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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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1-33 Jan 1i ST AG 53-2-12 ad 1265 163 jan. 13 ST AGI 53-2-12 ond 12d5 133 n 13 T AGA 53-2.-2 nd 12 Madrid Alf Juan de la Alerrerian to the Kib p Madrid Alf Juan d la errerias to the King 6p 1adrid Alf Juan de la i ererias to the King ip

Requests an slo aorce for services rendered to the Requests an alioetne for services rendered to the equests an osnl"acre for dervioes rendered to the Crow; ser.lose aresne ofservises. Lorezo de ro o ; encloeses resoe orrvie.Lorenzo de Crm; encloses reseo of services. Lorenzo d Cabrera, cat de la Cords, Ceronio aomez do Sndo- Cabrera, capt de la Carda, Aeroio 5omez he Sdo- Cabrera, capt de la Cerd, Georiso iomes Se atrdoal, Th s Fuente, Th d Lrrepr, al Toos s e a Fucne, ihronns de Lorreopuru, V ThOeas i la F luento, Thoo5 ne Lorrezpuru, Martin de I1sana. artin do Lno. ati de os.

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633 aa 12 S AGI -2-245/2/13 bnd 266 1633 Mlay 12 T AGI 2-2-245/2/13 bnd 1266 1633 May 12 ST AGI 2-2-245/2/13 bad 1266 Madrid King to ftr "Fmnso Alonso de Jeus 6p iMadrid King to fr Fraroeico Alonso de Jesu p Madrid King to fr Fraecisco Alonso de Jess 6p License to travel, and aid, granted to Jesus, a liceo e to travel d aid, created to Jesus, a License to travel, aid ai, wanted to Jesus, a compalion and tre servants comanion and three servants. companion and three servats.

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e~>~r~ .~ '~N>r2~ ~Q~c~&*. %~. <~&~ #~ V. V '~& V iN N V ~Vvn~>&-~i>

1633 Q 9) ST AGI 54.5-18 do. 4 nd 11i87, p. 20-21 1633 Qun 9) ST AGI 54-5.18 de 4 bnd i187, p. 20-21 1633 une 9) ST AI i 54-5-18i doe 4 bnd 1187, p. 20-21

Card 2. Card 2. Card 2.

duados salary, authorization for slaves etc. duscado salary, authorization for slaves eve. dotados salary, authorization for slaves eE. 22. un. 9, Madrid. Juan de Castillo r ConsjoonseJo de 22. J 99, Madrid. Juan de Castillo fro- Consejo de
Indias gives detailed description of grants and Indias gives detailed description of grants and indias gives detailed descriPtion ofat grants and
rewards given to the Menendez de Aviles; dates of rewards given to the Menendez de Aviles; dates of rewards given to the Menendez de Aviles; dates so
grants and of Royal Cedulas. grants and of Royal Cedulas+ grants and o Royal Cedolas.
38 eln ruea e Sana Cru and itasar de 8. Petitionsns of Marquessruea de Santa ru and Batasar de Petltlons of Mrqutsa de sant Cruz and That sag de
Chasesy ndoa o extensio... of grants. Chases y Mendozaor etensi of grants. hases y Mlendoza for astensio of g-asts.
(Cso. 14, osv 18 (Cent. 1643, Nov. 18) (Cont. 1643, Nov. 18)

1633 Sept ; ST AGI l7-1-1 bnd 26 1633 Sept 20 ST AGI 67-1-1 bnd 1266 1633 Sept 20 ST AGI 7-1-1 bnd 12i6 St Aug Gov end icolas ponce de Leo~ to the King 4p St Aug Geo and Nisolea once re Leon to the King 4p St Aug Gov nd rolas Ponce e Leon to the King Ip Request that the 36 negro slaves, promised per order qut tat he r slaves, promised per rder Request that the 3 nregro slaves, promised per order of an earlier cedula, be delivered to Fla. Gabriel of on earlier cedula, be delivered to rFl. Gabriel of an earlier cedula, be delivered to lla. G6ariel de Alarcon, Juan resendez earues, Popovan, Havana de laren, Jen Menende Maque, pps, Has. de AlaMron, Juan ronendes Marques, Popoyan, Havaen.


1633 Oct 11 ST AGI 5&5-10/3 bnd 1267 tl3 Oct 11 ST AUI 54--1C/3 bnd 126g !C33 ,ct 11 ST AGT 5-1C/34 dl 1267 St Aug Gov of Fla to the Kin, 3p St Ag Gov of Fla to the King St Aug Gov of Fla to the King 3p cportie. he has sued pst of gov ot e tsn eporsi he ha ...-ed lst of *o; co .enra on Ieport he hasPastor pot of ov; oents Havrea and his sala,. Gicolas Ponce de Leon. !iavdi an is olarya. Nicolas aPone de leon. naYari and his salary. Nicolaa Ponce de Lon.

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!633 Iov ST AGI 5-5-20/27 bis bnd 1269 633 .v 3 ST AGI 5!5-2C/27 ki. bnd 1269 .:ov 3 ST AGI 54--2C// dis bnd 269I St Aug Nicolas Ponce de Leon to the King 4p St Aug Nicolas Fence de L on to the King ap St Aug Nicolas bFnce de Leon to the King ap Remits testionio concerning reardr needed on the j emits testinonio concerning repairs needed on the emolts testimonio concering rearirs needed on the cathedral, and requests E s be prided; ce ula cathedral, and reuets furds be provided; cedula cathedral, and requests funds be provided; cedula gratng noney freo the cuenta of lic Atoneo de la rcbting honey fro the aenta of lic io o de la grading oneyfrom the eueta of lie Alonso de la :4ota, of rlecacs. bot., of laooa. Mot., of Tlaxcal.

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1633 Nov 15 ST AGI 5-5-18/15 bad 1272 1633 oy 15 pT AGI 5-5-16/15 bod 1272 163, o 15 ST AI 5-5-18/15 bnd 1272 St Aug fov of Fla to the King 3p St Aug Gov of Fla to the King 3P St fug Gov of ila to the Kin, 3P Reports on fr Loreno i-artinm vista to Aslaclle reports on r Lorenso Martinez't visita to A oalae teporto on fr Lorenro Martin ez's vita to diglahe area and proposed trip to the interior. Pedro area and proposed trip to the interior. Pedro area sod ropood trip to the interior. Pedro Munoz, Anacanos. Iurnos, Amacs. ur.o, A ao s

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