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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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1597 Jan 23 sT AGI -5-20 bnd 739 P. 4 1597 Jan 23 iT I 5 -20 bnd 739 p. 197 Jan 23 ST AI j-Lu aend 7 i. 4

(san gu,tin.) a Fronisco de ron to Fray n- (San tguItin.) Fray Francls i de con to Fray An- (San usatn.) ray oranisco de Maron to Fray Antonio Da Bioha in Cuba. tonio Diaz Bisho in Cuba. tonio Dia. Bisho in Cuba.

Informs ofa lack of mtterial for priest to ork in the Informs of ack of material for priest to work in the Informs of lack of terii for priest to work in the cristianlzstion of indias. Asks for informaclion n crlstianization of Indi- n Asks for intforacion on ohristhaniztio of indiss. Asks for iforcaioon on this matter. Testimon- of 5.- Alono anehez Sar, this matter. Testimony of 5.- Alonse l nchez saez, this mtter. Testimony of 5.- Alono canchz raez
7.- Gapar erea, 0.- Fr1s2 Moeja(?). 12asp.- ornciso Moreja(?). 12.- 7.- Gso rrez, 10.- ranciiso p rer(?). i l.
Clemense erhhl. !ote inform, of rateial sent ior Clmente Befl. ote nfoes of tceril sent for Clemente eroal. Note inform. of -trial .ent for 11 riato io nlora. 11 priest 11 rie... in kloida

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1597 Sep 17 Sr GI 54-5-16 bnd 752, p. 1-4. 1597 Sep 17 5. L]I -5-16 bnd 752, p. 1S4. 5 17 ST .3 54-5-16 bnd 752, i. 1-4.

San sutin. T at m r nc l ra San gutin. Testimoon concerning clothing and San guatin. Testimony cnoercin, clothing and
-c rtions etc. given by order of Sov. and rationed etc. glen by order of ov. and ration etc. given b order of Gov.
Gonzalo Hende Cgnan to Indians came Gonalo iMende. Canza to Indianes wo ma Sonoalo Hendez Cano to Indian, win came to bon "gstn, to make their obedience oo San 'xgustin, to ake their obedience to an utin, to ke their bedience
to King as vasa3lP to Kig .,cascvade. to King as vassals.
(copy) tK p. (copy) 35 p. (coPY)

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t9? N, 1 3 C 5--17 -nd I061, 3. 3. i9 7 No 13 I, 1 5 -I nd 106 8. 1--7 W o t 1 I -;-17 ond -61, r. 1.

n u rtifiction of 1 Offii n ion of 1 Of c t rtfie on of oyai Cffii Soy 1 fi1 : 0tlome t \quall rr Me- Soyal offii : Tot1010 do irguelle 50J Roya Offi 1 1u cl e els u r Ns
Sotol Lo1 iria ,it o.. a n of tl h o iri it o i of olo Lo iri it ing

ndo i I a v hi 0 i 0i n of ol pa i-oon o t.

1 7 I -- U n 1.D* 1-f lo 21 T," I t 1 5 bn' d 1-1'. 1 -ov 1t 2 5 -;-1- ban 1 p.

t. u twi. eti ticon f t do C ti- S utn. ;ertific tion f pt. etro e otie tn. rtification f wt. Cdro otit 1 0 1 i 1 .. 0

iertifie th fo 3ttc10o- Lo;& ik dee Cert'fi th to 1 eez rtolone o- p avi-i do'o- Cer-tifies t t lfer Baicione Lope evi-ia an
ve r for cod t e-vice- tcul i t i aoc rewa, rd for ocd evic rtc- y o o vo r fo C od ie -tc1 io it time
o. ae Cno vi ited northern in i t- r:tory. ov. 3elez -azo vi ite nort a. in- n terr toy, o. "- a o z it tern inin te-ite .

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1597 De 1i AGI 8 -1 16 on-i 71i, 1-3, 159 ec 13 KT i 5P--16 bnd 7, p. 1-43. 17 Dec i S I E5 -- 1 b d i7, p. 1-3.

n gu sin. Sitnado for lorida. San aun. ituado for 'loria. San gustin. dituado for lorida.
(copy) (co4y 1. ( coy)

before ov. on, lo ierdez o unzo. e simonyo of bh or ov. o an a-nae Canzo. etimony fi t he lifore ov. onralo Kndez lzo. e. o-oc of the crl tken by ileoro .r n n ndez aruos of tie oare t ken by esorero Jun .nenian -rques of te care takin by ITorcro Jlun lennem rr eara o f te
Ohif.ent of Fiorida's ituado froom Ncr, ain. ien- shipmnr of Florida's -it ado fo e a. shint of Florida' -itado from ew In.
tins narrol e sirgue l In Lopes de viles, tionP irolone de or.ualles an- Jun Lo ez de lee, tions Brolode ie ellre and Jutn oopez de Avies.