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Site Report
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Archaeological Files for Milton Street Excavations
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Mixed Material
City of St. Augustine, Florida
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Folder: Milton Street records, site plan


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Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Milton Street
Milton Street Site


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BDAC # 08-0083

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University of Florida
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Archaeological Invegaions along Milto Streeb- Arhaelngi-al Invetigatins along Milto Str-ct, Arehaoloil Invoes ios aon Milton Sleet,
S. Aug-ste, Florida St. A-u g tin-,Fhlda SI. Augustine, Florida (DACNot2100-0083) (IBDAC No. 2008-0083) (BDAC No 2008 0083)

C] D HRlbr Carl D Ifilbrt CrlD Habin City Ahtaeolgist City Ahaeologist City Archaeologist

Painug ad Building Depatmat Planing ad Building Depnn t Planing ad Building Depat ent
St Augustine Forida St. Augune, Florida St Augustin, Flod

August 27. 2008 August 27, 2008 August 27, 200

lntr1 ductio Introdution Intrduion

Frm July 7 to 22, 2008, the City ol St Augustine a hae logy Plograo Ir m July 7 to 22, 28, the Cit of St. Augustin AAmbaogy Program From July 7 to 22. 2008, the Ci of St. Augustine Archology Program
monitored (he insllaion oia bded wal line along Milton Str l Tie Flodh School monitored tie installation ofa buried water le along Milton Stret The Flodh School monitored the instalaton ofa bid water line along Milton Street. The Florida School for the Deal and Blind (FSDB) had contml ith a private lin (Kent Brothes for tthe Daf ad Blind (SDB) ad contracted with a private fiB (Knt Brothem fr the Deaf and Blind (FSDB) had aonated with a private firm (Kfent Brothers Constmetion, Elton, Fid) to ilai tile lim, which involved exavating a tnch ConsttEion, Elkton, ltorida) 1o in ta the ine, whih invold excavatig a tnell Cnst ruclion, Elkton, Flodi) to inaia the line, which involved excavating a trach appmxitnately 4 f wide by 3 fi deep lhe e extended from the intersection o San approximately 4 ft wide by 3 fi deep. The lie extended mm the intersection of Sm appximately 4 i wide hy 3 i deep. The line extended rom the imtersection ,l San Ma o Avenue d Milton Street to the east end of Milton Street t the marsh (igure Mao Avenue and Milton Slreet to he east end of Milton Street a the mah (Fip Mamo avenue ad Milton Sta t to the east end of Milton Street ar the marsh (Figur 1), a distace of approximately 1,200 feet. 1), a distance of approxntately 1,200 feet. 1), a d a ol approxim ely 1,200 fiet

Becau Milton St-t occurs in Ahaeological one IIA (see tlow-) and ground Because Milon Strt ccurs in Ahaeological Zone A (stee eltow) and ground -canu Milton Sitt occuts in herologica Zone IIA (-see l) and grnd penetrating activities exceded the limits specify in the Citly St Augustine s pnelraing activities exceded thie liits specifd the Ci of St. Augustines penetrating activities exceed the limits special in the City of St. Augstine Achaeological Preservatlon Ordinance (Halbirl 1993a; Pialtek Rod, and Niewml Atmeological Preservation Odinanc (Hlbiit 1993a: Piatek. Bond, and Newa AhMaeological P section OMin e (Mlbirt 1993a; Piatek, Bond, ad New-mn 1989), pontial impacts to cural to e eva luated Since construction 1989), potential impacts to nltuatd reurces ne d to be evaluated. Since construction 1989), otenld impacts to cultural reurs ned to be evaluad. Since consruction tiity was limited t the ght-lfway, it wa decided to monitor the m hanica, titity was lited to the h ght-of-way, it was decided to monitor the m hanical activity was limited to the ritoway, it tw decided to monitor the mchatial excavation of the Anch. Ally ehaeoogial deposits obsemd duang this prou*ss would excavation o Ithe enh Anly ch-ologia deposits obseed during this pross would excavation of he tnch Any archaeolgical deposit observed during this process would be dcument DMurin com eton, it was observed tdt Milton St-t between San be documned During constrltion, it was observed that Milon Sree between S be docmented during conmction, it was obseed that Milton Street between San Marco Avenue and Magnolia Avenue had been impacted by the idln alon of a 5in. gs Maro Avenue ad Mapnolia Avenue had been impacted by the instllatin ol a 5in gas Marl Avenue and Magolia Avenue had been impactd by the intallation of a 5-in gas line. his underroid utility hd bn placed along the s side of ie street during le. T undergm d utity had been played along the south side o the street duang line This derrond uli had bn plac a the so side of the start dting the early decades olthe 20( enty when the area was developed. tlr this gas lie the early decades of the 20'h cnn en the ea wa developed Wether this gas line the early decaes of the 20' cate whlen the aea was de elopd Whc this gas lte extended fuiher eost of the intera tion was not aenratned a the water pipeline was extendMd fiLrter cast of the intersatti was not actained as the water pipeline was extended Irler east of the iters tion w not asce ied as the water piplie was redeted t north side of Milton Avenue reirtd the noat side of Milttn Avenue. redireted I th oah sde l Mil n Avenue

Figure 1 IT.SGS Topgraph Map lSt Augusie Showing the Location of Figure L USGS. lopographic Map of St Augusline Showing the LadUon l Figure 1 USGS. Togr phic Map oSt Augustine Showing e l ocaton of Aheologiec Zone I IA Milton Seet is highlight in green The anow oints to the AhTeologcal Zo IA. Milton Strst. is sighed in green. he -row points, tl th Archaeological Zone IIA. Milton Set is highlighted in gn. The mow ixnts to t location of a aiheological feare at the t -cenury nssion community odiPocotalaa lotion o ,an archaeological featiur a -he 1h -cent miion cAmmA n of Pocotalaca loation of au eMecological feaure at tIe 18m-ceury miion onmud of Pcota dicnsscd in the report dirussed ini ih[plieepr discusrd in hrport

