Title: Seventeenth Annual Conference on Water Management - Program of October 28-30, Orlando
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Title: Seventeenth Annual Conference on Water Management - Program of October 28-30, Orlando
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: NWFWMD cOLLECTIONS - Seventeenth Annual Conference on Water Management
General Note: Box 13, Folder 25 ( Seventeenth Annual Conference on Water Management - 1992 ), Item 1
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77 P~i~~k 41-ILI-%4Aed a/e'- Wute4 i ~tke~ n e;

ocato-bJ 2 29 & 30,



and ~ i Vh kdjr TT737 3 C1iB~~~~~ e.

-L 17





Everett Kelly
Speaker Pro Tempore,
Florida House of

George Kirkpatrick
Chairman, Natural
Resources Committee,
Florida Senate

Chuck Aller
Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater, Florida
Department of Environmental Regulation

Douglas Barr
Executive Director, NFWMD and Florida's representative on
the Technical Coordinating Group for the ACT-ACF
Comprehensive Study.

Carol M. Browner
Secretary, Florida Department of Environmental Regulation

Robert Christianson
Assistant Director, Planning and Acquisition, SJRWMD

Noel Cost
Project Leader, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station,
Asheville, North Carolina

Dr. Robert Constanza
Professor, Coastal and Environmental Policy Program,
Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies, University
of Maryland

Mike Coveney
Technical Program Manager, SJRWMD

Tilford C. Creel
Executive Director, SFWMD

Henry Dean
Executive Director, SJRWMD

Edward Brownikowski
Curator, The Florida

Robert C. Sheets
Director, National
Hurricane Center

Dr. Shirley Denton
Senior Ecologist, Biological Research Associates, Inc.

Jeff Elledge
Director of Resource Management, SIRWMD

Dr. John I. Ewel
Department of Botany, University of Florida

Keith Graham
Senior Study Manager for Comprehensive Study and
Project Manager for ACF and ACT Basins, Plan Formulation
Branch, Planning and Environmental Division, Mobile
District U.S Army Corps of Engineers

Richard Hamann
College of Law, University of Florida
Gail Hankinson
Director of SWIM Administration, SJRWMD

Northwest Florida Water Management District / NWFWMD Suwannee River Water Management District / SRWMD St Johns River Water Management District / SJRWMD
Southwest Florida Water Management District / SWFWMD South Florida Water Management District / SFWMD Department of Environmental Regulation / DER

177t 4%t1k Cc,4e4WcC ir. water anagCement

4tdS 4 (44~A ^4h-4A

4?144 (*L* 4L4

Jim Harvey.. ,
Director, Planning Department SFWMD

Peter H. Hubbell
Executive Director. SWFWMD-

Ken ones
Director. Engineering Section, NWIFWMD

Marty Kelly
Environmental Scientist SWFWMD

Ken Kirk
Executive Director, Associationof Metropolitan Sewerage.
Agencies, Washithgton, D.C.

Bill Kruczynski :
Environmental Research Lab, U.S Environmental
Protection Agency .

ion Kusler
Executive Director, Association of State Wetland Managers

Charles Lee
Senior Vice President, Florida Audubcn Society

Pam Levy ,
Pinellas County Public Service and Information

'Robin Lewis,'
President. Lewis Environmental Services. Inc

planet Llewellyn ,
Department of Environmental Regulation Bureau Chief,
Wetlands Resource Management

Tyler Mactmllal
Assodate Water Resource Planner. NWFWMD-

F,.rank Matthews
Hopping. Boyd. Green & Sams

RichardOwen '
Planning Director. SWFWMD

Mike Perry
Director. SWIM. SWFWMD

Marthia Prothro
Deputy Assistant Administraior. Office of Water U.S, EPA,
Washington D C ;, :

Harold Rehels
Director Georgia Environmental Protection Division,
.Atlanta Georgia

