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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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(1571) ST AGI 139-1-13 bnd 97, p. 8. (1571) ST AGI 139-1-13 bnd 97, p. 3. (1571) ST AGI 139-1-13 bnd 97, p. 8.

(Madrid) King to Authorities in Indies. (Madrid) King to Authorities in Indies. (Madrid) King to Authorities in Indies.
(copy incomplete) Y p. (copy incomplete) }$ p. (copy incomplete) i p.

Mentions he is sending a memorial signed by Fran- Mentions he is sending a memorial signed by Fran- Mentions he is sending a memorial signed by Francisco de Valmaseda, who was on gsard in fort San cisco de Valmaseda, who was on guard in fort San cisno de Vaiaseda, who was on guard in fort San Mateo in Fla. Valmaseda mention opt. Francico ateo in Fla. Valaeda mentions: optpt. uniFrancico Mate in laeda mentions: opt. Francisco MFla. Valmseda mentions: opt. Francisco
Nue., alferez Diego Castellon, sargent Paseual NuKhe, alferez Diego Castellon, sargent Pascual Nue, alferes Dieg Castellon, sargent Pascual
Navarro and others. Navarro and others. Navarro and others.


V -~ N ~' > -\ >

V N>

V V >~~>NN~ N N N
N ~%>N~~N&N~NN N >tN> 2 2*
N N> N. N N -N N


-+ r ~-> ~ \ -t V

V.'>. V
V 'V

-"N'- -s -~

'- 'V'S '5, *' .5.- "5-5- 5- '5" 'K. t-'N 5-N~s5- N >5- -'St 5- 5-s 'S>'t-.'.5 ~"' 5' 5-

-> N V N


V:x:- r;---;i --~-9%;;;~~ 1%-

1571 n.. AST iI 72-5-11 bnd 29, p. 1i-5 1571 n.d. ST uGI 7-5-ii bnd 293, p. 1-55 1571 n.d. SC -i 7-5-ll bid 29, r. 1-t5

n.p. Information on COritLobl de Montao. n.p. Inforo ion on Critobal de Montafo. n.p. Information n Cristo l e MortaRo.
(copy) (o p. (copy) o p. (copy) V p.

nirsobal de Montafo served Crown in Africa, Es- ,ristoal de PnKnto served Crowr in fricat -- Crlistbal de Montaf o served Croon in Anrica, ispanola, utoello, Florid for more th-n twelve iool;s -"utemla, Floriia for more than telve pnola, 'uatemal1, Flori- fosr re th twelve years. .sks for money, >ncomid e In oney, 'no- demdios, and yeara. .sks for mon.y, ncoida de Inio, *nd
to hve position is treasurer in argna o hve oition traur in rtgento ition t er in arncartaa. toh.ve 7ozitsn n in

0 *

1571 n.d. SI AC 72-5-11 bid '93, p. 151. n.. ST aGI 72-5-11 bnd 293, p. '. 15?1 n.d. ST Ai 72- .11 bnd 293, p. 2.

n.. Informactio on Cristobal de kontd~o. n.r. Inforacon on crinttor de IMontaSo. n.. Irmancon on Croistaoal de Montio.
(copy) I p. (copy) 1 p. (copy) p.

Alonso de Herrera in the behalf of Cristobcl Mon- Alono de Herrer in the biclf of Cristoal Mon- Alono de lHerera in the behalf of Cristobal Montao mentionsis iontano r-esident in San Sebastian tiao mentionssl Montrno nt resident in S bn ebtiMr. tabo mentions's Montano as resident in Son Sebastn de Mreq ita, Ne, Grancda; chit erices in L coon- de Marquta, N, Granama his services in the co- de Mareuta, new Grancna; hi, s-crices in the conueat of eA Ipi Nuevl cranrs, prov. of yuc- quest of e Spa ,i Nueva GFra- prov. o Yuc.- quest of iew Sainr, Nueva crana prov. of Yacctan and ILorid. Asks f-c-r ,~0 esos rent every tan ndo lorida. Ask for 1,0~Co pson rent cery tan and lorid. -ks for 1,000 pooesos ret eery

0 0 0

1571 n.d. ST AGI 7-5-11 bad 29 r. 2. 171 n.d. ST al 72-5-11 bnd '93, i.E. L7?l r.. ST -3I1 72-511 Ind 9, p. 2.

n.p. informaion on Cristobal de Montnio. .p. Informiion on CriMtobol de Montdo. .. Inforrna ion on Cristobal de Mont4ao.
continued fro orreceding card. continue from preceding car,. continued from preceding car.

other year, v-aant E'ncomen d, nd noirttion of other yfar, v nt Encnmied and nomirtion of other year, vcant Enconienda nd nomination of
treasurer while waiting for ncorie o d and iO000 treasurer hile waiting, for Encomic nd ~ nd 1,fl( reasu-er while waiting for -ncomi ~n and 1,D00
esos. 51ed: El otor Rodi iuez. eso igned: l Doctor Rodriguez. pemo. Signed: El Doctor odlriez.

