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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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(1576) rT GI 1-5-20/4 Pat 109, Ramo4, bnd 9;,p.57-58 (1576) ST Al 1-5-20/4 Pat 109, a-mo4, bad 9;,.57-53 (1576) S Al 1-5-20/4 Pat 109, Ramo4, bnd 9;,p.57-58

(Lima, Peru) Leonor de Soto. (Lima, Peru) Leonor de Soto. (Lima, Peru) Leonor de sato.
continued from preceding card. continued from preceding card. continued from preceding card.

nlienzos. that Viceroy Francisco de Toledo took "lienzose that Viceroy Francinco de Toled took lienosa. that Viceroy Francisco do Toledo took
to Spain. to Spa,. to Spain.

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co2 10, ,7 1 oy l .

LJo n in 0, 7c irv B i ai r t. 1 r io o i 6 oo -t. is i 1 c E b in-b ld 3.
Din. il -n, n l,. at,
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217 f l 8 -- ge r n7 p 13' nl r I 8 5 1 omt ,n -o6 5,.1 7, a 1it n ,at. p t b dr S

Ti t C o a hel i t i in r r to e ni t ci1 t C er 0 0] i
1 ta 1@trtdo ro o 1,p 11

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1576 J n 17 I., 66. -zhL F h d 26 ,. 315. 1 6 Ja 7 a I 6- eto De k2 bn 2561.56. 2W J 17 6i 1- 26 End P5%,p. .

( p) 1 ( o (11 y)

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ok n, L n t i a brok n n,


1 ,97 J1 W6 J n --IC -16. ,a d. i nrat cio S. i--l-e a, .la Cot rjai ,C

or on e an uplies oier to Toier Infor tion on no y nd up lies ae o soldier I 0 0oratic o4 non--y 0 ld ie i
0n,- u while serving Crown in Florid. Vi ne nriqu wi ervng Cro r n lr Viet a iue bil s v i ron i
S.uu. Four in tur G.

1T 6 o T6 I2 @/12t .91.17 6 3 I --/1 bA 9 19.1 6 Ue 6 T G /1 1 ,p
C vtagera Irform on on 10 i ,o as M,~l r as i cea en I f ior, cler Do leara e, r Mr o Cort Ge n Informacion or. edro n o em &
(copy p (copy) 10 9, {oo y)

Tootimon 5: 9.- Fedro de 01 uersta, 1 .- Juan Test cn f: 9.- eaedro 01 7 cro 2.- Juan a tii 1" 9.- Fe o a 1 ret 1 Jmm
as ran 15.- Jun or1 6r n ly.- J on is 2. de 1, 1.0 Ju are

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1576 Feb27 ST AGI 1--20/4 Pat 109,Ramo4,bnr91,p.4& 49 1576 Feb27 ST AGI 1-5-20/4 pat 109,.Ramo4,bd9l,p.48-49 1576 Feb27 ST AGI 1--20/4 Pat 10.Ramo4,bndl,p, -49

GuamangaPeru. Infomacion and probanza of Leonor GuamangaPeru. Informacion and probana of Leonor Guasnga,Peru. Information and probanza of Leonor
de Soto, deo Soto.
(copy) 2 p. (oopp) p. (copy) 2 p.

Testimony of Jan de Manuco, conqueror, in th Tstiony of Jn the Teton of an d Meand. ror, in the Testimony of Juan de Manueco, conqueror, i n the
inforacion of .eonor de Soto. informaclon of eonor de Soto. information of .eonor de Soto.

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1576 Feb 28 ST AI 1-5-20/4 patlO9,Ramo4,bnd91 p.51-53 1576 Feb 28 ST AI 1-5-20/4 Patl09,Ramo4.bnd9gl 51-3 1576 Feb 28 ST AI 1-5-20/4 PatlO9,lRamo4,bndl,p.51-53

GuamangaPeru. Information y probanza of Leonor Gua angaPeru. Informacion y probanza of Leonor Gumay,Peru. Information y probanza of Leonor de Soto. de Soto. de Soto. (copy) 2p. (copy) 2 p. (copy) p.

Testimony of Diego Gavilan in the information of Testimony of Diego Gavilan in the informacion of Testimony of Diego Gavilan in the inforbacion of
Leonor de Soto, Hernando de Soto's daughter. Leonor de Soto, Hernando de Soto's daughter, Leonor de Soto, Herbando de Soto's daughter.

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1576 Mar ST AGI 54--16 bnd 672, p. 29. 1576 Mar ST AGI 5-s- bad 672, p. 176 Mar ST AGI 54-16 bd 672, p. f9.

Madrid. Service of lpt. Francisco Salsarr. Madrid. Service of ipt. Francisco Slazar. Madrid. Service of pt. Francisco Salazr.
I 1p. I p.

King recommends Cpt, Salazar to General Cristobal King recrMsends OCt. Salazar to General Cristob l King recommends Cpt. Salazar to Sjeer al ristobal
de Eraso. de irraso. e Oraso.
(cntinues 1578 (Dec 2)). (rntinues 1578 (Dec 2)). (cOntinues 1578 (Dec 2)).

15V6 Mar S ~ 5"--16, hd 35 31- 2. 176 M r 9 r 1 4- bmi 34, p. j1 .. 1576 r 9 WS1 54->-16, bnd jk, 31 .,

ille. Diego lore de -Robls c- al dc -ille. 1 oilore do Robl;. to sn ace t l!e. Ule o Fiore Ce lobes to Ca., d
Contract ion. 0utratation. Contratacion.

