Title: Water Tax Needed for Local Control
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Title: Water Tax Needed for Local Control
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Language: English
Publisher: Naples Star
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: Water Tax Needed for Local Control, Oct 31, 1975
General Note: Box 10, Folder 1 ( SF Taxation, ad valorem tax referendum-SWFWMD-1975 - 1975 ), Item 71
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., t.. DEC 4- 1975


SlT-317S By .... ........ -.......

OCT-3 1-7 5

Water Tax Needed for Local Control

BREBESSENTAMY weatarA and southern par- trict (the district nsw known tax would bs levied within my chan
MiT MUENAWRI!N aiaollbs fthe state ih were as s Central amnfSeiaerae ..S l baMe. -.. approved
GemtCalmmn not included iginally Florida Flood Control Dis. In ea mer tu. I BtamIMd are
Either te Cntral and South- trit). U his transfer wert topgrlea bl i Oa larde Fl s h
tS aI har I Lra& to hae to em Florids Flood Cntral take place. and prvided BM. whach wUl plame Col s theCUyC
m eIm ms dap that District or Mbe Southweat watermnameaentadd o Mar ei w a hae ly bia league o

dw ma -o aree Flo rida Water Msnaunt
aremao I. I s la t Distrle. This distrcs p-
minhp podu. poaed to b diseld o De.
31. A I ad the lands ilin
ImiadaCllier Co- It are supposed to be aes-
.ts-and aller Florid- errend to permanet di-
ti.rthatimater-thait itricts.
woddbea wisest- curseto Under the *atr Bse-
W5@ a s umenadt to
5heoa fr Im autsro- u m Act' th flive Pma-
.,oot districts ea c;;arpd
so ?^^< Mooare=p t Manafo
oems r wi ta devehuga staewa
.a plan and are give at
a a--'- P--' pw to regulate se a of
o-ss oad ad mrace water.
tottoaifng th mnerddu,
ThaiMllnuilappnaram malatefc aa

-a-rrino ber-l s like. Thebe activities anw m-
pradia M i ma.. baiPl UIMO t Iena l mos at aob
1m"_. ..., a* a ld a mnen a tlhe
DTBfresIu tatbtaxe lbem" muiaat in r ItS

-.ct ---- jat--"iMat session.. w er t

rna er of ct scuttleU the Wata Resources
an rental prprtya At .golBrc to t( Mia-
smd e to rese; tame tiomth td pirt the
o rodmah to osare e act'es adopd la l to
oaatypi a laaMdal met' adptioa. aIn r, a
pest ar psed an to whether to find smes soure
cmt amN; tmas ricud- offendiether than proper-
aBlladamreectodtbe tyta.e
eat of fd.

some Collner Cosunans

.aes Xpmrasn uteir aent
to vete against the contitu-
tional amendment, bekeviag
that e Water teources Act i
will be repealed if the
amendment fails. In my
opinion, hewever,suh a vte
would be downright danger-
Why? lec edi I cannot e
the legisatr repealing the
Water Resources Act. It is
much more likely that be
legislator would decide to
pay for minimal water man-
agement frm the state's
general revenue fud In
whib cse the govesaog
boards of the distrits would
lose the virtual autonomy
that comes with local fmcd

be other Wards money
feeta Tallahassee like
money from Washington or
string attached to It. And I
should point out that the
money in the state's geneaS
revenue fund don't exactly
grow n tree.
Now, what about Coer

Ceoier currently in the
tprary Ridge and Laer
Gulf Coast Water Manage
meant Ditrict and I schedul-
ed to become (on Dec. St.
Is) part of the .sih Iori-
da Water Management Dia-

Chae a the amend-
ment wi be approved, In
wIbd cae t tax wl be
Mltld by the ive permanent
water management districts
weatod by the Florid Water
Remiar Act of IS. which
s ecr tly scheduled to be-
ame eaeetie ea Dec. 31,

teedCaRtnlDisbtrict (which
aO South Florida Water
Managamedt District) and
at asno we Florida Water
aagement District al-
re Ly have taxig authority.
aetagh they will lose this
p rllhe amendment fails
and heir boundaries ae al-
tHed by the addito or
subtracton of land
SHs remalingf three per-
miaeat districts the
Herthwest- Forida Water
Magemeat District the St.
Jm River Water Manage-
met DIsrict, and the Su-
waine ler Water Mnage-
et Distct have never
ad aueority to tax and so
Sre mtid to undertake aub.
am water mansa a

SA smith temporary district
e R dg and Lower Gulf
SWater Management
Di t Is a holding dis-
trit far aras tI south-

ar oh ro tues.,
taxpayers would go iato a
ycollected from raieisIat
Imnn p m al am mpO-
aebot IS other coAee. Alim,
Calloea's w r -manO lMet
eed (probloums lk cor-
rcting the Golde Gate
cnmals) wIM old itoe a crm-
-m pot. mokg with thos of
MO countless tit ha beenom

St to the Catra P. aWIN
:Va So Floer. erida Flood 'S i am eggsea to Cl-
""Controle Sa "Sars lii'jti- hdttrict for
-without r lsyg now sitdngeda tI join. I am
in roam. peosdtomhlxigamousy
Iurrteheta*to.* tbe district' pi0M.beak
amaand to Standing Mortd behind
launtles that ba baen la
Flood Control District ba
ba spe for the pncp r I poe insethd at
bt Dads and ward Collier be transerred to the
Conies- to d Southwest Florida Water

Hea'to pro way tene ado wHh
othwarda District. a dio-

anstrth. Suc malae- lal o would eie
inearitgin the lyesy a a divided into sidstrict or
Aquifer. Lt year di, e drict bsed rl were pdmuch
viact collecsed som m il4 mp-
lien in property tam and I ORM
spot a-t 1 milofr counties mony collected
a tafatIt It had already fm C eibadswnld
consumeted. Seth -s st the basidrn and

u egalg and w ho boael oda &
tea joning the district. he ,much

Ino Flo rida
o w-, fltoet
m" Is a posltio I bas
MMU dsles l Apt and

be. and I

ce of getting I
by the leapslature
t enhanced am
ocity Cmmisslee
ouail. d Valer
I Collier Coam
the Collier Count
my hav adapt
S Rocking dt MM

Speaking Out

MARY USL IN BAWEINS Is a mmnear f aI
Floida. Dam" 4f Ewrtfttl District SL
at Uas theNe fIaMimosmra *ssmures
ald Is, member of the utmbaooe msd e wa"r- m

Ahe alm srs ma a special uaabemmne watar
L k t Miles special "a o e
set uM p -m a madha made I Ma. Hawidu.

11101bhr elac @stee*a oohs Me. .eaams was a
Nai "aaper veoma rapita og paebu -er

SThe Star utemab Is otm to Ms. Hbawftskfar ath

e Naple Sar s always, wiliag to hase nls
speak aMt -a my t local eareut. Lvely.
prsse aeils to S wers are w sm
*s Star. however rerms s right met o pHha
pr ang Lnat tO t a ( no I s aO M ma e of
g "LMaLe L.





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