Title: Florida's Biennial Budget 1981-1983
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Title: Florida's Biennial Budget 1981-1983
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: Florida's Biennial Budget 1981-1983, October 1980
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"" '

Pnsem waidatoticile t to CGovwew Gb.rr n osi n buawl hi eadet
0, O01s d Plmi &B udgt-

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Table of Contents

Introduction ............................................ 2
1. Economic Concemn ................................... 4
2. PEbt2icSafety Concer ............................... 7
3. Ediuat Concernmos ............ ........ 9
4. H health nd S oial CSncern ........................... 10
5. Community Development Concern ..................... 12
6. Natural Resurc Concen ............... 13
7. Touraiteglian: .Co ucr r s ......................... 15
8. Gends 4eoranment Concerns ........................ 17

[-o------ o oo

~ ;"

IinImw i:

he world has become so com-
plex and our problems have
become so huge and bafflmg that
we can no longer affiod t 4mke
decisions by non-decision.

Governor Bob Ga
November 3 1979


;; T i


i. -* -- .i '

is requ-ting sugstiona
In this booklet is a sunmfma r rl fi oals for the
operation of the State during the nete y This "policy and priorities"
statement ha been derived from the Governor's stated commitments to the people
of Florida both before and after his election.
An objective ofth boi4 is to letjlorip n knqw jthe G6vernors approach
to the major imue facing the citizens of the State and receive response from the
public om the budget.
It is Governor Graham's conviction that state govenanent Iudget decisions
should be reviewed withie context of teqegoals. The ocmqs expressed here
are a fa work around which ths198-198 halget can be built.
In developing his budget recommendations for submission n Febiuary, 1981
to the Legiture, the Governor is evalangstate9ges amndireq utsin r-
lation to these priorities and policies. This process is designed to focus state
expenditures on clearly meeting Florida's goals for the 1980s.
The concerns expressed here represent an optimistic and often long-term
approach to providing an agreeable quality f lie for al Floridians.


"i T. ...

I. ConeanL The eupanm of exirtisung uMr ad the reatdn afnew buinesss,

Gofa 4 '" .
To enourae ew business and expansion of existing business which wil diversify the
eonmai ase of the State. *
To respont pbtjiively to the unique needs of minority and sinaR businesses o as to
produce and sustl t is, reduce the level of unemployment, and incre and stabilize
scp aes as ploment.
To of.nvi! qm c deveopment and mp nt oppotiti to h se areas of the
State and their residents that have excepional difficulties and constraints m developing
their economies.
To encourage the development of manufacturing industry with aremphasis on high wage,
hg t chndology, dean industry.
To promote mnufacting activity inthe targeted industries of aviation, defe,
electronics, dug and phannaceutical, and medical instruments.
To assure he economic success of the Stae's tourism industry.
To increase the productivity, income, and quait of Florida's agricultural industry.
To assure the economic success of the State's agricultural industry.
To encouage the development of the motion picture, television, and recording industry.
To develop State contingency plans to ameliorate the effects of economic slodon and
To facitate the successful development of industrie that use renewable resources,
especially tho industries that supply non-fossil fuel energy.



* i

LU Cancer Florida's participation n internatimonl tours, ~hf e, trade, and
rewar Ividment.
To increstbarnatinl tade pportunties fea of Fao dei s bsines d a asricul-
bral idusty.
,MdlratTi.. .. .. .. ,.
To eiqnr' burner imaIr Mal sc

To incomes idomnatimn,i. aMi~ t.S I PN StnMiahhI--M .n. al wS
tural indury.
To rmme the w involvement and awarenee of Florida lending instition in iterna-
_ial bui asiFities
To asist in the provision of adequate pt facilities, planning and opeatiem, and
iroqwutir a mut much operations, so as to falate nt incaM international trade

(UJ41 know from experience tha most growhcmuee Iroeuna bmsinms
"r "W a o^, mad I am counuAftd eMwaiftst fagfu U mail rWsh to
court aINwr rrs, gsuumwenut 4oesw qcOtasissa ue as twhe aeq4s ot ts
industries that are already here. Expansion ofdsxUin bmhwi me accounts for
from 50% to 80% of the nen jobs in an economy.

