Title: 13th Annual Water Management Seminar: Summary of Vail Programs in Past Years
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Title: 13th Annual Water Management Seminar: Summary of Vail Programs in Past Years
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: 13th Annual Water Management Seminar: Summary of Vail Programs in Past Years
General Note: Box 8, Folder 4 ( Vail Conference, 1994 - 1994 ), Item 8
Funding: Digitized by the Legal Technology Institute in the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida.
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January 11-15. 1982

M Fla.'s Administrative System
T Water Rights
W Colorado Water Law
Synfuel Waste Disposal
T Weather Modification
F Water Supply Systems
Lay Boards
D Recharge Recovery
Floodplain Zoning
Water Shortage

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Gene Riordan
- Dr. Devraj Sharma
- Jack Maloy
- L. M. Buddy Blain
- L. M. Buddy Blain
- David Pyne
- Peter Hubbell
- Linda Cannon

January 15-22, 1983

M Resources Availability
T Legal Framework
W Public and Private Supply
T Floods, Droughts & Drainage
F Potpourri Of Issues
D Reuse Of Effluent
The Florida Keys
Water Management In Eighties
Data Collection Techniques

January 30 February 3. 1984

M The Florida System
Unresolved CUP Issues
The Septic Tank
T Colorado Water Uses
DRI Process
W Quality/Quantity Problems
Kissimmee Dechannelization
Dam Disasters
T Guidelines For Water Reuse
Irrigation Efficiency
F Hazardous Waste
Effective Testimony

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- L. M. Buddy Blain
- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Jack Maloy
- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Phil Parsons
- Stanley Hole
- Porter Knowles
- Al Robertson

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Phil Parsons
- Pat Lodge
- George Vranesh
- Stanley Hole
- Jack Maloy
- Jack Maloy
- Les Bromwell
- Susan Klinzing
- Dr. Edwin L. Fiscus
- Porter Knowles
- Tom Cone

B&CQ00:11652 A03.TOU

D Hydrology For Lay People
Significant Numbers
Use & Abuse Of Septic Tanks
Hazardous Wastes/Super Fund
The DRI Process
Irrigation Efficiency
Unresolved CUP Issues

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Jerry Seaburn, Al Robertson
- Pat Lodge
- Porter Knowles
- Stanley Hole
- Dr. Edwin L. Fiscus
- Phil Parsons

January 21-25. 1985

M Fla.'s Grassroots Decisions
Groundwater Quality Problems
Water Issues In Growth Mgmt
T Wetlands Considerations
W Ordinary High Water Lines
Computerization/Water Mgmt
Super PLASM in Groundwater
T Tips on Technical Testimony
F Colorado Water Law
D Growth


Computer Resources
Technical Testimony

January 20-25. 1986

M Implementation of Chapter 373
The Politics of Water
Land and Water
Water Supply & Growth
T Water Levels & Hydroperiods
Land Acquisition By
Public Agencies
Meeting Financing needs

W Jurisdictional Questions
Pinpointing Responsibility
Colorado Groundwater Law

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Porter Knowles
- Stanley Hole, John Wodraska
- Jack Maloy
- Les Bromwell
- David Fisk, Don McEwen
- Al Robertson
- Tom Cone, Dana Toole
- George Vranesh
- Stanley Hole, John Wodraska,
Porter Knowles
- Jack Maloy, Jerry Seaburn,
Bob Lindsay
- Les Bromwell
- David Fisk, Don McEwen
- Al Robertson
- Tom Cone, Dana Toole,
L. M. Buddy Blain, Anita Brannon

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Jack Maloy
- Stanley Hole
- David Pyne

- Kevin Erwin
- Tom Cone

- Bart Livolsi, Greg Carey,
Toby Wagner
- Tom Cone
- Vicki Tschinkel
- Paul Zilis

B&CQOO0:1652 A03.ZOU


T Mined Land Reclamation &
Waste Disposal Strategies
High Desert Well Drilling
Wellfield Protection Activity
F Oxygen Depletion In Colored
Loxahatchee River/C-18 Basin
Restoration Program:
A Partnership Venture
Wellfield Protection

