Title: Chapter 16C-8 Rules and Regulations Governing Water Well Contractors in Florida
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Title: Chapter 16C-8 Rules and Regulations Governing Water Well Contractors in Florida
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Abstract: Chapter 16C-8 Rules and Regulations Governing Water Well Contractors in Florida
General Note: Box 11, Folder 1 ( Buddy Blain's Copy of Rules and Regulations (Vol II) - 1974 ), Item 5
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S: .I APSER 16C-8
S-- c ------ ----

BC" ?'R tR rules an1 BegRulations Governing.
,:- Water Wells in Florida

16C-8.01 Introduction The purpose of these rules and regulations is to

effecq.te, the powers, duties and esponsibilities of the Deparment of

Natra-l Resources under part J-I. of Chapter 373, Florida Stattes,. ,

The water well permitting, syst described, in Part I of, these rules _

andxreDlaty.ons m y; be, administereandnd enforced by the. Water Management

Districts upon delegation by, the Department, an:,fo.laing, implementation

by the Water Management Districts established by Chapter. 373, Florida


*,art- II of these. rules and regulations establishes minimum water well

construction standards designed tocontrpl, conserve and p~ptect the ground

water resources of the State. These minimum water ,wea. construction stan-

dards shal. beco~l~ eeffecti~. on Septek er 3a., 1974 pd shall be administered

and enforced ty, the Departmen_ pof fNatural Resources qr the Water Management

Districts .establihqd, by, Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, upon delegation to

them by the Department.

Partly I1 spec'ifies t1e ,sections of Chapter 373,,, F.loria Statutes,

which proxvides q:xr enfobcqents an e. pnalties. concerning these rules and

RegjalotiQnls.; I .

,, flhe .geolqg~ andf hb9rq f t~ S ate dif s~irssi~gtcantly throughout

the vaipus a- 9a3ptj rpis~icts., .Th.efore, the Wa.ter Management

Da.striot..ret by :CFapter 373, F _; msi. tes, may :adpt additional
ul G aQiis h individu4. ,ricts, content with these,.
-CuloSw _(4P iwgidtie i^4 individual, Vtiistrict4, t4s. iiqtent with these,

Page Two
in order to better control, 'oi~ervi ad 'protet -t& ground water resources

of the District as the resources "bcc irn ht bsrictit.i

General Authority "awa implemented

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes' -Section 373.606, Florida Statutes
S373.026, F. S.
373.043, F. S.
373.103, F. S.
373.113, F. S.
373.306, F. S.
'' "' t "* 373.309,.P. 84

1 6C-8.02 Definiti6ns -- The foli'dwing words and phrases when :,se in'

these rules and regulations,' shall'have the following meanings, except wthr*

the' c&ntex etlearly indicates a ditfereiht meabingi

()'" "Department" meanss the Departnent 6f Natural Resources or'::

its successor agency or agencies.

(b) "division" means the Division of Interior Resources or its j

successor agency or agencies.: ;

(c) 'iter Wleli Cdntractor" 'r l'Contractork' tfeahs any person,

firm, o'or 'cpoiation engaged in the business obf cnstrec-

tioh of water wells.

'(d) ~'Construction of 'water wells" means -all parts and aescts

S heCdessary to obtain gbund wate6br y! wells, inchudingitlhe

locatibnh" at6rd eetaation of thie Nlls, but excluding the

installation of pumps and pumping equipi.iht .-' '

te) "kbaridbned water well" meatis 'wellT whose uMae ais b4i e

p'rmaerie ly discontinued ^ a well whose w@aer iB'not being

put to reasonable beneficial use. Any well shall"be- dead

abad oried which is' in st~h a saee of dis'ep~i~,S deter-

minieb by a representative of the Department brth'e District,

itat continued use for the i purpdise' kf obtaining -ground Watrer

or disposing 16f water tr liquid wastss :i impractieable. Can

addition, any well shall be deemed abandoned which is in such


Page Three

a state of disrepair that its continued existence or use

would be significantly damaging to the water resources or

ecology of the area, as determined by a representative of

the Department or District, or is in such a state of dis-

repair that it can no longer ,e used for the purpose in-


(f) "Repair" means any action which involves the physical

alteration or replacement of any part of a well, but does

not include the alteration or replacement of any portion of

a well which is above ground surface.

