Title: Summary of Vail Programs in Past Years
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Title: Summary of Vail Programs in Past Years
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: Summary of Vail Programs in Past Years
General Note: Box 7, Folder 5 ( Vail Conference 1990 - 1990 ), Item 5
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January 11-15. 1982

M Fla.'s Administrative System
T Water Rights
W Colorado Water Law
Synfuel Waste Disposal
T Weather Modification
F Water Supply Systems
Lay Boards
D Recharge Recovery
Floodplain Zoning
Water Shortage

L. M. Buddy Blain
L. M. Buddy Blain
Gene Riordan
Dr. Devraj Sharma
Jack Maloy
L. M. Buddy Blain
L. M. Buddy Blain
David Pyne
Peter Hubbell
Linda Cannon

January 15-22. 1983

M Resources Availability
T Legal Framework
W Public and Private Supply
T Floods, Droughts & Drainage
F Potpourri Of Issues
D Reuse Of Effluent
The Florida Keys
Water Management In Eighties
Data Collection Techniques

January 30 February 3. 1984

M The Florida System
Unresolved CUP Issues
The Septic Tank
T Colorado Water Uses
DRI Process
W Quality/Quantity Problems
Kissimmee Dechannelization
Dam Disasters
T Guidelines For Water Reuse
Irrigation Efficiency
F Hazardous Waste
Effective Testimony
D Hydrology For Lay People
Significant Numbers
Use & Abuse Of Septic Tanks
Hazardous Wastes/Super Fund
The DRI Process
Irrigation Efficiency
Unresolved CUP Issues

L. M. Buddy Blain
L. M. Buddy Blain
L. M. Buddy Blain
Jack Maloy
L. M. Buddy Blain
Phil Parsons
Stanley Hole
Porter Knowles
Al Robertson

L. M. Buddy Blain
Phil Parsons
Pat Lodge
George Vranesh
Stanley Hole
Jack Maloy
Jack Maloy
Les Bromwell
Susan Klinzing
Dr. Edwin L. Fiscus
Porter Knowles
Tom Cone
L. M. Buddy Blain
Jerry Seaburn, Al Robertson
Pat Lodge
Porter Knowles
Stanley Hole
Dr. Edwin L. Fiscus
Phil Parsons

- v A. -

January 21-25. 1985

M Fla.'s Grassroots Decisions
Groundwater Quality Problems
Water Issues In Growth Mgmt
T Wetlands Considerations
W Ordinary High Water Lines
Computerization/Water Mgmt
Super PLASM in Groundwater
T Tips on Technical Testimony
F Colorado Water Law
D Growth


Computer Resources
Technical Testimony

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Porter Knowles
- Stanley Hole, John Wodraska
- Jack Maloy
- Les Bromwell
- David Fisk, Don McEwen
- Al Robertson
- Tom Cone, Dana Toole
- George Vranesh
- Stanley Hole, John Wodraska,
Porter Knowles
- Jack Maloy, Jerry Seaburn,
Bob Lindsay
- Les Bromwell
- David Fisk, Don McEwen
- Al Robertson
- Tom Cone, Dana Toole, L. M.
Buddy Blain, Anita Brannon

January 20-25. 1986

M Implementation of Chapter 373
The Politics of Water
Land and Water
Water Supply & Growth
T Water Levels & Hydroperiods
Land Acquisition By
Public Agencies
Meeting Financing needs

W Jurisdictional Questions
Pinpointing Responsibility
Colorado Groundwater Law
T Mined Land Reclamation &
Waste Disposal Strategies
High Desert Well Drilling
Wellfield Protection Activity
F Oxygen Depletion In Colored
Loxahatchee River/C-18 Basin
Restoration Program:
A Partnership Venture
Wellfield Protection

Regulation vs. Land

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Jack Maloy
- Stanley Hole
- David Pyne

- Kevin Erwin
- Tom Cone

- Bart Livolsi, Greg Carey,
Toby Wagner
- Tom Cone
- Vicki Tschinkel
- Paul Zilis
- David Fisk

