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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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(1572) n.. Slt 1--1/1 mn ,b,, ,. _-l. (172) n.d. 2-1-1/19 bnd .0 p0 (1- I ) .i. ol0A 1-1-2/l ad 06, p. 1--.

1n.. Idnltado a ieo ienmndez to Kiig. n.. Adelont o Pedro enmdez to King.n. 1:. 1dlitdo Peiro l enande to irg, (coy, inoum ite) T p. (copy, incomlL) p (y in ete

-k fo- ineendence rcn e entracin A ior -nd nenc from Dasa de o-tratacion take fo- ind;-p;lne rom Casa de Conr,,a ,ion Iand fe po- O of a ,jge. Mentions: Jn deo Lods nod One powe o a j ge. Mentions: Ja do Ldd ai he power of a jI'g. 'rLtions: Juan d ei ma, loreio do ibel .u-n r l-- m:, Floenio de :. bl, Jun arrillo, It- ma,. orenio de _i un ri ,1.
del CasIilt. robl ft ata dei '>,Tialo to d Poes ih Con atao del tio. roblo t Ca e CoTra
Snloa:1ing Of flee rom Tira Firme .it. gol, noaing of fleei frox Tiera jir it ;od t coding a neet -I om Tierra irme i
n ilveg t -, 0 n le 0

1572 r.d. T A.GI 2-5-/12 ind 02, p. i-3. d. S I 2---4/12 bnd 30, p. -. n.s. ST- A I -2-5-/12 bnd 31, p. 1-3.

Nomor e Dios. Florencia die uil. lio.re de Dio. Fiorencio d squibe. Nombro de Die. Florencio de Esibel.
(copy) p. (cepy) 3 (copy .

Coneri ng oey needed lo re.ir fl etI Flet l th Co ner:ig money needed o r ,o fl, ilee- hith noerni eenoee needei o rori fleet, JI et it
8O men, oey nooeded for .up. liesor ta o s yi o 0 men, ane ,eeded fr oupie and to ray for 8O oen, -nooo needed for rlia -on to pY o
oce ror dote I Crtevnr ad roNo-bre d, Dioa; ore *,ork o '.n art gnaad Toinbr-oe Dieo;; 1.. wora doe rtr Cartases one Uaombre io r; oysmn naot e de ith no delay no fleer n aymien m. br mde ith no eyoy so fie-t an ymen' nu, be -do oih no y!.t ,o le c1 -n meet other fleet from New tpin to go te 3alin. meet other fleet from dew Oain to go to Srpin. meet othr fleet Irom eow rluin to o to S-in,

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t~A .~- ----7- -7- 7 -7
a~7 -ft 7- - 7-


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-~ ~ ~V a~.t& <%~t~ N-'Oct 'ON VON>1%

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in! b IA 37 ta / J ,,, w .7* 1n hr 2a F: S :'4a liar Ii p m. WIE -l- o S VI U7, M j i .

oy 1 0 1 to a e (o t at e on drid oy l Oe h to e on t c a a id lo I ed 0 ia a id or r-;l li
a 1e. (ahon) n i. ( ao L a

l ,1ie a o F o ship i d a

>t0MC4 ~>* -ky~>~S'y~-c>&4 Z~rt~. ~V~aA%*~

V ~\~'zV. ~v47>z~.- ~ ~ ~ ~ K V. ~

<-V~-,,- -,~,~-- = :;--;- x~ ----:~~--V~""-

1572 Apr S AGI 154 s 2 bni4 26- 1-3. 172 Lv 2 ST GI 154--0 bn 6 L3. 17 Apr 6 AG 14 0 bra i6 r. I-j,

Seville. Informaion o Seb f stinr Morntro. SEville. Infor>ion on ebstiin Montro. Seville. Info-icn on Sebastlan Montero.
(co y) (coy) A p. (c.oY) a p.

lliesr Sebastian Emntero, ass for Infor-nion riesot Sebaoti n onterFo, k for Informcion Priiest eb-atia ontero, ask fto Informacion
ana ive uesion for itnesses. uaton, on- ne -ives union for wnes es nune s. col- na ives ,ue n r or itne es u tr n con
erin hi trip o F ih c. Jn Pardo. ernin h trp to ih t.Jn rdo rning hs trip to Fi ith ot. Jan aro.
his service, invet ment of ni -.on' y or supplies hi oerc-s, investm nt of i moy Ies his services, irvestment of nh- oney on euppli
for crh oh nd olndirs for chroh ndsoldiaro, for cnoch andsoldiers.


