Title: Minutes of the Meeting April 1, 1981
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Title: Minutes of the Meeting April 1, 1981
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Abstract: Minutes of the Meeting April 1, 1981
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Board of Governors
Florida Water Management District

Brooksville, Florida

April 1, 1981

The Board of Governors of the Southwest Florida Water
met in the Board Room of the District Headquarters in
on April 1, 1981, at 9:30 a.m. The following persons

Bruce A. Samson, Chairman
Wm. 0. Stubbs, Jr., Vice Chairman
James Campbell, Secretary
Ronald B. Lambert, Treasurer
B. T. Longino, Assistant Secretary
James H. Kimbrough, Asst. Treasurer
Cliff Stephens, Member
Arch Updike, Jr., Member

Management District
Brooksville, Florida,
were present:

Donald R. Feaster, Executive Director
Norman P. Stoker, Assistant Executive Director
Jay T. Ahern, Attorney, General Administration
J. E. Curren, Attorney, Regulatory
C. E. Comer, Director, Technical Support Div.
G. W. Kuhl, Director, Regulatory Division
B. R. Laseter, Director, Field Services Division
W. H. Mathias, Director, Employee Relations Div.
C. H. Miller, Director, Resource Development Div.
T. T. Mullin, Director, Finance Division
L. M. Blain, General Counsel

A list of others present is filed in the permanent files of the District.

Chairman Samson called the meeting to order and noted a quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes
Following review, Mr. Stubbs moved, seconded by Mr. Kimbrough, to approve the
minutes of the meeting of March 4, 1981, as published. Unanimously approved.
Mr. Stubbs then moved, seconded by Mr. Kimbrough, that the Minutes of the
Personnel Committee meeting of March 3 and 4, 1981, be approved as published.
Motion carried unanimously.

Without objection from the Board or the audience, Chairman Samson presented
Agenda Item 7F, Personnel Report, at this time.

Personnel Report
Chairman Samson reported that the position of Executive Director was offered
to and has been accepted by Mr. William C. Tatum, who will be reporting for
work June 1, 1981. Also, in accordance with prior Board approval of the
employment contract with Mr. Feaster, Chairman Samson said the contract has
been finalized through entry of the effective date of June 1, 1981, and the
prorated amounts based on the effective date. He noted that the entire
Governing Board served as the Personnel Committee for consideration of these
matters last month but at this time would revert back to the standing committee
consisting of Mr. Kimbrough, Chairman, and Messrs. Crane and Longino, members.
Board action was not required.

Treasurer's Report and Voucher/Check Register
The Treasurer's Report and Voucher/Check Register were presented by Mr. Mullin
on behalf of Treasurer Lambert. Following review by the Board, Mr. Lambert
moved to approve the Treasurer's Report ending March 15, 1981, as presented.
Motion was seconded by Mr. Longino, and unanimously approved. Mr. Mullin then
reviewed the Voucher/Check Register mailed to the Board as follows: General
Fund Checks Nos. 19293 through 19487; 19591 through 19750; Interfund Checks
Nos. 19287; 19288; 19492 through 19528; 19531; 19533; 19534; 19757 through
-98aQ4. and 19810Qthrough 19817. Also during the month the following State
of Florida Warrants were issued to and received by the Southwest Florida Water
Management District: 3650025 $1,413.95; 3653229 $31,651; 3648677 -
$170,412.61. Mr. Mullin advised that pages 30-31 of the Voucher/Check
Register contain duplicative information and should be omitted. Additionally,
Mr. Mullin reported that four checks were drawn subsequent to mailing of the
check register to the Board: Interfund Checks Nos. 19819 in the amount of
$145,127.29 to the Southwest Florida Water Management District payroll account;
20049 in the amount of $103,027.32 to the West Coast Regional Water Supply
Authority, 20050 in the amount of $450 to Jed Pittman, Pasco County Circuit