Pete Rhoads .
Director, Office of Everglades Restoration. SFWMD

Deanne Roberts
Roberts Communication and Marketing. inc

Rob Robbins -. ...
Supervising Professional.SFWMD

Jerry Sansom
Executive Director. Organized Fishermen of Florida

Robbi Savage
President. America's Clean Water Foundation

Jerry A. Scarborough
Executive Director. SRWMD "

Janet Staries
Senior Policy Analyst NWFWMD-

Maurice Sterling
Assistant Director. Engineering. SIRWMD

Walter B. Stevenson.
Acting Chief Office of Water Resources. Ala"bama'i
Department of Economics and Community Affairs.
Montgomery, Alabama

Alien Stokes : .
Division Admirnistrator Environmeital Protection Division.
Des Moines. iowa ','-'

David Thatcher
Assistant Director. Planning Department. SFWMD'

lohn Walkinshaw: '-
Public Commiunicaticirs Manager SFWMMD

Kirk Webster
1Deputy Executive Director SRWMD :

Mike Wells
Cargill Fertilizer, Inc.

William Werlck-. :.- .
Policy Analyst U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for
Water Resources at Fort Belvoir. Virginia


rl.;'' ... ~....~~.-. I

'4 4. I W e .,..44-- -i
4 4'4 4 --
I. ,j 4 4 !

1:00 Opening trodton I LdkeBena Balleomi
Henry Dean. Executive Director,
SSt lohns River Water Management District
S"Weklome to Central Florida"
S: Lirda W. Chapin. Orange County Chairman

i 5 p.m. Keynote Addres!" !lLaewuna
The Honorable Everett Kelly, Speaker Pro
STempore: Florida House of Representatives

cto291e 2, 192

3:15 p.m.

Moderator Carol M Browner. Secretary.
Florida Department of Environmental
Panelsts: Douglas E Barr. Executive
Director. NWFWMD; Tilford C Creel. Executive
Director. SFWMD. Henry Dean, Executive
Director, SIRWMD: Peter G Hubbell. Executive
Director SWFWMD. ferry Scarborough.
Executive Director, SRWMD

Refreshment Break/Exhibits IRoyal Palmi

p.m. "Water Mapagement in 1992" iLake&Buenai
Encouraged by Florida's executive branch.
-. Florica's water management districts have
-*; placed a renewed emphasis on communt-
cation and cooperation The executive
S directors from Florida's five water manage-
ment districts will discuss progress made
during the past year andprovjde examples :"
S of how water managers are transforming
from a "crowd' to a community

3:45 p.m. "Keynote Address" (LakeBuer.a
The Honorable George Kirkpatrick.
S; Chairman Natural Resources Committee.
Flonda Senate

S4:30 p.m.

; Free Tlme/Ekxhbits

00 p.nm. Reception/Exhibits Cash Bar iRoal Palm)'

6r00 p.m. Free Time

7i15 a.m. Continental Breakfast/Exhibits moya Palm



"Tie CliAWate r Act aI the-Year of
Clean Water?" Iiake~ueinai
This panel will focus on key issues to be
addressed during the Clean Water Act
reauthorization Special emphasis will be
put on the implications that will be felt at
the local, state and federal levels
Mederater: Roberta (Robbi Savage,
President. America's Clean Water
Foundation and Executive Director.
Association of State and Interstate
Water Pollution Control Administrators
Palte s: Ken Kirk.. Executive Director
Association of Metropolitan
Sewerage Agencies, Allan Stokes,
Administrator. Iowa Envu'onmental
Protection Division, Martha Prothro.
Deputy Assistant Administrator. EPA
Office of Water

Refresh ment Break/Exhibits Ioyal Palml :

