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'V < < 'V *~ ~,t'K'>r ~V'~> V "V ~~qV*~ V. V

1610 Aug 7 ST AGI 54-5-1 bnd 882, p. 5. 1610 Aug 7 ST A G 54-5-4 bad 882, p. 5. 1610 Aug 7 ST AGI 54-5-14 bnd 882, p. 5.

Florida. Petition of Florida's Royal O!flials. Florida. Petition of Florda's Royal Officials. Florida. Petition of Florida's Royal Officials.
(copy) 5 p. (poo) 5 0. (5oy) 0 r.
Concerning account to be audited; ask to hae accnta Concerning account to be audited; ask to have accounts Concerning account to be audited; ask to have account audited as in Barovento, Honduras, Cuabemala, Filip- audited as in Barloveto, Honduras, Guatemalm, Filipi- audited as in Barlovento, Honduras, >uatemala, Filipi
nas, Pannm and Chile. Inlncdes copy of chapter of nas, Fanam and Chile. Inluds copy of chapter of nas, Panam and Chile. Includes copy of chapter of
Orlknanoa concerning this matter for provinces named OrdLneiza concerning this matter for oro'inces named Ordtnanza cocerning this matter for proinces named
count 1605, Dec 22). (cont. 1605, Dec 22). (cenL. 1605, Dec 22).

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3610 Sep L. ST AI 87-5-2 i exica 1065 T o 7, b 9nd 9 p.25 1610 Sep 31, ST AGI 8--5-2 Me.xico 1065 Tom V, bd 93 ,p. 25 1610 Sep 14 ST AII 8-5-2 exico 065 Tom V, hnd 91G ,p.25

Sa. Lorenzo. Royal Cadula. San Lorenzo. Royal Cdula. Sar Lorenzo. Royal Cdula.
(copy) 1/2p. (1opy) 1/2p. (copy) 1/2p.

To Gv. of lorida Jan Fernandez de Oli era; To Gov. of Florida J an Fernandez de Clibera; To GIv. of Forida Juan Fernarndz de Oliberai
orders to free Royal Officials that Ex-Gov. Pedro orders to free Royal Officials thrt x-*Gov. Pedro orders ho free Royal Ofeficil a th. Ex a- V. Pedro
de Ibarra put in pri eo. de Ibrrta ut in prison, de Ibarra opt in priso.

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1 ~~ -- --:--;--~ r ;l;;_::;_;_ _____;_-:1_~_:

_- _~il -----~; ii~_;;- ;r ~;i_~

F~i:i_-_iili-li--J*-il_.--~-~--~CI--i ~l~lli-l--i


Material Information

Series Title:
John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
Physical Description:
Mixed Material
University of Florida


Spatial Coverage:
North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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"j, c Y -1 -f :i
C.. F -t 1 p.2 -r .a b 1C. -r c.aL -2 3 p. 1.
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1610 Feb 19 ST -I 55-2-10 bld /68, -4. 1610 Feb 19 IT I 53-2-10 bnd 768, p. -4. 1610 Feb 19 ST I 53-2-10 bnd ?B, p. 3-4.

Madrid. -' ol ffioials to King. Madrid. -'oy, officials to King. Mdrid. -oyal fficials to King.
(copy) 1 'i. (copy) pO (copy) 1 p.

sks foIr cedul by which they will not h-ve no go to sks for oedula by shich they uill not h-ve no go to sk for eduiiTl by hich they -il1 not have to go to
exieo to cive their accounts but to tive acolmt to Rexico Lo give their accounts but to ive account to Rexio to ive theiir accounts but to ~ive account to
ontodores of onsejn de hwias, count 1610, Jimun ). ontedore of oneejo dre i- li (cort. 16l0, Jun 29). otadore If bonejo de in is, count 1610, Jlmr 9)


1C Y9o s 5TJI 5-b .n I C19 p. 161 -C, 191 AU -1- Vit 112l92 9p

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a- a Gaspa Ri de F 4 to 1. i a a2 pr.. fd r Rui de Pe da tc in.

red, R A de 18ii as rr It A 4i C 1e ni de fdIva orivd t 6 Engli- b 2p Podr i do 4 idi it i I I
S io u e e R r z pis n e e a r Ta s, c rtI .se Jre it f ava P, l"r be Y h ae n aa Pr .4! ts al t ; P le i rates ato r- "Ibi

ti 1G-in iara ozo, Gen. Ju, t i T -r r ay, me, -, Juan n d- I I re m BL' a Jua (0 t1es), (0 inues (ct 0

10 Ap. i., T A!I 5L--1i bmi 0?, m. 1I1- Ar. 1L. UT ACT I.-14 an E2, I h. 161C Ap. 4 ST I -,-I- bd ,01, -, 1.

Ca 2. Car 2. ar 2.

e&Prted mary sips lth me ,omnJ :orses ad eeparted ay sidyp ith -.er., :0n, os a-nd734 xuppi~s are o settic .10 Floridt mntins xp.1a, re go t sTttle Fr i":iat mtnions xopp]ics ire to a s e le in Flor a,-r-e Yegina (r1i ia?) Eaih setint n7i: i ia?) ia. iler o -gi (Vir i ?) Ei stle ot F1lr ida Fr Fid. iEr rida.


E0c ;- 7 bnd 1 i. 1. 10 : y S I 17 a 1620 1 1 5 -17 a 1 1
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1610 May 22 ST AST 8?-5-2 Mexico 165 TomlV, bnd 94r p,2 1610 May 22 AqI 8 -2 Mewico 1065 Too. 1 tad 99, ,p,2 1610 May 22 5 Al I 87-5-2 Mexico 1065 TomoV, bnd 91,tp.2

Card 2. Card 2. Card 2.

back to Florida where h- will be needed and t seed back to Florida where he will be needed and to send back to Florida where r will be needed and to 2end
a reply on this matter, a reealy cn tis mater, a rely -,n thIs matter.

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111 Ju i . I -1-/4 IC2 1, 161 Jn 1.. Z 5-2-/ d C2, p. 1610 Jur 15. I --I 5-2-V i On, 1.

Sr 111e. Cwis do mray Podro his t a So-ille. c serio Fray Ped iz s da So ,T14. O mi- rio za Pedro is t -asa n

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22 i ciL r 8 ahr odes. Givc c Iaa list 22 fracis-a 1 8 -, other cr lie li 2 r c c s nd ohr on nrs, Ci e t 161 n 5 Royal e l v.). 5. j Rc l e a q..). 0 (..
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