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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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N -~ V. N Vt

V x~~<.-~- ~ V

9% 9%

u9. -I 5.--9 pni 7,.-3. 1i 9 AT .I -- n 75p. 35-39 9 :T-15,.

!(alrid.) Service of ,lfcrez iierindo de st (ldrid.) Service or f Ifere.er n10 .o hete. (haiaid.) ervice f 1ferez a rnaro de e t,
(opy) 4 r. ( opy) 4p. (cpy)

eort service in la.. se olVier, alcaide at sort eport brvt o in Fl. oi, a ida t ort kepors service in Fla. IS older, alr ide o T o ai Maro ani .lferee. sk fo- uyda le costa and an ,rcos aid nierez. Askna for aym ,e co 1 and n harcos an lfe sk for yuda e cost n Royal iedYa by hish a col e charge of "piI-f Royal edla by h. he cold hve clage of ri- Royal Cedula by whis he co. 1 ve cha rge oof "rie-a mpnia e Infteri. Serve eC yei la. mela c1pi de afaneria" erved ea ters in la. erc coma I de Ifnter-". Sered 0 yeard i

0 0

196 ST A if: 1 16 nd 7, 158 I --16 bd 77v, 159 ST il 5-i bd 7I',

San u. tin Foria, (Mad-id,) a: Ju e Lu. Sn utin, Florla, (ri,) n Jn de ln i, ri% (Madrid,) n Ju
Infarncion on srie of chief rete Jn on- nfor onn service f chief ca-entr er Jui Sor- Informacian on crice of chie- corpenter Jlan ot
alez a1 1 ition o lave lo-A nnd receive loz and -ti"con to leave alorda rd receive al-z a-d etion to l ove Flori a d receive
"ayda de c-a" 20 yla de co-t",' 20 Icosta"

r potent oc t, r for : 6: o o o tdo e ts, se entrie or : 1 : for component doct o:is, see entries o : 15i 6
My 12, y980: n.d. eb 7 (ct 1). 12, 1 8: n.. b 17, (Oct I). May 12, 198: .d. eb 17, t 1 ).

0I 0 0

-i-~~--;-_-~- ~~~-~--ii-'i 2-~~:---

159 S' A I 51-5-16 ond b 7, 7 19-0. I 98 T lSI 4-5-16 bnd 717, j. 1- 5 9T98 S ,I 5 4-16 bed 7., p. 19-20.

.an >-ain. Petition and nformacion of Jn an nl~tin. Petition 1and nformrcion of Ju-n In -tin. Petition and -nforaion .. Jrn
Gonzlez, chief renter. GonZalAz, chief care er. Gonz all cinl cafln eor.
(copy) 1 (copy) i cy)

Power of attorney onz lec gave to o-ado in rM ka ower o attorney Gonz lez gave to Contaor i Mirdn Pner o attoriry on lez e to ortaor in Madr Tritan de la Torre, to pre.en T ionzle etriton to tristn de la tore, to pr-entm onz:ro paition to Tristor le la Torre, to resent ionzole, petition to Conniej de l.dis. Pet iticno i;r1 ion to leave Consejo de Indias. petitions for emiion a ra-e Canojo de indi.s. retition for permission o leae
ad andr ri ud o fl- a. -and i a F de cost.".

0 0

,19 6T AI 54--1 ~ i nd 76 9 I --1 76, 15 ST 5-5-1 bn 765, n i. Ha etion of JUan Lo de in n. ina Petitin of Juan Lopez de San ti. Haa, Petitin of Jun Lopez 4Mites for oltion of facto a, o Venedor in FIl. vile- for position of factor and Vedor in AviLea for ontion of factor nd Veeo r in ;,a.
17 pp. 17 17 p. for comonent douoents see nieti for: 51jl, oov for comonent dfloeot see en n e i o 1l, for component documents see eites for: 1ii1, rov 1, 192, Jan ); 1J Sep 15, 15,: n.., Jul 16. 3,19, Jan 51 197 e -5, 108: nlt., Jl 16o. 1, 1 2 Jan 5; 1597 p 15, 199n: ., J 6.

0I 0

4-~--:-I:: 4,- 4- 44~~--,~

~-> -> t

N- -~-~t ~-< -~ N N-N~- K
N -< V

598 I bn 1 a98 I 2-1i ba, o9r -- b 4 6

nl Lorenz Zadrid Diligencina on the al ry for n Lo-enz 1-dri- iigncies on th ,l o1 -enzo, Iarid, -ilienc s on th -y fo oyal f in aii ofia i 10ria

for c m0o ent docn ee tie or or co nt doo, e entries or 1 9 for omo en oc t se nt-ies for 1- 5 u 1610 n o 1. 1010 o.d. Feb -9. .d n v., eb 19.

tV~~ t ~t

-~ ~ ~ ~~>-vCt~>~ .
~ V. V ~ ~ ~ ~ V. ~ V <~ >f>~V~


J19 jeb i, ST tiI 4-5-1 bn 7,1, 1. 10- 19 F ob 10 S A k- bn 7 b ,1. 1- ,- I 158 .e ; r- -- bd un p uI(copy) f ( oY) (o) o 1 r
LeBter ihr of -.h: cnao i o va f ly of -b,: er oitad A f ce*o Lter o Sl o ca Er : ic ;dono "ruri do ,nd ift nr mcl o al fl .olhif c f I c i..do- I ..rition =ni hi -r i ?h1aS f 'cI,'00uC0 DeiCo &tinl
of dutiescOte-d: 199, 0r 2. of 1uie, 4ted: 1 or of utie, dte: 1599, pr 16.


