Title: 1985 Annual Supplement
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Title: 1985 Annual Supplement
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: 1985 Annual Supplement, Chapter 39-27
General Note: Box 7, Folder 1 ( Vail Conference 1987 - 1987 ), Item 38
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39-25.07, F. A. C.
SpecficAuhority Art IV, Sec. 9, Fla Cons 372.021 F'.
Law Implemented Art. IV, Sec. 9, Fla. Const.. 372.662
FS. History-New 8-1-79, Amended 10-23-79, 6-4-81,
6-21-82. 7-1.85.
Editorial Note: The 7.1-85 amendment deleted former
paragraph (3)(b) and redesignated paragraph former
(3)(a) as paragraph (2)(i). as amended.
39-25.051 Sale of Alligator Meat.
(1) No person shall possess or sell alligator meat
except as authorized by this section. Only permitted
alligator farmers and alligator agent-trappers may
sell alligator meat lawfully produced and harvested
on an alligator farm or lawfully acquired by an
alligator agent-trapper to restaurants, canneries.
meat processors, alligator meat wholesale dealers,
and to consumers for personal use and not for resale
provided that:
(b) Each canon is labeled to indicate the
administrative region, the number of pounds of
meat enclosed, the date of sale, the name of the
farmer, or agent-trapper, the cut of meat and the
hide tag number corresponding to the alligator from
which the meat was taken.
(c) Each carton shall be used to package meat
one time only. Every carton shall be sealed with a
seal furnished by the commission to alligator
farmers or agent-trappers upon payment of costs of
the seal.

39-25.07 Sale of Alligator Products.
(1) Products made from the skins or parts of
alligators may be sold in the state in accordance with
the following:
(a) No person shall engage in the retail sale of
products made from the skins or parts of alligators
until such person has obtained an alligator products
permit from the commission as provided by Section
372.6641, F. S. Such permit shall be displayed at the
place of business and bills of sale or other
documentary evidence showing the name and
address of the supplier of such products shall be
(b) Products made from alligator skins or parts
and documentary evidence of their acquisition shall
be available for inspection upon request of
commission personnel.

Sperifir Authoriq Art IV. Ser. 9. Fa Const.. 372.021.
372.6645 F. Law Implemented 372 6645 F.S Hstor) -
New 9-28-81. Amended 6-21-82. 7.1-85

39-27.011 Killing Endangered or
Threatened Species. No person shall kill, attempt
to kill or wound any endangered or threatened
SpeFiri Authority Art IV. Se, 9. I"l Ciom Lao*


45 ( 195 ANNUAL SUPPLEENI 39-27.011

prohibited (Q"--.MDI) le.tedd ,.r
(8) (; liher tortoises (G(iophrus iolypheniu m shall resell or Iossess alligaloi
may eic taken from (kOct~er I through January 1 meat for resale. pro-essing or other tcmercial uses
except in that prtnion of the state lying south of a except as authorized by permit from the executive
line designated by State Road 72 to Arcadia, and director provided that no wprmit shall be required
eastward along State Road 70(. The use of traps or for prepared alligator meal sold for food by
snares for taking gopher tortoises is prohibited restaurants.
(9) No person shall possess any turtle or tortoise (a) Alligator meat wholesale dealers may only
on which paint has been applied to its shell or body sell to restaurants, meat professors and canneries.
parts. provided that water-soluble, non-toxic (b) Consumers, restaurants. canneries, meat
identifying marking may he used in turtle racing processors and alligator meat wholesale dealers
contests shall retain all meat purchased in the original carton
(10) IRenumbered from former (8)] until the meat is prepared for consumption or
(a) IDeletedl processing. Purchasers other than consumers shall
Spc dlicAuthorisyArn.IV .:Sel9,Fla. (onm. 72.021 -' detach the original label with accompanying data
La I mmleenn ed Arn. I\, .% r. 9. Fla (;oni Hisr r)- from each canon when all meat from that carton has
Ner #- 1-79, Amended 6-4-81. 6-.1-82. 7-1-8.1 7-1.84. been prepared or processed and retain that label for
.18 a period of at least six months from the date of sale
39-25.03 Taking and Disposal of Nuisance indicated on the label
Alligators Statewide. (c) Cartons containing lawfull) acquired
Salligator meat packaged and labeled in accordance
(6) Saleofalligatorparts:Partsofalligatorsma) with this rule masI b(i shipped in intrastate or
be sold as provided by Rules 39-25.051 and interstate commerce.
39-25.07. A C. (3) Alligator parts may be sold in accordance
(7) IRenumbered from former (6)1 with Rule 39-25.07 and the following:
Spneifi. .4uluhriy An. I.r. 9, IFla 'Gnsl., 3.72.021 Fl (a) Alligator farmers. alligator agent-trappers
La. Implemented Art. IV, See 9. Fla. (onms Iiisriry-- and persons authorized by permit to take alligators
Ne*. -1-79, Amended 10-2.1.79, 6-22-80. 6-4-81, may sell the feet, viscera or skeletal parts of
6.21-82. 7-1-85. alligators when all such sales are documented to
39-25.05 Harvest and Sale of Alligators from show the kind and quantity of items sold and the
Alligator Farms. name and address of each buyer who purchases for
S. *resale.
(2) (b) Any alligator skull sold shall be permanently
(i) The operator shall store and keep such hides and visibly labeled with the identifying alligator tag
with the identifying numbers of the tags attached to number of the alligator from which the skull was
the hides until sold, taken and the name of the farmer or agent selling the
(3) IRenumbered from former (4)j skull. AuhoirtyArt.IV. .S 9.Fla.Const..372021FS
(4) Sale of alligatorparts: Partsofalligatorsmay Law Implemented Art IV, Se. 9, Fla Consi.. 372.662
be sold as provided in Rules 39-25.051 and iaS. History-New 6-21-82. Amended 7.1.84. 7-1.85.