Regulation vs. Land
Jurisdictional Questions

Future Water Supply Sources

- David Fisk

- Al Robertson
- Porter Knowles
- Sandy Young

- John Wodraska, Howard
Searcy, Lennart Lindahl

- Richard Brightman, David Fisk,
Porter Knowles, Lennart Lindahl
- Mary Kumpe, Bob Lindsay,
Bart Livolsi, Toby Wagner
- Stanley Hole, Al Robertson,
Jerry Seaburn, John Wehle
- Don McEwen, David Pyne,
Howard Searcy, John Wodraska

January 12-16, 1987

M An Assessment of Water
Management Issues
and Options
T Florida's Isolated Wetlands
Wetlands Protection and
Mitigation in Colorado
W Karst Terrain of the North
Coast of Puerto Rico
A Quantitative Approach for
Assessing the Character of
Mitigated Fresh Water
Marshes and Swamps in Florida
T Water Resources Analysis
Using Electronic Spreadsheets
DER's New G-1 Rule
F Evaluation of the Potential
Water Supply Impacts Proposed
by a Gasoline Pipeline
Environmental Streamlining
D Is the Crisis Over
The Importance of Wetlands
Private Rights & Public

- Jack Maloy

- Chuck Littlejohn

- Paul Zilis

- Al Robertson

- Kevin Erwin

- Jim Heaney

- L. M. Buddy Blain, Debby Locklair
- Rick Johnson

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Porter Knowles, Lennart Lindahl
Stanley Hole, Jack Maloy
- Sanford Young, Richard
Callahan, Kevin Erwin
- Nancy Roen, Lloyd Horvath,
Richard Brightman, David Pyne

B&CQO11652 A03.1OU


- Setting Water Quality Goals

- John Wodraska, Don McEwen,
Larry Holland, John Darling

January 9-17, 1988

M Florida's Diverse Hydrologic
Evolution of Florida's Water
Mgmt. Law and Sunset/Sundown
Water Mgmt. Process and
Environmental Efficiency
T SWIM: Restore and Conserve
Quality of Surface Water
Biscayne Bay, Lake Okeechobee,
Kissimmee River
The Suwannee River
(Mother Lode)
Tampa Bay & Lakes, Rivers
and Bays in SW Florida
W Florida's Diverse Freshwater
Wetland Systems
Long Term Hopes for Vital
Wetlands Functions
Florida's Endangered Species
T Comprehensive Plans: Tops
Down or Bottoms Up Planning?
Future Directions for Water
F DataBase for Managing Water
Decision-Making: Who Goes
D Environmental Efficiency Study
Surface Water Quality
Endangered Species

What's Really Important?

- Porter Knowles

- L. M. Buddy Blain

- Jack Maloy

- John Wehle

- Nancy Roen

- David Fisk

- William H. Wilcox

- Dick Callahan

- Kevin Erwin

- Steve Godley
- Richard Brightman

- Stanley Hole

- Al Robertson

- John Wodraska

- John Wodraska, David Fisk,
Stanley Hole, John Wehle
- Carol Barice, Kevin Erwin,
Mary Johnson, Howard Searcy
- Jack Maloy, Rick Johnson,
Porter Knowles, Debra Ousley
- Lennart Lindahl, Nancy Roen,
Bob Lindsay, Al Robertson

B&CQ0l11652 A03.I10


January 21-29. 1989

M This Is Florida Water
Here's Why
Water Law: The Florida
The Surface Water Improve-
ment And Management
Act (SWIM): Ch. 2
T 1988 Legislation, Storm-
water Legislation
Growth Management, Wild-
life Advisory Committee,
and Buzzwords
W The Bluebelt Amendment;
Ozone Layers; Climate;
Conservation; Recycling;
Exotic Wastes And Tests;
The Future of Mount
Trashmore; Wekiva Buffers;
The "R" Words (Retrofit,
Reuse and Ratting)
Commission On The Future of
Florida's Environment
The Environmental Efficiency
Study Commission Report,
Proposed Legislation
T Information: The Most Un-
managed Resource In Water
A Basefile of Authorizing
Statutes, Regulations,
And Proposed Regulations
F Policy Issues, Common Law
Rights, Summations And

