Title: Can Agreement End Water War?
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Title: Can Agreement End Water War?
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Publisher: St Petersburg Times
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: Can Agreement End Water War?, 1/18/1979
General Note: Box 10, Folder 19 ( SF Water Wars - 1975-2000 ), Item 62
Funding: Digitized by the Legal Technology Institute in the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida.
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By JAM HARPER sM. .. ot be A lrNi Pi "-.sit"l ,-, ? pe
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'JMM -'J *- r ^-c .'.iibreii k s te
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w'';a rs etwen abt ot P' n el s id aaval wllh avr b ied t t it ogh to bel develop ed a ste p at a time ,"-
.t PiaM ileand PinMIw ke Oisot faeoosCrom Cou at 'Canaiesm chairman, saeid
'.d dnb-.at Wednesdit -` h melg -The Initial amounts
S.~-. tativr o the trwo omntoes -m, -y. iac-. ea -r.ti shd- 1 would adbe m ,or f o wiB earM oruldo be
d ,, nWd =W6ets dbbfrlah they b air do& fthe wa-.. ori u ofl
= -r f. new HM ,,mkse .,mw .. ,,,el . i ...n -" ." .. ... f t t-.'-as",
: I reached. it oido hethe iey to ending- the old wadl -d o -a l
warou bctwsentPmo &a t he one "ad and St.Petersburg PtCldno te t;
and Pine ill.as Co.ti n thos .o~ .-.. that Pi u Id n sped the oney t dep o- tp
But s far, the tmo aorMtie, by Udi sagr min --have sue a- .igr ne hi_ arnad
seded only aing the development of the new well. w b eid vl tt ee the wl wouldi"bi
.-fild. Iu iti mlugyede, : oanM g regional rrter officials
p .- -- e' -.l -b t-t io-.-r- n a. 1-_B*,,. _t h .p e- A cospromi e was s ugetedil bi Fr a Davin of t il s.
T* I-.BAON~Sine u.'d borough Cotty and Dale Twhchtiann- of Taaslid

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: Te wate ta inag rsbriofrn moeatumre Co -r I Oe ar -o.di t i a Cossr ater but ar
HReath told memb eris ofthWest Coeat -t Regional Water ; ta a Pinelilas-m.
thp Aaority .-.t iniarm t )Wht IfrPonigned% Cstatl-
dRgoa Wattehoi prlor

Neither .ide imd wlin 't rmove W-edn .day. In'- ngotihate)- i. Ph :--: C li .- ...b -t, o t
fact, Pine as oia a ie wii ing to wait for the water Jo Ale.-,Pinel a.s' r enr attorney, ha alreslad
-hortagw aidvl thel l preuret ti thin kthew H adviBedo- countytaP, tho t they would have auo
would mnuster rt her gv in to any current co _.- I.
promise Th. pcomjumi proposed so far wouldn't im- toe
prove Pinesic'ituatioin anyway, they siy. pose a moratorium on inew buildiy because of the lack of
THEIR REASONS in a min nut. First some back- water, he aid in. a letter to earlier thi
r .o.. -..month....- -.
wl field, ajot pr~ct of Pinllao ad the regional aue- -fl atton"ha alene
thority ioth-cntralPilea County. Lsar Pinel-a 'tsM twsft mot oud m edt wl
and the authority allied to the regiosn'i wate reuletor -said"ay to attend rssoaaontvr lel of governments
-. jfor permiulom tommw"tan average of0-miu-io a n ~ ct-Florida, the Pinelas County gIsunlativeeleationl the
p day inda maxim4e.milion gallons a day. uti- p ao ind most imrtaneui tshe itidoes of Pnla
Conty ctivln oioad the appiatii N one. o ;r Conty, the fact that Paaco Couty and (Swifud) have
w-at effect tat .1mupumpingwould have n the envi- gone too far and must be topped andpn their pace.
S-ronmentPeaaceai or.,i t Aked--s by a reported to comment on that Wedanesday
In These igultorthi South wetrida Water Mn- Riney aid tbh water hoirtage th t d caue uc a
ment Ditrict, ,mmo,,,y kown a ,Swiftmud, approved a moratorium already t way, yrl"becaue of Pasco' re-
aompromise permi 15-milliongallons a day on the aver- fua fo agree to Pineeas' demndsAor sue-
:- ag -i ,gao-a.i ayatisO.th ffials frNo- Pn.el- t morftorim co ld n used tow ad atage he
*a idthe =aut borit c d ain. ut anid they couldv- id, "Sure there a. presre ointan We) look for thel
thit for awh ide.. pressure rpointsthe r toamema t oPeac does." d
h sap Fidd Weveoaske ---t.Riceyoould as need water by
.'io. ~ oubrought in as another f R~ineysr srugestion that at-orneyuor both sides et-to-
o peru ft a daj ofio ~ th thr -oe tmore ti9eabd tnryto worok outmS .A agreement.
S iir' iRifm- a.ainey: ansd Olson wil oi tthh edi cusaion -- -
U. tibIx a- eta a -_ihia-sa s unetenB poi- t6le atheorsty meber ne,,b yusred t o:dve-l h
sidonatcPt suTh.dty o3it bajupeiju they i H c4otreue spending money on steadiy mou kfting r the'n -
it fr p .. ir and contractor fees connected with the delayed projects
-West Pas ei "Would aW 6id-water by

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