V -~ -< ~- -~ -N

-N -N~ -N -N -N- -N -N
-N-N *~-N -N --N ~-N-N -N> -N

15i Feb 1' S An I Buq-1 bnd ?7. p. n-16. p5. eb 1 STI 54- 5-1 bd 7.7, p>. H5-6. 19 Feb i1 ST1 -T +-5-16 in 757, p. -16.

,on -vustin. etvti n rd infora.cion of Jno n onzo .n ratin. -etition and Infor- tion of ;u Jon;- San ,ostin. tuition and Informcion of Jan Gonz
lez, ci arpenter zter. z, chif carpenter.
continued fro receding card. cont~iUed from prceding card. continued from reeding card.

witnesse- for rInorae con l i their t sto on : rwitne for Informacion Ind their t-otimony oitne-oes fr Indforncion nd their t rrovn:
7.- lfare Aoro iaz. 8.- Jun "'al'c. 1.- 0 lfe 7..- Alfere lo Di az. .- Juan de 0une. 10.- lfe 7.- iferez Alon-o Diz. n.- Ju-orn e aino. IC.- Alfe
enlo d ta, ,1.- Juan do C r aernando d- Met., I.- Jonr evi I, 1- or nra de 2et, 12.- un d o dlla., 1i.gt F dho d e I rnn.'. (c-t. 1 6, iy 1ero de i d (cznt. 156, I do de ironia (ont. 1,6, Ma 1 .

V"~t- I-"~--~------ ~r_ ~ uli-rrr' a~r-v

Nh 1%

196 -beb 18 T -AC 5..-9 bnd 755, p. 4-21. 18 F1e In a ai 5-- ono 755, p. 1-21. 1596 eb 1I u AlI 53-2-9 bnd 7. 3. 1-;1.

n utin Service of uferez nrnano de Me n gin. ervice of !ferez ernfo de Mest. jan tin. Servie of Alferez iernando e at
(coy) 7 (copy) 7 (copy) 7: i.

Cotrct f ov. Mendrez inzo with Jdn arcn iarcia e nnttract of ov. keniez Canzo with un Garcia de
1 --naviioa, Ga i dfrte a. l via ato load ngat C h Nv. Gri -e Nvia to load rigae CC
ne n -liver -o Flori (cot. 198 Kor 1). wne nd deliven to F]orid. cont. 1598 Fr ). ot. ne to lo 1 Mar

15l8 Feb 20 S AGI e-5-1- bnd 75f p. 1-3. 1598 Feb 20 ST i '-l1 bnd 756 p. 1-3. 1598 Feb 20 ST AI 51-&s -1 bnd 7;5 p. 1-3.

San ogustin. Pedro Pertierre to King. Son g uotin. Pedro pertierre to King. San g~atin. Pe o Pertierre to King.
2P. P. 2 P.

Infon of good service of Gov. Gonzalo ende Cain o. Informs of good service of oov. Goonlo lender Cannz. Informs of good ervice of ov. Gonzlo endez Canso.
Pertierre erred 26 years n Flas. ith Adelanaano Fertierre served year in Ph. with deltado Pertierre served 26 years in Fla. with Adelentado
Meendez de miles, Diego flores de Vades, Cristobal Mer. ende de ailes, viego Flores de Vades, Cistobal Mtenedez de aviles, diego Flores de Vades, Cristobal de Erso, Ilvaro xlores de ~uinones, iego Fernandez de wraso, lvaro flores de uinonen, iego Fernandez de raso, lnvaro ire e unes, ieo Fernandez de uinones and i1h rv. Mendes Canzo. As reward ask de uinones and with nov. Mendez Canso. Ar reward ak de Quinones and with "ov. Mender Canz,. As reward ask
for one ryuda de cast and on servant. for one uda de osta and on sevt for one ayI d de costs and on servant.

0 0 *

are a aw sc as we -- -- a aa a a '
a a c aie t e i-al a it ska

1918 Feb 22 S EI 42-1-1/7 bnd 760, p. 1 1198 Feb 2I S I 42/i bn4 76C p. 1. i 8 Feb 2 S- A3i 4 1-, 7 bnd 76C, p. 1.

.San ^pguti. Sov. Gonzulo MenI e o'e Cano to "an su stin. Gov. Gonzulo enkdz de Cn-o to Sn u tin. GCv. Gonalo Vendes de Cnce to
Cata de Cortrtaion I. Coaa de ontrataciaon. I -sa doe o-tiratin. .

In previous better he rep ortd ne oed of la.n In i'r us letter he Ported need~ of Ia *nd In prevoui letter n retorted nees of tl. and death o 6 lrancilsao killed b ule Indin. deot6eh of 6 Francisocrs, kil led C; ue IniIIn. death of 6 FranciCan, kiler b usle i ndins.
Asks for help for fr ate COZCEC. he is H-rsnig Ao s for help for frigete CONlCEi-~I he is senig Asks for help for frigate I.JE CC ,e is sending
to Stain tt is to go to Can:ri- to load wit wine. to Spain tt is to go to Cr'ioa to load ,ith wine. to Sprin t at is to go to CJairias to i-o with wine.

I~- -~~- -~----:rli~- irl~~--~ ~ --_; i-~_ F

--_1 -~.

1598 Feb 25 ST ai 5+-S9 bnd 791, i. 1--. 1598 Feb '5 ST i1i 54-5-9 bnd 79I. p 1-i. 1598 Feb 5 ST i 4U 54- 5-9 bn 791, 3. l--.

San ,gustiu. Gov. Gonzalo Mendez C-nzo to King. an n tin. Gov. Gon.alo Mendez anzo toG iig, Sa gutin. Gov. Zonzalo Mndez cnzo to King.