(g) "Water Well" means any excavation that is drilled, cored,

bored, washed, driven, dug, jetted, or otherwise constructed

when the intended use of such excavation is for the location,

evaluation, acquisition, development, or artificial recharge

of ground water, or the'intentional introduction of water

into any underground formation; but such term does not include

sand-point wells as herein defined, or any-well for the pur-

pose of obtaining or for prospecting for oil, natural gas,

minerals, or products of mining or quarrying, or for inserting

media to dispose of oil brines -or to repressure oil or natural

gas-bearing formations or for storing petroleum, or natural gas.

(h) "Well Seal" means an approved arrangement or device A prevent

contaminants from entering the well at the upper terminal.

(i) "District" means a water management district operating under

the authority of Chapter 373, Florida Statutes.

(j) "Governing Board" or "Board" means the governing board of a


Page Four

(k) "Sand-Point Wellrmeans any device which is driven into

placevin unconsolidated surficial earth tnaterials, and

which constits of a pipe withcan attached perforated metal

tube or screen designed to permit the"passage of water.

(1) "Aquifer" means an underground water-bearing formation

sufficiently permeable to yield quantities of water to

wellS and springs.

(m) '"Drive Shoe"'m4&ins any device specifically designed, fabri-

cated, and installed to protect the bottom end of a water

well easing or liner pipe f-redm collapse or other damage while

the casing or liner pipe is being driven into place in a

water well.: .. :

(n -"Annluts" or "Annular Space" means any artificially created

vdid existing between a well casing of liner pipe and a bore

hole Wall.

(o) "meat Cement Grout" means a miirture consisting of water and

Portland cement (American Concrete-Institute type I or

Amer ican Concrete Institute: type III),- or other approved

types of cement and acceptable amounts of those additives.

approved for use-in cement grouts by the Permitting Authority.

(p) "Dewatering" means the use of- wells or other Such equipment

to temporarily lower 'a water level as may be necessary during

construction activities.

(q) "Permitting Authority"'means the Department or any District,

or political Subdivision that has been delegated the authority,

of issuing permits under Chapter 373, Florida Statutes,

Part III, pursuant to resolution of the Department.


Page Five

General Authority Law Implemented

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes Section 373.019, Florida Statutes
373.303, F. S.

8.03 General

(1) No person shall construct, repair, or abandon or cause to be

constructed, repaired, or abandoned any water well contrary to

the provisions of Part III, Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, and

regulations promulgated thereunder; provided that nothing in

these rules and regulations shall aply to: equipment used temp-

orarily for dewatering or to the process used in dewatering.

Provided, also, that if more stringent rules and regulations

concerning construction standards for water wellsaare pro-

mulgated by local permitting authorities or other state

agencies, those standards shall apply.

(2) Prior permission shall be obtained from the Department and the

appropriate Water Management District for construction of wells

intended to be used for artificial recharge of ground water, or

for the intentional introduction'of water into any underground

'formation (except as permitted 4nJ Chapter 377, Florida Statutes),

or fOr repair or abandonment of any such well.

The Department or District(s) may require as a condition of

issuing a permit such information from the well owner as it deems

necessary. Such information may include but shall not be limited

to: geophysical logs, geologic samples and logs, a list or lists

of proposed construction methods, a description of proposed in-

jection or pumping tests, a description of the proposed water quality

monitoring systems, and a description of the proposed total monitor-

ing system.

Page Six

General Authority Law Implemented

Chapter 3S3, o FJctifdat Statutes Section :37a.043, Florida Statutes
373.106, F. S.
373.316, F. S.
373.303, r.S.- "
373.306, F. S.
373.309, F. S..
373.313, F. S.
373.023, F. S.


8,04 Permit for Well Constyction or Repair

(1) After the. effective date, upon which a District implements a

Permit ~;system' within al' or a portion of such District pursuant

toith ei-rules and to.Part III of Chapter 373, Florida Statutes,

a permte shallqbe required prior to: the beginning. of construction

or repair of any vwter ivell within such area., The permit shall

S be obtained from the ,B-ebitting Authority bylr making written appli-

S caution on approved ftsoa in accordance with the. instructions

provided: thereosf. The. application shall be made and submitted

S )I to-~ the Pet mitting- Authority by the owner or by the coaitractor

c.j. for~ the oWiers and shall contain: the welj locatiovnrdescription,

use, and swuh other,: peritnent information as the Permitting

S.>r -Amthority shall require.