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o umderstad the context of the fao ogical features recorded ding the To understd the context of the a-ha-ogical features recorded during the T, undetand the context of thle halogical Iratures recorded during the cour of monitoring on Milton Stret a brcf aview of the previous documented ites is coure o monitoring on Milton St a brief review of e previous documented ies is cou of monitoring on Milton Stee a bel reiew ol the previol documented sites is requid (Tble I; Figure 2) Investiations byviousove enl ad academic requid (ahle ; Fig re 2) Invcsfigaions by vaous govemmenal and academic requird(lab I; igure 2). Invetga ios by various goemmenl ald academic agencies hahe determined that this aea of St. Augustine hds evidhne human occupation agencies hare determined that this ea ol St Augustine has evidce h wIl occupation agencies have detennined that Ihis area of St. Augustine has evidence human occupation over he coume of the past 4.000 yea commencing with a Iae Archai ((iage Period) over he coume of the past 4,000 years, cmmmcing with a Late Amhi (Orge Period) over the corse o the past 4,000 yea. commencing wlh a Late Archaic (Orange Penod) site (1ahlbii 1993b). Sme tle ate prehistoh e (ca. A 3. 1000). the area hm site (Halbirt 993b) Since the late prehistoric m (ca. A.D. 1000). the aa b sie (Halbi 1993bh) Sinc the late prehisto era (ca AD 10 O). the ama has idenedropeatedouptlonsr- ssiblycontinuous byNativeAmericagoupsad evidence lpeatedoccupatons possiblycontinuous-byNativeAm erican groupsand evidencedmrpeatedoccupations-yssiblycondnuo byNativeAmedcangmupsand lar Europen colon~s (Deagan 2004) Ihe ahaeological fears documenIed along latr European Y,lonis (Dcagan 2004) The archaeoloical ifatuf s documented along later Eumpean colonists (Deag. 2004) The arhaeological failures d-ocumnted along Milton St, e are a compnenl to a much larger site that extends arn the Founln of Milton Slmet are a component to a much lger site that extend from the Fountain of Milton Street e a component to a m h l iger sire that exten from the Fountain of Youth (FOY) nohwad to Fullerood Dmve Monionng provies addition evidence Youth (FOY) llothw-d a Full wood Drve Monioring provides addiaoad evidence Youth (FOY) northward to Fulle-ood Drve. Motoring provides additional evidene as to tle complexity of culll resources in this ton of the City as ta the complexity of cultural resources in this srton of the City as to the mmplexily of cuktumi resources in tis station o he City

Backgmund Research Background Research Backgmund Rscarbh
Arch, ologica] Zne IIA is sitad in that stion of St. Augusti knoi as Amhalogica Zone IIA is slated in tat ilion o St A ugusine known as Ac haeological Zone IIA is sltrted in Ihat section of St Augustimne wn a Noh Cily; an area th contains one of the most dive as anmen of archalogical North Ci; aea tat contans one of the most i vrse as menl o arch a ogical North City; a ea that contain ine II the most diver,. assonment of a h,,ogical site inte City (Halbin ad Cver 1992:2831) Mln Streeti within tht paronof site in the City (IIbin and Carver 1992:28-31). Milton Sm- wim that po tion f itesin, he City(Halbi and C r 1992:28-31) Milton St i mthin that p-ni of e zone o m to contain plbistomc NativeAmerican deposits dating primamily durg the l kno l I oUnln prhistorc Native m ericman deposits datim g primaly dung thezonc knowntocontain pm orcNative Amdean deposits oling mailyduring the St Johs, II Period (ie., AD 800 to 1565) This occupation extends alon the msh the SI Johns I I Peod A.D. 800 to, 1565) This occupation exend alng Ihe marsh the St Joh 11 Period(i.e.A.D 800 to 155) This occupation extends along th marsh Im the Fuunn of Youth (FOY) north t Fulleood Drive. a disance of roughly from the Founmin of Youth (fOY) north to Fullermwood hve, a distmce I roughly tom hie ountain of Youth (FOY) norlh t Fullerwood [m3 e, a dianmce of roughly 3,70iL2 km), and ,nsits of dispersed mmponents (or residential areas) of dense 3,700 (1.2 kn), aId ints of dispersed compomen s (or residential areas) of dense 3700 (1.2 km), ad consilsts l dispersed components (or residential areas) of dense shell amtd mifaet (Dcagan m press; Wallu et a 207: Chaey 1986, City Sit Files shell and artilats (Deagan in press Wallace t. a2007; Ch ey 19686, City Site Files shll and aifacts (Deagan in press; Wallaee m. al 2007: Chany 1986, Cil Site Files BDAC No, 2005-0867, 205 -0781. and 2004-0271) The li essentially stops abut BDAC Nos, 20i-0867, 2005-0781, ad 20040271) The si essentially stops aut BDAC Nos. 2005-0867, 20050781 and 201)44)271) Ie sit essentially stops abu 1,000 e, (03 km) west of he mah ne (City Site File BDAC No.1991 0824) The 1,000 feet (03 ki ) west of the mrsh zone (City Site File RDAC No 1991-0824). Ie 1,000 feet (03 ) est of he mmah one (City Site Fie BDAC No.191-0824). The disersed nature of the vanous concentations of shell and aticts has lead to multiple disprsed nature of the various concentration l shell and anifacts has lead to multiple dispersed nature of the various concentrations of shell ad mifacts lead to multiple site listings in the Florida Master Site File (eg), 8S13 139, 8S12457, and 8SJ3128). site listings in he Floria Master Sie File (g. 8SJ31. 8SJ39, 8SJ2457, and 8SJ3128) site listings in the FloPd Master Site File (eg, 8SJ3 1. 8SJ39, 8SJ2457, .,d 88.3128) Iether the disperd concentraion, s r contemporan mus or represent repeated Whether the disped concentations are contemporae us or -present repealed Whether he dispened once nations ie ontemporeo or represent r ,ated ocupauons over the cou e ofthe 800 ye long St. Jioms H Period is a issue that occupations over the ou of the 800 ye long St Johns IT Pmod is an issue tht occupatons over he cour of the 80 year long St. Johns 1 Pmod is n issue that equis ex imrtion. requins examintion mquims examinaolin

Ihis dst n is based on5 Csti of St Augustne wchnological pmriews Lta have mound in i c di nie is based oni 5 Cit of St. ngtinYe wllmllil Pmjecs Ith he o cured in Th i nace s har o esC5 e S. Auutin.e chlaeological projects at Ihav e wound i
-ruhlogm ZorE Ua since -i -hrihtloia Zone UA since 190 *nhuclogin i Zo n ^ I )

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Table Cy Sit Files Discussd mlReport. The locationollheseproject was able I Cit Site iles DisEussed in Report he loationofthese project rr Table City Site Files Disurssed in Repon. lhe location ofthese projeclarasr e shown on Figure 2 shon n Figure 2 shown on Fige 2.

BDACNumber Stree Address MaphS @C- BDACNunlr Strt Addss MA M BDAC Numbe Ste Addles Mon Oents* 20071012 Indiml MoundDive 1 LA. SJII 2007-1012 I ndian Mound Dri, e 1 1iA, SJ 2007-1012 I Indlian Mound Drive 1 I Sl 20050867 39MayS 2 SJI 28670867 39 lay Street 2 SI 2005-0867 39 Ma Street 2 ST 2005-0781 37MayStr 3 S. 2005071 37May et 3 0781 37781 37May Street 3 SI 2001-0888 1 Rdio, Road 4 LA SIII 2004 0888 I Radio Rod I IA. SJI 2"O)4 08 1 fRdioRad LA. S 2004-0271 39Mabmli A-vnue 5 SI 2004-0271 39 Mapolia Avnue 5 S.III 2004 0271 39 Mayolia Avue S 1997 03 89 Manolia Avenue 6 SJIll 1997-0304 89 Magnolia Avenue 6 SJill 1997-0304 89 Manolia Avenue 6 Sill

1996-0460 6Colmm rie 8 .. 996 0461) RPClemaniv () BP I996-0460 6 Colman Drive 8 BP 195-0 )25 44 Dulicn Street 9 SiI 1995 0925 11 Dufi ri Street 9 S.II !995 1-25 44 DuAfin Street 9 Sil8 199353 16Mago2liaAvenue 14 SI BP 1995-0338 2 Magnlia Avenue 10 Sll, P 199 08 27 agnoliaAvenue 10 MBP P

