Title: Memo: Water Management Institute Recommendations to the Water Management Review District Commission
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Title: Memo: Water Management Institute Recommendations to the Water Management Review District Commission
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Abstract: Memo: Water Management Institute Recommendations to the Water Management Review District Commission, To: Marcia Parker From: Robert Higgins, October 19, 1995
General Note: Box 9, Folder 14 ( SF-WMD REview Commission - 1995-1996 ), Item 12
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iI' t

10-19--195'? 12:5FTI FPOM H TO 91 132280340 P. 12

Water Management Institute, Inc.
P. 0. Box 399
Tampa, Florida 33601


To: Marcia Parker October 19, 1995

From: Robert Higgins

Re: Water Management Institute recommendations
to the Water Management Review District

This is a follow up to our telephone conversation. I have reviewed
the Water Management Institute's recommendation No. 3 which
requests deletion of subparagraph 373.414(2)(b) on the basis that
it is addressed in subparagraph 373.414(1)(a)2. It is true that
some problems associated with this section were corrected as part
of the ERP rule challenge settlement. However, it was only dealt
with at the rule level and was never corrected in the statute. I
would really think that the Water Management District's should
agree to a recommendation to change the statute so that their rules

I have attached a copy of the pertinent section of Chapter 373 and
highlighted the two sections that are being referred to in
subparagraph (1)(a) where threatened and endangered species
protection is considered as part of the "balancing test". However,
in subparagraph (2), additional criteria can be established for
protection of threatened and endangered species. If protection of
threatened and endangered species is part of a balancing test, then
the "additional criteria" for protection of threatened and
endangered species would cause an inherent preference for this
single item in a balancing test.

I hope this clarifies our suggestion. Please feel free to give me
a call if you have any questions.

c: Chris Bentley
Buddy Blain

"Water Awareness is Vital to Everyone"


10-19-1995 12:59PM F lll132 I I0340 P. I 03 I
S 10-19-1995 12:59PM FROM TO 918132280340 P. 03


-- ~--~----

. a 878.414

pse s alippi MMMIT TO Fl.@!!gAA STATIFlas less

a. 373.414

the department shall requ tih aap nt to provide
reasonable suranue't stat werqy standidw
appicabe to wmt as d"lndin a. 40M3(13) wl not
be violued and rnonkb cuance tht wch cWvity
in. on. or o r sure s wars orwwersnds. s dairmted
in a. 373421(1). Is not contuy to hm pu*Ao interest.
However, if such an otivty *n lanty dqgwdes or I
Withi n Outatmdri FborC War. M prsNed by
deparbnent n&lr the ppIcant rut provide rusuonl
eewance that the opposed acwity be dearly In the
publo interest.
(a) in deteni win their an actvrty, whieh is In,
on. a or am suae wates or watlendt. as dolinatld In
v. 373.421 i). and Is rog~ d undl h part. i not con-
tary to the pubic interest cr dtmay in he pabi inter-
et. th gowmnin board or if6 d isirtnairRt "
aider and bt cthgfl* &ea fll b= :
1. Whetrw the actMiLy wil irly afct the
pj hmfhei, M ety.or wllae the property ofo he
SWh har these wiaaery dI a0ec theion
o of a d I. I=rdb s andan gmd aor
threatend 1pdee. or theo r h hbtAe t;
Sa Whet\I he acwbvty wilA rsmt uafy et navig-
ton or tw f*mw at te or oauw es nharful emon or
4. Wther ftacsvtywil ad-rl ~affectih t eh-
ing or reweational value or mrdre produity in the
vidknty o the aOvily;
S. helhr thbeatMity wI be a tsOporary pw-
manent nature;
6. WhMttr the otvity we sivemrey afbeot or wv
enhance dsigniUiert httowicm and mrohaksogic
resourae under the provian- of a. 2W.01: and
7. The eunent aoadhmion d a a va luew o i
ion being pftrmed by Wars fckds by the pro
pond actiMVty.
(b) e appicnnt is unbe to otherwise m t the
criteria t forth In this aumention. I* govew~m bowd
or the departnut. In dMeaino grnat or dny a permit,
shI coraider mwum proposed by or acOiptab to
the appicet t to wrad~te dues dasets whch sMy be
caused by the saguted acaity. If the appiand Is
unble to meet Wste queity s sa da boeu exst-.
rg anbie t wrtr quafty de not mnet standard, the
governing beawd or the dmn t St osnider miti-
gaton nmeR n pMpMsd by de qI aMt tht auIs
net Inpwwement of tme wtar quy In the rcaing
body of w tae r those pueati wtmch do not me
standal. If nmSdn qi mdmmanfe LposMdby los
gowvme t for adce watr and wa d Ifnpi of an
*ovty regulated undw Is pMrt mann be aoncied
with mrit6ig n requirements rppoed under a ponval
fr the at activity tued uwdar tit part. the mittg&
tion requirements for srfaee water and wetland
impacts Shabl be conred by the permit iaued under
ths pt.
(c) Whmr act tles for a single project reguated
under this pt occur i more thai one local government
Juaedtolan. d where peait coindilimn or regultory
requl7rJenta er imposed by a local govermnt fr
these aotMieas which amubt be landed wath tho -
imposed by a permit under ptl faor E o sm acti-
in, the permit ondiats or reaoitay requiesss
shall be o onlrld by the pat iued under this prt.