...... -3+-Any- required f&e~shall:'be submitted with the permit appli-

cations ,

2) The iesuandce of -a permit: is dependent upon (a) the application

,:being in, theo proier form and containiihg the required information;

S provided that the proposed constrution or repair will not be

contrary to -appliaab;le laswei rules, orders, or regulations, and

will be for a purpose and in a manner which is- both reasonable

and consistent with the overall objectives of the Department and

- -----I- ~~__I_~_~--------*"*U~*I(IUI

11I 1 r I :

S:; Page Seven

the District; (b) additional information as may J b required as

the Department or District deems necessary. Such information may

include, but shall not be limited to: geophysical logs,' geologic

samples and logs, and well pumping tests.

-3) Receipt of the permit will constitute permission to begin well

construction or repair.

(4) The permit shall be available for inspection at the site of the

well during construction or repair of the well.

(5) :Any pormittee who desires to change the -location of a well before

construction or repair is completed shall apply to the Permitting

Authority for an amendment of his$permit.' Where.a permit fee was

required to obtain the original pe.rmit.no charge shall be made to

amend the permit. As a condition to approving an amended permit,

the Permitting Authority may require the sealing or plugging of the

uncompleted well..

(6) Each permit shall be valid for a period of six (6) months. In

the event construction or repair is not completed within that time,

the Permitting Authority may extend the time limit upon written

request by the permitted.

General Authority Law Implemented

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes Section 373.306, Florida Statutes
3 73.309, F. S8.
373.313, F. S.
: .:373-.31] :.F .S.
373.326, F. S.

8.05 Well Completion Report

(1) Within thirty (30) days after completion of the construction or

repair of any water well, a written report shall be filed on the

approved forms in accordance with the instructions provided thereon.

General Authority Law Implemented

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes Section 373.309, Florida Statutes

9-:' Page Eight

8.06 enagriBcy Semits s nf ojj onj I oa t-tofofE, ^; .-: .+, I:

s -i:1) Pernsis ibn to -.p n-ots a c oOe -pair'orf any wellt 'except

le fox .iermitfs required cby 9.03 (:2 Piabtsle,- a be 'appliid&for by

telephone when emergency aondiit'ion Lexistiwlidhawoeai&ifJ stify

su ch' a& reqdesta -i Me Termitting Authority mayt graztf soch erid-

gency permits at its discretion. I.Ri\verca:esa~n O:set of

w: i foresiseu circuaminwtces gust Jeadtisasto ideatie thme seineghcy.

Mere carelessness or lack of planning-.on t.e pairt.of the appli-

Cait s let he it be ^aeffinitt tgrBegde.be rwarranlt the' graitinrigof

S an tdergenoy permit. *1'L

r (2) Bhio-plicni for an energelcy -pekiuit under -,806: (1) above,

shall reduce his application it~'writing -in 'scoordanoe wth the

rOivtioas l.t 8.4 a'bdve aid i sM mitted within theI time specified

;b: by tahiPeariftxting Authority. lkl 'othtr previasoins of :these

regulations shall remain applicable and I-b iooplied4I.with.

Genet~l Autt l~ t x Law Implemented (*)

Chalte m 373,; rtoria tatutes- ci iia: :: u 'Section 537;3.306e, Tloxtda Statutes
373.309, F. S.

373.326, F. S.

8.07 Notice of Rejection

(1) The Permitting Authority shall issue a notice of rejection

whenever it U4termines that an application for a permit under
,t .^ \ -
8.04 iabo'vefa'ils to meet the requirements of Chapter 373,

Florida Statutes, or any rule, order, regulation or standard

adopted pursuant thereto, or that the proposed well will be

harmful to the water resources of the State.

(2) The notice of the rejection shall: (a) state the grounds for
. ...;'. fi.i> 1 '**0*- bI '7o't rn.!*t:?. <-- :.n "ffU -' f ',n f%."i'-i, ^... B:"' ), :*,&-;,.:. ,,^0.:,
rejection, and (b) be served in writing upon the owner and user

by registered or certified mail.
(3) Ay pson ..reiving a noti cet-jtoo.ma ,"'.i '' obtain a hea ..t:ring
(3) Any person receiving a notice of rejection may obtain a hearing

Page Nine

by filing a written petition to the Permitting Autherity within

thirty (30) days of the mailing of he notice. The hearing shall

be conducted pursuant to Chapter 12 Florida Statutes.