992- 075A 2 Magoi Avuc SI 992-7 P 19920751 2MaoiaAvue 5 MP 19920689 39 RdiomRod [6 A1924689 3Radio Rad 16 LA, SSRB 1992-0689 3 Rdio Road 16 SIRB
1992-0195 5 Radio Road 17 iA, Sl 1992-0195 5 radio Road 7 LA, SJHi 1992-0195 5 Radio Rod 7 LA, SllI 1991-0824 4Ma"Stmet 18 SJIT 1991-0824 4MayStre 18 SJll 1991-0824 4MaySteet 18 S 19953274 83 South Stret (Archaeological Zone I1C)** 1995-3274 83 South St1t (rchaeological Zone ITC)** 19953274 83 South S 1 (Archawogicai Zone IIC)

Y lia grsowl u hilnrilrlorffJupat io rprnseld ol 1arom)b scolm hi prertlleeof L Thir in~m rhrxr rhl pedodsrof aruparion r irinlisem dnuprpEn rtiasd onlr prmrr ee o i inueag ovi a yrnp ad ol upatirmar, represeniid napmprm basnlp hep ........ f drsrrcli rrhnilltgi d i I Cuur iuain pmair ui as li or: t.A Late Armrla; 51 I(St lohs 1), discree atehao];ia! ast s hiuar km per~ uud ni as lou: LA (Late A~hii) SJTI ( Iobns ]1) discrrti arrlologJl irturl (iu~tilr periods ui as folou s. [A~n ahra) SJJI1 {S ohns II) MY (Mis hm PcHi,) nd BP (ritish Puid) Not sbtwn alr ia hat date during thil t d 20'~ Mp {Mi sion Per lad). ad BP (Brixi rk) N show ar feanu es ha date ding he iP" anldY 2{P (Mission prid) ad BP (Rrilirh Prid) not lon ale itures hat dn dunng the I9 ad 2tJ

EommuloTPanla a 15isloalin isshiiwnn iglu / Ion~lmoiaolaofp o hla niltm io nln rurr 1 cnnllmun xotPmaia lillslcalonisl wn on ijure

Figure2. Location oCLi Arhacological Pnjects wthin rhaeologlail Ze IA Figu 2 Lation ofCir Mrchologial Pmjects AithnArchiaologica Zone IA Figure2. Location of City Archological inAr A cogica Zone IA (trt addres d BDAC N number e I) ed dot is the locationothe i(Srt nadrs n DiAC N mbere n in sbc I) Kd dot is headdress BDAC Numr ar gi in I ) R d.o isthe location of the featr clu dicused doumened an Milton S-re (se helo f- Ai -A- dAd MilL- Sa1 (- bd. a ] ,A lAr discusd doi--d i on Miltn Stree be M)

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(1 N apk ry ."po e a aie hamlp -wCrigfeso y.TeCt

ofS.Agaldcare lmprblt o t caayo

(3jCJ syulmsdepkisdamto mvr a* and shcemd be W= ~y ft qmf~ng epannao o Me City of St. h AL~\R ust i prior to II~-Xp FmdeporummvlconhmH oorv~mha

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Othcr featums considered to be related to the St Jobs II Period oupation Other features considered to be related Ihe St olhns Ii Peiod occupation Oilther ieatures conded to be related to tie St Johns iI Peiod occupation include disperd human and dog burial (City Site File BDAC Nos. 20040271 and include disperd human and dg burals (City Site File BDAC Nos. 2004-0271 and include dispcd h-an and dog burials (Ci Site File BDAC Nos. 2004 0271 d 19994-0478), tempora bh structures or windbraks (City Site File No, 1995 0925 19994 0478), tempory brh struciures or windbmaks (City Site ile Nos, 1995-0925 19994 (78), temp .ry b h suctures or w,, dbh s (Cit, Site Filc Nos 1995 0925 and 1993 0539), ad ditche that may hae sercd ag ural purposes (City Site ile ad 19930539), and ditche that ma have secd arieulmral pl po (City Site le and 1993-0539), d ditche that may have served ag tural purposes (City Sl File 1997 0304, 19950925, 1996-0460 andl995-0338) he prince of potential 1997-0304, 1995-0925. 1996-0460, md1995-0338) The psence of potenal 1997-0304, 1995-0925. 199, 60460, adl1995 033R) The presence o po a ariculal far wud ugge a emi- an to perm ent occupation a&6 1iUh featb would uget a emip e i pemannl opain a aIcui- leau would suggest smi-prmannt to permanent occupation as
-presentcd by the various documented shell and aifact concentration presented by the various documened shell and aiact concntraions gresened hy the various documented shell and artifact concentration

Other distinct 0 cupations al, are pesenl within Archaeological Zone I IA with Other distinct occupations al ae pscnt within Achaeological Zone IIA, with Other distinct cupatons al are present within Ahaeologi, Zone HA1 with poion i lnot all o the- i buriedby or mixed in with he cultural midden ponions ifnot alI of the sit buried by ormixed inwiththe culturamidden portion-ifnotal iofthensites buriedbyormixedinwiththeculturalmidden soiate d with the St .Johns 11 Period oupation (Figum 3) These sites include: 1) a usociated with die St. Job H Period oxupation (Figure 3) These sites include: 1) an associated ith the St Johns II Pmod occupation (Figu- 3i) iese sites include: 1) a Orange Period occupation that predMes the St Johnbs 11 site (Deagan 2004; albin 1993b; Orange Peod occupation that pdates the SIt. Johns 1I sile (liDeagan 2004; Halbin 1993b: Omnge Peiod ocupatn that pedates the St Joh 11 site (-agan 2004; iabbtt 1993b: City Site File BDAC Nos 2007-1012. 2040888, 1992 0689, ad 19920195), 2) the City Si File BDA( No, 2007 1012 2004-0888, 1992 1689, and 1992 0195), 2) the City Sile File HDAC Nos 2007-1012. 2004-0888 1992-0689. and 1992-0195). 2) the 1565 Menendez En parent (Deagan 2004) al what ws the south bounary of the 1565 Menendez Encapment (Deagan 2004) at what was th, south.e bounda of the 1565 Menendez Encampment (Dage 2004) at what ws the southern bound o the St Johns 1cupation, 3) the hist M mission community oNomb de Dios most of St. John II occupation, 3)the historic mission conmuty ofiNonbI de Dio. m st of St Jos cupation, 3) he sor ic mission community o Nombe de Dio mosi of which occum in the general vicinity of the Mncndcz enanpment (Deagau 2004; Waters which occu in the general vicimty ofhe Menendez encpme eagm 2004; Waters which occurs in he general vicinity if the enendez encampment (eagan 2004; Waters 2005: Saherg 1991), and 4) a possible slave Mbition lus associated wih Governor 205: Seaberg 1991), and 4) a possible slave habiton l Usociated with Govermor 20105; Seaberg 1991 ), and 4) a possible slave habitation locs associaled with Governor Jmes Gint, s 308-acre farm (lalbi 1999), which was in operadon f-om 1764 ,, the James GranCt' 308acr Im (Halrl 1999), which was inoperalion io- m 1764 to th e Janes G.mnt 308-acr, farm (Halbirt 1999), which was in opetionfrom 1764 to he early 1770s, carly 770s early 1770s.