Csa de onratcion needs order for daula oner- Casa de Contratacoi needs order for eoaul. coner- Caa de Con ratacion neds order for eul? conerin wine for lorid. eed of lorid ailors. nin wine forloid. needs of l sailors n e for lori. Needs of lori or.
Mention- old ilnr in Florid: tec Lui anl An- :btionn- old s ilors in ilorid: lMatec Luis o nl d An- Melion old silors in Florid; M c iluis end antonio Diaz gres.t nee for experienced ilor-s, tonio UiaL; reat need for experienced sailors tonio Diz; grear need for experience. silors.

1998 Peb 26 ST .I -2-1-12/7 ta d 76,. p. 1. 19 Feb 26 ST 42-1-2/7 bn 62 ',. 1. 198 Feb 26 ST : L ,-1-12/7 brn6 762, p. 1.

Sn Agustin. ov. onzalo iMeander anzo to a de n ,in. o. onzo einidez anzo to Gasa de an igutin. Gov. onzalo Mende zo to Cs de
Contratacion. Contratacion. Contratacin.
1 p. 1 p.. Remind pdoor cond-iion Fla. was in e ecioll a r kemind poor condition fPi. as in especially afterr eoninds poor conition Fi ,, in eseill1y fter death f oi,. Martinez verano. sks for help for death of ov ro.rtir ^ ano. sk for help ior deoth o ov. ar-tinez a.no nn for ep for
frigate(CECtdCTji ) n i-tjt it be n- t to load wine frinte(COEC rc ION) n that it t o lo d ine fite(CONCEIN) anOda that it be so. to loa d ine
for la. wit, out delay. for la. with out delay. for zla. with out deiay.

00 0

4~e~~ a~~- -

159 8eb 27 ST i1 54-716 banad 77i, p. 1-2. 1590 Feb 27 T .I 54- -16 bnd 770, p. 1-2, 1i68 -b 27 S A G 54-3-1 bnd 70, p. 1-2,

iSan ngu tin. Srtolome e "rgelleS. l1 p. San ouatin. vrt.rolom de Arguell1. li >. -Sn istin. artoiome de Ar-Inlies. n

Crtificacoan mnde by Contdor bartolome dE krgul -- Certificacion mide by Contador } atolo ee rgiue-ll-o Certi'icon nae by Contador artolome .er
on i npid salary of

---;-;i I'~-':i-- ;:-; :: ~ --------~ -- i~ ~ ~ i-; -;;

1519 i r 6 fS M!I 4 i T. 4 bnd 6I 649 p. 2. 1596 Mar 6 ST I 154-1-18 T. 4 b-A 6 -.

l Pardo. Roya ula. Pardo R i p rdo oyal Ceiul
y) (o y) I 0 I

To Fod ov order Fray o ios in o F io o. orders Fr Al T o e ;iroso iven o Fld order Fray Alcse e i ivn
certain on in posn of O. an de od certain one i po siin of Ct Jun do 0ada cert a ion of c, u1n dl I a.
rd O, lazar. Money beloncg to some oli, nr ho and Cpt Slnjir Money blonged: to o d t Sl az-- ,oe belonged to s:e ol.ier Wh
die 1t an 1a o arig rnch ttac. tied an Iane du in t dic ]n 1t1o du in French a tck.
ad p* a

158 Apr 2 S AI -2-e b& bd 88, p. 92. 158 Apr 2 ST AI-2-L4, :d 87, p. 92. 1598 Apr 2 i7 AI i-2-4/i & bd 87, p. 92.

allio. Gov. of Peri, Lrs de elaco. Callao. oy. of Per Luis de VElasco. Callao. Go-. of PerT l>il de e sEo.
2. 2. 2 U

pponts Juan ea Cae s y Ansco as "Capitan de Aponts Juan i Cardens y Anasoas "Capian .e Apponts Juon ae Cartenas y Anasco as "Capitan o
Infaoterfa" to cam f 60 sliers arn to Ia-terfa" t for a comna-r7 f 60 sliers aLd t, Ifater" for a coma- 60 sLio rs and to
take oKin's Igol .:) saler o Tierra Firme. take Kin's gol -nd so lver ao T-erre Firm. take Ki'S gold and, seller to Terr Firne.

_: : ::::

'A AR'. f>~t CtS~ 'A 'C'. t "' tARN--~'- ~ ~rAXR A 't&' A tZA~'~

- ~ 'AR '~A' A~'~'. ~'XA' '~'< \ "A""> 'A' ~~W'~A'.AR~ "~'A ct CA'-. <'S A ,'s'Q. A..

A ~, '~.. ~ s*"'&AR&~ >s x '~ "'A 1%

=~~ --~ -if--- -~~ -; --F-. ~ i-- -- i~--;i~;- l~ ~~Tarl,

1591 (Jun 1) ST il 14- n-6 bn 76 1-2. 1-2 (Jun 1)) ST iI 5r-2- bnd 76-, p. 1-2. 1596 (Js 1)) ST ;I 54-26 band 763, p. 1-e.

(San ,g-tin) p. (S bt alg in). pt. Isartolome Lopeza ( ai* t lin.t). -pt. i rtolome 1opes.
(cory) (copy) (copy)
"ov. for letter of rcottr.Ld- ion to be able to aks ov. for letter of recommendation to ie able to skb ov. for letter of rcormmerndtion to b able to
hold a ;;lrines position. He erved in Florida -n1 hold a ir la poHtion. He served in lorida -m hold a ealaris position. He served in Ilorida and
Hlana. in Florid, more than 6 years. Havaa. n Floride more thon 6 years. Havana. in Florida more t n 6 years.

