi Hat Ranch, a diversified agricultural
Use engaged in cattle, citrus and timber production. He was appointed
Governing Board in April 2000 and served as chair for 2003-2004.
y currently serves as co-chair ex-oficio of the Manasota Basin Board.
Ked in the U.S. Army in Vietnam and upon his return from military
, be entered Florida State University, where he earned a bachelor's
din business administration. Dabney is also a licensed real estate
and broker.

r I. ... -~-.. ~---- --1 _~~_ ~_~__~_ ~____ __ _~__~~_ _~_

~...1-~ 1-1------~---1---------

Henry Dean, Executive Director. South Florida Water Management Dig
Dean, a veteran water manager, was appointed executive director fort
South Florida Water Management District in 2001. As head of the stal
largest regional water management agency, he oversees a staff of ne"
1,800 employees. A critical effort is the multi-year, multi-billion dollar
and federal partnership to revitalize the Everglades ecosystem and inco
water supplies. Dean brings a wealth of Florida water resources experal
and expertise to the position, having served as executive director of t
Johns River Water Management District for 17 years. Before joining tilj
Johns District in 1984, he served as general counsel for the Florida
Department of Natural Resources from 1979 to 1984. He was an attort
private practice from 1978 to 1979. Dean holds a bachelor's degree in '
business administration from the University of Iowa and a law degree;.
Florida State University. He is a member of the Interstate Council on V
Policy, serving as chairman in 1997 and 1998. He is also a member ofJ
American Water Resources Association and the Florida A Et M Univeas
Center for Water Quality Advisory Council. He served on the Advisory'
Council for the Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium.

Thomas B. Drage Jr., is Orange County Attorney, a position he has hcj
since October 2002. Prior to that time. Drage practiced with the firm of
Drage, deBeaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris and Neal, a firm he to
founded in 1976. In 1980, Drage was elected to the Florida House of
Representatives, where he served five terms, until his retirement in 199
the Florida House, Drage took special interest in environmental legislate
Two successful environmental initiatives that he championed were theJ
Apopka Restoration Act and the Wekiva River Protection Act.

, Joyce Estes, Chair, Governing Board. Northwest Florida Water ManageT
District. Estes has served as chair of the Northwest Florida Water
Management District Governing Board since June 2003. Before being,:
elected chair, she served as vice chair for four years. She was first apple
to the Governing Board in March 1999 as an "at-large" member. A reI
of Franklin County for 27 years, Estes has been active in numerous
conservation and local community efforts, such as the Save Our Riveri
acquisition program, and was instrumental in securing the Outstandi
Florida Water designation for the Apalachicola River. She also served 4
Eastpoint Water and Sewer Commission for 12 years and as national :
resource chair for the Florida Federation of Woman's Clubs. Estes is a !
landscape artist and has received numerous awards for her work.

El -- _________

_ _1__~____1_ ____1~ __ ____1_~__~ _____ ~

8. Green [Ii. Executive Director, St. Johns River Water Management
. Prior to his appointment to lead St. Johns River Water Management
| Green served as deputy secretary of the Florida Department of
Simental Protection. He also held various positions at the Florida
Iment of Natural Resources in the divisions of Beaches and Shores.
Iands and Bureau of Survey and Mapping. Green was instrumental in
6hing a comprehensive beach management plan and in developing
ts Conservation and Recreation Lands program and Florida's
nation 2000 land acquisition program. Green received his Associate
s degree from Santa Fe Junior College and studied civil engineering
VUniversity of Florida.

s J. Gutierrez Jr., Esq.. Chair, Governing Board. South Florida Water
pment District. Gutierrez is a founding partner at Borgognoni and
iez, L.L.P. in Miami. where he specializes in providing legal counsel to
stional clients for inbound and outbound business transactions, with
basis on Latin America. He has extensive experience in corporate.
lament relations, confiscated property claims, international trade.
UIg. and asset control regulatory matters. Gutierrez is a member of
& SSupreme Court Bar and has received an "A-V" rating from
Adale Hubbell, which is the highest professional distinction obtainable
Irnaeys. In 2004. he was appointed to his third term to the Governing
,of the South Florida Water Management District by Gov. Jeb Bush.
SPz received his bachelor's degree from the University of Miami and
w degree from Georgetown University Law Center.

