Title: Basis for Membership of Southwest Florida Water Management District
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Title: Basis for Membership of Southwest Florida Water Management District
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Language: English
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: Letter January 28, 1974 Basis for Membership of Southwest Florida Water Management District To: Curtis S. Kiser -House of Representatives From: Robert L. Shevin -Attorney General
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7Ova'cir oCric -I roiw txJA ----



TArLwLAHArW4M, FLOurnA poauo.&r


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S'. Representative Curtis -S.: Kiser
House of IRepresentatives
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32304:'

Re: Basis for Membeship of Sout]
Water Management District

Dear Representative Kiser:

*' U.

~ LI

- V ..


Sf :- You have asked ny opinion on the several questions..
S regarding -he Southwest Florida Water Management ,DistriVt.

S. _. s be .present membership of the eo est
-lorda iater Management.; district n

In W-opinion, the oSuthvwest -Water -itin 3 pin ist
-4a-0 pvres on titutiona 4hL, .1.
S'Chapter -72-299 ,9, aws bf FloriOa, -the 'ep-- oto
-;. --Water -Management District are -appointed .-attfz hn aAle
-Since -all-of the people -of the -Southwest .-at&ega-agemant -__ ....
_. -*- District have .an ,qual voice Ln electing i.e..a. _.b n i
-, fica--who -.BiAthe. Goven3or, -artbject to 9onibi y i
_-Senate,; eAs no problem of.-qual rxepresnt B
-, -voter in -ie district atU V an-Z equal voice In ";* 5i 9 e:'
-Governer aa members -pf--th -Senate,--hg e 66itihanf: ah--- lar
SanageBenxt ittricEt -Aa Z bthabt -t*iV y e
relegated by -the legs lature -to -such -a -overni oib-ard- n --'-
-taxpayers -dohave representation on :the -oard--though it 4 :s
derived through the Governor-and Senate. The -fact that .
.presently one third of the population of the Water Management
District is located in-Phinellas County, aha -ethe~doverni-r a --
S': appointed only-one member -of the governing board --Zom Pinell as ......
County, -does -not make the -composition of --the ioai anoontit_---- --
tional. -Of course, this loes not prohibit your -prsuading _--.-_--t
-r -. -.the -Governor-or the Senate -that Pinellas should have a -rte .
.. .. .-. ..... ....
, +P '+ .1*f+ +,,+ t-'+ P',r.~~-+'+,Jr M 4F.m,



i .--

Reprosentativo Curtis S. Kiscr
Pago Two

voice on the governing board. It could.,perhaps be success-
fully argued that three of the nine members of -the governing
board should come from that area of the District containing
one thirgd..of the people governed by the board. Perhaps there
are other considerations-which the tveor~or or Senate ..oud i .
d.eem -more appropriate :than.populatipn. would mot .ttei--- o-
to list the considerations -Uhich alght go.nto the 1 bIif :
choice. 'However, I 3eel- ure he would be interested-iAft i;-
hearing your recommendations upon the appropriate composi 1on
o.f -the board.

The same reasoning would apply to our thought hat there
might be taxation without representation. The taxpayers in
fact are represented,,1and equally, as .matters stand presently.
-Their representation is through the Governor and Senate. The
-time for the taxpayers to express their voice as to who is.
or should be appointed ang -their knowledge, competenpy.,,pr.
interest in the district is at the time -of appointment. Again,
I am sure the Governor and Senate would be very interested in
any taxpayer's recommendation as to the governing board's

e governing board is responsible eor :and to al_ e
-pple within the jurisdiction of the .Ustrict. T-the y- t he y --
9lph .e from one -county ,-r ,own or- omnmnity ih 4v jD. :
n) "n peaking -thei ,decisions.- aKE i-

S- .t -appears that theappointeehUe jiot prpe
tthatci-tifilk oirovpe- M
,the .r Resouroes act .f 4.9 72, Chapter -299, Laws O orida,
.provides as follows: "

."The governor' f ,this state Sh&1 'have authority
--- to remove from office .any officer -f -aid dtr~ t ; .
-- -. n-the aanner-and -or cause defined by the ,-aw -
: f -'this state -ap.litable to situations -ihich a -y
-*,. .. ..i e.: .in ai Jid-. ,.-brict.. P a.ti.-_otion -- t .

-Other methods :of allowing public participation are contained,
though not clearly spelled out, in the Act. T-he power of -he board
to plan, investigate, and study seemsto fully allow adequate par-
S- -ticipation.--- -- .-.. -- ..-.---- -- ----- ...