* * ** : .'* i,
*. ..".

.' %

39-27.04 1985 ANNUAL
Imnldirmeneird .Art '.. I II 1,, (9n. It'"y7 n r
39-27.02 General Prohibition; Permits.
(1) Endangered or threatened sixpcies No
person shall pursue, molest, harm, harass, capture
or possess any endangered or threatened species or
parts thereof or their nests or eggs except as
authorized by specific permit, permits being issued
only when the permitted activity will clearly
enhancer the survival potential of the species.
(2) Permits for endangered or threatened species
Permits to engage in activities prohibited in
subsection (1) as they relate to those endangered
species designated in Rule 39-27.03(1). (3), (5). (6).
(7), (8), (26), (28), (29), (30), (31), or (32) or
threatened species designated in Rule 39-27.04(4)
or (5) may be issued by the executive director of the
Department of Natural Resources. Permits relating
to any other endangered or threatened species may
only be issued by the executive director of the
(3) Species of special concern No person shall
take, possess, transport, or sell, any species of special
concern or parts thereof or their nests or eggs except
as authorized b) commission regulations or by
permit from the executive director or by statute or
regulation of any other state agency, permits being
issued upon reasonable conclusion that the
permitted activity will not be detrimental to the
survival potential of the species.
Spe'ilfi Authority Art I\.Sen. 9.l Fla (,ns..372.021F.~ .
Law Implemnemed Art. It'. Sr, 9. FTa Const. Histor)--
Newt 8-1-79V, Amended (,-21-82 '--4. 7-1-85.
39-27.03 Designation of Endangered Species.
The following species are hereby declared to be
(1) Pillar coral (Dendrogyra cylindrus)
(2) Okaloosa darter (Ethrostoma okaloosae)
(3) Shortnose sturgeon (Acipenser
(4) American crocodile (Crucodylus aculus)
(5) Atlantic green turtle (Chelonia mydas
(6) Atlantic hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys
imbricata imbricata)
(7) Atlantic ridley turtle (Lepidochelys kempi)
(8) Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacra)
(9) Key mud turtle (Kinosternon bauri bauri)
(10) Wood stork (Myvreria americana)
(11) Snail kite (Rostrhamus sociabilis
(12) Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus)
(13) Ivory-billed woodpecker (Campephilus
(14) Bachman's warbler (Vermivora
(15) Kirtland's warbler (Dendroica kinlandii)
(16) Florida grasshopper sparrow
(Ammodramus savannarum 1foridanus)
(17) Dusky seaside sparrow (Ammodramus
maritimus nigrescens)
(18) Cape Sable seaside sparrow
(Ammodramus maritimus mirabilis)
(19) Gray bat (M)otis grisescens)
(20) Indiana bat (Mlyotis sodalis)
(21) Go;fs pocket gopher (G romyspinetisgoT)
(22) Silver rice rat (Oryzumys argentatus)
(23) Pallid beach mouse (Peromysrus
polinnotus dewcloratus)


