Title: Water Ploicy - Chap. 17-40
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Title: Water Ploicy - Chap. 17-40
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Abstract: Water Ploicy - Chap. 17-40
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' 7-40.01 Declaration and Intent.
17-40.02 Definitions.
17-40.03 General Water Poticy.
17-40.04 Water Use.
17-40.05 Water Transport.
17-40.06 Water Quality.
17-40.07 Surface Water Management.
17-40.08: Minimum Flows and Levels.
17-40.09 DFstri't Water Management
17-40.10 Review and Application.

17-4i.01 Declaration and
(1) The waters of the state are
among its basic resources. Such
waters should be ranged to conserve
and protect' natural resources' nd
scenic beauty ahd to realize the
full' beneficial use of the resource.
Recognizing the importance of water
to the st te, the Legistature passed
the Water Resourt6es Act, Chapter
373, Florida Statutes.
(2) Chapter 373, Florida Stat-
utes, 'prb~ides that the State Water
Use Plan and the FTfrida Water"Flan
will be developed progiesslvely as
studies are completed and as Depart-
ment or Distrikt rules and programs
are developed.
(3) As a 'part of the State
Water Use Plan, department may
provide such information, direc-
tions,tr ) objectives for the guid-
ance "Or the 'Districts as It deems
(4) To this end, "this Chapter
is Intended to clarify water policy
as expressed in Chapter 73, PFlorida
Statutes, and to otherwise provide
guidance to the Department and
:"Distrrcts in the development of
programs, rules, and plans.

(5) This Chapter does not- re-
peal, amend or otherwise alter any
rule now exiting or later- adapted
-by the Deprrtmftnt or Distrlct. 4How-
ever, 'prodedures are includedd in
this-- Chapter which provide for the
review and modificattdn 'of tTpat-
ment and DrTtrict rules to assure
consistency with the provisions of
this Chapter.: -
t() TfiS Chapter shaH be a
part of the State Whter Use Plan and
.the F'erida e ~tr Plan.
(7f t 1 the Intntent 'f the
"Department, in anoperattn with the
Water Management Dlsthlets,;to deek
adequate sources of 4 i ding to sup-
plement District ad v~IoerestafIes to
SImplement the provisions of this
SChapte'r. l:i'
Specific Authority: 371.026(7),
373.43,'403.805, F.S. Law-:"
Implemeited: 373.036, F.S.
1H7itory: N-ew -5-81.

7-F.*.2 D*nf.id .,
WhdA apeatn In 'this Chapter,
the folowln r'trds -shall mean:
(1) "Depatmenta'1" mwns the
Departkient rf Envir~iitmeMar Regu-
(2) "District" means a Water
Management strilt estct ated;iursuant
to Chapter 373, Flortda Statdtes.
-Specific Authority: 373026(7),
373.043, 403.805, F.Sv. taw. '
Implmmented: 373.036, F.S.
History: New -55*81.

17-40.3 Cenarel WMter Podiy.
The following statement of
general water poftcy hall provide a
bas i for Department review of water
management programs, rules, and

17-40.01 -- 17-40.03

/ -old

nI P IasL


rVOR 110&?

eii- ~- -. =-~~--~-- ---------*--- .----- ____________---~~~



VIATSliK PI Y 1.1740M

plans, Water management program,
rules and plans, where ecw i4
and environmentally feasible, not
contrary 0 the public interest, Map
consistent with Florida lew, shil
- So99e to: *
(1) AMws avlNi Ivylp v of an
adeMu*at. -d affm*rJb1e supply ofV
water fr gil j gna.t*maneftiul
usw, Vas of wpter auth ol by'
peir.it fAlt~,ll~t~ to wrian -lr
beneficll use,
(2) Reserve frp use that wtar
neQpuayf to support 0"6
non-wthdrewal deman4ds, IckA.
navigatimp, r4wreatien, end the
prpoteriw m f- fVeSt Set wdiep. .
(t) Prrt. s.. atr p en. rvatn
5 as ap b1tfly part of weatr pana"ger
a4PnfrWpinWp 7rlV Va*9iF40nC 0W
.. the u B... ou~R. of waatr- at. II
lpwest asntole quality f1r the
pulAes. l4WtdrCl I
I ) UMtJh, preerve, netare,
and enhance natural water M Pn t
syitew -# # uap tMo. "CA".
izathon, Pr wfr e4lerpfan o nrtt
ral rivers, strpms and.Jek, ..
(5) Pireft the water, I pgp
and water quality enhancement func-
tions of wan, flpo4 lai0s, ad
*qifL.r i.. har .- .through
acquj ponM, eflrcp t t f )!ay,
and tl4 appwcation. of land and
arge~r-.a4ap newt practis *lNh
provide for compatible uses. *:
(ft) Mspaate adverse impacts
r.subig ltf fns prnor al*traTia% Vaf
nat4wra %wbl'gic *,pv te g f4W
fluftalutgpp in n urfepte mn i ritad
water Jeels.
(7) Estpi.pih .ininu(p. Pewsqq a
levels to pio$ect water r.res~U~
and the environmental values assr
ciqg $h. ,.rin, s5tarine,
SfrluahWr, a. i wetlIads q ology.,
t. @WPW(9 -)a- npwffA trucUraw l
.oiu;Jo water $QA*Ve pfll6