0 0 0


11 Jan 8 SC A,! 42-6-2/6 bnd 22, p. 16-18 1571 Jan 8 S A 42-6-i/6 bnd 221, p. 16-18 1571 Jan 8 ST AdI 42-6-2/6 bnd 221, p. 16-18
1eville. CaE d Contrtacion to Ki. Seville. Casa do Contratocion to Kin. Seville. Cesa de Contratocion to King.
(copy) p. (copy) (copy) .

Concenuing; colleotln money from averia; getting Concerning; collection money fro averia; getting Concerning: collecting money from. overia; getting people and slaves towork in ronstru-tion of fo-t people an slaves to work in construction of fort people and slaves to work in ontru-ction of rfot in Eavana; irfors giri in tobl to Podro Meancezi; in Havaa info-ms iavig tool tr ror oMenen dezl av; in Har infrm. givin tobl to Pedro Menende-; according to Royal Cedula, Contratacior .ill not according to Royal Cedulas Contratacion will not according to Roial Cedul Contratacion will not pay alary to oldiera from Fla. in Francisco de pay salary to soldiers from Fjl. in Frmncic do deay salary to soldiers from Fla. in Franmisco de

00 0

V -& ~- ~y Zt V< x

V ~CtV~. ~

~ I V~V V.

S V t

Nh 1% 1%

<\ >~ II~* c~~V NN

~s~-~-et-~m t~ NvcCsN V ~&->u- -\ #> V


1571 (Jan 18) SC AlI 42-6-2/6 bld 221, p. 18-19 1571 (Jan 18) ST A31 4-6-/6 bd 221 p. 18-19 1571 (Jan 18) SC A1 42-6-2/6 bnd 221, p. 18-19

Seville. Case de Contratacion to King. Seville. Casa de Contratacron to King. Seville. Cas de Contratacion to King.
(copy, incomplete) 1i i. (copy, incomplete) 1 (copy, incomplete) 1 p

Dis-se two ships To give to en. Dialso lores Discuses two ship to give to gen. Diro Flores Dscusses two ships to give to gen. uiego Florrs
de Valdes and to deart with Pedro eenade's dle Vldos and to depart with pedro enende's de Valdes and to desert with pedro enandez's fleet; if they do not leavsse on time, ill mie fleet; if they do not leave on time, will mi.e fleet; if they do not leave on tie, will mits Diego lores in Indies. Sugesta that when ,o- Diego Floreu in Indies. Suggests that ehen Diero Flores in Indies. Sug-esta that when poseible Cr.wn should bu to ol boeat. to. nd sible C huld two old bots to .e.. d sible C.row. should buy wo old bat end



11 19 1 I 1 U-5-9 lSt Do 252 a 44 ,p.i 1571 Jn 1 T l- 2 b 2 p 171 Jn 1 S .7 U 19.,Sto DoI-, 5i P .n.,

p ei. i .-rd.

1771 C- 19 C A I U-,-1ii. M 25-2,bnd 256,pM6 1571 C.n 19 C AI 86-N-. a H-ESan flp.H- 171 A 198 31 I AN M.-1O S-. Do 7-J.SA In.I

lMar -1laio. Knirid. -Idu l i1.

(oj12( - ]. .000 (co0.1 Ar-i- o', fltet ii 'I z f I 1 00, 000jlie-. ",It.