GCoror Bot Gra, Janary 7, 190M

In. Cncer: Eimpneym t and training.
TopmT ide u e uponmnnt maimL and edu~ 4 m progp m amnttneet the
needs of employees and of existing and prospective employers.
To provide a with in qiployment training and education system that integrates
avaiSmoureu onm g private bti u n, educa job t, jb ingapprendceulip,
,Bafe barievelopmeni pjarticiran6.
To ove quality of doe general and prolfeional education opportunities
necessary to attract and retail erlye and employer.
To evaluate and meitr de impact of employ nt tuing ad education ctivitie.

-^.. .
.. .' t .,3
. L"-.-^^1*^l'

N1 :r
~;o ~i
~-i g


~i~-~. '..


'IV. Cm8sern Regulatory reform.
To provide for a regulatory fee structure that funds the appropriate level and types of
rbPati. and pe-vides the ncesasy rMesye her uth Agulatiqn.;
To determine whether regulatory activities currently being funded4 ast funds should
To e auac pwr.ejshc, .... eaesita t reguatney sttesa and deter-
To i dtie h icraiw comt of poia&di ig
V. Cone m '-; m m a
6To reduce the ,e of non-renewable energy tesourwes by business consumers, reside-
tial consumers, government agencies and in transportation.
Tp provide for the development of new ad/or re effici rent ewable energy
To assist those who face unique and extraordinary hardships in achieving the national
transition to new ense base.
To encoage veem-aLnd energy recover from old and hazardous waste.
To ensure mat Florida' economy ad fiscal system can respond adequately to the
-lUi ot we face in thwnenx several decade i nothing le than a
ScakJral reaioluion based on energy. An ongow process that in
a few short year will aect every facetf ouro day-to-day existence. ...
"If we don't change our wasteful energy hobs, by A|er 1990
every Floridian will have 25% less available energy; one fourth less
fuel to move about, heaIor ool a home, efgerate or cboC food. '9
SNoeN r 1, 1979


I. Come's: The d of .l m ac'obcdXnge s d&P0g.
Gsacison z I&
To mrscr. cooudisi i th user agend s puIgnd g dng lated invwtuOsn*.
To prevet and disrpt the diversion, iit mamfacture and distribution of prescription
To in~eae substatialy the successful protection of complex narcotic/dangurous
drug cwm.
To strengthen the prevention of drug abuse among high risk target populations.
To provide treatment aernatives to traet crime far serious drug abuser.

IL Concern: The equity, sensitivity and quality of local law nforcment services.
To increase the understanding and enitivity of th police to minority communities.
To mensre eop0Jyment of qualified minorities as police officers.
e To improve the effectiveness of local law enforcement operations.
To maintain profesionalyqualifed andpchulogiy it law enforcement personnel.
To enhance the use of physical evidence in coming criminal investigation.

nll. Concer: The dif imd pn I ~l m of daq,4 1.. law ar.m Aewide.
To ensmu e comuitent and fairparicipation and treame of minorities and women in
the adidicatory process.
To imme e th certainty of prseuti of adegd afeder.
To mdmue mu g di pa ty wiLti and amiob ~icial ciradts.
To improve the quality of epree!tla6on of digents in capital cases.