9 9 9

1598 Jun 26 ST AI 8-5-19,Stnz526 bnd 2,6,p.478. 15918 Jn 2 S, -i 86-5-19,St1 2526 lnd 26,p.478. 198 Jun 26 'S Gi 86-5-1?,St D-n28 and 256,p.478.

Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Ceulario.
(copy) b p. (copy) P p. (copy) 4 p.

To Gonzalol Meder de Conzo, jov. in Flori ,. To Gonzalo Mendeo de Canzo, ov. in Florida. To Gonzalo Mendez de Canzo, Gov. in Plorida.
Kins want to be informed of situation of carpen- Kins wants to be informed of situation of Carpen- Kin wants to be informed of situation of carpenter Anton Martin, to whom ex-governor Domingo ter Anton Martin, to whom ex-govror Domingo ter Anton Martin, to whom ex-governor Domingo Martinez Avendao gave position of "carontero Martinez Avendao gave position of crointero Martinez ivendao gave positio o of 'carpintero
Mayor". Carpenter calims that he will probably be Mayor". Carpenter calie that he will probably be Mayor. Carpenter calics that he will probably be

1598 Jhn 6 ST AGI 86-5-19,St D528 tnd 6SP.478i 1598 Jun 6 ST A I 8-5.19,st n 2528 bnd 2i6,p.478. 159i Jun 26 ST ACI 86-5-19,stDii528 bnd 256,p.478.

Madrid. Cedulrio. Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulrrio.
(copy) bp (copy) p. (copy) P

with out a job because ov. has an nglishman. with out a job because Go. has ana nglisimn. with out a job because Gov. hs an ngliishan.
If to be replaced by English artillery n and If to be replaced by english artilleryman and If to be replaced by English artilleryman and
carpenter, Martin wants to leave lorida. carpenter, Martin wnts to leave Floria. arenter, Martin want to leave Florida.
He, .ton Martin, served for 14 years. He, nton Mrtinz served for 14 years. He, inton Mrtin, oerved for 14 years.

--I 7




-v ~- -V-~i,--\ vt-,.2 ~ I.-.;~,----V

118 (Aug) i A.Il o3-2-9 bnd 75i, p. 1. 119 (AuS) 1 3-- bnd 75, p. 1. (aug) T .I 5-2-9 nr 71t, p. 1.

(Madlid). Service of f1ierez hernano d ke, ( i. Service of f rez erndo de 1l.est (d iO). Service of 1ferez iern ndo d Metas
1 .1 .

1lfrez iernando ;est ask derision to takee Itfer ez ,rndo de e s s err ;sion to tke I lierez oErn.ando de eat- as neiion to taie ie n 1toFloridat in Fhi D hip a bit 'ine tc 1lort in eh CZ hip a but in to lorido ini ON ii btilt
in ilori'a at Cown'- expense and went to -ain ith in Florid at Crown', exene an- went to Spain it i ilorie at Crown's expeon e and went to Spn ith
Gov.'e dispatches. continuedl 159n un 5)l)l Gov. -, iisatchs. (continues 1596 (Jzi 5)( Gov.'f dispatches. (continue 1591 an )).

~:-~"~~ :-:~; ~1~------~: -1-

1596 -u I -9 "1 75, 1.p IS w bSoh U.453 b9 iN. 1.. 1598 4 ;l 5.- -9 ,i 9,

: Md-id. rv ice o lIfere zrnando de est-s. a rid. -r4ice of er eror~ando d M t Mdrid. dervirc of lfare ie~ nnd- de i es, .

Due to p-ision given by L Co ejo de ITnlis, Srez DLue to p~aission give by Co reo de In;i ieerez J to pero"i ion give by -lejo ac Indla, ifere Merta reports bie ill ta : 1 tonl este report shi CON I l take 0 one l- !esta report hip CNC G!O: il take: I tonelSof -ine nd 6 tonlduas of i nd 10 r ou- in of ne and 6 to nel!a of oil nd o0 erls;eb- I o ine and 6 tonelad of oil ano 1o0 r ,b,i i (e l or inue ( 0, u )). 4)

0 0 0

-~-;.n ~ \ V 2-% 'I4<


1598 f ug 9 ST AI 86--19,siDag 228 bnd 2%,18-481. 1598 Aug 9 ST AGI 86-~19, tDa2528 bind 2%,.4L8-81. 1598 Aqu 9 ST AGI 86-5i19,StJD-258 bnd 2%,i 0-81a.

San Lorenzo, Cedunario. San Lorenzo. Cedusrio. San Lorenzo. Cedulsrio,
(Copy) G p. (COpy) V/ p. (copy) ,, p.

To Cas de Contrat"cian order -hat boat that ccme To Caa de Contratacion order that boat that a e o sa de Contratcion order hat boat that cae
from Florida sent by Gov. Gonzalo Mende, Canro with rom Flolida sent by Gov. Gonzalo Mendez Canz with from Florida sent by Gov. Gonzalo Mender Canzo with
Hernando de Mestao should go back with fleet Hernando de Metas, should go back with fleet Hern-ndo de Mestas, should go back with fleet
to Tierrc Firme. foat will go to Canaries to get to Tierra Firme. Boat will go to Canries to get to Ticrra Firme. Boat will go to Canries to get
wile for people in forts in lorida. w for people in forts in Florida. we fer people in forts in Flridm.

0 *

1598 Aug 12 ST AGI 86-5-19,StfD'2 58 Und 256,p.482-483. 1598 AUg 12 T AGI 86--194StDa 228 bnd 2 .56,.482-483. i598 Aug 12 ST AGI 86-i19,StD-82528 bnd 256,,.482-483

San Lorenzo. CEdulario. San Lorenzo. Cedlario. San Lreno. Cedulario.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) 1, I. (copy) i9 p.