I L. Haynes II Chair. Governing Board. Southwest Florida Water
cement District. Haynes was appointed to the board in 1999 and has
[as treasurer and vice chair. Currently. Haynes is president/CEO of the
ion for a Safe and Drug Free St. Petersburg. Over the past 25 years, he
irved on numerous governmental boards and commissions, including
Of the Charter Review Commission, the Social Action Funding
ktttee and the Charitable Solicitations Board. He currently serves as co-
it officio for the Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Board and as the
t's representative on the governing board of the Tampa Bay Regional
Ing Council. Haynes received a bachelor's degree in public
Ostration from Eckerd College and a master's degree in management
the National Louis University Tampa Campus.



r --.~---~.~----~-I- ------__I __~___ ___~_~ ___

i I _~_~___


Susan N. Hughes, Governing Board, St. Johns River Water Managemed
District. Hughes is vice president of environmental services for JEA, aA
Jacksonville-based water, electric and sewer utility. She is treasurer ot0
Florida Water Environment Association Utility Council and is a regist6g
professional engineer. Hughes received a bachelor's degree in civil
engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a master's in public
administration from the University of North Florida.

William W. Kerr. Governing Board. St. Johns River Water Managemeo
District. Kerr is president and principal ecologist of B.K.I. Inc. and has
than 15 years of experience dealing with and working on environment
issues. He was appointed chairman of the Citizens Advisory Committee
the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program and served as a sta.
appointee to the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council. Kerr
served on the District Governing Board since 1999 and served as its cai
for two years.

Carlyn Kowalsky, Director. Water Supply Department. South Florida W
Management District. Kowalsky joined the South Florida Water
Management District after serving I I years as the vice-president, gene,
counsel and corporate secretary for the Florida Water Services Corp., a.
subsidiary of Florida's largest investor-owned water and wastewater uti
She guided the corporation's sale of more than 150 water and waste.
utility systems in 26 Florida counties. Kowalsky's legal experience inctl
corporate, environmental, contract, real property, administrative, local
government and regulatory issues.

Carl R. Larrabee Jr.. P.E.. Utilities Director, City of Cocoa. Larrabee wa
born in Portland, Maine, and came to Florida in 1973. He began his
employment with the city of Cocoa in the Utilities/Public Department a
engineer in 1978. In 1985, Larrabee was promoted to water resources
manager. In 1995. he was promoted to utilities/public works director.
currently working as the utilities director for the city of Cocoa. Larrab
graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor's an4d
master's degree in civil and environmental engineering.

_ __~~~^_~I_____~ ____~_______ ~_____ __ ~__I ~

E. Lindahl, P.E., Governing Board. South Florida Water
ent District. Lindahl specializes in water resources and
mental issues. He is chairman of the board of LBFH Inc., consultants
engineering, surveying and mapping. The corporate office is based
City, with five branch offices around the state. As a member of the
rida Water Management District Governing Board, Lindahl is
ed to meeting the many resource challenges facing the region. In
ity. he is responsible for establishing policy in the areas of water
development and regulation, flood control, water quality
n, and natural systems restoration. He is active in numerous
onal, business and service affiliations, such as the National Society
ional Engineers, the Florida Engineering Society, the American
sources Association, economic councils, business development
and banking and commercial investments.

.Littlejohn. Littlejohn. Mann and Associates. Littlejohn began to
industrial systems and environmental engineering expertise with
mental and regulatory affairs when he directed the Florida
ent of Environmental Regulation's legislative activities relating to
source programs more than 25 years ago. In 1982 he formed his
rnmental affairs consulting organization and has provided
mental and governmental consulting services to industrial and trade
ons. public interest organizations, governmental entities and

11, Director of Water and Sewer, Okaloosa County. Littrell has
his current position since June 1998. Okaloosa County Water and
es 30,000 water and sewer accounts, with a total annual
budget of $20 million, and has 133 budgeted positions. Before
ed director, he served as interim director, a position he was
to in November 1997. Littrell began his work with Okaloosa
in July 1996 when he was named an administrative manager. Prior
Okaloosa County, he served for 10 years with the Kansas City,
er Services Department where he was manager of the reading and
division at the end of his tenure there in June 1996. Littrell is
of the Regional Utility Authority's Central Subregion Long Range
working Group. He is "semi-retired" as a professional musician
keyboards Littrell is a graduate of the University of Missouri with a
's degree in history.

