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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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D3 ST i 5 9 b 6, 15 8 I 5--- +6, 1 1 n d 646

a n", Spain., Si u n S ain, Sat stir. i Spain San utin.
ol. tire de r n l fcial i ti- Cov. .iicerre de M lp i C l O n -v. utierr dae ira. n oa l i i ti
ionfor e fo l ia. 61 rtion for supP i for loria. ion or s lie afor olori 61

for o n s or: 7 i r coponene doc, sr ee a ries fr: 587Ar 0I for col poen :or; t see entries for; 87 A ;
190 Oct 0 51 ec 9 15 : Jan Fb if Oct ,0 -, Dic ,2 1o 2 151 ; Jn 1, b 7, 1990 6c 5" Dec 59 9 Jan '1, Fe 7
y a 6 r 27, Apr 3 M a ,


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z il-l'-:- ~; ~ ~ ~rr ~ = ~

-~-t"L ~II- r~

1 o-, i

iot o Joanlo o b n o fo lt Jt Loen to e it a un Lor L, a o

I ies. I e I 61 o the tI .

5; 151: Jan 9, F eb 8 p.1,. S 15 : Jn I, 6 Feb 8 pr 4, 4 1 ]: J7 i1, eb 8, j r ,b tP J 1

1591 (Jn 19) ST I -5-I nd 6 i-. 191 (Jn 19) T 1 D 5 i i 1 bn 655, -3. 1391 (Jln 12 T C 34-5-9 bnd 6,5, 13.

uierr -, ir n to on o de i d to o e -n
aar ide a ones o t lh behalf of ti dof ut rr de -!bf- Ganr de .o1e- f on the bo c lI of 'utierre de Mirand, k 1rtillrY be nt to Plorid, because ra., k til ory be mt i lori 1, cr use oda, ks -rtillry be ser t t- lorii b r uo the chipm t et ith r ntole b o- th nt ent th MirA n- I I toolen b cor- the shi menrt ent I rh iodn; ~ i stolen n or
n etoir Mn n tre de G ipo Tejed. .tiro rn ions ae br de camo Tej ea sir. .enlio aestre de :po Tejada,
(on nu 151). (natinues (cnt ne 19 )

S, T i 9 5- 6 bnd 7 -22. 7,1 0.19 ---1 na 6 1-. J. 1 .

1591 Jn S2 i_ f- b dn4 6 d, a 9-l 1 1 dan 1 p j 1-, oi- nd 9-4

r ,. Supp for Flor-da. r Supn lies for !orl. i-a Supf ies fr Flor id a.
(c l) (to.T,) (copy) I" i

I., si, dr I 'i no, po. die. 1.a hitn .1o j, .lal f ori- Ffo 1., 61o F Ir n li

continuee on lil, IFb 70 onT ns0 on 11, -b 71

0 0

151 Ja P_5-.6, 'f .t y-)-6 bnd 7, .. 2:-61. 11 0n h 5- S., .. -.i-i bnd 57, 2-oi. 111 ha M 25i26, :S .i I -56 bnd -, 3. -62.

y i on o l o JI 'I ot Junr o ;-1nPe t o 3 plro. Jur ......

::Stimo, o0. Witnesses i ife nfe:.Rion on ilot -'e Litual"- Of irlescs irt ifor; crt on pi ot -0timon of citne--0 i.1 th in.rc iol on piot

ar.. c',rm~nder, 30.- Ju an Lop de .vi.e, G.- r- 000 am ernndez, jo. Jun Love de ..v-less .- 6,n Ga ,ar mrt io, X.- Ju opz r e ..v-l -6.-"1 o I c I i i a i i b 0.11 0 1 nil-4- o- loar J- r, I o

- - - - - -

1ii ye'.4 4-- .I ns. bi i - I I n, g i. S. .;.

iM::---- -I L: : :-~~--~~ -: ~---- ;:-~-~;i:- :~ _: ------::- -~:~

------.;--a-___l -;-~-r~=:i--"L ; I

9 e I d 6 1 b r -- bn 19 Fe 8 T 5 n 7, .