:; :00 a.m. Coacurrent Sesions attend one
I "Update Water Malagement Plans
Iand State Witiert al ist .visaj
Representatives-of the five water manage-
: nent districts and tfie DER discuss
progress on lotmilatiorrof water
management plans and proposed changes
S to tate water policy
'- dertorS.Speaker. Robert Chnstianson.
S. *gip ea : Chuck AIler.DOER: Tyler
SMaae~Tiqr NWFWMQ Richard Owen.
SWVWMD, David Thatcher. SFWMD. Kirk
Webster. SRWMD.
44,i- ~ (` 44

a zq, yjqqi

,2) improvedd Prtection Through An
Enhaaced Petotdng Proces"i eBuenal
S- "IThe past; present aid future of wetland
resource permitting will be discussed in -
S the context of delegation agreements.
S"Speakers: planet Llewellyn. DER. leff
S: Elledge. SIRWMD. Charles Lee. Florda
Audubon Society, prank Matthews.
..: .:,; ': Hopping Boyd. Green & Sams
31 "Estearine Mawagement Managing
Caopetuag UuMes' tker
Regulators. fishermen and industry repre-
: : sentativeswill discuss balancing environ-
mental needs of an estuary with
commercial and recreational uses
Sphake:r Mike Perry. SWFPMD. lerry
Sansom. Organized Fishermen of Florida. ;
planet Starnes, NWFWMD. Mike Wells,
Cargill Fertilizer. Inc
4) "Emtreommiataiand Management:
Tauncing PtaIpls Ipto Pract ti (Florlda
This panel will explore aflriety of '
: topics.including Florida's natural commu-
cities. the collection and use of forest
survey data and the use of ecological
inventories to develop management
S: prescriptions
S" Speak~rs Noel Cost. S E. Forest
Experiment'Stetion- Dr. Shtiley Denton. '
Biological Research Associates. Inc :
, Dr lohn Ewel, Universty of Florida.
S .. Department of Botany-

11:00 a.I. Break room set-up)

11:15 a.

4 ` 4 4 -

.m. 'Ecological Ecrons:mic:
Th7 e Coess a n -dtr Breaof
EnVirOniamtal Pptectlon" uLake/uenai
A new conceprof tht.non-adversarial rela-

2:00 p

'r *- ^" ^'.v-,


*.. ^




, :,-,-

r (

-: ;

'~ ""`


-- i -- 13 IZ(
f~ :r
i;t i ~;
.i -
.?- i- .\1- ? r.. -~-- I" ~ ," ~ :;r



'" : .; tionship between the economy and 12: p.m.
S,, environment wli be offered by a nationally ..-
;known professor of environmental policy
Time will be reserved for questions and: '
S ;; ,:: audience interactiori is strongly
Encouraged. .
Introducton: Carol M Browner, Secretary. -
Florida Department of Environmental 6:0 p" ;
Speaker. Dr Robert Constanza. Associate 7:0 p.m.
S Professor, Coastal and Environmental Policy '
Program. Center for Environmental and : :
Estuarine Studies. University of Maryland

Continental OreaIakfasV/xfdbits oal Palm

i)a. Comcurrent Se.siogs (attend onel
I I "'UpdLate-Restotatie Prlects" ,ivisa
Hear a discussion about ongoing restora-
tion projects for seiveal Florida water
bodies including Lake App Lake
lacksot. the upper St. Ions River, Bahana
:. Lake and the EvergIades. -
Mederantr: Gail Hanktnson, SIRWMD
Spe l leake Mike Coveney. S1RWMD, Ke
S[- ~ones. NWFWMD, Marty Kelly. SWFW
Pete Rhoads. SFWMMD/MauiceStert
2)1 r&Igatlon Baktag" (IFlonda) -
A diversltied group of-panelists will
S challenged to develop a model plan
regional mitigation project. Inle
a discussion of how legal a
affect development and
agencies could protect
ecosystems .
AModeraton Rob
Speaker": Richad
Law. University of
Research Lab. U S E
Protection Agency. I
of State Wetland M
S Lewis Environmental
S3) "'Water.
L.,ake/uen p The rbmpre study (or the
A-C-F and A-C-T river basns being
conducted by Flonda Geor ia. Alabama
S andthe U S ArmyCorps inerswill
lead to a basm-wide a strategy
for these water es P
representing each t
involved wijl-discuss'nt and
implementation of thjs
SItroductioms: Carol M. Bro
S Department of Enonmental R
Spe k Douglas Barr, NWE
S Gatam,.U.S: Army Corps oft
Harold ~ lteh. ieorgla BRiRo
Protection Division Waite Ste
Office of Water Resources. Al


