Title: City of St. Petersburg Consumptive Use Permit Application No. 7500003
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Title: City of St. Petersburg Consumptive Use Permit Application No. 7500003
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Abstract: City of St. Petersburg Consumptive Use Permit Application No. 7500003 Southwest Florida Water Management District
General Note: Box 9, Folder 5 ( SF-SWF 200003/WCR/St. Pete/Section 21 Volume I - 1976-92 ), Item 5
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After ue metic e a P olic hearing as hild befbr the Semvetas tard
atr MISerlt a Mhsidary, Jla ry 14, 1976 Oa Frerury 1.8, 17 to tlb
liad Iern. ItMrkt Bampart Sut t Fiids ratelr -r t--mt Ds-rI~t.,
S. l4 Sourt, lek rtlle, lortA. to weafsIr Applittes Mb. 71500M fr
at Cae ts We Ferlt fhr ater In HllItareigh Casty. Flrstl. Apptl tat
wias p~r t ad rmpeaetmd kly CGoe)l at said Hering. TIhe IaId, aftal Ih
ad aaltd testamIw d rwcemvisa and eminttg POasrry ~wduea, ab"
tme *lttaqg P tags fa Feet:
1. The Ctft of St. Petes~g app1fed a Sept ambr 1975 fr a pmtt far
publlc mew Ipply as a existing use ef 9 at end a M uswe of 18 ad fro
ells lteI ted i MlIIhberAW County Ar toff-sitt Me-mptime.
2. The ctW M requMMted aI Vwag amual wit raMl atf Is ad a nXatim
d4rA wirai l of t ai d.
3. The ApplIatLW te 75m0m a is mnw wfth attacssta,. letters f
Ijesties, 19p at pro f to publlIatises of nttie of kherlags tchb as
publstted It Tp Tribute wa etmber 23 ad 30, 1975, ad iatima tho hAm
Iftled mfte haptwl~U-.0(Z)(c). nftde Amntistrtiv CWae, W
re4stIed e lM raewEI.
4. Tetimer ras received Nby tsb apple at's represtatves, & emseitasts ad
DirTeMl rstM a. the rct of wi rwl the re fated se t It ter.
5. TStItme as prewted bl the District staff that the applicant hu request .

tel will base to be utilized as a regulator toe l to regulate withrwals.
The applittiu is tr a ws that is a ruseble and beMefli al emes am-
dsst wi~l the public Imtrst; wilI ft twte rftieth s lea Ip l a
stling at time ft application; will et easme the rate of flew oat
sb sr o ther et tercurs to be ltemra below the sttOMI rate at flow
established by the herd wfll net cause the level at potatim tric sthes

to be lsred below the board's established regulatory levels will net lwer
the level of the surface of water to below the mintim level set Wb the Board;
will not significantly Induce salt-water encroachment; witt nt. based
on study of water table response, cause the watr table to be loared s
that lake stages or vegetation will be adversely and silnficantly affected
n lands other th t those owned, leased, or controlled by the applicant;
but the amount of after consuptively used will exceed the water rop by
267% based on the faet that the available mtr eaop 1s 675,000 galles
per day.
6. The well field has been regulated by existing regulatory levels which should
eliminate future water level declines. Data collected indicate the regulatory
levels are protecting the water resources of the are.
7. The proposed withdrawal of water n the quantities requested will cause
dradmon of the petentiewtric surface at the boundaries of tih applicant's
all field by more than five feet; but will not cause the water table under
the applicant's wll field to be lowered by mer than thlr feet or sause
the level of the surface of water n any lake or impouudent other than
within the applicant's wll field property to be lwered mere than o feet
or cause the potentleontric surface to be lowered below sa level.
Based upon the testimany heard and the decmentary evidence received
and the Findings of Fact ade as set out hereinabove, the bard makes the
fol lowing
The parties have properly proceeded under Chapter 37. Florida Statutes,
and the Rules promulgated pursuant thereto. The testify heard ad de iutary
evidence received permit the governing bard of the Southwet Florida hter
management District to grant the application for a Conaptive Use Paitt with
certain restrictions to protect the natural resources of the area.
T TS W ........
The Staff of Southwst Florida Mater Nanagment District is autherlied
and directed to Issue a Perit on Application No. 750M003 containing the trps
and conditions set forth in Exhibit I, attached hereto.






1. That Nll atm I the ap tl~ i sI d at are
tree -s4 asssato sad I-I a thft bet Uiif^-Ht amitwale
a Mreh to bM nt a n- mue t-ate, ~sM rf e atest fU to see
with all f thn eiidtsaM et forI twela. t& thfs Pywt sIh1
tratei- lly uift iM 1 atad Wild.