0 io of i ilot J L0 i rnn>o 1 o- )oy ot ) (o y)n

01 1



1591 Feb 27 ST AGI 86-5-19,StD2528 bnad 256,p.334-3535. 1591 Feb 2 ST AGI 86-519,StD22528 bnd 56,p.334-335. 1591 Feb 27 ST AI 86-519,StaDO2526 bad 256,p.334-335.

Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulario.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) 1 p. (copy) l p.

To Treasury officials in Fla ode Treaury official in Fla.. orderrders to pay alaale- To Treausury oficals in Fla. rders to pay sale- To Treasuy ffcls in Fla. orders to pay salary to ex- gov. Pedro Menndez Marques from the day ry to ex- gov. Pedro Menendes Marq es from the day ry to ex- gov. Pedro enende Marques from the day he left Fla. until the day of Gutierre de Miranda's he left Fla. until the day of Gutierre de Miranda's he left Fla. until the day of Gutierre de Miranda's
arrival. Miranda aligned as ov. for Florida. arrival. Miranda signed as gov. for Florida. arrival. Miranda asigned as gov. for Florida.


--- -- -----

91 r Se A 9 bi 66, p. 191 Al P P--9 b 66 -. 1591 Air I b--9 bad i646, 4-,.

S-ville. S{upp in or lo-i S 1ville. Supplies for z aorid, S il es for florid.
(copy) m (u(

Slorl 's ,il o, edro de ia G rdr r orts lack of forida's ,ilt Pdr e a ardI ts la k of Fl ts pilot, Fedr de la -t ,,a reports Ik of
syI n fla. an d need for on or 2ma; hips o is in a and need for one or 2 a ll hips to i3s in ila. and eed Io one or 2 small ships to
take li n s t at ad en teneTndae M rLs tke sp o Menions t a t F oedn enende Mrqes take c1prl- s. nions t t iedro i:nend z M r Ie
s d one f ,- a n do onnratacion su esL irsenta- o011 one i C :; Co ratacion suggests .resent:- oli one hi-o. C- ea de otirlt cion sucesfts ures-nta
tion -etiin bfore Co ns o --e ni a. n tir- -In i:--i tion b-fore Cn eo de iias. fe to- o n )ctiton b-fore ConSt o de IndisL. M -n l c a po-

1 T -. 1591 r 2 i I 646 4- r s 616, contin4 i from 6r eed n- g I ri continued from rrreoedini rd. c t

r 8 u8 19 Z"a i o z ttt'u ng : ior
ini0 0

"'::::~~;""-";'"1; ""--

; -ir~ - cl-; ~_ -. ~-- I

> tl-~i jV A:C'i~-C" -* < < V. --l-'~~n~i <-~~---r -i~- l

\______~i_ V

- - -- --

1591 Jus 18 ST -AI 86I5-19,StD2526 bad 256,p.43g3-434. 191 J- 18 ST AGI 86-5 1,StDs2528 bnd 256,p.43-434. 1,91 Ju1 18 ST AGI 86--19,St*D2528 bnd 256,p..43-34.

Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulerio. Madrid. Cedulario.
(copy) i (cpy) p. (copy) p.

To Domingo Martinez de Avendano, gov. in Florida, To Domingo Martinez de avendano, gov. in Florida, To Domingo Martinez de Avendano, gu, in Florida, orders to pay back what Caciue Don Juan gave in orders to pay back what Cacique Don J an gsve in orders to pay back what Cacique Don Jn wave e supplies to Spniardst and ho should be hristioa- supplies to Spanard. and he anould be christia- rop.lies to Spaniards and he should be christianized by the new priets o ,rrive to Fla.a., I nized by th new priests to arrive oto la., an nzeF by the new priests to arrive o Fi., as
well as any oter Indian who whihes, well a, any other Indian who ohihes. well as any other Indian who whishes.

!591 Jul 1 ST AGI 5-2-7 bad 857, -. 2021 1591 Jul 1 ST AGI -2-7 bnd 857, p. 2021 15?1 Jul I ST ACI 5-2-7 Und ul? p. 2021 .

Madrid. Tora er.aro de Qriros to rown. Madrid. Toa Bernardo de Tuiros to Crown. Madrid. To:a ernardo de Quiros to Crown.
(Copy) 1. (cop) 1 (cop) 1 .