Physical Seting Physial Setting Physical Setting
As tbe grade ol Mlton Street was below that of most of the singlcamily lots As the grade of Milton Sr, wa below tht of most of the single-,ly lot As e grade of Milton Seet was below that ol most o the single mily lots along its co eit was estimatedhat between one to two fe o lhe originalground along its cou -it was estimated that between one o two feet of the original ground along its cours it was estinted ti between one to two fet of t e onginal ,ound facc had bcen rcmovcd an assessment ofthe ladscape pror to urb. development surifce Md bn moved ny assessment of the Iandsa p prior to urban development sure had been remoed- any rsesment olthe landapepr urban dcclopment would have to be based on he subsurace soil dposia In particular those soil deposits would have to be based on the subsurace soil deposits In particular, those soil deposits would have to be basd on the subsudace soil deposits. In picular, those soil deposits considered t, be culturally sterile would be a determining factor in conn uting the Iidered to be culturally sterile would be a deedetmriin f.i n rcnmuci nrig rh iderd to be ulytril ud reconstructing the hisorical iand-a as most of the cultural midden had been remoed through grading historical ladscap as most of the cultural midden had been removed through dig histeri al landscape as most o the cu tural midden had en removed through grading. Ody in a few locations along the course ol Milon Seet s a general cultal midden Only in a fw locations along the curse of Milon Street was a general cultal midden Only in a few locations along the course of Milton Stet was a general cultural midden obseamed, which consisted of grayishlbm sad with traces of shell and sometimes obsed, which consisted o gayish- own sand with races ol she and sometimes obscd, which consised of grayish-bmwn sand with ces of srll and soetimes charcoal Comequetly, any doc ened archalogicaldepo its would consist of charcoal Conaquely, any docmented ahaeological deposits wouldconsistof chwcoal Conquently, y documented archaeological deposits would consis feattcs dug into the cually sTrile -and, fe-ures dug inn fie culturally srie s-ds tb-ures dug into tie culta, ally ste -,r sn c

Figre3. Loc ons r St John 11 Perod eares and Proposed Bondaies lr Othe Figure 3. Locationsbr SL hns I Perod Featur and Props sBoundes for Other Figure 3 Loctions for St. Jo II Period Feaesand proposed Boundies for Other Temporml Oecupation within one IIA Designations am as follows: Gan (com area Tempoml Occupations wilhin 7nne IIA Desipation me ~ follows: Gren (m area Tempo)ral Occupations within one IIA Desimations we a lillows: Gn (com mea olhrange perod Site), Hatched Lnes (concenlrated St Jhns II peod shell and/or of Olge Period Site), Iatched Lines (concentrated St. Johns II Period shell anor of ree Period Site) Halched Lines (concentrated St. Jolm II Peiod shell and or hilact concentrations); Black (St. Jos II Structures); Pink (Si Johns I ind brca): miad eonenrations); Black (St Johns i1 Sirucetues); Pink (St. Johns i wind bAs); amifaa concentations); Black (St Johns 1ii Structures): Pm (St lJot wind breaks) Rled Lines (S Johni 11 ithes);Orange (St John I bua humnor dg); Yellow Red Iines (St Johns ditches); Orge (Si John II unal hum or dog) Yeliow Red Lines (St. Jolu iditches); Ornge(St Johns Ii buialhumaor dog); Yell enendet npmnt Purple (prpsed route of mission period banier (Mende Fnmmpmnl) PUle proposedd ute ul ission peod bamer (Menndcz capment); urple (rop ,ed route of mission period brier en 1ctn,,ent and Blue (com,-et of Grnt's iarm) entinchmnl; nd Blue (ompotcnn of {Jmm's Fa) entrnchent; id Blue {component o G rant's Fatd)


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Two distinct culturally s le nds were ob-eed along the tanch, which -e Two distinct cullyumily sik sads were obsemed along the nch. w ch e Iwo distinct culturly sterile Is-ds were ob rved along the trench which are p sula. d to be related thie p-scnclabsnce of a-meological dcits Along the potulated to e related to the pMsencelabsence f ahaeological depsits Along the postulad to 1e mlated to the presence/absmie of schaeological dilts Along the weste half f the sree (ie, from Sa Marco Avenue to point rougy 150 ft cast i western mf of the strct (i.e .m. Sa Marco Avenue to point mughly 150 11eas o western half of the street(i.e.,1 m S\ Ma. Avenue to point roughly 15i f cast of Douglas Avnne) the soil deposit consists ofa gryish-hie fine sand that s atop Douglas Avenue) the soil deposit consists ofa gra ishwhite ne slad thaL wa a.op Dougls Ave ) the soil deposit consists of a grayish-white fine and that as atop yelowfincsands Ihe gmyish-whit d isthou h tobeassocat eith wid cen yellow fmesads s rayihi te idiS thought ociedehrithrent yellow line sands The gayihwhitend is thought to associatd cithcrwit recent dune fonadions or e pondmg of iate tha as ellectively leuched out Ihe organics dune ormalions or tie ponding of watr that ha effectively Icached out the organics dune formations or the ponding of water tht h effectively lehed out the organics Along ie etem hlf of thie road soil deixsits consst mainly ol yellow sand. which Along the eastern hal of the mad soil deposits consin mainly of yellow sand, which Along th cstcrn half of he mad soil deposits consist mai of yellow sad, which represents ancenl dunes or teaces.1 Only in a few location, where the ycilow sand represents cint dunes or teraees2 Oly in a few locations, where -he yelow sad represents ancient dnes or tenaces Only in a few locations where the yellow sand deposit dips, were traces oa general cultural midden obselmed Ihis dichotonl) in soil deposit dips, cw traces of a general culture midden obseed. Ms dichotomy in soil deposidips, we trces of general cultural midden observed Thisdichotomyinsoil t s is p mfltive of potential ite location. MoI cultural material has b n fud soil Lyps is milectve of potial site location More cultural mlateal h bm foIund soil tys is rec v1oia h. l site location More cultural material has b-n found soil depositsovrlyingftheyclow nds The opposlitegenerallyoccurswhengrayihwhle deposits overlyinglhe elow s Thieopsite general c whengrih hite depoiit orlingthel nds I he opI sit generally occurs when grayish-white
-ds r documented -ds a d ,ocumented ads a documented