e (0

. I L ,J L.A I- J I.4 I I L l J .11I

Court Registry; and 20051 in the amount of $2.25 to Jed Pittman, Pasco County
Clerk of Circuit Court. Following review, Mr. Stubbs moved, seconded by
Mr. Lambert, to approve the Voucher/Check Register as amended. Unanimously
Public Hearings
At approximately 9:35 a.m., Chairman Samson opened the public hearings
scheduled for this date and time and introduced the opening statement into
the record. It was noted that all hearings held during the course of the
meeting would be mechanically and stenographically recorded and tapes of
the proceedings will be available in the permanent files of the District.
Mr. Parker noted that a schedule had been posted in the rear of the Board
Room in order to provide information to the audience regarding the order of
consideration. He said interested persons will be provided an opportunity
to present testimony on any application at the time of consideration.
Docket 1 Permit Applications in Evidentiary Status
Mr. Parker advised that Hillsborough County submitted six applications for
renewal and modification. Three primarily supply water to subdivisions in
fixed geographical limits, and three are primarily wellfields, designed to
supply water beyond the initial subdivisions near the well sites. He said
that Hillsborough County requested continuance of all the applications except
the two supplying water to Country Place and Northdale subdivisions. He said
it was the staff's intention, unless the Governing Board directed otherwise,
to require Hillsborough County to present a briefing to the Board on its re-
gional monitoring plans prior to renewal of the other four permit applications.

CUP Application No. 203571 Hillsborough County Department of Water &
/ Wastewater Utilities
Mrs. Holtkamp presented Application No. 203571 Hillsborough County Department
of Water & Wastewater Utilities, a modification to add one well and increase
the average annual withdrawal from 227,500 gallons per day (gpd) to 595,000
gpd, and the maximum withdrawal from 1,060,000 gpd to 1,120,000 gpd. She said
the requested quantities are to meet projected demands in 1983. Mrs. Holtkamp
stated calculated drawdowns at the closest property boundary were 1.1 feet
during an average annual withdrawal, and 2.1 feet during maximum pumpage. She
said this represents the total combined pumpage proposed under this application,
pumped from one well. Mrs. Holtkamp stated 125 persons objected to this appli-
cation. The objectors were concerned the new well would interfere with existing
domestic wells, lower lake levels, degrade the quality of water and create sink-
holes. An objector's conference was held to obtain all pertinent data from
objectors in order to assist the staff in evaluating the application. She said
based on all information available to the staff at this time, the proposed well
should not interfere with the operation of domestic wells in the area. Draw-
downs estimated at maximum pumpage indicate that water levels would be lowered
approximately .9 foot at a distance of 1/2 mile, and it is not anticipated that
pumpage under this application will affect lake levels in the area. The staff
recommended approval of the application. Mr. Lambert expressed his concern
relative to considering only two of the applications at this time, Which would
not reflect the accumulative effect of the combined withdrawals of the six
applications. Chairman Samson stated he shared Mr. Lambert's concerns, and
that withdrawal of additional water from the area continues to be of great
concern to the Governing Board, Basin Boards and residents. However, fol-
lowing a discussion with the staff regarding CUP Applications Nos. 203571
and 200743, the staff felt it was not unreasonable for the Board to act on
these two permits today, deferring action on the balance until Hillsborough
County submitted its plans.
Mr. Kuhl pointed out that a special condition is included on the permit
requiring a modification of the permit if Hillsborough County planned to
-transfer..any of the water from the subdivision for another use. In response
to Chairman Samson's request, Mr. Heath reviewed the reTationship of Ht ts -
borough County permits and West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority (WCRWSA).
He advised that Hillsborough County and WCRWSA anticipate to appear before the
Board late this spring with a plan addressing the total water supply picture
in Northwest Hillsborough. In response to Mr. Oglevie's statements that the
District has ignored the Keystone Civic Association, Mr. Feaster summarized
the actions that were taken by the Board during the past 15 years, primarily
as a result of requests and petitions of the Keystone Civic Association.
Mr. Kuhl noted, for the record, a letter was sent to Hillsborough County