Department of Economic Affairs, William ,
Werick, National Drought Study, Institute
for Water Resources
4) "Commaicatiag WIt VYour Cutomerm"
PtljiEoAnate your communications.
jHHBHH~eI t lpP3plan P "tIo
JBH^^^^^^^^-^^^H^ari--_,' -~^^^

ii nnW5 wMD;
is. Roberts Commnritw tion
g, Inc :Tanps Pam'Levy,
Pin ty Pblic Service &
Information St Petersburg

9:45 a.m. Refreshment BreakExhibits iRoyal Palmi

10:15 a.m.

"Keynote Address" .LakeABunaj
Robert C. Sheets. Director, National
Hurricane Center. U S Department of
Commerce (National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration

I1:00a.m. "ClosingRemare ike/suena
Tilford C: Creel. Executive Director. SFWMD '"

J T r .


.V; w

*L ".' ; 'I 1:~-: ';*^ -~r:f:; .



`1` ~~





Box Lunch/F d Trips
See the flyer included rn your packdt for
details onyourspecific field trip Box ,
lunches are to be picked up In the gazebo
outside of the Plaza Ballroom:

ReceptiolnExhibits Cash Bar IRoyal Pahn '

Annual P quet iPla Ballroomi
"Keynote Address"
Edward Brownikowski.
Curator. The Florida Aquarium

~;~,"4444k 30, 11122

%ts4C44 C~44C44C& 4O441~44C44

Name Badges
Please wear your badge at all times Jt will be required
for admission to attend sessions and non-ticketed func- ,,
tions Wearing your badge will also help you to get to know
other attendees and exhibitors.

Field Trips
The Field Trip flyer enclosed in your registration packet will
give you full details on where to pick up your lunch where
and when to meetyour Ffeld Trip Leader etc If you signed
up for a field trip, you should have received a ticket in your
packet. Tickets will be required to board the buses for
each field trip Please let the Registration Desk know if you,
have any questions about your specific field trip

1. Innovations in Treating Wastewater and Urban
Stormwater You will see first-hand why Project APRICOT,
the city of Altamonte Springs' reclaimed water project. is a
: ; model for other cities to follow Youll also see how the city
Sof Orlando uses two different and innovative methods in
S -dealing with urbarnstbrmwater Estimated length 3 1.2

2. Filtering Wastewater with Wetlands Get a close-up
view of nature while seeing how Orlando deals with part of
its treated wastewater by using the award-winning 1,200-
acre Wilderness Park to filter up to 20 million gallons of
effluent per day Estimated length 4 hours.

3. Irrigating Agriculture with Wastewater. Participants
Swilltouir onserv 1 the world's largest-project using
S reclaimed water Each day. up to 50 million gallons of treat-
, ed wastewater from Orlando and Orange County are used
.to irrigate citrus and othercrops Estimated length 3 1/2
..hours. :

s r. Source Water Control: Beneftting Man and Wildlife -
ils is a comprehensive tour of the stormwater conveyance,
s. system of the Reedy Creek Improvement District serving the
Walt Disney World Resort Complex This tour includes
opportunities for observing native wildlife Estimated
length 3 hours.

All meal events (except the continental breakfasts
and tours are ticketed, so please bring the appropriate tick-
ets with you as they will be collected at these functions'

5. Wastewater Treatment and Reuse at the Walt Disney
World Resort Complex A behind-the-scees tour of the
state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility for the Disney
resort complex Tour includes the Reedy Creek
I improvement Distnct's Environmental Services Laboratory.-
a full-service analytical water quality facility Estimated
length 3 hours.