1572 Apr 26 4I 15'-7-2 bd 2,. -3 157- pr 6 l i 154-7-2 bnd 296,-. 1)72 '6ol yi 19-2 b p. -.-.

Sei e. nform ion on Sebasti n 10nt e o. devile. Informacon o.l Sebls ian Montero. i3 Inforcio- o- Sebastin cn r .
(co-Y) d (or p

Cesa de ContrvLvtion accepts fiticn brd by ro do Cntrta-ion accepes elition made by .t Etiei md b
r 'b t al ,I o, ortero for a o r -rorna i m d t ir M t i f v n nforl a i d ri Seb. on-r r Mro tr o for i fod- rion fd
uations for 0-eses. 0usion. for witne ea.i

~ ~~~-~I,~~,,,,--~~-~-- -~;,.;~ -,~,,.~,:

- U- A ~t~. ~ ~ ~r~-#--\ < x t -~a~-K--*~U ~N- K1%

~~~:~ ;..r-~~:--~----~;- ~----~ ~
--1~I--i~.--i-~-~i~--_~- -;~~-= r; ~~~s- --

- g -- XI ; ~;J- ~--

-- r-~ -.,~ ,,- 2~_

172 May 24 ST Il 2--/v2 bd 299, !. 1-4. 17 M y 2 ST AGI 2--/ bnd 299, p. 1-4. 1572 1y A & -I 2-4/ bn 2199, p. l-.

iovana l Saroco hrdo Oorioo to Cvado, president Havain. Saonho Parl Onrio to Avndo, preidet Havono, Saho .r .. Osorio to ?vando, president
of Conaej a do Indi. of Connejo de Indiao. of Conejo de Indias.
n ,Sp. I% p.

delantado fnondez leaving for Envzna with to delanttdo Menoendez pleavin for Havana with too delntd- nendez leivlng or UaveaHa ith two pilot oat -ad one spull chip. d encir des- pilot bots anm doie .mll =hiF l weather des- piot boit s aand one smnrll thi, Bad eathr detroyed one pilot bot. Indin attack Ck a CA- troyed one pilot bot. Irdin attack at Cape CPa- troyed on, pilot bsot. Inodian ttack at Cape Cuavcral but he, ldende ent on San u-tin, and veral iu hte, Mtondez went on to San Aoustin, and veral ut he. Yoendez went or to Sa *g-sin, nd

1572 MIy 14 ST i, I 2--'/l- band 299 p. 1-4. 1572 May 24 S, ,I 2- l /l bna d I p. 1-.4. 1572 May 4 S .,l 2-5-/12 bna d 99 p. 1-4.

Hasaa. Cncho Pado orio to n resident avan o P- o to vndo, siet iav Sl o Pro ori to o ndo, ra
of Con o d Inia. of Cons jo de I d s. of Co jo de di
continue f o recenl g card, continue d -fro preceang ea continued fro r ceding ,ard.

defended for r f iro nglish or irs. Mentions defend d fort -ro nh corsar. eton defended fort from Seish orsai-s. lntionl
Niolan Crdra bd ls1 Niolas crdra a a iolas Card-,on. onostbi de 1- I.

0 0 0

~-~ -c":_-i: ~_ i_;,i;~~;r-----.j~l~ r.-~ -~r.

"I~-iii~l----~- ~a;~u;; -;~-a~~

1572 tyi 2 T A I 54-2-2 bnd 30o p. 1- 1572 MW y 2 h ST A FI 54- bn 30 p. 1-3. 1572 May Ii2 AI t4-2-2 bnd Wo p. 1-3.

HIvn. Alono uarez de Toldon r King. Havan. Alons o eatz de Toledo King. h uvania 10no rpe de Toledo to King.
continue fror coding car. Contin11ed ffro receding ard. continued from reeding cr.d

from J an ,e tren, once i lava aftr a trial front Jwin d-i renai once in Havr aftera trmal from J n da reos, once in Hav na Ftor a trial ar illed. s relit of tril Adeletao Meln- a iwiled. us re-It of trial Adel.,tedo nen was .ild. A r-lt of ia l Adoentao MAer.ede came fro Fla. ar took ouarez to jal to oe dez came fron Fla. nd took rl -e to jail to e dez came rom FI nd too. .uLrz ho jil to oe
e o Ca de Contrtaio. sne to as d Cntr ion. to C e C in.

1572 My 2, ST AGI t-1-15 bnd 301, p. 1-.. 1572 My 5 on AI I 54-1-25 bnd 301, p. 1-3. 1572 M-y 25 S AI 54 -1-15 bnd 31, p. 1-3.

