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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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2 7I eb so I 6- -1,to D b 2 6i S -9 1. i7 eb 8- 3 "12 ,17 ill 6 T.U 1p. F i II- '5,.. 2 bm t, 1 .,- ,
usfT led a ra. j li C ab l rio [-.us Cedu 0 i o
(opy} .copy) ( epy);

o off cial o n O n o c 1 of finae 1 o ,r m Sp in. o, ff ci 1 fi e in a No S in.
Info-r the of Cedal dat Jn 3 257 Cf- Infor Iof C-dul da ed uly 1 573 C- Iio he o Ind- a ed uly 1975 O"
i 1 of i nees in Tierr it 0 ill notify f i l a 1 r xce in -iera ?ire a ill not fy Fici s1 of f new in Tier I rr ill otify
era -ru f date to stt -lg 1 ries to Vers Cru 0 to to I n t -aying a s to cn Cru of -t to tart :in ,- r
eo ii F Ico) in f 4 o i n 1


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1574 i I M45-19 D 1 U b 1 -5 1t-9,t 2 2 ond 56, i 17 .ar 1 a 66--91t2 22 l td 2 6, 1. i

r. eu ro. a id. Cd lnro. dri ro.
1 p. (opy) 1 (copy) i o e i n o e e n edro ion o o Ms p in o t ak, o n eof to fl. lon as they -r not on Ih bi- dd L a. s orz t -y -- not o oh o i ied to F c. 0 lon hey ar not on h iorbiin it. Irc-,rcines i1 1 n a, th dr lit. nform cic ill c i t ie Li nt. Informacioners il t iven at h
ratio ort. Secous 0 ermision ornb rr tin part. S me tneis ion ebe:Cation ort. Becau this err i
ie i o b 157v in e re o cod i i n n 7 I re t

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2174 May 12 ST AGI 79-4-2 Too 5 p. 3 bd 1574 May 12 S AIS 79-4-2 Too 5 P. 3. bnd 309, 1574 May 12 ST AGI 79-4-2 Toi 5 p. 3. bnd TC9,

Aranjue. Royal Cedula. Aranjue. Royal Cedula. Aranuez. Royal CeduRl.
(copy) i P. (copy) I p. (rcoy) r p.

To Tr:as-ry officials in Vera Cruz, orders La send To reaury officials in Vera Cr, orders to send To treasury officials in Vera Cru, orders to send
to Cuba in first fleet, 4,W000 pess from mines to Cutb in first fleet, 4,00c pesos from mines to Cua in first fleet, 4,000 peess from mines
to py salaries to people working in te construe- to pay salaries to people working in t..e contru- to pay salaries to people working in tie construetion of fort. tion of fort. tion o fort.


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1574 My 1' ST AGI 79-4-2 bnd 309, p. 2-3. 1574 Iy 15 S AI 79-4-2 bnd 09, a. 2-3. 1574 May 15 ST AGI 79--2 bud 309, p. 2-3.

Aranjue-. Royal Cedula. Aranju Royal Ceoula. Aranjues. Royal Cedula,
continued from receding card. continued from preceding card. continued from preceding card.

Vera Cruz will send money for salaries for people Vera Cruz will end money for nalrie forpeople Vera Crz will send money for salaries for people
oring in fort. working in fort. working in fort.


117 JuD 15 ST .GI 79-12 bnd 309,. 4-6. 1574 Jun 15 ST AGI 79-4-2 bnd yl9, p. 4-6. 1574 Jdn 15 ST AlI 7-4-2 bnd i09q p. 4-6.

Madrid. Royal Cedula. Madrid. Royal Cedula. Madrid. Royal Cedula.
(copy) I p. (copy) e (copy) 2 I

Reply to Dr. Cacere' letter dated May 18, infor- Reply to Dr. Caceres* letter dated May 18, infor- Reply to Dr. Caceres' letter dated May 1i, informs will send Cela to y ecribano s during 90 ms will send Ced i to pay escribanes during 90 ms will send Cela to pay escribanos during 9o
days of Residenoa, the same as aan aljacil. days of Reidnia, the same as an alguocil. days of Residencia, the same a, an algucil.
Give Caceres permasion to postpone his trip to Give Caceres permission to postpone his trip to Glve Caceres peorission to postpone his trip to
Fla. Informs of Cedula for which officials in Vera Fla. Informs of Cedula for which officials in Vera Fla. Inforos of Cedula for which officials in Vera

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1574 jun 15 ST AI 79-4-2 bnd 309, p. 4-6. 154 Jun 15 ST AGI 79-4-2 bnd 09, p. 4-6. 174 Jun 15 S1 AGI 79-4-2 bnd Dg9, p. 4-6.

Madrid. Royal Cedua. Madrid. Royal Cedula. Madrid. Royal Cedula.
continued from preceding card. contue.d from preceding card, continued from preceding card.

Cruz are to send moreyo f salries for or- Cruz are to send money for salaries for wor- Cruz arc to send noney for salaries for wor
kers in construction of fort. ker in onsrution of fort. ers in construction of fort.