February 3-11. 1990

M Water Law: The Florida
Status Report on Current
Litigation Involving The
Everglades Ecosystem
Sunset (Again) and Proposed

- John Wodraska

- Jack Maloy
- L. M. Buddy Blain

- Sanford Young

- Dale Twachtmann

- Jack Malloy, Dick Callahan

- Various Volunteers

- L. M. Buddy Blain

- Jack Malloy

- Don McEwen

- Kenneth Prest

- L. M. Buddy Blain

- Stephen A. Walker

B&CQOOp'1652 A03.zIO

___. g

T Searching The World For
Groundwater Reserves: The
"Megawatershed Model"
Wetland Creation and Resto-
ration: The Status of
Upland Habitat and Scrub
W Water Resource Issues Con-
fronting Agriculture
Toward National Water Policy
Coordination: A Proposal
For Improvement
Allocations and Priorities
T What Happens When You Don't
Pay Attention to Where You
Put Your Well
Joint Soviet-American Scien-
tific Research In The OKA
Biosphere Reserve
Groundwater Modeling-Soviet
F Ethical Considerations In
Water Management And Uses
and Abuses of The APA
GIS Cost Recovery Rates:
Proposed Guidelines,
Methodology And a Case

- John R. Wehle

- Robert A. Bisson

- Kevin L. Erwin

- Richard J. Callahan, Jr.

- Roy R. Carriker

- John R. Wodraska
- Robert A. Lindsay

- Susan Klinzing

- Dr. Raymond Herrmann

- Thomas A. Prickett, P.E.

- L. M. Buddy Blain

- Donald W. McEwen
David W. Fisk

January 21-25. 1991

M Upper St. Johns River
Basin Project
The Four Rivers Basin Project
D Evolving Water Management:
"win win", "lose lose",
or "zero sum Game?
T Perspectives On Water Quality
Technical Testimony,
Tips and Pointers
D Are Tools Better Than Data?

- Charles A. Padera

- Thomas E. Cone, Jr.

- Olin Braids, Ph.D

- Thomas E. Cone, Jr.


W History of OHWM In Florida Douglas P. Manson
OHW Lines In Florida: Dan Gentry
Traditional Methodology
An Experiment In Surveying L.M. Buddy Blain
D Changing Water Management
Policies, Why?
T California,Then and Now Dick Clemmer
Postage Stamp Well Fields Frederick T. Reeves
Case Histories
D Predictions For The Future
What Will Florida Look Like In 2021
F No Net Loss Of Wetlands David W. Fisk
An Update On EPA Activities
Wetland Mitigation Case Studies Kevin Erwin

January 4-11. 1992

M Shifting Roles and Concerns
T Water For Sale
W Chronic Problems in Florida's
Water Management System
T Professional Environmental Ethics
And Employment Relationships
F Use of Computer Models In
Groundwater Litigation

- Donald G. Brauer
- Douglas P. Manson
- L. M. Buddy Blain

- Charles E. Klug

- Thomas E. Cone, Jr.

January 9-16. 1993

M A Wetland Education Method for the Tom Lodge

Everglades: Impact to Mitigation
Design and Operational Results for
a Large Scale Wetlands Treatment
T The Evolution of Toxic Regulation
and the Natural Food Chain
Municipal Solid Waste Management
W Solid Waste Management and Water
Surface Water Contamination from
Non-Point Sources
T New Directions and Trends in
Environmental Technology
F Toxics & Ecosystem Health

- C.E. Swindell, Wendy Masteller

- Tom Martin

- Olin Braids
- Mary McConnell

- Len Kremer

- Dick Goodyear, M. Boyd Burton

- Mike Gilbertson

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