General Authority gw Implemented.

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes Soction 373.333, Florida Statutes
373.306, F. S.
373.309, F. S.
373.313, F. S.

8.08 Suspension and Revocation

The Permitting Authority may, upon investigation, suspend a permit to

construct or repair a well upon written notice to the permitted. Any

permitted receiving a notice of suspension may obtain a hearing conducted

pursuant to Chapter 120, Florida Statutes, if requested in writing to the

Permitting Authority within thirty (30) days of issuance of such notice.

Following such hearing, the Permitting Authority may extend such suspension

or may modify or revoke the permit. In the absence of a request for a

hearAg, the Permitting Authority may revoke the permit at the end of:the

thtgy (30)rt y period without srah a hearing. Such suspension aor t awva-

tion may be made on any one or more ofthe following grounds:J

(1) material misstatement or misrepresentation in the application

for a permit~ ..

(4) faiarTe to comply with the provisions set forth in the permit;

($., willful disregard or violation pf any provision of these rules

and regulations oz 4art III of Chapter 373 Florida Statutes; or

(43 material change of circumstances or conditions existing at the

time s ubh, poft was issued.

General Authority Law Implemented

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes Section 373.333, Florida Statutes
373.306, F. S.
37 .309, F. S.
373.313, F. S.

-I Ir ------~l---~-s--~-----*--~--~---_-l-.r -----r----------- ,-,

,;l .p Page Ten

8.09 L.Abantm'butffl'ltWa iqI et
A.: ~i trtt ay AestaklishLa*iM ipraSMintb.l permittsystem vifWtin all or

a portion of n Ditaintb e*atlatiadiE&etaaollt gjMtt~it *Ciis, where

it determines sur.syste is_ _asonably necessary to proteC_ th19qound ...

w:WtB'kredordes ,Xl11 wells abandoned pursuant to -8eSt S ista hall b .o-

filled and sedled in i 'cordance with 8.10(4) and with such other requirements

as may be specified by the District.

General sthtvrkk -1 ,'-. .;v;'i .*>fy: ts iaB nepliaudnfted t;n:rj.stj Sil

Chapter 373r FlxiPria Statutes Sdlctiori --373.333, -41rida' statutes
373.306, F. S.
o A-s .:** v>-. .i i.-' vm 1 ln-.u i c Z tt, t$'f73.304 -ryi rs' e:.i *.
373.313, F. S.
-. ';.* ;:, &i :b:'.;. ":. j >i :t 9.Jifthr..: sb:xr -ii ,&,13.314,-xF. ST huiLtnsi1

PAn- -4 -I mxtl WMATBR aLL O iC& SC O riO'CTB3TAia3B .: I'i'La fpitwoll-

8.10 Well ConhxtrvtioncStandar~l ds :. : e .;-.:q .-, t:s-i :: 'c',S o ,

_T" Hi followihq ntaia stlndake1s' 'shall aplyl to -'l dontrzueotdon a id

repair' af welje i -i the State elepp 4n those areaw within s it4ttib-t eaiiMt-

ed by the Distridewith .the donourrimnoe of the DeparfMtnt.; :':n d .. ni :

13(-1"Ctiflg -il-d-Liner Pipe -Reqlireflmansir>. [ir > ;.i.~i-.tEm 2l

(a) Well casing and liner pipe shall be new or.-shallde pipe or

.:o.:-r 9 :i casing "i n -Ike new `ndititin which' rha been salvaged (from a

S:> i ter well, test hole 4--aif~- ig b~SKuh 0asing or -pi 'shall

*a z. "n^o bs esti i- d ufi lewsi free df bIeaks,, corresitlevndt' dents; is

iu t:; i aight. aiAd trui, anid' athoout of rounded Welded or t&&mless

black or galvanized steel 'tie dor das:isn, te -stailAless steel

pipe' or mA.ingI. pr approved types of nonmet ag.1fj j sar)L tbe
:. .-:- *J ?. r"o"' used -forn well -using or liner pip -Well ; oasiig ,Initalel .by

dti-ving shall have a wall thickness not less than that of

standard wall pipe as specified by American National Standard

for Wrought Steel and Wrought Iron Pipe (ANSI B 36.10-1970).

Page Eleven

(b) Black or galvanized st"ele casing or liner pipe set into

place without driving shall not have less than the dimensions

and weight specified in Table 1.