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1574 JIM 21 s -I 54-16 end o 72, p. -2-4. 1574 JIu 26 C -1 5k-5-16 bna 672, 1. -. 1571 Ju 26 S aGI 51-,-16 bn 6i2, 6 4-A.

Havana. Service of pt. errncisca Slarr. Havann Service of pt. Francisco larar. Havan Service of p0. Francisco Salazr.
2> p.

Dieg Flores de Vaildes to Cot. salazar gives ttie Diego Flores de Valdes to Cot. Salazar gives title Diego Flores de laldes to Cot. Salazr gives title
as Cpt. of ship SANTA CATALIN built in amo. spt fhi AA A built n mo. s of C built il- as pt. of hip SaNTA CATALIA built in yamo. Sl;ry of 2lo iocds every other year. y of 2LO0 ucaEos every other year. ry of 20 )dOuado every other year.
(continues 1577 De 2). (continue 17 Dec 2). (ncotinues 1575 Dec 2).

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7 1 r A 5' bd 329 1-3 1 1 .. T lI 5 2 bn S p. 1-3. 1P' Ju 1 S 3 2 En 3. 1 3

So d n a z o n

ti n 4 from re edig ca r ) i (co on- pro asad cn nedfo p i 1 i e a.i c ke of h d o fe i s re n e f di .r.. le Dic e kenf hi dFrn
soirs I or Adl n d en eras, Dieo lores ca-ri i d a ao d D o e corsairs Ient ci delr tado [K-> d ieo Ilore AirF 1 r D r alar r lacr Adicral Correft Dr Cceres

157' Jl1 ,:T S-- -nd l 2, -. 13, 15t7 u I I -o- bnd -2, p. 1-3. 157 Jut f z' i --2 bnd 3I 2 3 1 1-3.

H n -. C ers to Ju do .rno. .iavn-. a r. ace to Jun de eoando. licvann. r. ooae to J de vano.
(a r ly o ila ate) (P t ia oblte te) (par ly obliterte;d )
Juln de Ovato Preidenht of a n ejo -e iai 3. Con Jr- de Ovlndo ire.ide,L of on-ojo de India. cnr- Jun oV -o rlPsident of 1, jo de In- in Cc-nin liit i ld Re ide. c Ej le ort to- cers n li nd Residena i 1. eprt mi cernin Visit n Resdenci in a. crts vi trOat t o af ole on ship: ont- of fcd, t r oatrr t of opl1 o chips: 3 1 ou of f 6, rcat-nt of eople on 1hip: ,11 on ut o
L i~cni ldao 4i -l U do;r

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1W.57~~~~~ ..~Au ~ 10 I1 C t. o n 5 1 1 I1 I D U_ -M-HtY r bp- 1,7 8 i ,

j1 Io o In. l Co- 1

-1 id r k r Fl. rn n d d ,l indi n, at k-, I l. na indi a c n T,,1. e ndo d So o Fr L ddn ro nd d dn o isyc. cro do n o tn l Sn n ',,i c 1-ro,
-t h- at '
co 1 cnta t b nd o 1ce. qtl to le n

"A a 10 ig an M519St -S 17 8 O71 ans U ;7 119C t7 IF LS2 on Il,. 17- 1574 .! l0 .-0; lG-5-1ISt D AS bn 6,p. 10Mo rid. Dedulario. He d. Ocdulario. M b d. Ced L ria.

.o of rn o soud extn o io n- o z. o l en rio anl .,co. 0o na in in o -i n N r ce or co. o0 ,adienci in a, 12in 1 N! iin or':I is tv h1 t i settl ni 1 xL: ioro ]rs to hel thi n e teent ur1 exte-- 101 tloria. n c t liit o 1 bed.b god 1)icu- lor 1- 1 its -o1l lI cheyed, ,isc. I

1 ....

P2x ;;- ~~--~ ~ P2 -

1574 Se, 27 T AI 54-5-16 bnd 672, p. .7-18. 1574 Sep 27 S i --1 bd 672, 47-4, 1574 Sep 27 I .-i6 bnd 672, p. 47-4

evora. Service of pt.r ra Hasn. Service of lpt. rannisco salpzar. Iana. Service of lpt. Francisco lalazr.
(copy) p. (copy) p. (copy) .

Agreement m de by: Est- n do .de Io edrt Men Agreement mde by: sotebano de ld s la, Pedro Men Agreemenot mde by: Estebano de 's loas, Podro er.n
endes Marques and iego Flores re Valde, to sent endez Mar-ues: nd 'iego lores de Valies to sent endez NEr les and ieo Flore de alds to sent Al so Orionez and Frsncisco 'alazar to Bay:;mo o or A so Ordonec ant Fracisc roalar to Bay to Alonso Ordone, and irancisco alaar to E~ayio to
take car of contraction o-f ome rigates. (continues take ca of construction of some frigates. (continues take -r of construction of somn friates. (continue
1574,(Sep).). 17(Sep).) 1574,(se).)*
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