Acoi to be paid greed, n for Jn io, K be aid as agred, ai n Carrilo o be id a greed, a or n C
r no of flet to ek on iano o to Ini o ,neck o oneet Lo dies to hock on mn
owed bioj-s. ei Flore. Fl

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Io tar 19 3 S 4- -16 nd 5, p. 7 9. 157' Mar 9 am P- 16 bnd P. ,7 1,6 Mir 9 Sc A1 54-5-16 ond p. 37-9.

Se Ill. J r ilo. evi lle. J~- Cr 1 :l L vlle. Jun Crr ill.
(copy) p, (cIey) 3 P. (cpy)

-cc-n a, money erni o viego was- ae iobles ccoilt a money -r-n a by uiego ilors e Roibcl neouit oe mone earl-n 3b- ui- o o0res de Roe
while arloing a y r in ilorld. ie e ern r n Fl wa in in lorida. H w wit atad a one of the older o e ez ao of l olier d antdo on ,z a one of the 00 ole
ent by G-on. sent by o cent by Gro,,.

1576 Jun 7 ST AGI 79-4-2 Tom 5, 'bd 309, p. 7-8. 576 Ju3 7 ST AGI 79-4-2 Tomo 5, bnd 3:9i p. 7-8. 176 Jun 7 ST GI 79-4-2 Tomo 5, nd 309, p. 7-8.

Madid. Roya Cedula, Madrid. Royl Cedula. Madrid. Royal Cedula.
(copy, incomplete) 2 p. (copy, incomplete) 2 (copy, incomplete) 2 p.

To Gov. Montalvo in Cuba, concernnri defense To Cov. aintalee in Cuba, oncernine defense TGov. Montalvo in Cuba, oncerning defense needed in Cua, artillery and ammunition for needed in Cuba; artillery and aecuitin for needed in Cuba; artiller-y nd a.mnition for
fort not to exceed 1,C00 duado. Geronlmo Rojax fort not to exceed 1,000 ducados. Geronimo Rojas fort not to exceedO 1OOO ducados. Geronio eojas
de ivellaceda to rism artillery left by cor- de Avellan a to random artillery left by cor- de Avellaned to ranom artillery left by corir in la. ir n Fl sairs in Fla.

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(coy, i opl (o imncpi (c i o,-, w r3 11 tr "Iil 11 -0,


-C -a- -.--w---z-'ZLE Z-VZ~'~~ a a-~
-~ -$- ~~-aar~~ a-- -~ ~ .Naa-~aa.----~-~za. ~ ~*CsMa. a ~ -z---<

1576 Jul 6 ST AGI 41-4-5/15 bnd 371, p. 11-12. 1576 Jul 6 ST I 41-4-5/15 nd 3711 p. l-12. 157 Jul 6 ST AGI 41-4-a/15 bnd 371 p. 1-12.
Cartagen. oJan del Castillo y hedo to Casa Cartagena. Juan del Castfllo y Ahedo to Cas Cartagena. JUan del (atillo y ahedo to Case
de Contrataeitn de Contratacion. d Cntrateion.
(coy) l p* (copy) (copy) l p.
petition to continue ith his Visita in Florida edition continue h hi iita in Florida Petition to continue with his isita in Florida
Mention Adelantado delan M nde Ment*o Adelatado Menendez.

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- l : w-; --- - ; ii I; -,:;,;: -,;~-,

eIt aor a itf r c t h- 1 r h le o r I ,9 r. e.

i-t Con lib i- 2 -c1d l. oOe I h v

-ia r I rI 1 bnieWp. 197 a. I -z A-H- b- u I p. H-97 1 -,, 5 1- -1 ,bni d, '. E-.

u1 mntin. o-n nido, do ir .nia to Gtierr. ic San \ i n. ZEarc do d, e Kir do to Gutirr de Sn ti Heri, no de ir-nda to Qutirre do
irtnl a. I nd: It .ir nda

; v oy a0. d liad. 01- --ir ai v ro d Yirand. oi r v y Go. e-r do d i a.

16 1 7 1 ---. - 17 , 1.39 1,7 ; t 7 t S1, -6-.

(co (cp (copiy I1 to n i h for 1h c n i iti


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1j16 Ofl Rb St hul K-H~~8t* L Lull 'Si i%,,.ni. 1176 Ofl 1* &~ '.1! h6-5-19.fl* ~ AM OS dfl.a,.UM. 1576 Cot iii h~' flZ k+lMt* t 'Si CL

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1576 Dec 3-11 ST a I 2-5-4/12 bnd i61, p. 15-16. 1576 Dec -11 ST AGI 2-5-4/12 nd 361, p. 15-16. 1576 Dec 5-11 ST AGI 2-5-4/12 bnd 361, p. 15-16.

Seville. Francisco Negrillo to Casa de Contrataeion Seville. Francisco Negrillo to Cas de Contratacion Seville. Francisco Negrillo to Casa de Contratacio
(copy) p; (copy) 2 p; (copy) 2 d;

On the behalf of Abad Diego de Valdes cesionario On tile behalf of Abad Diego de Valdes, cesionario On the behalf of Abad Diego de Valdes, cesiorio
of Adelantedo Menendez. Asks for payment permit; but of Adelantado Menendez. Asks for payment permit; but of Adilantado Menendez. Asks for payment permit; bu
for lack of money Treasurer did ot pay. Cars de forlackof oney Treasurerdidnotpay.Case forlack of money Treasurer did not pay. Casa de Contrataion ordered payment to Stmon de Valdez, Contratal-on ordered payment to Simon de Valdez, Contratacion ordered payment to Simon de Valdez,
on the behalf of Diego de Valdesn on the behalf of Diego de Valdes. on the behalf of Diego de Valdes.

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