Cuba. iArchoe Prdo Oorio to King. Cuba. Sancho Pardo Osorio to Kin. Cuba. Sinho Pardo eorio to King.
2 p. p. 2 p.
Re ort arrival of Pedro Mencndez de Aviles, after Re orts arrival of Podro Menendez do Avile, fter Reort arErivlo Pedo Mnenideo de Aviles, aftei accident of one pilot boat in Fl; Monendezls trip acident of one pilot boat on Fla; Mee ndez' trip accident of on pilot bO t in Flao Menenaezs trip a to gllon o t gl from to vet galleon Almiranta from Nicot.a to Eopan;ol to get gflleon Almirant from Nicolas Carndoa' nflet; while Cardona in jail. Menndez Cardona's fleet; while Cardokn in Jail. Meendezn Cardoa' fleet; wbil CardoFnm in -jal, Menende to look for corsairs anud give report. Esteban de to look for corsirs an give a report. Esteban de to look for corsairs on give a roort. Esbta o de
la Alas in Cartagena, aght renh corsrs. Ls Alao in Cartagel..-a f ht Freh coar, l.as Ala i Crltaena, ugt Frenh corsairs.

1572 May 28 ST AI I 2--4/12 bdd 302, p. 20-21. 1572 May 2 ST AGI 2--4/12 nd 02, p. 0-21. 1572 May 28 ST AI 2-514/12 bnd 302, p. 20-21.

Panm, Audieuncin to officials. Panrmn, Audiencia to offiCials. Panlma, Aiudiencia to officials.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) 1 p. (copy) p.

Urges officials to ray maravedis to edro Urges officials to ray l maravedis to Fedro Urges officials to t ay 5 maravedia to Pedro
Menend l th e d a t enende lee it eb de a ne fleet with Est no e s Ala as opt. Menedez' fleet with Etebno de Ls Al as t.

0 0

1572 lay 30 ST AO 2--4/12 bni 302, p. 21-25. 1572 My 30 S ad 2-5-4/12 bnd 302, p. 21-25. 1572 May 3 ST 2-a 4/12 bad 302, p. 21-25.

Nomre de Dios. Nombre de Dios. Nombre de Dios.
(copy) p. (copy) 4 p. (copy) 4 p.

Certification made by E-tabano do las Alas, Flo- Certification cade by Eataano de as Alas, Flo- Sertifiation sde by Estebao de las Alas, Florencio do Esquibel and Baltaer del Cstillo Y rencio de Zsqujlbl and Baltaear del Casaillo y rencio de equibel and Baltasar del Castillo y ahedo. Concrnin Royal Cedula dated, Segovia lhedo. Conernin Royal Cedula dated, Segovia, ehdeo. Concernin Royal Cedula dated, Seovia,
Nov. 15, 1570; for money to sUpport ? galleons Nov. 15, 1570; for money to support galleons Nov. 15, 1570; for money to support 9 galleon


1572 May 50 ST AGI 2-5-4/12 bnd 302, p. 21-2 1572 May 30 ST AGI 2-5-/12 nd 302,. 21-25 152 ay S 2 4/1 d 02, 21-25. 1572 My 30 ST AI 2-5-4/12 bnd 2, p. 21-25.

Noamre de Dios. Nombre de Dio. Nombre do Dios.
-ontinued from preceding card. o ntinued from preceding crd. c atinued from preceding card.

and 8 frigates more to make the fleet, offtil and 8 frigates more to make the fleet, officials and 8 frigates more to ake ie fleet, officials
gave some money after which on Feb. 14, 1572, one gave some money ifter which on Feb. 14, 1572, one gave ome money after which on Feb. 14, 1572, one galleon burned. Urging to give money for relatives galleon burned. Urging to give money for relatives galleon burned. Urging to give money for relative of people that died in the galleon, for 60 people of people that died in the galleon, for 60 people of people that died in the galleon, for 60 people