Outside Diameter Wall Thickness Plain End Weight
(in.) (in.) (lb.)

3.500 0.125 4.51

4.000 0.134 5.53

4.500 0.142 6.61

5.500 0.154 8.79

6.000 0.164 10.22

6.625 0.185 12.72

8.625 0.188 16.90


Black pr gaivanize4steel casing or liner pipe, with an outside diameter

less than 3.500 inches shall have a wall thickness of not less than 0.125


Black or galvanized steel casing or liner pipe with an outside diameter

greater than 8.625 inches but less than 16 inches shall have a wall thick-

ness of not less than 0.250 inches.

Steel casing or liner pipe with an outside diameter of 16 inches or more

( shall have a wall thickness of not less than 0.375 inches.

(c) Stainless steel pipe used for cing or liner pipe shall be

Schedule 10S of the American National Standards Institute

............... ........ ... ... .... .... ...... -. -- ;

Page Twelve

(ANSI B 36.19-1965 iT971), 6r :stonge 'ila ification.

() 'PdlWyvinyl Chloride (PVC) -pipe ray ~b'e used f6o well casing or

liner pipe. Any PVC pipe1 used to construct a water@ well shall

have been marked by the manufacturer, under a method specified

by the National Sanitation Foundation, Ann Arbor, Michigan, as

suitable for use in potable water systems. A-ny PVC pipe used

for well construction or repair shall be ASA Schedule 40 pipe

or stronger classification.

(e) Steel well casing and liner pipe may be joined in a watertight

tanier by threaded cou6lings or by electrical welding methods. '

PVC pipe shall be joined by solvent bonded couplings.

(f) Nonmetallic and stainless steel well casing or liner pipe shall

not be installed by driving. For well casing or liner pipe

installed by driving, the casing or pipe shall not butt together

inside threaded couplings unless the joint is electrically welded

so as to be completely watertight. A drive shoe is required for

use on casing or pipe installed by driving.

(2) Well Construction Methods:

(a) For wells obtaining water from unconsolidated earth materials,

"easing shall-ex'tehd from land surface to the well screen. Vhe'I,

well screen shall be attached to the casing with a water tight


(b) For wells obtaining water from consolidated earth materials,

a continuous casing shall extend from land surface to the top

of the uppermost consolidated unit of earth material. Provided,

however, that the bottom end of the well casing must extend to

'or below the watet level of: the aquifer intended -to Supply eaterl

to the well. :In addition, all caving zones be w the upper i..-

most consolidated unit shall be cased.-

Page Thirteen

(c) :rPrevention of Interchange of Water ;and Loss of Artesian


In areas wheke, as- a result of the constructionn of a well,

an interchange of water between water bearing zones may

occur and may result in deterioration of the quality of

water in one or more water bearing zones, or will result in

a loss of artesiarr. pressure; such interchange shall be pre-

vented through the proper design and construction of the

well. If a well cannot be properly completed to prevent such

an unauthorized interchange 'of water between water bearing

zones or to prevent a loss of artesian pressure, the well

shall be abandoned and plugged in accordance with these rules

and regulations or other directions from the Permitting

Authority, as may be appropriate f6r the geological conditions


(d) Grouting and Sealing

Casing for wells which obtain their water from a rock layer or

other such consolidated formation shall, as a minimum, be seated,

or sealed with neat cement grout, into that rock layer or other

consolidated formation.

For wells ith casing,, which is driven starting at land surface

and thence to its final depth in a bore ole equal to or smaller

in diameter than the outside diameter of the casing, or which is

driven .starting at land surface and thence to ite fital depth

ahead of the drill bit, an attempt to cement grout the entire

length of the casing need not be made.

For any part of a well casing with an outside diameter or four

(4) inches or larger intended to be installed in a bore hole

Page Fourteen

which is larger- in diameter than the outside diameter of the

casing, the annular space created between the well casing and

the bore:hole wall :shall be filled .from bottom to top with not

.ess than a two (2): inch thicrkness of neat cement grout. For

those well casings with an outside diameter of less than four

i(4) inches the,minimum grout thickness shall be. one- 1) inch.

The casing shall be centered in. the bore- hole prior to- grouting.