S_ -



IV. Concmrn The utmod, ar, alnd rehabilitation of criminal offenders.
To enwre staffingbfauajor Iminge ns and community services by qualified correc-
T Iji aiijj canssent with the pu-*C
-|--- T-' -i -| m l m e e vi m ents widtin correcdonal
w quality p"dYie" care ifor w ,o' diued pae ,
To ~na me t acriei d cmtniamd bim d p oimance of offenders.
f s hopek i as I wIm bout th reobiftuotion of some, I am Just as cnotinced
A itha there ae those uho can't or won't respond to (rehabillradi pro-,
gresi, th actit.r 6tose Awho vIew society asbt hap thfin groud and honest
ctisuns as fairanft eiA nefenoms actiotties, we should devote as much
time O end er as necessary to identi them .. We sho prosecute them
wirh afl the igor we can muster, we should convict them with certain, se '
eftce dum to me exei the law allduar.,
October I1S 1979
V. TiMw r e of fatalities, iuiw amid property dammg due to accides o th
Sbft aio m peclet t e whih daft wilated. ; ama
eTb* Al i wqum th q ainM s of driver to operate safely te lass of vehle feor wlich the
To seeaumthmn oh. c *. coamsol, amd umdiam of prblmn divan.
To il laws, p udye 55
mph s igDp f *t p qdIJul ecommvy.
I) .&

V1. Camwn Tho pFrakw repspns, reroy and frsmlmaiamtio alai

o lb To am t6e ppuus&em of govetwnmntal u ts tOw reason effec"iv* to a broad
So ofMd vorw)r ihaakasw
o To rja.s te Stabt eunms vulalStt to dmaunap hronm hovribes in comtal and
good go mar
o To witb poduiu hazard. through State and oal laming, amtance. and devm
opami por~m.

1. Cnmne Eum lb. quat of pubic education.

o To upa&a qay d41 pubic lucdalio m Honda So a level of mabaI diulimetiom.

1. Concern: DmIeoping doddmt potential by rompeuding to lhue of indbvdumi

9 To chalee each student to develop to dte ful extent of his/her potenfial.

pI asodupose d ed te rease bubc edwom fion db
for to"w'slk im oar hi ow.'.. .t Not bwc ito hae
monq to throw a ?xdi because If'sa n inveesbnm in our
future. At

Aprif 8,MO`


'i~A. .
PM CsPP-l. C-
5-~~~L~~~-*[.4' .. ~ :~ii



Ill. Caosewi The ef mlaimt use necessary educational resoces.
To ensureL equitable distribution of resources efficient to meet education needs.
To provide fr the efficient use of instructional materials, support equipment, and
physical facities in meeting educational needs.

1. Caseem : Least resrictive pl ments for citizens in need of residld care.
To imi the use of large institutions as client treatment aemavties whe possible.
To provide incentives, including eqtable reimnbuement rates and outreach pqm ,
for the use, maintenance, and expansion of a range of comunity-based rei ial
arrangements. ''
To provide comprehensive case management systems for residential cents
U. Cnrm s Th prvaion of! c hpc baui social problem s oad the reduction of
hautas de.h, lt ad daep end y.
T* d~vppp and expand programs wch encourage healthy lifestyles.
e To lr~ programs designed to reduce theincidence of long-term disabling
tiadamaMd l anau.hgusitu r kl.qi gm4 d_~eae.
0o p Aido a cspr- hensiv temu of u rt wvicm for families to reduce the
SMCMimeof -ild abuse and fMet and preserve te family unit.
1 10

.- ,, ,H it challenge ko ,
create environment that allows the greatest
degree of. mdennc peIsheb, dls sawd s. ed
range of choices in which thedudkidnMf am detwer-
mine his future.

111. Css.r P~e vision of adqiyaifce and minne assistance ito md ikals

To review bienialy and modlwhere appropriate, Sta digibili reaip ent and
bo*net l l forte Mdai Ami FWpNijih Dqaaende Chidre (AFDC), aid
Optional State Suppleneration 'f
To provide a continuum of bOelsah care services under the Medicaid program.