-'~~ 4qKR'ri ;fargo toil lnn mouer (Prromyv-rus
gosvpinuw allapalicil.i)
(25) Ke\ l.argo woodrat (Neomrma noridan.
smaIll )
(2(,) West Indian manatee (Tricherhusman;,tu.%
latinoirin )
(27) Florida panther (Felts inncolor) (except
those specimens held in captivity under permit)
(28) Atlantic right whale (Euhalaena hl.uiali)
(29) Finhack whale (Balaenoptera ph)ysaitlus)
(3(1) Sei whale (Balaenoptera borealis)
(31) Humpback whale (Aepgaptera
(32) Sperm whale (Physeter catonon)
(33) Schaus' swallowtail butterfly (Heraclides
aristodemus pIncranus)
Simifir Authwrin Arn It'. %. 9. Fla (ConsL., 372-021
FS Iaw Implememed Art. IV, Se. 9, Fla Cnnst..
372.072 FS lnisor)--Nrw 8-1-79, Amended 6-22-80,
7-1-83, 7-1-84. 7-1-85.
Editorial Note: The aivwe suprrsrdes the former rule
39-27.04 Designation of Threatened Species.
The following species are hereby declared to be
(1) Bluestripe shiner (Notropis callitaenia)
(2) Blackmouth shiner (Notropis sp.)
(3) Crystal darter (Ammciryfpla asprella)
(4) Key silersidc (Arnidia conchorum)
(5) loggerhead sea turtle ((arrila arena)
(6) Blue-tailed mole skink (Eumrnfs egregius
lividus )
(7) Sand skink (Neoseps rrynoldsi)
(8) Big Pine Key ringneck snake (niadophis
punctatus arrirus)
(9) Miami black-headed snake (Tamnilla
(10) Short-tailed snake (Stilosoma extenuatum)
(11) Florida brown snake (Storeria dekayi viria
(lower keys population only)
(12) Florida ribbon snake (Thamnophis
sauritus cnuperi) (lower keys population only)
(13) Indigo snake (Drymarchon corais)
(14) Atlantic salt marsh water snake (Nerodia
fasciata taeniata)
(15) Bald eagle (Haliaeelus leurorephalus)
(16) Southeastern kestrel (Falco sparverius
(17) Crested caracara (Polyborus plancus)
(18) Florida sandhill crane (Grus canadensi.
(19) Roseate tern (Sterna dougalli)
(20) Least tern (Sterna albifrons)
(21) White-crowned pigeon (Columba
leucorephala )
(22) Scrub jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens)
(23) Red-cockaded woodpecker (Picoides
(24) Snowy plover (Charadrius alexandrinus)
(25) Piping plover (Charadrius mekidus)
(26) Mangrove fox squirrel (Sclurus niger
(27) Chocawhatchee beach mouse (Peromyscus
polionotus trissyllepsis
(28) Perdido Bay beach mouse (Peromyscus
polionotus trissyllepsis)
(29) Florida mouse (Peromysrus noridanus)
(30) Florida black bear (Ursus ameriranus
floridanus) (other than those found in Baker and
Columbia counties or in Apalachicola National
Forest or which are held in captivity under permit)