To Gov. in Florida, Gonzalo Menade de Canzo in To fov. in Florida, Gonzalo Mendez de Canza in To Goz. in 'loriat, Gonzalo Mendez de Canze, in favor of Jun Lopez de ,Ailes, who ia serving as favor of Juan Lopez de Avilei, who is serving as favor of Joan Lope de -Ailes, who is -erving as Factor and Veedor intead of Alonls de l Ala Is. Factor and Veedor instead of Alonso de la AlPs. Factor and eedor instead of Aloano de las Alas.
King order that officials should tae aount on King o rde, tht office ,l should take account on King orders atht officials should take account on
Lopes de Aviles and then he can leave Florida as lasez de Aviles and then he can leave Florida as Lopez de Aviles and then he can leave Florida a,

0 0 0

< ~>L CVt>+*>~vvt ~< a N a. -%

- V <~a&~ V <~Th~rox~

1% N~

1W3 Aull 16 El -1- ond 7J7, p. 1-11. 2101u 16 ST IZ -6 band 79/ p -2. 1 g 16 8 S 0 5A-1 4 d ?i?, 3. 1-11.

Maid. "oneejo de I di a to King. idrid. "onejro e Ind to in a ri. orso de indi, to King.
(copy) (coy) I. (coy) I

s1 cues reports of mov. on-llo Mnderz -Acan ,ro isoes reports of do. -onzlo o vde Cn.:o rom i lcuse. eports of ov. nz1-lo M, ndel Cano from Florid needr p t to e confiri in n- ior l. need for p t to ive confiraion to n- Fiori n for it to ai conimtin to InrdL n panim d fcr cY edral, -tio b ian n Spniars and for cthdr eton i- dins ani pni n for cathdr, entiu
oh of -a- ; ned to r i F-ranciscan noitey and sh i of nuba; ne to repir Fracican onteiry and ahmp of luba; need Lo repair Frnciscan MoInstry n herch f li ilesl yor; ed of one o clee c h e yor; nd of moneto colete churh, o iglesiyor need of on t copete

1598 ul- 16 ST I 5-1- bni 7 .67 -1. 1 i 16 ST I 53-1- bri 767. p 1-11. 1 z 16 -- bnd 767, p. 1-1.

Mrid. oneejo d ndia to King. Madrid. osoj o de ndno to linr. Yadic. .,.jo de nnias to ing.
continued fror *receding crd. continued ft r recediin5 car, continue fror receding c-rd.

construction of honsit;l nd of wolen slave o work conslrution of ros ital ri of ;oer lre to work rn stricton, orf ,-osial and of ore s ve to *.ork
thero; 6 aicio a ionth r or uort of old ri st tner, i ln do a month for su.pot of old riest; there; I l.cdo, a nnth o- :up ort o I o1 rio indian r bute of corn; reqrd to Carcia Jon Mria IndiaL Tri ,, of torni ro, rd to t cit n i Indin Tribute of cor; r^qi to Iaia Dornai inr
aci ud Don Jun. rooad -Iupplier for -narI so-ldi. haque Don urn. Food supl fr rar,- rid oiert. Cai-; u an Jun. -od su l r -id soldiers.
rinn of ailo in I. Death of scl--lr n ri f silos in D-aCh of 'ier Jun Trinin of ilors in la. Death of 'odier Jun

1%c. 1%-B r

V-i' ~i~i rt.-. ~ ---t

8 an 29 3 f.l--10 bn-d co, p. 1-1. 1 b - ,;I p -.i a --l ba .

(sIan L en )( L(Snzoalsn aLoranno) Rax l -C a

o ci n ori ri on for To al officials in i er ls lor Ofi l i i I

o 1ior a; s iu ro ol ta i ed eino nI I -tai n ne 1cam
-59 In

A <4 t-> > ~x St~-< t N >


~, NC>2 N a~ v~tt~~ >4ffim
-. N
~t,NxNtV '~'~
- ~ N&N&N~*NN>K~<~ N V

-~I-~ ~, -:

--- ~--~;_~t-:-~TL~-~-~I~-~ ~ ~~ -

1598 Sep 2;, ST AI 1-2-Up/24,4 bnd 878, p. 9(. 1598 Sep 21, ST AtI 1-2-1/2,1, bnad 78, p. 90 1598 Sep 2 ST AGI 1-2-/Z ii hid 878, p. 90.

Fnam. Gov. Alo. de otou Pnam. Gov. Alonsso de So ayr. Pnam4. Gov, Alansu de ooraycr.
(copy) 1 1/2 p. (copy) 1 12 p. (o y) 1 /2 p.

Crtifies that .hile le was in tile pacif yi, idians Certifies tht ]bile was i Cille pacifyin- i dian Certifies that }ilie re was i Chile paciin: inian the Vicero of Per, Marues de aete, set hi eo- he ier oPes de eset h- tthhe Viceroy rf PerC, Marques de Sete, seot hi-
pIe to help. Ae<,ng te was Juan de CardeP- a y ple to to lphel. -Amor d oe was Juar de Cardenasl
Anasco, soiier of od snrice. Ansco, soldier of good service. Anazco, soldier of ood serv ice.


-i~ix~ F -.

~~: -c~- 1-c

1598 Oct 20 S AI 86-5-19,t=Do2528 bnd 256,p.18,-85. 1598 Oct s0 ST 0I 86-5-19,StD2528 bnd 256,p.t8n485. 1598 Oct 20 ST s AI 86-5-19,stOD2528 bnd 256,p.p8A-485

Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedul rio.
(copy) i p (copy) 1 p. (copy) 1 p.