_ _~~__~~ ____~ __ _~~~___~ ~___ ~-.------._11--_1_~__.1

- ...

I. ____~_____________________

Omerias Deon Long. President, O.D. Long and Associates. P.A. Long I
appointed to the St. Johns River Water Management District Governig
Board on March 5. 1999. to an at-large seat. He was re-appointed in HI
2003. Long was elected as the Board's vice chairman in November 200
served until he was elected as the Board's chairman Nov. I1, 2003. A'-
graduate of the University of Florida and the University of Michigan 1s
school. Long has practiced law for five years. He is a member of the
American and National Bar associations. He is a member of the Univ"i
Club. the National Association of Securities Professionals. the Childrerl
Educational Opportunity Foundation of Central Florida and New Covel
Baptist Church.

Jerry L. Maxwell. General Manager. Tampa Bay Water. Prior to joining
agency. Maxwell was the assistant city manager for the city of Tallahal
in charge of utility and finance operations. He has 30 years of experiW
a manager of public utility operations, including serving Alachua CoWt
and Lee County as their county administrator, and the cities of Bath, i
and Claremont, N.H., as city manager. Maxwell earned his bachelor's i
from Southern Illinois University and completed graduate course work
Southern Illinois University and the University of Florida.

Kevin McCarty. Governing Board. South Florida Water Management
District. McCarty is managing director of the Public Finance Departma
Bear Sters and Company Inc. in Boca Raton. one of nation's largest
securities, trading, investment, banking and brokerage firms. In 2003, 1
was appointed to his first term to the nine-member Governing Board
South Florida Water Management District by Gov. Jeb Bush. In this
capacity, he is responsible for establishing policy and providing direct
the areas of water resources development and regulation, flood control
"- water quality protection, and natural systems restoration. McCarty is f
chairman of the District's Governing Board Land Resources Committeq
is a member of the Audit and Human Resources committees.

"L.E. McMullian. Vice Chair. Governing Board, Northwest Florida Watt.
SManagement District. McMullian has served as vice chair of the Nordr
Florida Water Management District's Governing Board since June 200B
-has served on the Governing Board since 1999. Several years ago, freo
1987 tol991. McMullian also served on the Governing Board for onel
Ir A Marianna native, he is a self-employed farmer and rancher. He alsa4
on the board of the Florida Farm Bureau Federation and is a Mason, a
Shriner and an Elk. McMullian attended South Georgia and Chipolaj~
colleges and served in the U.S. Navy for four years. He represents Bast
(Apalachicola and Chipola rivers) on the Governing Board.

McCree, Vice Chair. Governing Board. Southwest Florida Water
ent District McCree is an attorney and former executive director
ilsborough River Greenways Task Force. Her prior experience
working for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection
two governors of Maryland in their Chesapeake Bay and Save Our
programs. McCree brings to the board experience in facilitating and
rg communitywide, consensus-based solutions to complex
mental public policy issues. She received a bachelor's degree in
science from Vanderbilt University and a Juris Doctor from George
University School of Law.

Moore, Governing Board, St. Johns River Water Management
Moore is the coordinator of Lake Disston Lake Watch, a grassroots
Successful in obtaining the Outstanding Florida Water designation for
ston in Flagler County. She is also vice president of Florida
re Corp. Moore has served on the Florida Developmental
es Council and the boards of the Museum of Arts and Sciences in
Beach and Florida Special Olympics. to name just a few. She is a
of Stetson University and Columbia University, and she received a
's degree in liberal arts from Rollins College in May 2004.