Pedro Menendez de Aviles took to Floride and Pedro Menendez de Aviles took to Florida and Pedro Menendez de Avilea took to Florida a

0s 0

~ ~ ~l:~l;-:c-~ uy ;: ~-- _--ii

~..--;_ i~~~ ;~~

-~~~~~~ r- ~~-~ -

1572 Jun 2 ST AGI 2-5-/12 bnd 502, p. 26-0. 1572 Jun 2 S AGI -5-4/12 bnd 02p. 26-30. 157 Jun 2 ST 4AI 2--4/12 bed 302, p. 26-30.
Panama. Officials to Florencio de Lsquibel. Pana, Officials to Florencio de Esquicel. Panama. Officials to Florencio de Esquibel.
(copy) 4 p. (copy) 4 p. (copy) 4 p.

Report not being able to pay for laook of money. Report not beng able to pay for lack of money. Report not being able to pay for lack of money.
Floreocio de Esqibel made a pettition to Audien- Florencio de Esquobel made a pettition to Audien- Florenio de Esqutbel made a pettition to Audiencia to command officials to pay what they mart, cia to command officials to ray what they must, cra to command officiaLs to pay what they must,
dle to need of fleet to leave for Spain with due to need of fleet to leave for Spain with due to need of fleet to leave for Spain ith
fleet from New Spain. fleet from New Spain. fleet from New Spain.

0 S 0

- -~ -~ -~- ~ K' ~

a- -'-- ~- - Xe- --X---~--~a~
a- X4-~X a- -.---e s-v -vs
5- a-- -t

J 16 V .I 8-5-9,tar I2 nd 6,-,33-t 1i 2 Ju a .3 19,St% !3& brd 2 -.73- r 6 IT 8 1, U LWg 2 -0 on 6 bg -35

ol,id dai. d. (copy) 1 i* (co ) 1 (co y)

k "u, 1 e fno c f ain Sb1 Liar de erlo "ju tco fr clery ;n S a in de i 0A k t i e or cleryn: v Soeb ian dE tar-o be i n a F-ery, isream -y Jun no is in ant mi3n, In s -re yw who is ,na n10 s threat, Jun de 2- 1 edition ,Ie by kin bbthers de i r i i ,o Lade by i brother, de an rera, t ion m, b is bretho ,
0 t5Pitco a o10. Fre sc a lei Fr cisco as Ke-10.

1572 Jul 9 ST AGI 54-5-20, bnd 305. p. 4-7. 1572 Jul 9 ST AGI 54-5-20, bnd 30. p.. 4-7 1572 Jul 9 ST AGI 54-5-20, bnd 303. p. 4-7.

Havana. Informaion ofr Francisco E rrique de Havana. Information of Francisco Enrrique de Havana. Information of Francisco Enrique de
Framonte. Framonte. Franonte.
(copy, incomplete) 4 p. (copy, incomplete) 4 p. (copy, incomplete) 4 p.

Before Sancho Pardo Ososrio, gov. of Cuba, Fran- Before Sancho Pardo Osoario, gov. of Cuba, Fran- Before Sanco pardo Oscroi, gov. of Cuba, Francisco fnrriue de Framonte makes a petition por cico Enrricie de pramonte makes a petition for iaco Enrrie de ramonte makes a petition for
an Informacioon n hi se vices as priest and an Informacion on his services as priest and an Informacin n n his services as priest and
gives questions fr itnee question fr witnesses gives questions for witnesses.

0 0 0

1572 Jul 2e T SAG 54-5-20, p. -24 bnd 053. 1572 Jul 23 T mAI 5-5-20, p. &4 bnd 303. 1572 Jul 2h T ApI 5-5-20, P. 6-24 nd I3.

Havaqn. Information of Francisco Enrriu de Havaa. Informncion of Francisco imrrique de Havan,. Information of Francisco Errique de
rsonnte Freante rontronte
(oy incomplete) 16 p. (copy, incomplete) 16 a. (coy, incomplete) 16 p.
Predentt itnehses: father Rdrio, ries m presents nee father Rodrigo, priest in Presents w-tnesses: father Rodrig, priest in Ouanabpoa, Cuba; and soldier JUan de OarIny. Gearaabaooa, Cuba; and soldier Juan de rainy. Guanabacca Cuba a-d soldier Jan de Garalny.