2. Thkt Paer is predate np9t tth iarttse to i ppiIct tin t t"e
"a amt ar edrfted ar ud taste n mam to bat a* r#Wa-
abte earfU- t u as defk eto sectl eswt 379( )5 Ftwtah
aity taS. ie andIttr m to Fe hiefYt NtJ1 tbe pt Otefatt,

iW 411 wI as "m ir0 e i1 tt fIVo arR IeL 11I lu
Lae tnis M t et r tnli Vd.
P. I. mt ti&s ot S hs t rut, reS S v lrt s~r.
TW -gtte-tl TISr Ua shS tPeftfY aE AStt E, WS :sh stms
1I-%l tni aSf i ea taHie my be f 16W TsbP It Irotars t
fie and ainite taS hea uam ibt. m tfer. Sak rawatla

w. Isa I a sopp e tim adw tM. M. re a feNs t
teat te uit11 h*e u ef mad ma n s orta taf a fte JOry 1l
1 t te at o s e weies il hbes, m IIpr --- .
Z. thtgi f is t pist at pua ti b m c anstrd to linat the athert f

meotaiet HtFo r Iter fhiamt DiOtrft to In rs at shoretem
tad tI u etar i n to Swter s b.to eutemie s.rbee s or It
parseat to s ass s.m. nrse saat.tst
S. atN Pmn aItMr th ampiesmt hm r toed ho a* ms a maiho
femund wirlfe aI the ablc IS o tf* ee. ob nwte

au a rtp a ta el t t lQbl

Predation alls1
MING 9slm 4UMeg 3300M
laoo S311 NNWge MU00 M
am taim 300M

2M7e 3MA 3 laA 36StMus

8. The use of said water is restricted to the use classiflcatio set forth
above. AIy change In the use of said water will require a Modificatione
of this Pemit.
9. In the event an emergency water shortage should be declared, the
District my alter, oedify or declare to be Inactiv. all or parts of
this Permit. An authorized District Represetative may at any
reasonable time, eater the property to Inspect the facilities and may
require that this Perat be shoaI .
10. Applicant shall comply with the following conditions, and If Applicant
falls to comply with them then this Permat shall automatically becom
null and void.
A. That the City, Its agents and employees, shall not withdr or cause
to be withdrawn, fro the walls in the aforesaid Sectlo 21 Well Field.
Hilltsboergh County, Florida, u amount of water which will cuse the
weekly avweage elevati of the potenttmetrti surface of the nforida
Aquifer as determined cmulatively, to be less than:
(a) Thirty-three (33) feet above man sea level, as measured at the
"Htllsborough 13" Observation Well (2807041 82300).
(b) Thirty-four (34) feet above mean sea level as measured at
"Jackson 26A" Observatton ell (20075310823059).
B. In connection with the operation of Section 21 Well Field:
(a) At so tim shall the weekly average elevations of the tesntimetric
surface of the Floridan Aqifer be mre than 3 feet belw the
elections set forth n Paragraph 1 above.
(b) weekly average elevations shall be calculated by adding together the
high reading for each day and the low reading for ach day, then
dividing the sm there by 14. each mekly period shall amnce
at 12:01 a.m. an Satrday of ach week.
(c) The Mekly average elevations shall be deter ned comulatvely
from Naomber 1 973 through Sept ber 30, 1974. A new prodti
year shall start as October 1, 1974 and each October 1 thaftr.
Cumulative weekly av elevatins shall not carry ever frm e n
preduc tio year to anther.
C. Reports of weekly average elevations for each weekl period shall be
ade IW City to District by telephone on the following mdyl and
? elimd tn writig on fos to be provided by stct; sul weakly
prids shall cOmMn~S at 12:01 aj. on Satwr y of each week.
D. That the City construct and Install a totalizng flow meter on the
Wall NO. 3A (206 I088s238W).
E. The total maxim withdrawal from the Section 21 and CeM -Odessa ll
Fields small net exceed 168 million gallons per w Mkk wYach amoat
shall net to figured culativetly provided that arg any six (6)
weeks I the production year 1976. the Ct can M addltmal 21
Wmek. However, all production by the City shall be reasonably
balanced between the two well fields.
F. This peart is issued pursunt to Part 2 of Chapter 1M, F.A.C.
and autherizs the consm ptlnv use of water.



Applicant hereby certified that applicant Is the omer of the property cvered
by this application, that the inftratloo contained in this application Is true
and accurate and, If applicant is a corporation or a partnership, that the
n dersied has the legal authority to execute this applicattio and affidavit a
behalf of said corperatit or partnership.

Sigmature of Kppileamt
S&rwe to and subscribed before
a this day of


My Comlssion Expires:

j -3-

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