- Al Robertson
- Porter Knowles
- Sandy Young

- John Wodraska, Howard
Searcy, Lennart Lindahl

- Richard Brightman, David
Fisk, Porter Knowles,
Lennart Lindahl
- Mary Kumpe, Bob Lindsay,
Bart Livolsi, Toby Wagner


- Jurisdictional Questions

- Future Water Supply Sources

- Stanley Hole, Al Robertson,
Jerry Seaburn, John Wehle
- Don McEwen, David Pyne,
Howard Searcy, John Wodraska

January 12-16. 1987

M An Assessment of Water
Management Issues
and Options
T Florida's Isolated Wetlands
Wetlands Protection and
Mitigation in Colorado
W Karst Terrain of the North
Coast of Puerto Rico
A Quantitative Approach for
Assessing the Character of
Mitigated Fresh Water
Marshes and Swamps in Flori
T Water Resources Analysis
Using Electronic Spreadshee
DER's New G-1 Rule

F Evaluation of the Potential
Water Supply Impacts Propos
by a Gasoline Pipeline
Environmental Streamlining
D Is the Crisis Over

The Importance of Wetlands
Private Rights & Public

Setting Water Quality Goals

- Jack Maloy

- Chuck Littlejohn

- Paul Zilis

- Al Robertson

- Kevin Erwin

- Jim Hbaney
- L. M. Buddy Blain, Debby
- Rick Johnson

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Porter Knowles, Lennart
Lindahl, Stanley Hole,
Jack Maloy
- Sanford Young, Richard
Callahan, Kevin Erwin
- Nancy Roen, Lloyd Horvath,
Richard Brightman, David
John Wodraska, Don McEwen,
Larry Holland, John Darling

January 9-17. 1988

M Florida's Diverse Hydrologic Porter Knowles
Evolution of Florida's Water L. M. Buddy Blain
Mgmt. Law and Sunset/Sundown
Water Mgmt. Process and Jack Maloy
Environmental Efficiency

T SWIM: Restore and Conserve
Quality of Surface Water
Biscayne Bay, Lake Okeechobee
Kissimmee River
The Suwannee River
(Mother Lode)
Tampa Bay & Lakes, Rivers
and Bays in SW Florida
W Florida's Diverse Freshwater
Wetland Systems
Long Term Hopes for Vital
Wetlands Functions
Florida's Endangered Species
T Comprehensive Plans: Tops
Down or Bottoms Up Planninc
Future Directions for Water
F DataBase for Managing Water
Decision-Making: Who Goes
D Environmental Efficiency Study
Surface Water Quality
Endangered Species

What's Really Important?

- John Wehle

,- Nancy Roen

- David Fisk

- William H. Wilcox

- Dick Callahan

- Kevin Erwin

- Steve Godley
- Richard Brightman
- Stanley Hole

- Al Robertson

- John Wodraska

r- John Wodraska, David Fisk,
Stanley Hole, John Wehle
- Carol Barice, Kevin Erwin,
Mary Johnson, Howard Searcy
- Jack Maloy, Rick Johnson,
Porter Knowles, Debra Ousley
-Lennart Lindahl, Nancy Roen,
Bob Lindsay, Al Robertson

January 21-29. 1989

M This Is Florida Water
Here's Why
Water Law: The Florida
The Surface Water Improve-
ment And Management
Act (SWIM): Ch. 2
T 1988 Legislation, Storm-
water Legislation
Growth Management, Wild-
life Advisory Committee,
and Buzzwords

- John Wodraska

- Jack Maloy
- L. M. Buddy Blain

- Sanford Young

- Dale Twachtmann

- Jack Malloy, Dick Callahan

W The Bluebelt Amendment;
Ozone Layers; Climate;
Conservation; Recycling;
Exotic Wastes And Tests;
The Future of Mount
Trashmore; Wekiva Buffers;
The "R" Words (Retrofit,
Reuse and Ratting)
Commission On The Future of
Florida's Environment
The Environmental Efficiency
Study Commission Report,
Proposed Legislation
T Information: The Most Un-
managed Resource In Water
A Basefile of Authorizing
Statutes, Regulations,
And Proposed Regulations
F Policy Issues, Common Law
Rights, Summations And

- Various Volunteers

- L. M. Buddy Blain

- Jack Malloy

- Don McEwen

- Kenneth Prest


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