6. How Responsible Water Management Keeps Disney
Blooming Learnithe innovative water conservation and
reu, e measures used in growing an array of turfgrasses,
Flowers and trees at the Disney complex. You'll get a ;<
behind-the-scenes tour of nursery areas and a demonstra-
tion' o Disney water management practices Estimated
-length "4 hours. -- .

7. Restoring Central Florida's Crown lewel:Lake
Apopka See why this I 850-acre marsh system is receiving
International attention in filtering suspended solids from
Lake Apopka. This demonstration project is a laboratory"
for a planned 5,000-acre marsh flow-way which will filter
the 31 000-acre lake Estimated length 3 1/2 hours

8. How Regulation and Public Ownership Protect the
Wekiva River You'll tour the Wekiva River, protected
from development by the St. Iohns River Water
Management District State ownership of adjacent lanids
and the "Wekiva Rule" keep urban sprawl from spoiling this
pristine, spring-fed river Tour includes a 6-mile canoe trip.,
Estimated length 4 1/2 hours



4uC44O4 ~ A4 d44044*0*t

4 -


Dennis Breedlove & Assoc "
L Robert Kimball-& Asc .c
Indian River Lagoon NEP -
Aquarian Sotware Inc
Florida Po*er & Light
ConVault Florida Inc
Water Management Districts
Sun Microsystems I.te
AMI Equipment Crp..
H/drolab Corr
Ernviroenental S.ciences Corp
Port Buckley Shuh & lerrngan ibn.

14 Paer Systems Inc- -.,
1I Environmental Senpsing De ices .',,
'16. R H Moore S Asscc Inc
17 BCI
18 Thornton Laboratories. Inc -" :
10 A W K Industries Inc
S20 The Florida Specifier
21 Atlanta Testing & Engineering /
22 -REGhles Inc
23 C(P UIility Services Co
24 St lohn- Rlvrr WMD- SWIM Pr.grams
25 Arerica s Clean Wacr FounrationI
26 Environmental Science & Engineering




* : T

1. -
: 7.1 :.:
i :

:--i ri, _--r-~-;r-:- -r- .---.- -.r--- .;.~ ;--- --,-

''* '*' -' r ; *' -





I- "'

T- .

S America's Cean Water Foundation
Robert Pfeiffer
750 First St Suite911
S Washington. DC 20002
Booth 25

AMI Equipment Corporation-
Gary Kerr
S PO Drawer 6320
S: Lakeland. FL 33807
S Booth l10 .

Aquarian Software Inc
Rodney Ghioto
P O. Box 690758
Orlando, FL 32869
SBoothS,. ,. .

: Atlanta Testing & Enginreeritg
5925 Imperial Pkwy, #218
Mulbetry, FL 3386
Booth 21

A AWK Industnes. Inc.
Henry Zielinski
SP:O Box 607267
Orlando. PL 32860
Booth 19

Peter Meyerhoefer
P:O. BOx 5467
Lakeland, FL 33807
Booth 17

SDennis Breedlove and Associates Inc.
SColleen Copley
4301 Metric Drive
Winter Park. FL 32792
SBooth 2

. ConVault Florida Inc.
SMike Edwards
j.PO Box 238
SWidwood, FL 34785 .
SBooth 7

'C/P Utility Services Comripany, :
Stacey Porto :':
1 19 Saford Street
l"amden CT 06514
'Booth 23

Environmental Science
& Engineering
Michelle Alonso
5840 W Cypress St SuiteA
Tampa. FL 33607
SBooth 26

'Envitonmental Sciences Corp
Willard Carlisle
P.O. Box 9 5139, :
SLngwood, FL 32791
Booth 12: '

Environmental Sensing Devices
P.O. Box 12805
Raleigh, NC 27605
Booth'15, :

Florida Power & Light
David Douglass
,-" PO Box 088801 : :
N. Palm Beach. FL 33408
: Booth 6

The Florida Specifier
Michael Eastman
PjO. Box 2027
S ; Winter Park, FL 32790
Booth 20

Florida s
Five Water Management Districts
: P:O.Box 1429
Palatka, FI 32178
Booth 8 '

--red Zercher:
P.O. Box 846
New Smyrna Beach FL 32170
Booth ..