To Gov in Florida, Gonzalo Mendez de Canzo, or- To Gov in Florid Gonzalo Mende, de Canzo, or. To Gov in Florida, Gonzalo Mendez de Canzo, orders to give permission to soldier Jun jonsalez ders to give peromision to soldier Juan Goncalez drs to give permission to oldier Juon Gonzale de ia Torre who served in Florida since 150 rnd de ia Trr hoerved Foridsine10 and de a Tore wo served in Floridr since 1580 and served as caeenter until Gov. Domilgo Martinez -erved -s carpenter until Gov. Domingo Martinez serve as c rpenter until Gov. Domingo Martinez
Avendaf, gave he oitio..n to someone ele. Avendad ave the position to someone else. Ivendao, gate tihe osti.n to soeone else.

~ 4> ~- k~ Nt **>t~*<~A~ %Av~ 42t< &s>~~~n> > >~A>r. V V>z*~-,nS~ ~&Th~fl>A~r
~c-~,'- tS<~- ~ ~ ~ ttr1%

- -'; -

-I-" --- 4.----- ;---;_-, Ci ;_~.

"~- ---~ I'r. : _: ,

\-hL~~ I-~- _~---- i - i(::

' -- =_ ~-- ~11

1598 Nov 1 ST AGI 86--19.iStD2528 bnd 256,p.485-486, 1598 Nov 1 S' Aii 86--19,StD-I 2528 bnd 256,p.48--486. 1598 Nov I ST AGI 86-5-19,StaD2528 bad 251,p.a8486.
Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulario. Mdrid. Cedulorio.
(copy) Ip. (copy) I p. (copy) I p.

To Casa de Contratacion, order, not to delay or To Cas de Contratacion, orders noc to delay or To Caos de Contratacion, orders not to delay or
impede ships with money from Florida of any other impede ships with money from Florida of iy other impede ships with money from Florida of acy other
place in Indies to get wine and supplies from pce in Indies to get wine and supplies from place in Indies to get wine and supplies from
Spain. Mentions Gov. of Florida made the complint. Spain. Mentions GSo. of Florida mde the complaint. Spain. Mentions ov. of Flodrida mde the complaint

0 0

~ ~~2 <~ -> ~*7 ><~v<

X< -~ ~Z>St~ x~~ ",~4C~sza,

N- -~ a~Th-v~ "~t-- --z-j ~--s~-. *at~
~ -K-~->~, --~a-*----*-x~- -a*K N~. -a-c*-~- *c~,j-~

* ~ ~ z~~r~. c-1%r-

1 *8 Nov 5 ST AGT 86--!,st-D-2528 bnd 256,p.J-494. 1598 No 5 S AGI 8--19,St 2528 bnd 256p.493-49U j 1598 Nov 5 S AI 86-519SiD2528 bnd 256p.93-494.

E1 plardo. Ceduar Pard. Cedulario. El row. Cedlarin.
(copy) 4i (copy) (copy) 1

Informed by Gov. of alrida of reat need for Informed by Cov. of Foris of greateed for Informed by Go. of lorid of reatneedfor
roof on building offrancisa montery ad of rf t on bilding of franoiscan mostery and of roof on scilding of raniscn monastery an of
other things for church; King orders Treasury other thing for crch ; lidg order, Trasur, other things for church; King orders Treasury Officials in New Spain to sent 500 dueci to officgl in Sin N n to sent 5O0 dusodo to Offical.s i New Spain to sent 5O0 duoads to
Fliorida for reprs nd needs of mo lorida for repairs and needs of monatery. Flori for repairs and needs of monatery.
0 0

1598 Nov 5 ST AGI 86-5- 19,St 2528 bnd 256,p.gi--95. 1598 Nov 5 ST AGI 86--19,Sto"2528 bna p. 9 1598 Nov 2 p -T oo I v865-19,t-11-2128 bnd cu 6,4p9-495.

E1 Pario. Ceduhrio. l Pardo. Cedulario. El ardo. Cedulri.o,
(copy) ipc (coy) IP. (co) I .

Treasury Offieials in For a orders to gve Treasury Official. in lorida orders to ggie Treas uy Officials i Florida orders to lve frmanci-can s .ey rescued from wrecd hips; fraci aone y rescued from wrecked ship; fricaisc, money rescued from wrecked ship;
from re ships 2,2702 reales and from anotherlO0. from one hips 2,702 resles and from notherOO. frm one his 2,702 reales and from -nother30o.
Mentions 500 csacados Tresury in New Spain will Mentions 500 denosios Treasury in New Spain ill Menlic 500 duoeio TreaslrFy in New Spas sill
send. send. send.

a 0

-~ 9~-<-.~~

1598 Nov 5 ST AGI 86-5-19St,stD228 bnd 256,p.496. 1598 Nov 5 ST AGI 86-5-19,stD2528 bnd 256,p.496. 1598 Yov 5 ST AGI 86F-I-9,St J228 bnd 256,p.496.

El Prdo. Cedulario. E1 pardo. Cedulario. ylparo. Cedulario.
( hop ) P. or) P. ( onF r
To Besho in Cua orders to go to For id, To Bishop in Cuba orders to g o norida, To Bishop in Sus orders t gto Florida whiEh is his dioce vead ie Confirmaton which i. hs dioee an v Confirsation. which is his doest ad je Condfrctien.