*'". *- _
.. -

-. ;: .' ...,. . :,
.. .... '.!..-

47 1985 ANNUAL SUPPLEMENT 39-28.02
~ *--- '"-- v. ,*
(31) Key Vaci racuion (I'ryyon im( "iTtfi ii'fbtr osp ? .i, u rrstrir us) (2)
auspiciatu ) (34) Salimarsih vol. (Alicrritus pennms)lvanicu,
(32) Everglades mink (Alustria vision dukenamrinwlli) (2)
everghladnsis) (39) Florida mouse (Permonyscus foridanus) (1)
(33) Key deer (Odmwrileus virginianus clavium) (40) Sherman's short-tailed shrew (Blarin.
(34) Stock Island tree snail (Onhali us reses) brrvicauda shermanii) (2)
Spniiru Authnri) Art I.. Sv. 9. IEl (mnst. 372.021 IF (41) Homosassa shrew (Sorex lungirostr.i
Law Iniplenented Art. It. Se. 9, Fla (Cnst.. 372.072 eionis) (2)
iS Hlstor-h New 8R.--79. Amrnded 6s-2-.80 7.1-81. (42) Sanibel Island rice rat (Oryzomyspalustri.
7 sanibrili) (1. 2)
Editorial Note: The alhr supersedes the former rule (43) Florida tree snail (Liguus fasciatus) (1)
39-27.05 Designation of Species of Special The over lied species have been further categorized bI
Concern. The following species are hereby the numbers in parentheses under the following criteria
declared to be of special concern: (1) Ilas a significant vulnerability so habl.,i
Amdifinatnhm. environmental alteration, human
(1) Atlantic sturgeon (Aripcnser ) xyrhynchus) disturbance, or human explotation which, in th
(1) forerreable future, may result in its rcoiming a threatened
(2) Common snmxk ((:enroponius undeimalis) spe.ir unlres applonlriate protective or management
(1, 4) techniques are initiated or maintained
(3) Lake Eustis pupfish ('yprinodirn variegatus (2) May already meet certain criteria for designation as A
hublsi) (1) threatened spe ies lut for which conclusive data are
(4) Saltmarsh topminnow (Fundulus jnkinsi) limited or lacking
(1) (3) iMa.) oiup. such an unusual) vital or essrntal,
ecological niche that should it decline signifiantll in
(5) Rivulus (Riu/lus narnmoratus) (1) numbers or distrihution other species would be adcersch
(6) Southern tessellated darter (Elheostuma affected to a signifiant degree
olmstedi maculatimrps) (1) (4) lHas not sufficirntlv revered from past population
(7) Harlequin darter (Etheosomna histrio) (1) depletion
(8) Shoal bass (Micnroptrus sp ) (1. 2) Sprcifi.Aulhirit, Art I\. 9. F 9lt (Const.. 37,201 FS.
(9) Suwanner bass (Alicrinprrus notius) (1) Law Implemented Arn It'. Se: 9. Fla Consi. Iltsirs --
(10) Key blenny (Starksia slarcki) (1) Ne* 8-1-79 .4mende'd6-.22-80. 6-21-82. 7-1-84. 7.14.i
(11) Gopher frog (Ran.: arelata) (1. 2) Editorial Note: The aaenr supersede. the former rule
(12) Pine Barrens treefrog (Hyla andersonii) 39-27.06 Reward P am.
(1) 39-27.06 Reward Program.
(13) Florida bog frog (Rana sp.) (2)
(14) Alligator snapping turtle (Macroc.helys (3) "
temmindki) (1) (a) Category I Conviction for the unlawful
(15) Suwannee cooter (Chrysemys conrinna taking or attempting to take or possession of an
suwanniensis) (1, 2) endangered or threatened species will be $250.
(16) Barbour's map turtle (Graptemys (b) Category II Conviction for selling or
bartburi) (1, 2) attempting to sell or for the unlawful taking or
(17) Gopher tortoise (Gopherus plyphemus) attempting to take or for possession of more than one
(1, 2, 3) endangered or threatened species will be $500.
(18) American alligator (Alligator (c) Category III Conviction for either a
miissippiensis) (1, 3) category I or a category 11 offense where the
(19) Florida key mole skink (Eumets egregius circumstances of the case show a flagrant or total
e1regius) (1) disregard for the concept of the threatened or
(20) Red rat snake (Elaphe guttata guttata) endangered species program, payment of an amount
(lower keys population only) (1) to be determined by the commission on an individual
(21) Brown pelican (Pelecanus orridenalis) (1) i thrinA. IVS 9.Fl. Cont, 372,021 FS
(22) Pine snake (Piluophis melanoleucus) (2) Lat I iementd Art. IV: Sec. 9, Fla cons,.. 372 0-3
(23) Little blue heron (Egreita carrulea) (1, 4) FS. Iistory-N-i.w 10-23-79, Amended 7-1-83.
(24) Snowy egret ('Egrrea ihula) (1)
(25) Reddish egret (Egrtta rufescens) (1, 4) CHAPTER 39-28
(26) Tricolored heron (Egrrtta tricolor) (1, 4) FI CHIDA WATERFOWL STAMP
(27) Roseate spoonbill (Ajaia aja) (1, 4) F RIDA WAT FO L STAMP
(28) Limpkin (Aramus guarauna) (1) ONTEST
(29) American oystercatcher (Haematopus 39-28.01 Florida Waterfowl Stamp Contest.
palliatus) (1, 2) SpewrificAurhoritn Ar It'.Se. 9, Fla. Conss..372.0021 :.
(30) Burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia) (1) Law Implementd Art. IV Ser. 9, Fla. Cnns.., 372.57t2/ )
(31) Marian's marsh wren (Cistorhorus FS. Histo--New 10-23-79, Amended 6-22-80.
palustris mariana) (1) 7-27-8.1, Reprald 7.1.84.
(32) Worthington's marsh wren (Cistothorus 39-28.02 Florida Waterfowl Stamp Design
palustris griseus) (I) Selection aid Production. Beginning November
(33) Scott's seaside sparrow (Aommndramus 7 1984, the (Commission will select a design for the
maritimus peninsula) (1) Florida Waterfowl Stamp and authorize
(34) Wakulla seaside sparrow (Ammodramus production, distribution and sale of art
maritimus junmiclus) (1) reproductions by a selected bidder, in accordance
(35) Sherman's fox squirrel (Sc~iurus niger with the following
shermani) (1. 2) (1) Production and sale rights shall be awarded
(36) Eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus) (1) by competitive hid
(37) Chadwick Beach cotton mouse (2) All pIrolrty rights to the selected stamp

53. "

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