IV. Concern: Gap. in the availability of health and medical service.
To develop cepretAiveca. Aufip u systeps for please i*ie community
wa.il aelu setal lesak b wdh S.S g-ris irrnaerd t dt r.
s mii N ew. %W.- o
a To pav c twAesra*8 n* haith wses b aiu ast al 4ils of
FlowS fApidusa *a 6mi.gdssalin
To review the umnet nee l for hplt and social services of d e lowing cletgrou p:

-cla&P. i 5rW d coan .
I-h icappd ul p rausa nd.was r nb programs

i -individua with catasrophi he condition
-kdividuals nh cata,. hic heaM co"iditknu


L ConcrmAI t t&^ mLiing at-aniaMpp |i>e | aippesE
rural and -a I s --WoUS.

to provide a reld housing alternative tp hom ownership.
rt ue S o, bipv o lo mbilm ipSare inito State hong policy
S -that to their occupants.
Tcnvmu a'uebi -n an eqWl
To wpr tion d of lower cot hou.g in coopi aon with local ver.
meno -- IMlFnw-qf P i.1

It fall thlree-fourths of our people
cannot afford to become home-
owners, i :ss tim o act. ..
SipembI 8, 1 8 0

U. Concern A State deeopment pocy that squately deals with dropmt
ra a.s-abod with rapidly iner*ing pppuIation, sprawlimg .Urispnt4 pat-
frt, ade te im comamus es amd a hvagie animal envirommet.

To promote community revitalization and conservation by encouraging threhabilita-
lioeMn a Bnd e of eagtei8tis and hoing, by anarH" gh active woof
underatiliad factie in bothn wumlad Wtaia and by dtigdhng t redevl-
aI opment iwmtlRidrmwntomBou ". -*wa. 'a-o r-
To dismg urin sprawl by pranoting "inS.b having ral and l t swt
Ipetns in hamurmy wishathalyutmm aswdeLe oilu aImliarUuesigbbor-
hoodlad, t coevioS pnme agcubural lamd so ansrtinimiA aindervice and
fiscal inno eulocatg ms and puth awe fsfs Nm md m tect envi-
mnnt*y nmiave ldsan.

-~Sac+- 'b

To prowidiar appropriaadweTepmunt in smanad mlsral gogahical area undergo-
ing stes due to population preue fragile natural and manmade systems and to
ecmc ad phical decline and deterioration.
To e %in-rag'erMi dpi off now conmim ties and lArge-ect develKpments that
ane be.... a sm _i vet d.. coummnities amd natural systems.
To work with Lambsta-aA onal agea s ad local government to jointly deveop
and i- Ijie a State development policy.

I1. Concerm State and local g vrmnat reltions.

To dewep inter oemnental system wherein service delivered are accountable,
effective, and eMkent.
To reduce 'ical and service frgmentation in urbanizing areas.
To improve cooperation between levels of government in solving mutual problems.

IV. Concern State .itl budgeting and public nvetment strategies.
To develop and implement a multi-year capital investment program.
To lessen capital investment needs by maximizing the ue of capital facilities among
State agencies.
e To use State capital investments as an integral part of a State development policy.

L Conca Potection of agricultural land.

To retain agricultural land for agricultural uses.

;; s

Il~r~C~**p*... .* ....-iU1
1* :j:
~n+- e.~

L Coma: l ve asi-Olid ininm L umh &di


G M' .. .. ..L -* ,.
* To retce the negatve impacts of 9lFi4 f4*g11,

he_ are e es-i ire e-t .lipaa *
fcWhre ar areas where relation iu a mul. PrtOciec p i -

the emiwromment, public ty nfa 0 s0 anr w iiue
joveemr t enion, partieulardwi *T regrd to haarld-
own wses .w* unaoQpfour tedU gcr M Mut Mt
attention should be enlightened, oat aoppvrive.

o' L
Il. oaved management of State land.
To iagieState land for the nmaxnaun public befit.

IV. Concem: PRotection and conservation of coastal resources.

STo develop and plement a coastal rou manage ent program to project
coaalid IanRcm.

V. &. ui1 water resoua' .

VL Ca ner: Air q ity pro aM "and r-- ,

G To rachive and M tain suchlvh of aof auldty as wi ptetand
ds and = toe greatest extent practicable prevent iury to plIt, a
property. '. X '. ,; ..