and give adequate consideration to
*, non-structural alternatives whenever
structural works are proposed.
(9) Encourage the management of
floodplains and other flood hazard
areas to prevent or reduce flood
damage, consistent with qptlih-
ment and maintenuanq of .M4Frable
hydrologic characristsfce of such
(10) Managgp t contruction
and operation of facilities which
dam, divert, or otherwise afler the
4 flM. of surfap waters l prevent
Increased flooding, Noij erosion or
excessive dralage ,
(11) Encourage the development
of logf, adn4 regional Waer-pupplies
within districts rather than
transpot water acrop District
boundaries. -
(12) Cantrol pJlnt and ngn-
point sources of water poltkon to
the greatest dbgrfe feasil, as
provided in Chapters .17-, eand V6,
.A.C..- .
13) .develp iteratate ,:grpe-
"e"t* and undertake ,cooerative
programs with Aljp*Mb g, org to
provide for coordl 0~gouent
..of surface and..r n. waters.
p fl Authority.: M3,PW
373. 3, OJ3.005, f,5, aw
PIplemented: Chapter 3*3, F.S.
History: New .-5-81,

*JM-.P ftWtr Ui .
T I, i g ,lto
.*hOase arn;p where the Jse 9.,, water
is regulated pursuant to Part Jj of
(bpptpr 373, FlA.rd Statutes;,
(1) No permit shall lpe grapled
to .authorize the use. of water unless
Us e aiplcat esta*Jisfhe t t he
prKposed usP ea w4 s rsrasi^P e
cil us$, w 1 not .|-Lpf ;db
pr;. snty existing Jga uapp of
weaiP and 4A consistent *i$h, the

17-P4.fl -- 17-4H0,04

DER 1tM2



I _



public- interest,
(2) In determining whether a
water use is a reasonable-beneficial
use, consideration should be given
to any evidence presented concerning
the following factors:
(a) The quantity of water re-
quested 'br thW-use;
(b) The demonstrated need for
the use;
S (c) The- suitability of the use
to the source of water;
(d) The purpose arid vale of
the use; *'"'*'
S(e):The*ekteht and amount of
-~dim caused; :
(f) The practicality of initi-
gating any harm by adcjsting the
quantity or method of use;
(g) Whether there impact of the
withdrawal extends to land not owned
or legally controlled by the user;
'(h) The method and efficiency
of use;
:(i) Water conservation measures
taken or available- to be taken;
r (jI) The practicality of reuse,
or the use of waters of more, suit-
able quality;
( ty The ~pesent 'id projected
demand for the source of water;
(1) The long ttrm yield avail-
able from the source of water;
(m) The extent of water quality
degradation caused;
(n) Whether the proposed use
would cause o"r contribute to flood
damage; and
S-(o) Whether the proposed use
would significantly Induce salt
water Intrusion.
(p) The naount of water which
can bie withdrawn without causing
harm to the resource.
(q) Other relevant factors.
(3) Water shall be reserved
from permit use in such locations
and quantities, and for such seasons

of the year, as In the judgement of
ahe Depaltment or Distrlet may be
r required for their piroteetion. of fish
and ildlife or the public health or
-safety. .
-(4, Consivatlon of water shall
be a requirement uhlesi not ecornmi-
cilly or enviraV~MntaM'y feasible.
(5) h impementhslI cnsumptive
use permitting programs, the depart-
ment and the districts shall recog-
M~iz the rights of property owners,
as limited by hewttO -make consump-
tive uses of water' V i#n thOer land,
and the rights of other users, :s
limited by law, to maie ceneahmptlve
uses of water, for, reasonable bene-
ficial uses In mi inner Consiatent
.Ith the 'public Interest that will
not Interfere with my presently
existing legal us of water.
(6. Permlts authorizing con-
sumptive uses of water. whlh cause
unanticipated significant adverse
impacts on off-site land- uses exist-
ing t the -time of 'permit applica-
tion, or on legal uses of water
existing at the time of permit
applidition, should 'be considered
for- Aldiflcatl6owr to curtail or
abate the adverse Im~pacts, unless
-the impacts ; c*A' mitigated by the
Speci c Authority 1373.026,
373.043, 403.805, F.S, Law
Implemented: 373.036, Part II,
373, .S*1 History: New S-8-1,
Amended 2-4-82.