(2) The governing board or the deportment is
authaoized to establish by route spectSo prnitting
tt in ada th oth crite n ti Part which
(a) One or malsie threold of related wetlands
babel w h Orinton fah and wille and thr habl
n wd nMt be aonldered. These terholds sdl be
based an bleloWe end hydwlogfcl evidence that
aows O e fieh and wAdiE values of auch weas to be
Criteria for the protection of threatened and
red in h eletied wetlnds regardless of
diz6 ad bud ai
(3) tolth inent ofthe Legisltu itodi tr the
use of certain welVand as a natural means of
stannwlr mmnagement and to incorporate these
water into comprw nulve tormnw r managnermnt
when aueh ue is comnilit with the mogloko doWao-
taratic such wi ns and wth sound reaoura man-
qgwnunl. To complah this. the govwning bard or
the depwrtmn tifaorteed to estabih by rule per-
tomice u tndeds oWr the iuance of pwmitu for the
use of lrtn wiS for alormwatr mnaoement.
The warpitace with uch standae cretes a pre-
sumptioC t Iht dismserge fom he stomnnwter man-
agmenrit sytmn rmts tate water quaJy standads.
(4) IiL he rant of the LegimW to prlde for the
use a oatin wemOds to rael ad mnat domestic
wste r mr s 1t a w flrbnaMn bmn artsed to se-
ondary labndd The department may by ne naib-
ish cataq R tor this activy, which cra protect the
type. nature. i d kmicn of he wemards roc*Mnr the

(5)W is ae Mntnt of the LegMsat to protect
eSnuwi and tgom tona th dmn acraded by an
tmrucin orvwe w l to a nonoure construc-
Uion of ewwrwmWtay deint ahers prOStCtIon y5W -
trMna. uch rtpr and gently lgoping iorelines
which pa plantd with aitable aquatic nd wemtnd
( No prmJ dr thls purt to crme a verticl 91-
wW my be awd by the ogavernn bard or ft
department unras one of th following conditions
1. The proposed consuction is located within a
port as dfrKd ht a. 31.0 of a. 403.21;
2. The proposed conwructlon is rneceary for the
meawfn of a mnn te artidlt eawalla am necessary
to proVfle esee to watrM or the proposed oon
mutcen is nmmesary for pudt tolilbUe;
3. '1T poapoed canstuclmn is cated within an
er ing manurrde oae and Ies shorealne at such canal
is cuweay ooNuped n whe or in part by vertical sW-
ellta; or
4. ITh proapo Wd Cons o n is to be coducted
by a pubic utity.whn such utiy is e til in h wt per-
formne of its obl'ation to prmvd seice to the pub-
(c) When ronleridng an apcan for a pmit to
reir or reace aren d ertta a sawasthe g*rAn-
big bwd or t mpwrneknM d general y uquirs auch
sew l to be faced with riprp material. or to b
eMpled wminly av rap mirI waeun a condition
speeifted in pamrph (b) aeiss.



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