Testinenyo ced Tesis y e! 9-aran, Testimony of: 9.-pedro Menendez Marques
Teimony of 9.- pe iMe nende Marues r Testimony o: 9- edro Mennde yrliue a.-11.- Francisco de a Migel, 14 Joan de Alica
I.- Francisco de pan Miguel Ii JUan de Alicar, 1.- Fran1isco de an MiuelA 14 Jun de Alicar,

6 6 0

1572 Jul 23 ST AGI 54-5-20. bnd O3, p. 8-24. 1572 Jul 23 ST AGI 5-5-20. bnd 3, p. 8-24, 1572 Jul 23 ST Ait 5 5-20. bnd 33, A. 8-24.

Havana. Infonacion of Francisco Enrrique e Havana. Infonrmoion of Francisco ~rrique ae H aana. Inforcion of Francisco urrique ae
Framonte. Franonte. Fraconte.
continued from receding ued from eding car. continued fromom receding card. continued from preceding card.

17.- Juan de Garibay, 21.- father Rodrigo 17.- Jund de Garibay, 21.- father Rodrigo 17.- Juun de GariTay, 21.- father Rodrigo
Garcia do Trujillo, Garcia de Trujllo. Garcia de Trujillo.

0 0

1572 Aug 9 ST 4GI 54-5-20, bad 303, r. 24-25. 1572 Aug 9 ST -i 4-FZ20, bnd u, X3 -. 172 iU 9 ST I A --20, bnd oi p. i- .
Havana. Infcrm cion of Francisco Enrrique de Havana. Inforrscion of Francisco nrriqe d Havana. Infmai of Francisco Enrriqe de

(copy) Frane (copy) lif p. (copy) 1 f .
-erni-.ion for two copies of Inforcaion o*n peryi ion for two copies of Infornacioon Pecni-sion for two copies of Inforcion on
prioat Frncico Bnrrique de Fracote. Siod pries Frncisco Erriqu de Fraonte. ieed priest Francisco ESrrique de Frealont. pi,.ed
by Gov. ancho prdo O oyroo y Sor. Sby pdo Osor,. by Gov., anlco pardo O.orio.


~=~------ ---*Z.z>+"

1572 Aug 10 ST AGI 5,- 0, bnd 303, p. 27. 1572 Aug 10 S GI 54- h20, bd 303, p. 27. 1572 Aug 10 ST AGI -5-20, bnd 303, p. 27.

Havana. Information of Francisco ESrique e avan. Informacian of Francisco nrrique do Havana. Inforucion of Francisco Erique de
Fraonte. Froaonte. Framonte.
(copy) p. (copy) p. (copy) p.

Note entiorns that bachellor Francisco Enrrique Note mentions that bachellor Francisco ENrique Note mentions that bachelor Francisco Enrirque
de F yaonte asks for "Vicia in Vera Cruz. de Framonte ak, for "Vicaia, in Vera Cruz. de Framonte asks for t icarial in Ve Cruz.

V."" '"A iC'9<-'h X~ *M+< 'r< "~~.a

~V til~ '~' V +WO~*C~> -> ~rQ~v~4~Q' t$~iC~ Ac~
~ S &,~ 4

Nh Nh 1%

1572 .ov 28 ST AGI 2- -/12 bad 305, p. 1-3. 1572 Nov 28 AGI 2-5-/12 bnd 30, p. 1-3. 1572 Nov 28 ST AGI 2--4/12 bnd 305, p. 1-3.

Monte Real y Bayno. Lic Montoya de la Sera Monte Real y Bayono. Lie Montoya de la Serna Monte Real y Baono. Lic Montoya de li Sern
to Lic. Juwn de Ovando. to Lic. Juan de Ovando. to Lc. Juan de Ovssdo.
Sp. 2 p. 2 s. Ovando, president of the Conejo de Indius. Lie. Orando, president of the Consejo de Inds. Lie. Ovando, president of the Consejo de Indias. Lic.
Montoya informs of arrival of thip with Pedro MoNtoa informs of arrival of ship with Pedro Mntoya informs of arrival of ship with Pedro Menende Marques, ship-t odr e J oMeeez Mque p-opt. o dodrgo de Junoe. Menendez Marques, ship-cpt. Rodrigo de Junc .