-The Act contemplates that -local funds would support local needs
and that general appropriations provide the administrative functions



[(s .> -


-.. ..~


Ripru.Cntativu Curtiu B. 4 ..Air --
Pavc 'T'hruu

which would generally benefit -.he people of the:tate.

..-;'1 F~Cci~aII.

*-:~,t~ z~t~,~r
'" -~~F

"."W]ater resources programs of particular ,.. ....
benefit to limited segments of the-popu- ..
nation should be--financed by those onost ....
S directly benefited." Chapter 72-299, .......
Part -V, Section -,:aws aff1PTrida:. -... .. .

2. 4ouV I the cr action S w VWa ter Ds
have to be governed by hboard based anapopulation? !.'.j- ,

.In.-my opinion regardless of the added powers, any new Water-
M:anagement District could be'governed substantially as it is --
today. T .hat is," .-

"(1) -The governing board of each water management
district shall be composed of nine (9) members who
-shall reside within the district... :- "t ,: "
..- (-2) -Members of tje governing board shall be .ap-
pointed by the VGvernor, subject to confirmation
by the Senate...." Chapter 72-299, Part 1,
Section 15.

Short of an amendment to the statute,-he inemrgrs will .--: -.
S(continue :to be appointed in ,h7i mann eif f trc
boundaries changee or -the ipo6 1ro i ~.1i'-
3 increased, section "17 Tf pAgtBt ProvAsi s al a i
-Urther w&rs frMom theU btL Tit
povernia rt t he t tT
.- -sip

Management -ct, that members e overnaie Ies
it was "'eplj ted to Amend thed'm t o 0 tion 77f-1nii b
-- governing Ard y the .op a'Ba
the -pre..seR .s tem.of C a l3 ..
SClause f fU h' united It *aft~gtti n .g.'-;--.: 1
: would. iave be on b the ai ean ga $_
--.-of -the it -n antioipatd ior IL:
... .. -.- .- ,. -. ." --.* ~ .- ,'-i _.-, | T .^ S ~" 7 .. -- .
S The former -.istinction Jbtween -local g vexning -units .-and their
S officers according to legislative and administrative duties in t .
order to exempt officials involving the latter category was reject-
ed by -the --nited States -Supreme -Court -as -tpeosing-an -"-unmanageable -
principle" -on the judiciary. .Jjladley v. Junior College District of
S -etropolitan dansas City,-_ 927.,..5 1 -.- K-.

N- V .- -- ME


-2WSdiS-a -.

":'.'C '~` CC.r'-CI~-


rPvic Pour

0o "Curtis. ..S sor
i-TT~t. -,- ,..

-irhere, tle court sBatea the general rule to De
.[W]henever a.state or local .jj9p nment
decides to select persons by pop lar
election to.perform govern aTruiinctions
S... the -qual ..tion- & .- t.o. .-- as... .-4
'ourteerit :i- B-&nt .
qualifited.agq r aust be giv ,4ual
opportunity:-o participate '3 hat a lection,;'-
and when members of an elected body are
chosen front Separate district, each -:. -. ..
district -must be established-on M- basis
that will insure, as far as practicable,
that equal numbers of voters can vote .
for proportionately equal numbers of of-
S ficials. 397 U.S. at 56. ..... .

-The crucial decision thenVlould seem to ie with the legisLat. e.
If the legislature thinks the task assigned the Water Management
District important enough to require the governing board to -
elected 'the E ual "Protection Clause pusit--e cormprlieA win. ...

t *. .-- --
SAssuming -the aeoision to elscta avejning
.. e -wygis s verasl oavn Ie-e
,be.jf n. A'lau 4eovu

S" "'" f'ALM
........_-_... ._l ...
-t zhe xigh; to a-dn certii i anmes to a- r
-pp or--class iadleyl ay t Po
heator- -c the i ause t y ,ri
Lanco 03. ,In I.gh oUrt
~ -iare aunoonstis a- plan .li enacted d ,th
in 1-xevenue to-bon Ao ^apM tjfg--ap i i
-4.7, XLfU Tkd tO I
*. I- ty t Z ouiau .*. r701 : ,m:
niajority ay be pIef'd zif Fi U'pt"' f.enced out?;'

7T]Mhere 'is nothing in-the -language of
the Constitution, our history or our
cases that requires that a majority
always prevail on every issue." Gordon;
Torts on -v. -Morris, --85 -0.-. 31 1966).:-'

Sh- -4-Court -in 2aot,4s -in courage .xperimentation .n.4iniitm d
.....'..............................I.*--. t f g
'r 'T-

^~4 *f C

~n~s~rr_~ra~rr~ll~n~l~_r~ II I1IL

r AI- ^ -



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