* I--' *..a
'* .. ^ f .' J f

' : '.- : y s i T f
* *- *.^
' ; .-

I -w---- -- --


VIL Conue lmaUprmr and diersify outdoor receatimo opporm mitMd
To improve euldeor recreational opportuni dti rough development and plemen-
tatin of a wnw oua or recreation plan.

VIH. Concwn EnQ y-Aftornative energy soa c and increase in eervation.
To encourage the more effective use of and reduce the demand for non-reneable
energy sources.
To develop renewable energy sources.

IX. Concer Eahance cultural opportunities.
To increase the emphasis on providing cural pportuities and preserving Foida's

I. Concwn Mobility of citizen, visitors, oods,and services.
To meet the growing demand of transportation requirements for the elry, handi-
capped and ecoomicy disadvantage.
To provide better transportation access to jobs, rice, recreational sites, and other
To provide imnpwed and v eried traa9portatmi ystems to asre toi mobility
and convenient access to tourist attractions.

Vj 'A

.. .
,, ".


n. Commeaa S t hia r, Oda veer gems .of .- -
To a i e fety amndApacity of eistig facilities trinugh s~ 9obEization of
traffic sign; provision of turning lanes, pvision of "usb tsam-carpool
lanes; one-way street pairing, etc.
Topesmideh lem l dloe e aiM ene necmemary to main t,, 3iN lk 'e mnurht.nini
To provide pubic tmranportation facities that are convenient and aopedtiB h a
reIMiat-1i ve 10 freqiety.

II. Coneesm Enmery CMurmIratiO.
To increase the energy dciency of existing traportaion facilities and services.
To develop new transportation facilities and services that cover energy.

U n Florid, our transportation sstpem is
I more than a matter of personal con-
oeniece. It is the jfomiation of our
ec .eI '

S-mmerf Rda ir M.Y-mAnd ad .
S*To encoma devdoopnent of ubu srna r tMi pro ine cp eiB ew

e To mmui ge immodad linkges and comaenient trm u efl gm-dsa~ r e .grs
.be sm-- m iliemullr mphiA s, i to smedoe Mi s@ mmsor

.. .1..,


r C

V. Conern: Prwiion of adequate, elaic f e uldg.

* To establih a trmuportation revenue base that retains its userarge character,
acconaodate cost inflation, and to which the .ysterns uner camliie qitably.
* To m auin federal and state hauning source for accelated Iumitiui of the
interstate system.



L Concern: Limit the growth of tate government and enhance productivity.
To Eait the iae of State government to one percent of the State population.
To eace the performance of State government
To aequ goods and service at a competitive price and quality, taking into account
arployee piducvwity.
To ceidr private contracting as an alternative to public employees.
To adept energy conservation practices in State operations.
IL Conesn Recruit and retain qualified state employee.
To dr ~ pr mp-'rtion poeliiech compete wilhhepirivate sector in the recruit
meat anld hmnio of State e4sphVemve
To develop mwcmimn s to enhi lmt amiii d the pdmcitjr of Sitah eplys.
*To provide tra and devedopens wlich prepare employees fr increased




__ __

~t~::i -.


IIL Conce Accmtability of Sta manager .
To auoup cpan esarte Ivels of Orbh Wky nd mqacwibfi to State makers and
develop -- ipnri ce n u las.
*Ta 9taj *Wdsdt uiiag, brda a 4 mmnsp n sytda tha support
adni aris and manager.
To provide tr ni and development opportWniiies appropriate for State managers
IV. Concern lncream aeem to State government.
To recit women, inoritie and handicapped persons into career position which offer
To euonhiae b. m-p ed c p o* fSte peqnm fto its citizens.
,* To fa i Er,,t to Steae bu 1s8


u .. thd eot: aThW Cpon O -hus/,, a

u-., -

: -_r;- ftC

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