Archamlgil Features Arhn~ological -Feau s Ahaeoologieal Features
IIt wa not until approximately the midpoint bet n Douglas Avnu ad It was not until appmxately the midpoint between Doglas Avenue and ft was not until appximately the midpoint beh m Dn.ugla.s Avent and
Manolia Avenue (ie, approximately 170 l east of ithe Mplia Avene) that Feture I Mgoli Avenue (ie. approximaly 170 i east o the Magnoli Avenue) thal F ure I Magnolia Avu (ie. approximately 170 f cast of the Magnolia Avenu) that IFeatre I .wa doemented RepseCnt d was the lower portion of a probable dich, wch l o 33 wa dumentd. Repesented was the lower niin ol probable ditch, which wis 33 was documated Represented was Ihe lower potion of a probable ditch whch was 33 in (84 cm) at its max um widthby 12 in (31 cm) inpth The walls were sloping and in (84 cm) at is m- imum widlh by 12 in. (31 m) in depth e walls were sloping aid in. (84 cm) at its maxim. widthl b 12 in (31 em) m depth lhe alls were sloping and the be was sucer shape in pr ,lie. UnIlnnat the dilh was only be observed on the base was ucer-hape in profile. ulim lteiythe dtch ws only obseedon the base wa- saucer-sh pe inpmfile Un lately the dich wa only be obser, d n fie noh face other nch the face had b distrbed b th ga line the no face of the rnch as i soul face had ben disturbd by die gas line the north ie olhe trench as he south lace had bn disturbed by the gas line

To distinct layers of soil were within the ditch he lowe zone was a varved Iwo diinct laye of soil wo witi h the ditch he lower zone was a vaned Two distinct laycm of soil wen within the Wh The lower zone w a vaned gray and lensbou urinches in depth Ihi deposit likly d o ed through fl al g d a lensI about iur inches in depth -TMs desit- 1ely formed though uviS gay sad lensabout our inches it de pth is de,sit likely lmled though luvial process-- ndicats tht e trench was open for a period oftune he upper zone was pmcessindicates that the t~ch was open lr a period ol time The upper zon was processes indlcates hat the rch was open fora period oftime Ihe uppcr zone was lighter hige sad that about 7 inches in depth The soue br this deposit ulid lighter hige sand that was about 7 inches in depth Ihe son f r this deposit uld lighter beige sd that was about 7 inches depth Th son e for tis deposit duld have orginated fiom ending spoil piles that were formed during the excavation ofthe ave orgiated from endn spoil pies that were formed during hie excavation ofhe have orginated from ending spoil piles that were Fomed d ng the ex vati n ol the ditch aS or from Acolian (wnd-blon) ands Grayish-bwn sand presentative of the ditch andor from A lian (wnd-blown) nds. Grayishbrown sad presentatlive o the ditch andor Illom Amlian (wind blown) and. Grayishbmwn sand prer narive of til general cultural midden overlaid the ditch This e oiofa few locationsalong the general cultural midden overlaid the ditch. his w one ofa fw loalions along thc general culral midden overlaidthe ditch. is one ofa few locations alo the

0124n0,la0 rl ni tl at a1ia Islan by h0 C7' arhad lg pgm h ho Reoont Ih ologio l[nsto s t m lllyo Iland 14 11 C1.o lol pim shon R131L3rh511- loo ol 1 1n1 An,. ,,l in l flit CI ts 0r23 ,,171 rram lan Dh, 0243 2040746] ardl )7 0462 0242007061. i d2I7I 62) ,243. 25513 414 .0n55 2Ol 6)

pipeline trench who cultural midden dosits were obseed between San M eo pipeline trench whe cultural midden dposits ere observed between Sa Mar o pipeline trench] wh- culul midd deposits ere l obse1 d b ,een Sa Marco Avenue and Maolia Avenue Avenue and M1aola Avenue Aven, and Mapolia Avcnue.

The purpose of the ditch is spxutative; however, one assibilit is that it is a The purpose of the ditch is spaulative; however, one pssibiliy is that it is a The pu e of the ditch is spvlative; however, one possibiity is that it is a count uation of a ditch ilund at the 1,uth end 1 Mpgnoli.a Ag ue, approxitely 2.000 continuing ola ditch found at the f uth d of Magnolia Avenue, approximtely 2,000 continuation of a ditch fold at the south M of Magolia Avenue, approximately 2,000 Souh o Milon Street. He, o City project (BDAC Nos. 19939 45 and 1992- south of Milton Stree Ie tw, City projects (BDAC Nos 1993 45 and 1992- t south of Milon Se Here, o City prjec(BDAC Nos 1993 445 ad 1992 0751) documented a trench, whch approximately 36 in wide where it intrseced the 0751) documented a trench, which was approximately 36 in wide where it intersectd the 0751) documented trench, which w approximately 36 in wide where it interseced the culudly sterile subs atum His dith has b.n interpreted as a bmi entrenchment cult ly sterile Asubsttum his ditch has bn interested as a arder entrcncien cultuly sterie substratum Iis ditch has men interpreted as a barrier entchmenl along the western side of the 17 and I8h ccnnu mission community of Nomb de along the westen side o the 17' and 187 century mission immunity of Nomba de along the estm side of the 171' and 18th century mission mmluliy of Nombre de Dios (Halbt 1994). Unlike ariculul ditches doc en s occumng d g the Dios ilalbin l994) nlikc agriculture dithes dlum t occurring duing he Dis (Halbirt 994). Unlike agricultural ditches documented occung during tile pistoric era (BDAC Ns 1997-0304. 19950925 1996-014611, and 1995-0338). this prhiston era (BDAC Nos 1997-0304, 1995 0925, 1996-0460 and 1995 0338), 1h phistoe era (BAC Nos 19970304. 1995-0925, 1996-0460, and 1995 -0338). t
djch irswider and deeper (igi 4) Moreover, accompanying the ditch along the west ditch is wider and deeper (iFii 4) M oer ar mpayi the ditch lng thewest ditch i wider ad deeper (Figure 4) omover, accompanying he ditch alog the west side s a sees, parallel potholes. These poslholes a- posilted as beg parl o a side was a series ofparallel postholes hese postholes ar posid i being pa ofa side was a series ofparallel postholes hese poslholes are psied sing pa ofa fence Ihat may hare helped to stabilize the ber. What pupose the bar may hae fenee that may hare help t slabili fie be. What purpose e bior miy have knce that may have helped to stabilize the berm What purpose the barer my have sed is unclear as the parallel ieaturs (ic., he ditch and ifnce) are not oriected in a ed is unclear the pamllel features (i, he ditch and fence) are not oriented in a sered is unclear as the parallel feates (ie, the ditch and fence) e not oriented in a position to protect fhe mission community, which would have been along the mush. If position to protect the mission commit, which would have been along the marsh If position (o protect the passion community, which would have been along the marsh. If that was te scenaio, the face would be on the east side o the ditch Instead. it is that we the scearo. the fence would be on the east side of the ditch. instead, it is that was ie seeneio, the fence would be on the cast side of the ditch instead, it is postulated that the tenchcen w ud to keLp pmpry (ie.. ami s) in the conlines postulad tht the entrench m t ws used to keep proper (ie, imals) in the confes po lated tat the enenchmat wa used to keep properly (ie. animals) in the confines Sthe mission community A snilar aturc h. been domented for the missing of the mission ommuniy A similarf h bendon lhemiione mission community. Asimilw feate ha been document for the missing eommuni ofPocotalaca (Cy Sie File 05-3274; e Fire 1) Eonnut ofPocotalac (City Site ile 05-3274; seeFige 1) community o Paotlae (Cit Site File 05-3274; see ig 1)