17P48,M Wesr Tmgepart.
The following shal apply to
Sthe transfers -of wae where such
transfers are regulated pursuant to
Part II of Chaptbr 373, Florida
(1) The transport or -use of
water across District boundaries
shall require approval of each

17-40.04 -- 17-40.05

DER 1te2



M~i ";,

-~-L. -- ------u~__.r;



n1R ISMa


S ......... ,1-. -- '- in:" --- ---- : ... Y
"+ ": ; '"+"+': Y: 'I .A +++

Involved District. -'
(2) i. deciding whether the
transport 0r0n use of water a..w0s
District ltundarles is onslelatht
with the pUflIc interest ptrslantPtp
Section 371.223, Florida Statute,
the Dirrts --ehouWld ansder the
extent t wtsh:
S(e) Capprehenive water co-
servation it reU pmne progns are
imnlemente, e4 enforced k the are
of need.
(b) The major easts, benefits,
m ientMiwseflalitiai*t hjTve sn
adequalty !lrsIelmad ,Inrltung. *f
impact&: ont oth the supplying and
receiving aesh;
(a) Thw transport s an ewnj-
ronmemtally and emonemnl"ey smptl-
able metht to uppdy water for the
given purpeIe; +,
(d) the presot and projecT
water ne d f'of the -upplyel g arqa
are res oably determined and gen ie
satisfied- even if the ..traisort
takes pice;.-.:
(e) ThV trnnspqrt plan Jncqrpe-
rates a Raglenal -4pprpch. to water
supply end -distrJiltiutp Wetuein,
*where ppsaprilte, plans fr iewa
tual InttrcMnectfon of water suRPry
Sources and ...
(f) The transportt .is ot herwise
consistent with the public I.tee1at
based upqn evidence presefe -~
Specific Authority: 373.026, 1.
373,04) l.305.J.S. Law.
rmpiement s -; 3i .- Part W, :-
373. F.S. History: New 4545l ,,

(4) Water quality standardss
shall be entfpqmd pursuant to Chap-
ter 93, -.,Fl ida SttutiW to
protect waters of the State ,fromh
point and non-point nsuraes -,0
.pollution.* +.. : '
)... Stpalt waiter quqlfty 7itant


dards adopted by Department rule
shall be a part of the Florida Water

Specific Authorityi 403.081,
373.06, 371.4l3, 43a,8s5, FS.
Law laplemented; 373atlS, 373.039,
403.021, F.S. History: Now S-5-81.
17-4.0I7 Swfrta W1Wr
he following shall apply to
the, regulation of, surface waters
pursuant to Pert IV, Chapter 373,
(1) The construction sanoplra-
tip. of famlitis. which manage or
store surface waters, or other
facilities whilh OdrIn, divert, im-
pound, discharge lnto, pr. otherwise
Impact waters in the State, qid the
improvements serveO by, such facill-
Stes, shaO not. be ,harm to. Water
resources or nkwoosis4rt0 wtt the
4otsetlves of the department or
District. ,
42, : ) n lettermnqing the harmto
water resources and amnsistency with
tl objectives of the IQpartlent or
District, conaldratlor shOould be
given to:
: ) T:e :Impat t- the facill-
ties on:. ....
(i, ) recreation,.
(1I navigation.
(I1I) water quality,
(iv) fish and wildlife,
Iv. w4tLands, .ftaOdplains, and
*her nqiVriiimenily seri) ive
i ;: (vit saltwater :, or pollution
intrusion, incudl~g any carrier
line established pquruaht t# Section
173.033, .Flegide St $utFs,
(v14 resent ahbieanftqieI
uses of water,....... .
(vti) .ainjt Rum flow and
Zeelcs wptaleished tm wrant to
S-t-ln l7362. Fleordo Statutes,

-- 17-40.07





DER 1982 WAT ER POLIC Y......