V. ~.r r~ > t-> \

R 'r y I l iid l- IParac Rt aF1 C -i a1
c1py) C',yc,--2)- 1

;i r~r -r ~ri

>~t.0>Th ~ Vt Mit Mi-Thit 'titMirt 'ii', -U- tM4~U-Uit~ v&iM ~

1598 Nov 9 ST AGI 86-5-19,MStD2528 bnd 256,p.496-D6 1598 No. 9 ST AGI 86S5-19,JStoD2528 nd 256,i.496-06 1598 Nov 9 ST .xi 86-5-19,StrD2528 bnd 256,P.496-06

Madrid. Cedulario. Ma;rid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulro.
continued from preading card. continued from precding card. continued from preeding Crd.

In Fla. i approves ov. giving oe nspplie to 2 In Fla.; approves iov. giving some supplies to 2 In Fla.; approves or. giving some supplies to 2
friendly caciques; to cacia Maria to give her cloth friendly caciues; to cacia Maria to give her cloth friendly gaciuve to cecia Maria to give hor clot)
of a value of 1O ducados; reommends friendship of value of 1 ducds; recomends fr-endhip of a value of 150 ducados; recolends frindship with cacique don J an; apro-uves sudies g -ven with caeiue don Juan; approuves supplies given with catique don J uns approuve s nplie5 given
to Juan Renirr. ontrral' widow, and to Petroni- to Juan Haxire contrras' widow, and to Petroni- to Juan Ranirez Contrras' widow, and to etroni* 0 0

-ii K K 4-r,~,, -P.- i~--~ ii-_-i--ir

i~~ .-i< K--.

1598 Nov 9 ,T AG I 86-5-19,StDo 28 bnd 256,p.496-506 1598 Nov 9 iT AGI 86-5-19,St*Do528h bnd 256,p.496-,Do 1598 Nov 9 ST AGI 86-5-19,StODko252 bnd 256,p.496-50

Madrid. Cedulhnio. Madrid. Cedulorio. Madrid. CeduLario.
continued from preceding card. continued from receding card. continued from receding cord.

truction of stone fort. Orders to get information truction of stone fort. Orders to get information truction of store fort. Orders to get information of Thd called Latam, i40 miles from Son Ao,-atin, of land coiled Latama, 40 miles from fan Agstin, of land called Latfam, 4o oile, from San Agutin, so they can have a settloent there. ionts infor- so they can have a ettlement there. Icnts infor- so they csn have a settlement there. dants informacion on possible ship yard in Flori0. macon on p sible ship yard i Florida. macion on ps ble 'hip yard in Florida.

@ II

1598 Nov 9 ST AGI 6--19,StDo2528 ad 56p,507-5.08. 1598 Nov 9 ST lI 86-H-19,StDo2528 bnd 256,p.507-508, 1598 Nov 9 ST AGI 86-5-19,StpDo2528 bn 26,p.507-5C8,

Madrid. Cedaulri, Madrid. Cedul ari. Madrid. Ceduirio.
(copy) 1ip. (copy) p. (copy) p

To Treasury Offi i.a, i n Meio, New Spain. To To Treaoury Officials in Mexico, New Spain. To o Treastry Officils in Mexico, 'ew Spin. To
send with the siuado money for salary of pedro send with the situado money fonr alary of Pedro send with the itido money for salary of Pedro Reondo Villegas who io to investigate Tesorero Redondo Villegas who in to investigate Teno ero Redondo Villgeo who is to invptigate Tey orero
and Contador in Floida. Redondo to say one year. and Contador in Florida. Redodoo to stey one yer and Contador in Florida. Rdondo to ..ay one year.

0 40


~ ~.~~"-"'~ ~
,,-~- i- ~~-- ~__~tl ~-.r .~ i~~- c;

,,,,,r~ -rj~;

1598 Nov 9 ST AGI 86--UA .5-1i Uo528 bnd 256,.509-510. 1598 Nov 9 ST Ai 86--19,aUFIZ 528 bnd 256,p.59-10 1598 Nov 9 T .iI 86-f5-19,.IWD2528 bnd 256,.0-510.

Madrid. Cedulrio. Mdrid. Cedularin. Madrid. Cedul rio.
(ropy) 1 (copy) i p. (copy) p.

Orders Gov. of Floi; a to nomirate someone to o Orders orv. of Florida to nominate someone to So Orders Gov. of Floridf to nominate someone to go to Nes Spain nd collect th situao instead of to New Sain -,nd collect he stuado instead o io e Spai and collect the ituad instead of
thc *reasury Official. tie Treasury Officials. the Tre asury Officials.

1598 Nov 9 ST AGI 86-5-19,S"Dto2D28 bn 2L56,p.510-51. 1598 Nov 9 ST AGI 86-5-19,St D 258 ond 256,.510-11. 1598 Nov 9 ST AGI 86-5-19,St'p2525 rad 256,p.N 10-11.

Madrid. Cedulario. lMarid Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulario.
(copy) i (copy) 1 p. (copy) .

To Treaury Officials in Mexico, New Spain. Orders To Treasury Officials in Mexico, New Spain. Orders To Treacury Officials in Mexio, New Spain. Orders
o give m"rrlca soldiers in lorida ther ~aoun o give married ooldiero in Florida the nount to give married soldiers in iloridr the amount
of 8o ducados to help portt the soldiers' of 00 ducados to help support the soldiers' of 8o ducada to help support the roldiers'
children., silidre. snidren.

0I 0

1598 Nov 9 ST A31 86-5-19,StOD. 228 bnd 256,P.5!1. 1598 Nov 9 ST ASI 86-5-19,St r D528 bud 256,p.511. 1598 Nov 9 AST .SI 6-5-193pt5SD228 bnd 256,p.51ii

Madrid Cedulario. MaNdrd Cedularion Madrid Cedulario.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) p. (copy) i p.