Utilities, requesting they bring its records up-to-date on some other permits
that have been issued in the past. Mr. Parker emphasized that condition 13
of the proposed permit has been amended to read: "Quantities permitted are
for public supply to the Country Place Subdivision. The District shall be
notified prior to interconnnection with any other system. Permit shall be
modified prior to any water permitted herein being supplied outside Country
Place Subdivision." The staff recommended approval. Following a thorough
discussion, Mr. Stephens moved, seconded by Mr. Campbell, to approve Order
No. 81-12 granting modification of Permit No. 203571, and the amended
special condition, as recommended by the staff. Motion carried with Messrs.
Stubbs, Campbell, Kimbrough, Longino, Stephens, Updike and Chairman Samson
voting in favor, and Mr. Lambert voting against. Chairman Samson noted for
the record that his firm represents Hillsborough County in investment banking
and bond counseling matters and serves as financial advisor to WCRWSA. He
said he will file a memorandum of conflict in this regard.

CUP Application No. 204659 Ozello Water Association
Mr. Wiley presented CUP Application No. 204659, Ozello Water Association,
a modification to add one 10-inch well and increase the average annual with-
drawal from 126,134 gpd to 527,000 gpd, and the maximum from 360,000 gpd to
1,160,000 gpd. He said-Ozello Water Association supplies water to Ozello
and the west side of S.R. 44. The residents being serviced are seasonal and
consist of a large number of weekend visitors. Mr. Wiley stated that during
the past 12 months the permitted exceeded permitted quantities for the two
existing wells by approximately 30,000 gpd from each well. He said during
the months of maximum pumpage the chlorides appear slightly high, however,
during months of minimum pumpage the chlorides tend to decrease. The pro-
posed quantities for the new well are 400,000 gpd average annual and 800,000
gpd maximum, and will reduce the over-pumping in the two existing supply
wells, and it is anticipated the chlorides should level off. Mr. Wiley
stated that proposed residential development in the area will require a
total of approximately 2,200 connections over the next three years. He
said that calculated drawdowns indicate there would be about one foot
drawdown at the property boundaries under the worst conditions. Mr. Wiley ,
pointed out that condition lOe was incorrect and should read: "Chloride
analysis shall be done monthly on samples from all wells and reports fur-
nished as per 10c above. At such time as the Chloride content in any
water sample reaches 50 ppm in the airport well, or the Board determines
significant water quality changes are occurring, the Board, on notice and
hearing, may reconsider the quantities permitted." One objection was
received. Mr. Hildebrandt, representing the Civic Association of Crystal
Paradise Estates, expressed concern regarding over-pumping from the two
existing wells, the addition of the proposed well, and the potential for
interference with domestic supply wells. Mr. Kuhl pointed out that a
condition of the permit requires Ozello to perform a study for anticipated
water demands and potential supply sources to meet demands for the pre-
dicted service area extended to the year 1988, prior to termination of
this permit, December 1, 1982, in order to prevent over-pumpage. Mr. Hilger .
stated Ozello has a moratorium on additional water connections and they
agree with any test procedures set forth in the proposed permit. He said
Ozello's ultimate source of supply is the Withlacoochee Regional Water
Supply Authority (WRWSA). Mr. Hassell, Executive Director of WRWSA, stated
that WRWSA supports the application as a short-range solution, until WRWSA
is in a position to supply Ozello's water needs, Following discussion, and
an opportunity for all present to be heard, Mr. Stubbs moved, seconded by
Mr. Lambert, to approve Order No. 81-13 granting CUP No. 204659, as recom-
mended by the staff. Motion carried unanimously.

CUP Application No. -204950 FlorTda-Power Corporation (Avon--ark Plant)
The staff recommended continuance of CUP Application No. 204950 for an
indefinite period of time in order to allow lake level hearings to be
held as presently scheduled. Mr. Stubbs moved, seconded by Mr. Lambert,
to continue CUP Application No. 204950 as recommended by the staff.
Motion carried unanimously.


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