No other distinct features were observed in the trench tmtii the pipeline was about No other distinct feates were obseed in the nch unl he ipline was about No other distinct ealures were obseed in ihe trench until the pipeline was about
8 i irom Ihe cast end of Milton Street; albeit, a few shallow stains id a psible 80 fm tie cast end of Miln Street: albeit, a few shallow sins and a possible 80 rom the east d of Milton Street; lbeit, a l shallow stains and a possible psthole were reconed A this point, approximatly 150 lel west of the msh edge, a pthole were rcordcd3 At this point, appximately 150 fa west of the mah edge, a pshniole were recorded. At this poin, appximately 150 feet wes ol Ihe mah edge, a duster ol i -ur features wc documented (Figure 5): two shell rdden locations (Features cluster of fur features we documented (igu e 5)1 o shell radd locations (Iures cluer of four features wee documented (RFig 5): two shell midd- Iocatio (Featwes 2 and 3), a possible burial (Feature 4), and a large pit (Feature 5) Because tho deposits 2 and 3), a possible bual (Feature 4), d a large pit (Feature 5) Because the- deposit, 2 a d 3), a possible bial (Fcat 4), and a large pit (Feature 5). Because he deposits we obreyed along the side wall of the tnch, Leir shape and size is unkno The wen obsewed along the side wall of the tnch, their shape and size is ukown The we observed along the side wall of the trnch, their shpe ad size is unknown Ihe location ws simply documented ad plm ad pra ile drawings wem obtaied No fher location was simply documented and plan and pmfie drawings we obtaind No further loation was simply documented and plan and profile dra, s were obtained No either awhaolo lcdepsits were doumented .east l bur feature. arehaeologil depsitswc documented east of fur featu s haeologil deposits we documtd castof four features 0111901910111919) 0,9191191119919(99'919 0911-1190991 p)Mt-11991p19119910,1t191 9h199112199g.9 99911 9919911119l11911

Figur4 latcdProfi ofB Enrnchmcnt Dcfined e e im boundary I'igu ~4 Pultd Poe Bar c Entrcnchent hat Defined th Western Hound Figu4 Potuldp e of r ELenchment ha Delin the WsternB oundary of N-mbr Di (lom Hali, 194), o b D (ft- Dlbi 1994) of-onbi de D-o fr hlbl 1994).

Oft Om Off

j II

2ft I m2ft I mo2ft

ditch ditch dieh O 2 4 o 2 3 44 o 3 9 ift 0 3 6 3 2ft 0 3 6 9 Lft


P2 6oaSc ArhaeoloaesFeaues Cul t Stiie Soil P Archaeolodoal Feaues s Cot P.ll lO aeolodSte Soll

R-deaso dpoi a Ekly17nffi y &tchti Stsd Rn tsoldposi lyl I t teosydit& fill Rnto deposit ly 170n -ydihfH V dLesd

20cen sotdposis Oa efitoD dowsa d centb sofdepost Oukeof 5.0 e Yello d 20en od eo i Outhe ofdfbitod Yelowsand wchatoloodfenwest aochmaoloitalfea es shaesologioalfeatrs (cly 170 eny ditch (ely 17th on y ditch (eafly 17&t tmy ditch
1 9 andpthole) handposto) 1 o19 and poffithole) dep t dpol dTpld

Figure 5. plan P d Profile D-igs ofF.-ures 2 to 5 along Mill- Ste. lFigu. 5 Pl. mid Pofle D-mging, offeaues 2 to 5 along Miton Sltee. Fig. 5. Pl d Profile D-mwngs ll Fat-s 2 to along Milto Str.

Asphalt Surface and Bedding Asphat Surfae and Bedding Aphalt Surae and Bedding


0 50 0 50om R P 0d lae i le water table iZ t

Sil S il K., Soil Key
A; Yellow/Brown Fine Sands Fl- S-- - h .d d ll / i b .I Fi- Sands
-4 7i _d-, -4- .AOP ... R ............. ...... ......
: YellowBrown Fine Sands with C... .I: YellowBrown Fine S
B: Mottled Grayish-brown and Yellow Fine Sands B Mottled Grayish-brown and Yellow Fine Sands B: Mottled Graylsh-brown and Yellow Fine Sands

; Beige Fine Sand : Beige Fine Sand C: Beige Fine S and
D Bro- Fine Sand D: Bro Fine Sand D Brown Fine Sand
t: Mottled Grayish brown and Yellow Fine sands with E: Mottled Grayish-bown and Yellow Fine sands with E; Mottled Grayish-brown and Yellow Fine sands with
Charcoal Streaks Charcoal Streaks Charcoal Streaks
F Dense Shell Concentration F: Dense Shell Concentration F Dense Shell Concenration
: Dark Gray Fine Sand :possily contaminated) G; Dark Gray Fine Sand (possibly contaminated) G: Dark Gray Fine Sand IpOssibly contaminated)
H; Bones (I and 2 are long bones) H; Bones (I and 2 are long bones H: Bones (i and 2 are long bones


S M S- Midd S Midde S M: -1 idd
W: ell W: Well W Well
0 1 l ; el W Wl

Although oly ond e S. Jhns check-saped poitshrd w recovered, the cluster Altioh only one St. Joh l checklstampd potsherd was covered, the cluster Althouh only one St. Johns chck-stmped ptsherd w recovered, the cluster of lfamrs is coided o be pan of thi e St Johns I Period occupation The earliest of of features is considered to be pan the St Johns II Peod ocupnion i he eldest o of iatures is considered to be pad of the St. Johns Peod ocupaton. The earliest of these fa s is a lge pit (Feaur 5) hat at its wdst point is appxiately 10 ft (3 se a ture i a large pit (Fea e 5) that at its widest int i app maty 0 (3 these eat s is a l pit Featu t at its widest point is app ately 10 t (3 m). The pit pts don into a deprs tsio t i approtadtdel 6 1it(1 8 m) in wdth It m). thpit jp dowditodnpredsioni thaipp ft It m. The pi mpers do int o adepreion at is approximately 6 (l 8 m) in t idth. It is this tower dpAsion ti t extends into th cxi tg wae table a t distce of is this lower d passion dat extends into l e exiting water able -a disatce lI is this lower deplrsion that extends into the exstiA water mblt distance of approximately i6 in (38 cm) Indercutimg is evident along the cast side of the approximately 16 in. (38 m) Undercutting is evident along the eat side il the approximately 6 in (3 cm) Underculing is cvident along he et side of ile depresion. Given its sit and dpth ihe pit 4 almost4ft(1 m) depthandhad depBdssion. Given siand depth-theplt almost 4 (12 m) indpth andhad depression (iven isie adepthth pit wasalmstf(1 2 m) i dcph and had been excavated int the cultrally sterile yellow sands, it is poslated tim this caume been excavald into the culurally s tle yellow sands, it is pstulted that thi feature been excavated into the culturlly sterile yellow suds it is postulaed that dits falur may have been a murce for u blc water hehehr it is a walk in well, or nlot could not may hav been a wurce ior pomble war. Whether it is a alk b well, or not. could not may have been a -urce for potable atcr. WMther it is a alk in well. or not, could not be ascerain -th the listing iformation; although thed pit did not extend to the no h be aermin with the cxtsting information: although the pt did not exted to the north be a crin with the existing information; though the pit did not extend to the nonh side of the unstelinn trench. The recovered abriginal her d was found imbdded side of the m tiuction trench The recovered abonginal ptshcrd was found im dded side of the nstucton trench. Ihe covered aboriginal potshed was ilund im bdded in the proic wall toard the base of the pit. in the profile l ward he se of the pit te prolile wall tward the base off be pit it,-1 d d I-.1,it