To Cavcia Doa Magria. Informs of recommendation To Cacio Doea Maria. nforms of recom.mntion To Caciae Dogm- Mara. Inform of recommendation
given to Gonzaul Mendez de Clanzo Gov. in PFl. given to Gonzalo Mendez de COazo, Gov. in Fle. given to Gonzalo Mendez de Canzo, Gov. in Fla.
Because of her good chrisietianity ad good will, Becare of her good Chistianity and good will, Because of her good cistinity and good will, G. will geve her Mome gooe to help Indians. Gov. will give her some good to help Indi-ns, ov. will give her some goods to help indians.


1 1%

1598 N.o 9 ST AGI i86-5_-9,StDO228 bnd 2561p.12-513. 1598 Nov 9 ST II 8t-5-19,t D2528 bnd 26up.52-5113. 1598 Nov 9 ST AGI 85 g-19,lt.wD2528 bnd 256,p.12.511.

Madrid. Cedulario, Madrid. Cedulsrio, Madrid. Cedul*rio.
(copy) a p (copy) I p (copy)

To Juan Maldoneo de e Barnmev, Gov. in Cuba. To Ju n Maldon do de Barnuevo, Gv. in Cuba. To Juan Maldonao de Barnuev, Gov. in Cuba.
Orders to send engineer Cristobas de R ad and Orders to send engineer Cristba de Roda Ad Orders to send engineer Cristobal de Rode and
Juen de la Torre end elso couple of master stone- Juen de le Torre and oio couple of master stone- Juen de la Torre and also couple of mster stonecuttersC nd some official to work on construction cutters and ome officials to ork on obstruction cutters and .ome officials to work on contraction
of fort San Agstin. of fort 5n ,gustln, of fort Sdn Agustin.

4 4

-4 4 4 4*. 4 4


~ > r+~t ~~'t-~- ~%Z&'~a~r k~ >-r

'&w' ~t
~-~ a 1%

1598 Nov 16 ST AGI 86-5-19,StD*2528 bnd 126p.514-51. 1598 Nov 16 ST AGI 86-5-19,StD2528 bnd 26.p.51-3ls. 1U98 Nov 16 ST AGI 86-5-19,ltD2528 bnd 256p.N51-515

Madrid. Cedulalio. Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulario.
(copy) i p (copy) p. (copy) p.

Ordrs to Treasury Official in Florida to dis- Orders to Treasury Oftfiials in Florida to di,- Orders to Treasury Officials in Florida to discount 10O duedos from Vicente Gonzles's sala- count 100 ducados from Vioente Gonzalez. s ala- count 100 ducados from Vicente Gonzslez's alary. Mentions receptor fo the Conseo doe indias, ry. Mentions receptor fo the Consejo de India, ry. Mentioned recepr tr to the Conoejo de indias,
Diego Rui, de Osor0 o Dieo Ruiz de o6ri Die-a Ruir de OsorQ 6

0 0@

tin Iw M r a-, I.--: Ci, /p. 1'2WNv7 A .?tt .1W1 6i Mh 4 o 6p a' a a a CC F

c -1 z

15986 N S AI 86-b19 8 bnd 256,p.1-51 1598 Nov 24 ST ADI 8--119,St 2pi528h bnd 256,p.515-516. 1596 Nov 24 S AI 8U-5-19,Stio12528 bnd 256,p.515-516.

El Pardo. Cedulario. 01 Pardo. Cedulario. Eli ardo. Cedulrloa.
(ropy) 1 r. (copy) Ip. (copy) 1 .

To Receptor of the Consejo de indiao, Diego Ruiz To Receptor of the Consejo de indie, Diego Ru To Receptor of the Consojo de indias, Diego Ruiz
Osorio, to give to Hernando de Metas 200 ducedos 0Eosrio, to give to Hernando de Mestas 2C0 ducados Osorio, to give to Herln o de Meotas 2C ducalos to help his return to Florida. Money his n Moneyws received to help his return to Florida. Money was received
form Jan de Uribe frot belongings of Jln de from uan de Uribe from belonginge of Juan de from Juan de Uribe from belongings of Jlun de
Cevadilla. vevadilla. Cevadilla.

<"a >z.-- t. V '

-;~ -- c~ _~2~-;: ~ -;-,, ~~,_

1598 Nov ST I 8-1 ,tD22 bnd 256,.16-517. 1598 Nov 24 S A 86--19StaD 28 bd 26, 16 98 24 ST --19 5 bnd .1T -19 2 bn16-517.

El ardo. Cedulario. El Pardo. Zedulario. El Fardo. Cdul;rio,
(copy) I (copy) I p. (copy) i.

To Treasry Officials in Florida. Order, to rli- to Treasury Officials in Florida. Orders to din- To Treasury Officials in Florida. Orders to is.count from lIferz Herrando de Mestsis alry, lout frm alferez Herndo de Masas's salary, count from alferez Hernando de M.stas's salary, 200 ducados that -ere giini to htm for his trip 0) ducados that were giving to him for his trip 200 diuados that were giving to him for hi tri
bo e to Florida. bak to Florid bae to Florida,.


r~~~~,;-~ ---~--:-~--~ ~~~~-;,1~~:~:-;~-- ~-~-~l ~.l~-l: ;~;-~r ~

2 ; .

!5 Ecy 2 ST ;I T-5-17 n 9 p. 2. 15i v 2n St I 5--1:i t 9I 1 1 2L S : 5--2 ni9 2.

1 Psr O. 51 Cd ul-, i1 l Par. R ,:ula.

To Frid %a fficia y Ic a l ] tri u- --(Ci- T ic s char ar!