Reports hi, more than 20 years service in Haona and Reports hi miore than 20 years service n Meri ao a:d Reports his more than 20 years seFice in Habna and
Florids. Florida. Florida.

0 *

;:-~; ~;1:--~- --~ ~ -~~

- "-- -u~

i-L-~ ~)=_- ~=_~ r___~-__ _%;_jl; ~ i-';L ii -- = -ei r

1591 Aug 31 ST i E-5-16 bnd 669, 12-113 1591 Aug 51 S .111 54-5-16 bnd 669, p. 112-13. 1 Ag 31 54-16 bd 669, p. -IJ.

Service of Gil de Cevadila. smn utin.2 S service of Gil de Cevadilla. San agustin, Srvice of il de Cevadila. Sfn gOtin.2
e) *OY) *py) 2p.
CertiftCotion cde b utierre de MiranaG of il d Certification ma Ge b .ctierre -o A ironds of (ii Ge Certifictloc -deb Gutierre de Nir nJo of Gil -e Cevrdlllos service in elorid duing eleven Er e l r e ri r eeyill.s .. n i.n iFsa dsringele en yors. Cevadillns seice idFld during eleven c ver.
(continues 91 b1ep. .). (continues 131, 5er. i.). (constiuc 191, 00p. 1.).

5 l sep 1 ST A -H 5-h1 bnd 669, i. 113-114. l91 Sei 1 S AGI 54--1 ind 669, p. ll3-11. 1591 iel 1 ST AGI 54-5-16 bnd 669, p. 113-114.

San ^~tin. ervie of dil de evadilla. San =gustin. Service of il de Ccvasilla. San *Custln. Service of il de Cevadlla.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) I p. (copy) 1 .

Barto~. o e e rguelles certifies that Gil de Ce.a- Bartolome doe rules certifies thnt Gil de Cevi Bartoloe de .,ruelles certifies that Gil de Gevadilla started hi service in Florida in Nov 1579. dilla started his service in Florida in Nov 1579. dilla started his service in florida in Nov 1579.
(continues 1593, Jan 3.). continueu s 159, Jan 3.). (continue 1593, Jan 5.).

1591 Sep I ST I 55-2-9 b4d 675 p 1591 S Tep 55- d i ST I 55- bnd 5. ru. San Agutin. Juan Nunez de los kios. San Agustin. Juan Nunes de loe Rios. an Agu.tin. Juan unez de los rio. 1)

Jesn d Poa ertfie service in Florid of Juan da a certifie service in Florid~ of sol- Jln d Pcsada certifies vice in Florid of soldien Nn. e los r di, Jun Nu- in I .. die, Juan. une e los *ios
l ~ qDn IqPri ~ ia.dr urEurl* o l

1i-1 Nov 13 S- I 5-- 16 bnd 76 c. 1 i-6 11 ENo 13 T C 53-3-1i nd 76h5. 5-. 1391 Nov i T I 54-4-1i bind 76, -.4.

Hevam r. 2etiton of Juatn 1,opez ie viles. 1avana. etiton of Jwn Lope d 1e Avils. Ivn. Petition of Juen Lopez de vile
1 i I p;

Letter of Pedro enn-d ci r ua rco, mendin the Letter of edro enurde ar u rae ening the Lette of iedro e- ndezr I ues recon eni, t service of Juan Loper cLe -1 ,i eved 9 I ervie of Jr a10 ez de vllesT he erv d r19 evce o jan iC de vriles, wo erved 19 Yer in loirl- end ex-n-rience in lori lers irn loird nn ac. exerience i Floirda. e in Fliira d hs ex ntrline i (cont. 1592 Jao 3). (on. 92, Jn J). (ont. 1 J 3)

k/1m S bSa, 6tt p. ;.11P 199 DS c 3T I 25 13 Un F, -. 11-2. ;1-- Dec m ST i 5 -1 7 16 p. 1 .


0 t o i zcerro alof L'edo an do bar u .. of fl o Idia ed a ade ues a, Opt. of fl fo I

nc h= otoxi:: oy, ii S t (Another p stant %Li ec~y carth y dante !I ( oth photostatic co y, ;r 66 C nd 662
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