Hydrolab Corporation
.Bill Harrington
S P.Q BoX 50116
Austiri.TX 78763 .
Booth 11

Indian River Lagoon:
. National Estuary Program .
Troy Rice
1900 S Harbor City Blvd #109
:'Melbourne FL 32901
Booth 4 .-.

SL, Robert Kimball &Associates Inc
SThiothyP. Norman
1835 20th Street .
Vero Beach; FL 32960 _
*Booth 3

R. Ft. Moore & Associates. Inc.
Gena Moore ,
S8917 Maislin Drive; Bdgl E
-Tampa. PL 33637
Booth 16

Paver Systems. Inc. '
ludge Hardee .
39 W. Landstreet Rd.
Orlando FL 32824 .
Booth 14

._Post Buikle, Schuh & lernigan Inc
P FredBlery'l
1560 Orange Ave., #700
Winter Park FL 32789
Both 3

REGfiles Inc.
Jim Carroll
-2003 Apalachee Pkwy., Suite A
Tallahassee. FL 32301
Booth 22 '

St. lohns River WMD SWIM Programs
-Gail Hankinson
P.O Box 1429
Palatka FL 32178
Booth 24

Sun Microsystems
Soni Strang
500 Cypress Creek Rd W., #1o
Ft Lauderdale. FL 33309 .
..-Booth 9

SThornton 'Laboratories.'ln ., ; h;
W I Stuart
SPO Box 2880 ,
Tampa FL 33601
Booth 18

The Water Management Districts do hot
discriminate on the basis of any individ-
ual s disability status This non-discrimina-
tion policy involves every aspect of the
District s functions, including one's access
to. participation, employment, or treat-
ment in its programs or activities Anyone
requiring reasonable accommodation as
provided for in the Americans With
S Disabilities Act should go to the confer-
Sence registration desk for assistance

'992 Conference Committee
1EdvwardR' Albanesi APR SIRWMD"-.:
W Patrick McSweeney. SIRWMD
Debra L Myers SIRWMD
Lloyd W. Baldwin, SRWMD
Robert Kral SFWMD
lo.Miglino. DER
Georgann Penson NWFWMD
Andrea Spadafora. SWFWMD
SM'Rae Cormpany ,

IPrinted on-Recycled Paper

-. T

- iProgram Amendments "

The 3:15 through 4:30 p.m. Wednesday agenda entries havebeen
I.E.~_L ~ I 1 n A a

modified as shown below. The 5:04and 6-00 pam. ehtr
affected by these program changes

3:00 pma.

3M25 p.m.

*: 3:55 p.m.

: ,, : 4:15 p.m.

5:00 p.m.

6:00 p.m.

"Keynote Addresso" tOeW )
The Honorable Lawtor Chiles, Governor of Florida

Refreshment BreaklExhiblts (Royaia) -.

"Keynote Address" scaue..)
The Honorable GeorgeSrkpaftfck, Chairman. Natural
Resources Committee, Florida Senate

Free Tc Re/Exhibits (Roy.m) P

Receptlon/Exhibti ash Bar (Roal rm)

Free Time


Peter G. Hubbell was incorrectly listed as Peter H. Hubbell on the speakers list.

Edward Broniowsfi was incorrectly listed as Edward Brownikowski in two
places obnthe program.

We apologize for these ewas. We hope there were no others.

-' V.`


-cdc.. 4i& di
^.*/ gcwe .a<> .m .

P ~`''
~r "' ~.
1; ,,
r ~;;:.
~ i
;. .:

I ;




-* ..*


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