Discrip.ion of both of them. dants to know if ship Discription of both of them. Wants to know if ship Discription of both of them. Wants to how if ship can unload and pay taxes thereMenende to o to lod nd taxes three. enendea to go to an unload andd ppa taxexe tere. Menehdea too to baunod ad poytae Ihere. Menendea to go to

0 0

1572 Nov 28 S ATI 2-5-o/12 bnd 05, 1-3. t132 Nov 26 S AGI 2-5-4/12 brnd 05, p. 1-3. 1572 Noo -2 S i 2- Z-4/12 bid No, p. 1-3.

Monte Real y Bayon.. Lic, Montoya do la Sern Monte Real ty B.aono. Lie, .ontoy de la Ser Monte Real y Payono Lie, Monato de la Serna
to Lic. Juan de .ando. to Lie. Juan de Ovando. to Lie. Jun de Ovando.
continued fo.e preceding erd. contnued fro preceding card. continued frof preceding card.

to Asturis, r here he is from. to Asturia ,here he is frox. to Asturias, where is frm.

e @ *

C*~>~ #\~*s~> ~& -4\flv~*> t.~S>t~ >~t a~jv

1572 Nov. T AGI 2-5-4/12 bnd 305, p. 4-6. 172 Nov. 30 S AGI 2-5-4/12 n 305, p. 4-6. 1572 Nov. 30 sT AI 2-5-4/12 bnd 305, 4-6.

Monte Real y ayo no. Lic. Montcya de la Serne Monte Real y Bayono. ic. Montoya de la Serna Monte leal y Bayono. Lic. Montoya de la Serm
to Lic. Ovando. to Lic. Ovndo. to Lic. Ovgndo.
continnen from prec i:g card. continden from preceding card. continen from recedi o rd.

Junco in prison. no Juo iS- prison.

0 0 9

>V~~~~~~~t~~~~~h~L IK2~ V >f~*. < < - ~

1572 No, 30 ST AGI 2-5-4/12 bnd 305, p. 7-1) 1572 ov 30 ST Ai 2-5-/12 bnd 05, p. 7-13. 1572 Nov 30 ST AGI 2-5-4/12 bnd S. p. 7-13.

Monte keal y Byono, Galicia. Lie. Montoya. Monte Real y Bayoro, Galicia. Lie. Montoya. Monte Heal y Bayne, Galica. Lie. Montoye.
continued from Treceding o rd. continued from preceding ard. continued from preceding card

trunks with some silver a d gold out paic taxes, trunks with some silver nd gold out paid taxes. trunks with ome silver -In gol out paid taxes.

7 Dec 9 AI 1-1- /19 In 36, 1. 172 Dec S' -I 1-1-1/19 L, ,e, p. 157 De.c 9 i 1-1/19 n, 6, 1.

Soviolle. Adelntado i edc Men rz do vls. Sevillo. Adelantado edro Melneneez d A vio. Sevll>e. Adelantado iedro Monreo de o Avir .
(copy) (Coi) () .

Silver n.d gale h arcugh on lee from ir fir- -ilver and gola he rough on flee :rom lier-, oir- Siver n! ol-, h, rogh on flec from ie-ra Iire m-ot ilaed; a ed oo Ldor e ust, u;olndeo; day cau ed beca e con ot d cr nlo; dela ue bcalse onl dor Bala-sr 1 del C 'atillo h s not arve. Feet to be i;r dl C tillo h not rri eo. Fleet to be 3a e r del C tllo ii: o a et enlo.ca a o inventory and to b4 :lcn d in o unloaded :i n inventor and to be i n unlo ded wih an ionentor ano to be -lcel in a clcst win hree eysi one each for: loren-io de ne with e f I each for; Flrencio do chest wint :hnr;ei ; one e for: Fl-e-nie d


* N \_-

1572 D 13 S 4WZ -4-/5 End, j .? 192 D 13 -1 42-6-1/ bnd i.oI, p. 7 17 C- I UT 1 T --1/ bnd T, p. 7

Sille. 1 de ontrtacion to King. ill Can d o t on o Kinr. eville. Case d Contrataion t Kint,
(oa, i ) .o (coy, ie nc-p-et (p 1 cel p.

sks Kin; for roysl Cedul to uthorize Caa de Ask King fo Royal Cedul to authorize Ca e Ask King for Royal Cedl to atorize Cas
Contratla-on o iy 1aari s to aoldier th: Contrtacion to pay salaries to soldere lt Contrtscion to pry salria to soldiers thrt
rvFd in 1Fa.. ittn 65, ari 1566 served in 4h. in 1'5 a 1 n er i FL. in 155, ad 566