Idntuding to the upper flI depsits ol the lare pi was a smaller pit (Featu 4) itmding ind o the upper fill deposits of the iare pit w a snmle pit (Fcature 4) Intruding into the upper Jill dipsits of the e pit w a smaller pit (Fealtu 4) that as about 3 ft (90 m) a its widest poiml he pit event dl taped 4 2 1 (60 e). tt w about 3 11 (90 e) at its widest point T he pit ed ntually ai ed to 2 It (60 F) about 3 f (90 cm) at it widcs point. The pit e tall) y I aped to 2 f (60 cm) wit sloping walls The pit as aFppximately 20 i (50 tin) in depth At fte be, on nth sloping walls Ithe pit d approximately 20 in (50 em) in depth. At te se, on with slop walls. The pit wa2 appximately 20 in (50 cm) in depth Ai the base, on th east side of tie pit as a concentation of bone: two Ing bones, a thicker bone the cast side of th pit was a concern radon of bone: iwo lon- bones, a tickr bone the eu side o the pit was a concenation l boDne: o long bones, a thicker bone (pelvis?). and two thn bones that ma) have been bs A burial was stuated given thc (pelvis?), and two thin hones tht may have been ribs. A burial uw postulated given the (pelvs?), and Iwo thin bones that may have been bs. A banal wa postulated given the clmsdtrd nant of the bones and their location aS the b- of the pit All of he hones clusted Imtut of Ihe- t nes ad their icaidn at the ba offhe plit All f tihe bones closed nalur of the bones ad their location a the ba olf he pit All ofhe bones re poorly prerved given their proximity to the water table and tended to cmble were orly pr ered given their prxim" to the war table and tade to cmble were orly prcserved given their proxity to the water table and tended to crumble when touch Species identity could not b dete mined a wrk was halted wh Ithe State when touch Spies idenil y could not be deemined as work was halted wh the State wllen touch Spies identity could not b dttet ined a work as haled when the SLate Archaeologist was contacted, which is acordance with State Stae 872 Any bone Archeologist w Enlaced. which is in accordance with State Stabue 72 Ay bone Archaer st was contcted, which is in accordance wih State Statue 872. Any bone record was -tumed to is pla of origin Althouh the buridd is probably hid- ro ered w reumed to its pla u odipgin Aldlhou the bdtal is probably humn- recovered was r nercd to its ple of origin Although the buria is probably human most likely Native Americ lthetir psibiliies c t ruled Prltoric dog m dst likely Native meric- th rd possibilities cannot be ruled out Prehistne do most likely Native Amcan ot er puossiilitics ct mot be ruled out Prehistoric dog budal have been covered that date to the St Johns II I od (c.g., te FOY [S.13 II burials Mye been covered that dateto tSe Si Johns 11 period (e.g, he PFOY 8SJ31] burials have ben recovered that dale t th e St. Jol IIPeo td(eg, the IOY [8SJ31 ) and BDAC No 1996 046). and BDAC No. 1996-d60). ad BDAC No. 1996 0460)

Th last faures documented wo wo dense shell depsits (catures 2 and 3), ihe last fetres dtmlc nted were two dense shetl deposit (Features 2 id 3), The last Itures documented wre two dense sheil deposits (Feates 2 and 3), hich were largcl compod loystcrs. rhese deposited primly on the norh ide which were gely ompod of oster Thee deposits w primay on the north ide which re largely compod doyers. hese deposits wel primaily olt e notd side of the nch and e h was in excess of (5 1 (2 m) in lllngth. The two shell middc e the ilrh and each as i excess of 65 fI (2 m) in length The two shell middens of Ihe trench and exh we in exass of 65 8 (2 m) in length. he to shell middens were 24 and28 in (61 and 72 cm) thick One shell midden (Faure 3) did exte3) to the were 24 nd 28 it (61 ,nd 72 e-) thick. One-h midden (Icature 3) did extend 29 tc wo 24 d 28 in (61 and 72 -r) hi One shll midden (Feat-e 3) did txtnd w the

mh side of the pipeline trench and, consequently. overiaid a portion o Featur 5 uth side of the pipelie irenh and, consequently, verld a Aportin ,f F-ea 5 uth side of the pipeline trench ad, consquently, overlaid a porion of Feature 5 Adjacent to this now 8 in. (20 .m) thick shell Iens w A he burial pit (Feature 4) The Adjacent o ihis now 8 in. (20 em) thick shell lens was the burial pit (Feature 4) The Adjacent to this now 8 in (20 em) thick shell lens was the burial pit (Feaure 4) Ihe possibili exist, W the Io shell deposits may be pt o a larger mdden he possibility exist that the two shell deposits may be pat of a lger midden The possbili exists th the two shell deposits may be pan of a larger midd Ihe combined length of both shell depositls w appoximately 20 f (6 meters); hough their mbined Icngth of bath shell deposits wa approximately 20 ft (6 meters) although thdreir combined lenh of both shell deposits was appmximately 20 ft (6 meter ); though heir actletent ma he much ar The densest prtionof th shell madden depot iund atualext nmay be much lg The densest poton ofthe hell mide osit fld aNal extent may bemuch lge Ihe densest pot ion of th, shell mid depost found at 39 Magnli Avene (2004-0271) was mugy 33 ft (10 ) in di ter A il at 39 Ma lia Avenue (24-0271) was roughly 33 (1 m) in diameter A sil at 9 Magnolia Avnue (24-0271) wa roughly 33 (10 m) in dieter A similar situation was found at 37 ad 39 May Stree (BDAC No 2005-0781 ar 2005-0867) situation was fund a 37 and 39 Ma Street (BDAC No 2005-0781 and 205-086) sluAtion was A iund a1 37 d 39 May Street (BDAC No. 2005-0781 and 2005 0867)

inclusion Conclusion Conclusin
in usi monioring the installatio o a 6-inch water pipe long Milton in conclusion, monioring th instllation of a 6-inch water pipe along Milton i conclusion, moni-tong the insmllation of a 6inch water pipe along Milton Strt resulted in the documentatioo f 1o achaeologicallysipgificn locations which Street sulted in the documentation of two haeologiallysigificant locations, which Street sulted inthe documentation ofto arhaeologically ignilicant locations, which provides additional inforation reled to feat1es adior sies piwmusly investigated by pmides additional information related to featues and/or sites previously inveigd by provides additional inormaion related to features and/or sites pmviously investigated by the City of St. Augustil. ach at-om is discussed separatly the Ciy ofSt Augusine Fach nation is discussed sep ately he City of St Augustine Each imationis discussed separatey.