(ix) other factors relating to
the public health, safety, and
(b) Weheter the facilities meet
applicable design or performance
(cl Whether adequate provisions
exist for the continued satisfactory
operation and maintenance of the
(d) The .ability ,of the facili-
ties and related, improvements to
avoid Increaksed damage to offsite
property or the public caused by:
(i) floodplain development,
encroachment or other alteration,
(ii) retardance, acceleration
or diversion of flowing water,
(iii) reduction of natural
water storage areas,
(iv) facility failure, or
(v) other actions adversely
impacting offsite water flows or
Specific Authority: 373.026,
373.043, 403.805, F.S. Law
Implemented: 363.036, Part IV,
373, F.S.. History: New 5-5-81.

17-40.W Mlnimuhi Flows and
(1) in 'establishing minimum
flows and levels pursuant to Section
373.042, consideration shall be
given to the protection of water
resources, natural seasonal fluctua-
tions in water flows or levels, and
environmental values associated with
coastal, estuarine, aquatic, and
wetlands ecology, including:
(a) Recreation in and on the
(b) Fish and wildlife habitats
and the passage of fish;
(c) Estuarine resources;
(d) Transfer of detrital mate-

(e) Maintenance of freshwater
storage and supply;
(ff Aesthetic and scenic attri-
butes; i
(g) Filtration and absorption
of nutrients and other pollutants;
(h) Sediment loads;
(1) Water quality; and
(j) Navigatl6n.
(2) Established minimum flows
and levels shall be a consideration
where recent ,o:
(a) The construction and opera-
tion of water irresource projects.
(b) The issuance of permits
pursuant .to Part iI, Par; IV, and
Section 373.086, Florida Statutes.
(c) The declaration of a water
shortage pursuant to Section 373.175
or Section 373.246, Florida Stat-
Specific Authority: 373.026,
373.043, 403.805, F.S, Law
Implemented: 373.036, 373.042,.
373.086, 373,175, 373.246, F.S.
History: New 5-5-81.

17-40a. District Water
Management Plans..
(1) A water management plan
shall beprepar d by each District
which isi consistent with the provi-
sions of this Chapter end Section
373.036, Florida Statutes. The plan
shall identify specific geographical
areas where water resource problems
have reached critical levels.
(2) A course of remedial action
shall be specified for each critical
(3) Measures may include, but
are not limited to, water resource
projects; water resources restora-
tion projects pursuant to Section
403.0615, Florida Statutes; purchase
of lands; enforcement of Department
or District rules; and actions taken
by local government pursuant to a

17-40.07 -- 17-40.09





- ..P ll' l~''LII r-~lly-lr~-l ...a'.~-Y .a-n a-..j... liiYi~




ocal Government Comprlhmnlve
Plan, local ordinance, or xonn*
Frulation -- -
(4),v Distric 61W1 4i o
provide &r 1ntlfyThny arws q
cotdactig tda"I. T,
prOrti ;$a
regulatory Mfer erriMhsry tO
prevent wte0 rpoF roe ribgps fr"i

(6) A District shall Initiate
rulemaking to consider lmplhae4rta.
tton f prqg p p1taPnt "to
seitlo' I)i.11tsL T$).H ni)in,
Part IAl, er Part IV of C@,1r.

Solwlut, Whl h It of-
pte ^*iit j rt -,:W ^t~

ble-lepetf!icqI ures, the
40Cl~r0: 10 ui 9:y

Sipter shelf b.-h
...esty. i utJ bdtNWs
rro y than once every Wcr
years. .ajlons. If any, si alt b
adapted by4 P ..
I) Withml a 12 mon fter
adoption MiYJlign. of tt .+t
ter; thb A6rtret, In oorep ki n
with the Districts, "shall leie
exist y with
tho promves .i _F? ..
(3) District r'il "~'i l
aftr 'it Chater trakit .s e
shall be iev t y thw Dfttaht

pirtbint, ch DiutHt sht ll

be xzstey i o r $yiire *
whh.tn thphter. rfl D j.
shall be made a party .to .ft plro-
t5) ODitrlct wat"t poki aytl y
-be adopted which are -hftiet( th
this CIhItiiq b wh)0_t tl9r1.6
rLou I'; cWO whllr sU<) too
* Ccoift oi N ""
.z.. r ,


tric shI ld WI y'ini-
institution In th& "'ivao mt of

p,.ent and futJr* watep lt
$Sipific Authrlti ),024,
Mst y: Nw m-

9) 4':




_ ___~_-- _C1-l -WATER POLICY MWAS_ _~-~~.__~--

17-40o.0 -- 17-40.10

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