IL Moore. Executive Director. Southwest Florida Water Management
Moore has extensive experience in all aspects of Florida water
Management activities. Prior to being named the executive
SMoore served for I I years as deputy executive director of the
of Resource Management and Development. During Moore's
She played a key role in restoration and preservation of water bodies,
ent of minimum flows and levels, watershed assessments,
Sing the beneficial use of reclaimed water, development and
"rr nation of regional water supply plans, land acquisition and
/ent activities, data collection network establishment and
ng rule revisions. Moore is a certified professional geologist with a
r's degree in geology from the College of Charleston. S.C., a master's
i/in geology from the University of South Florida and a graduate
te in public administration, also from University of South Florida.

A. Scarborough. Executive Director. Suwannee River Water
\ ,ii ent District. Under Scarborough's leadership, the District has
a number of innovative partnership programs to protect natural
and promote compatible economic development for local rural
ties, among them the Suwannee River Partnership, Suwannee River
ess Trail, and Quality Communities. Jerry is a lifelong resident of
ee County, and a graduate of the University of Florida.

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Steven M. Seibert, Attorney, in private practice in Tallahassee. A g.
of George Washington University, Seibert received his law degree al
University of Florida. He is a certified mediator and has received
commendations for his work in this area. Before joining the Johnso
Blakely law firm in Clearwater in 1986, he served five years in the ]
County Attorney's office. In 1992, Seibert was elected to the Pinella
Commission and twice served as its chairman. He has also served hi
leadership positions on the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council,
Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Agency on Bay Manal
and is a charter member of Tampa Bay Water. Gov. Jeb Bush appoii
I Secretary of the Florida Department of Community Affairs in 1999.
j Seibert was a member of the Florida Housing Finance Corp.'s board
directors, the governor's Growth Management Study Commission ai
Florida's Land Acquisition and Restoration Council, and chaired the
Community Trust governing board and the Wekiva Area Basin Task

John Sowinski, Governing Board, St. Johns River Water Manageme
District. Sowinski is a founding partner of Consensus Communicatih
a media relations, public policy and issues management firm in Oril
is a member of the Coastal Conservation Association of Florida and
Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors. Sowi1
received a bachelor's degree in public administration from the Univ
of Central Florida.

SThe Honorable Shannon Staub, Commissioner, Sarasota Board of C
Commissioners. Staub began her career with the North Carolina
Employment Security Commission. Her other experience includes e3
director of YWCA and Economic Development Director for the city
Peterborough in Onatario, Canada. She has also worked in real esta
...- has been active in government oversight organizations in Florida. C
she represents the County Commission on the Peace River Water At
- / and the Sarasota Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization. Stai
L/ awarded for her advocacy work in water issues by the Florida Lake
Management Society and has received the Grassroots Leadership Al
from The Nature Conservancy. She received a bachelor's degree in
psychology from St. Andrews Presbyterian College.


r ____ ~_I__ _~___~_~~~ ____ ~__

D. Varn, Attorney, Fowler White Boggs and Banker. Varn practices in
of environmental and land uses law. administrative and
mental law and transportation law. His experience includes service as
Snt executive director and the first general counsel for the
t Florida Water Management District, secretary of the Florida
nt of Environmental Regulation and secretary of the Florida
nt of Transportation. Among his many distinctions. Varn has
*n and/or co-chaired state boards, including the Business for a Better
ent Committee, Florida Department of Environmental Protection's
Steering Committee on Ecosystem Management, the Water Task
mmittee. the Land Use and Water Planning Task Force and the
Supply Development Committee.

C. Whitehead. Owner. Residential Appraisal Service. Before being
dto the Southwest Florida Water Management District Governing
in March 2003. she had served as a member of the District's Coastal
asin Board since March 2001. Whitehead was elected the Board's
in May 2004 and is also vice chair of the Regulation Committee
maenber of the Finance and Administration Committee. She attended
ess University of Tampa from 1962 to 1963 and is a state certified
te appraiser in Florida. Prior to real estate appraising, she sold real
r eight years. Whitehead is the chair ex officio of the Coastal Rivers
ard and the Governing Board's liaison to the Basin Board
on Committee.



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