Title: Memo: Referendum on Ad Valorem Funding for Water Management Districts
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Title: Memo: Referendum on Ad Valorem Funding for Water Management Districts
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Abstract: Memo: Referendum on Ad Valorem Funding for Water Management Districts, To: Interested Parties, From: KH MacKay, Jr.
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P.O. sox 166l


pagvr 2


TO: Interested Parties
FROM: K. H. MacKay, Jr.

R;: Referendum on ad valorem funding for water
management districts

Pursuant to various requests, I am attempting to
set forth in detail my position on the pending referendum
concerning ad valorem tax funding for water management. .,
districts. My concerns, and a brief rationale for each
of them, is set forth below.

I see Florida's future pretty much as outlined in
the studies which have been made over the last two or three
years. My recollection is that some 75% of Florida's popu-
lation is now located in the densely populated fringe along
Florida's coast, and that within another ten years, Ehese
areas will also contain the vast majority of the new people
who can be expected to move to Florida. This continued
crowding into a small area is already putting a severe strain
on the natural systems in our coastal areas, and it is fore-
seeable that the situation will be greatly aggravated if
present trends continue. The focal point of the stress will
be the lack of sufficient water, and thus the efforts (and
costs) of water management will become increasingly critical.

S My first concern has to do with the relation between
/ e water aaeent districtsCaM the 2i aigenWewN ._
respon fibility orra-aa. o not believe that the
management of water can properly be considered as a separate
issue from the management of our other natural and man built.
resources. I do not believe the implementation of any long-
term comprehensive plan should be considered separately
S' i

from the funding of water management districts, as I
perceive all of this as part of the total problem.

My approach would be to require annin com-
muni to live within its wn r or to e ir'
S ao a willing to support thbcost of exceeding
S these limitations. Indeed, any 'comprehensive plan that
does not address these elements will ultimately be
counter-productive to the long-term economic survival
of the county, or area, an4 its collective urban and
agricultural systems.
The various pieces of planning legislation passed by.
the Florida Legislature during recent years have been .
excellent. Indeed, we are as far along as any jurisdiction
of which I am aware. A major shortcoming exists, how-
ever, in the lack of any meaningful provision for coordination
between planning entities. Nowhere is this more apparent
Than in water management.

Our existing statutes make little or no provision for
Coordination between the water management districts and
Regional planning councils. One example is the D.R.I.
process, where the water management districts are not
S :even involved.- Thus they legitimately argue that they
are not consulted when development decisions are made, and
should not be held accountable for the results. In fact,
Given the ill-defined roles of regional and state planning.
agencies, it is difficult to see how anyone can fairly be
S. held accountable for the results.

Another a6peat of the coordination issue is the co-
Ordination of policy between the water management districts..
An example is the creation of separate river basin boards'
within'the boundaries of water management district, with
differing levels of taxation in the different river basins.
This policy is authorized by statute, and is in effect in
SWPHD. In the F.C.D., however, river basin boards have not
been established.









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