In those~ cases where, during grouting operations, circulation of

S the grout is lost so that the annular space being grouted cannot

be filled in one continuous operation, a tremie pipe shall be

installed in the annular space to a point immediately above the

zone of lost circulation and the annulus shall be bridged at that

point by sand or other, approved"material introduced through the

pipe. Grouting of the annular space. shall be completed using the

pipe or other approved methods.

Any District may grant individual exceptions or, with the concurrence of

the Department, may exempt any areas of that District from the requirements

of cement grouting the annular space between the well casing and bore hole

wall of that part of a well which penetrates an unconsolidated formation.

Provided, however, that the unconsolidated formation material must be of such

a caving nature that upon stopping the circulation of, drilling fluid through

the well, the aquifer material will immediately cave into and fill up the

annular spaoe between the well casing and bore' hole wall. -It is further

provided that a flow -space shall not be created by such construction that will

allow any movement Gof waters, along the outside of the well casing.which did not

naturally occur prior to construction of the well.: Except as provided above,

grouting and sealing of water wells shall be accomplished by the practices

and methods recommended by Section Al-8.4 of AWWA A100-66, AWWA Standard for

Deep Wells, American Water Works Association, Inc.

Page Fifteen

(3) Top ofthe Well

(a) Well Covers

Whenever there is an interruption in work on the well, such

as overnight shutdown, the well opening shall be sealed with

a substantial cover.

Except for those areas of a District designated by the

Department with the concurrence of the Permitting ; utorty,

any well in which pumping equipment is installed seasonally

or periodically shall, whenever pumping equipnaet .s not

installed, be capped with steel or reinforced concrete cover,

or valve.

Any cased well equipped with permanently installed pumping

equipment shall have that pumping equipment and any necessary

piping, installed through a well seal.

Any unused well shall be capped in a watertight manner with

a steel or reinforced concrete cover or valve.

Any well vent shall extend to at least one (1) foot above any

known flood level, but not less than two (2) feet above land

surface at the well.

(b) Flowing Wells

If the well flows at land surface, control shall be provided

by valved pipe connections, watertight pump connections, or

receiving reservoirs set at an altitude corresponding to the

artesian head.

(4) Plugging

All abandoned wells shall be plugged by filling them from bottom

to top with neat cement grout, unless otherwise provided in writing

_____ __~_~_1_______ ~

Page Sixteen

by the Permitting Authority or the Department. The plugging shall

be to restore or improve the hydrologic conditions whith existed

before the well .. w cotructed. j

General Authority 'aw lnmplemented

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes Section 373.309.,';'lridi Statutes

8.11 Inspections

(1) 6ttrig'hfe construction, repair' r abandbnmenf 'of any well,

i d idfg those-'6ils permitted unfde Regulation" 8.03 (2) above,

the Departmhnt o6k'the Permitting Akthority may cause 8t be made

Sisch I~bdic[ inspedtiknsat it'~deeri necessary to insure' conformity

with applicable standards. Duly authorized representatives of the

Department or the Permitting Authority may, at reasonable times,

enter upon and shall be given access to any premises for the

purpose of such inspection.

(2) If during construction, repair or abandonment, the Department or

lehe Permitting Authority finds thie' ork: is notbeing done in

accordance with irdiil, regulationss and stAdiards adoptedd pursuant

to Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, the Department or the Permitting

Authority shall give the owner and water well contractor written

notice stating which rules, regulations or standards the construction

repair or abandonment is not in compliance and may order that necessary

corrective action be taken within a reasonable time to be prescribed

in such order. Any such order from a Permitting Authority shall

become final unless the person or persons named therein request, by

written petition, a hearing before the Permitting Authority, as

provided in Chapter 120, Florida Statutes, no later than fourteen

(14) days after the date such order is served. Failure to act in

accordance with the order of the Department or the Permitting

Authority after receipt of written notice shall be grounds for

revocation of the permit.

Page Seventeen

General Authority

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes

Law Implemented

Section 373.316, Florida Statutes
373.319, F. S.
373.323, F. S.
373.333, F. S.


8.12 Enforcement

Enforcement shall be as provided by Chapter 373, Florida Statutes.

General Authority

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes

Chapter 120, Florida Statutes

Law Implemented

Section 373.126, Florida Statutes

Section 373.333, Florida Statutes

8.13 Penalties

Penalties shall be as provided by Chapter 373, Florida Statutes.

General Authority

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes

Law Implemented

Section 373.336, Florida Statutes

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