The first location was Ihe ditch considered to he pt l a h mer entrenclnh ent. he rst location was the ditch considered to be p of a barrer entrenchment i he fir location w the dtch considered to be pant of a bder entrenehment. Placing the, th points on tohe 10 Do Map of St August- Iacurae Placig e thee points on the 1860 Dorr Map of St. Auguine-ai aecumte Pling the hree poin onm the 1860 Do Map oSt. ugine Iaeute mpresentationofthehistoricludscapepriortoextensiveurbadrmtion-howsthatthe upresentationoftheihistonclandscapepriortoextensiveurbaniatuon-showsthatthe rpresenlatiofthehistorielandscape porloextensivourbanimation-hows thalt he entrnchment extended m the tidal pool of hospital Creek to Maris Creek now the enrechent extended liom the idal pol oII iospil Creek to Maracis Creek. now the entrenchment extded from the tidal pool f,, Hospital Creek to Macis Creek. no tI location forth IeFSDB. Assh, the 17" and 18 enu missioncommunityofNombre locaon forIheFSDB AssAch, the 17 mandl cenurymissioncommunyof Nombre Iocatn lorthe FSDB. As suh, theluand I8"-cn imissioncomlniityoNomhre de Dis would have been in a defined location and not dispersed along he mb : an de Dios would have been in a defined Iocion and not dispersed alollg e marsh: an de Dios would have been in a declined location ad not dispersed along the marsh: a assumption reinfomed by vuious cii projcCLs tha sho mosi of the mission nd assAption reinford by -vaos ciy projects tha show most ol the mission period assumption reinlred by various ci proecs Ihat sAhow most of the mission peod materials (ie, San Marcos iery and Spmush majolica) mcur within the conftes of mantels (ie, San Marcs pocy and Spanish maolica) dlcur within the confines o matenals (i.e, S Maros poteryi and Spanish m olic) Acur wihih the conines of this a (dso. e Chaney 1986; Smith and Bond 19) It should al be noted that the this ea(also Ch cy 1986; Smith and Rond 1984) It should alm be noldthatthe this aa (also s Chaney 1986; Smih and Bond 1984) It should also he notd that the Andondo Map Isie 1740 shows hatl may be a hdge system extending fnm the hidal Arrdondo Map [sic 17401 sho what may be a hedge system extending Irom the tidal Adond Map [sic 17401 shows whm may be a hedge system extending om the tidal pool oIHaspia Ce to Mns ree. pool lh,,pIholhr e M kearis Ctek. psI ,I Hospia rek tlo Mac-is Ce1

l5 second signilic t location is as iated wit the cluster of atures The second signiicant location i assciatcd ith ihe cluster o Iaures The second significa t location is a-ss1iated with the luster of features
considered to be a compoent of the prehistoric St John Period (ca AD 800 to 1565) considered to be a component l the prehistoric St John IT Peiod (ca. AD. 800 to 1565) cnsidered to be a componen of the preistonc St John II Period (ca. A.D 800 t 1565) occupaton tat extended frm FOY nonh to Fulledood Drive The fct that tno of the occupation that extended rom FOY nonh to Fulleruood Dnve he fact flat two of the occupadon iat exatned Irom FOY nonh to Fullewood Drive The fact that two of the Iatures documented were supeimpsed indicates a deye of longevity within ls locus features documented were suimposed hEdicat s a degree of longovit wiin this locus. features documented were supcrimposed indiales a decide of longevity within this locus. While buna and shell ndden concentrations have been d um td elsewhere along While burials and hell midd concentraons have been dtmented elsewhere along While burials and shell midden concentratons have been dmumented elsewhere along the con of the St. Jolms 11 Peod occupatio-n the divoe of a possible well is tie 4ur of ie St Johns II Period occupaiom, the discove of a pssible well is the cour of the t5 lohni II Peod occupation. ,e discovery of a 1 sible, well is miquc. It provides an aleative explanation ar a pehistoric water source other than udque. It provides an altemative explanaion for a pustoric war somc other thm unique It pmvides an alternative explanation for a plhistone water source ohaer than eps or springs A similar typ of feature ws obseed at the 18iS century mission eps or aags A similar ype o fealu re was obsewed at he 18t century mission 5eps or springs. A similar type of feature w observed at the 18d s ny mission commuity of La Pun where a large pit we dug in the water table nd \ed initially colxunity of a Punta whew a larg pit was dug tle waler table and used bitially community of La Puna, where a Ige pit was dug into the water tabie and used initially until a large banel was placed in 1he pit; thus, forming a bhal well (h ite 2002:Ialbir until a large burcl was plced in the pit; thus, ftming a bael well (Wlhite 2002; Halit until a large bael ws placed in tihe pit; thus foming a bil well (Wite 2002; Halbit 2005) 2005) 2005).

Ihe Milton Street project is reIpsentative amany of the chaeological The Milton Street project is ptsentative of mav of the archeological The Milon Street project is rpresentative of my of the archaological investigation that have ccured in St. Aqustine under the auspices of the City of St. inestigaims hal have occurred in St Augustine under the spices o the C of St. investigations that have occued in St. Augistine under the nuspiecs of the City ol St Augustine s Archaeological Preservation ordinance That is projects that are narrowly Augustine s Archaclogical Preservation Odimm That is. projects dat are nanoly Augustine s rchaeological pasewation Ordinance ihat is, projects hat are namwly defined in .o, .id aea VHten combined, however, then project orm a moaic Ihat defined in op and .e When combined, however, these project fon a mosaic that defined in ap and a-a When combine however. ese projects li a mosaie at enables the boundmies and components of differnt trmral occupatio to be identified embles te bounda6s and ,mponents of dflerent temporal coupations to be identified enabl the boundaries and components of dirent temporal cupation s to be identify and intcrpreted (cf Wa]ie el a12007). Alchaeologeal Zone IiA is a complex area that and mterpWd Wallace et. al 2007) Archaeological Zone IA is a complex aea that and interpret d (c Wallace et, l 2007) Archaelogical Zone I A is a complex aea that has been occupied repeatedly over the course o 4,00O years, with each occupation as been occup~i repeatedly over the course of 4,000 yo-, wfi th occupation has been occupied repatedly over Ihe course of 4,000 ye-s, with e-1 ccuprn nilthg its oi diverse assomnent ol Iatures ad deposits The Miltn Strect project is anaining its on diverse sornmet of feames and deposits he Milon Street project is containing its on diverse soriment of features and deposits ihe Milton Street project is expanding our understndingI lhe range of variability at occred during that peod expanding our understanding of the rage al varabily that occurred duingtBat period expanding our undcrstudingof he range afvariability that occur~d during that pedod p.eding the amval of Eropan colonsts peding the amval of E opean colonists preeding the wrivd of Europan coloists.
55,545, 6'ss 4 454 545 455 5,5 4544,4 Ts~ssssssss j~sss454,5' 4)55444645454'45 I46544 6145655s44454555554655 sIs

5551,45 500 6l 055454546A~ St44 64F.555 4-55 4,-5 555 445554s 4545 ssssdsshs 5454t 146,456 1.554544555ss 25, 55 6.s1sss ,~ 55,55465

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