--~;-~- =-:_ ------:i-- ;~ ;\"-i-,--c,;;~::,,:

=~, ~

-.; :1 -c-----,;_~_I;-_; :,I

--ii-- --=; 'i--.Ti~ '"----i:i- 1-~- -~-

S ed iC- 1 1:ul io j M, dri. C -=; ;; lo. or d ca a y, to Flor hr a ce C loridl er he de eace it ci u

157i Jan 19 AGI 86-U ~ -1 t D -2V ond 2'Stn. --n i1 ar 1v na -5-11,Stli ;- rd tu 6,. 9- 1 1 JF i U 19 A1 8I -S -9,.W Do tI4 br ijip. v-i

Mi1 (. Cdla M edlric ri CIto i..

e u C o tcco deC i ncury on the bh04lf aach de rerce 0 e0 neCiury onL he beIo f ofanho de
u ...to k for salar Br n t i to z1 .uru e aska for sl II. a .ct e Fo Fa. 3Irguete ask car alry. Buyno a to 1.

it icur y s o1o tI l tin t r e a lc i tIn r o o t t p a c
I -int 3CidierJ om ncho de a rci 0a' ro is0,ing Iollie fo a I l 0e rs from -I ee '-ini 's o
Ming oders pa L of y -ur oc, t Ie- I r r a y ent of salary Io urute, at po- Kin ,er payment of u 3ur net a re* 0 0

'A n2Vo I D- 'l c.

1571 (Jan 25) T GI 142-2- endr 2 4 1571 (Jun 5) ST I 192' n lb 1 (J-n 25) ST I 1-2-2-8 Ln- ,, 4
ad En ela to a d o Lacion. H i. Roy1 Geina to a d taL en. ari. oy Ceula to C d o trat-cio,.

0I 0

-~~"51_. r_ ~;


511 Jan S r 142-2- bnd M7, 11 Ja 5' I7 A I 4 -J bad / 5-7 1571 Jan lc I 1-2 nd LA,.

(coy) 2 ( Y) 2 (c ) .

Infn s ta An-es d;e ano an the et lif of Lt Informs th Andres e -bgine o the etl1 of 18 Inform -hI nreI d-e ig-in-o ,n th -oh.ln of i oic- he erv-d in 1 '. sk for Lheir ,la- oldiers t,, ,erved in la. ak for their al- 0ldiers who srved in 11. ak k or t heir 3aa- h ol r t 0 11a. in lancho a o 3, h so ie ln; 0 1-c an ra ni .a I- i 1-n e
re inin a r'La Ca, de outrt ion to ..y sal r-it jnt, Ca dt ontrat- on to ay al ,riing ants Cas de Contratation -ay sa,
ri to thcrthose 10 51 ier. rie o those 1 sol io o.
ace 1

171 Ieb 8 T j ir 42-6-2/6 bnd 710, p. 1. 1571 Feb 8 Si i 42-6-i/6 bn d 71 1. S. 1571 Feb i 4ii2-6-2/6 and 71O, p. 1.

eville. Caa de ontrate io..to King. "eville. aa de ontriatcioi to King. eville. C a de Contrtaoio to King.
(coiy, incomplete) (copy, Encomplete) (copy, incomplete)

delantadao edro "'eneder z resented a Cedula for A delantedo Pedro "'endez presented Jsdul for Adelantado edro "enendez presented a Cedula for 4, O ducedo- of sulplies, clothes ahd amouiton 4,OC dcadofs of supplies, cloth-a sin a munition C4,0 disc do. of supplies, clothes shd ammunati'r for a. ; Contratacion does noat hve oney to obey for l. i Contratacion does not have money to obey for Fl. ; Gontratarior does not hve money to obey
Cedsl, isoding King letters from Viceroy of New eo. enn inyg ler from of New Cedula. Lending King letters fo Viceroy of New
Sain -nled-o enende ues. Spin and edro enrdez rques. Spin and ledro -enenero 1lares.

I0 0

p,~,, 7~ p~1 -p--

S bd 47, . I o 42- b 2?, 1 71 b T I S 7,
1 Ged to Gas do an r Lac on. drid oy 1 Cedala Cana de Co rat cer i d lra to Ca d e to

a O0 0

V > ~ '
\*vm~ c '~a>c$ ,kA rCtqQXV$<> a~VtS '-< r~ta <> ~'- -~ <


V \->~ *-\ ~t~tr < ~> r\ ~& >


>-~- V --~ V ~ V < -- ~' V V

Nb Nb Nb

--~-- ~I I -~
~~ w -; ~-- j.I-;- ~: ~~~r:- ~-= ~-~- .---~-~-.~;1-~-I

.,,,_ _,~,, ,,~__,,;,;,,_;;,;,,_,,~ I-1

1,71 Feb 1/ ST ,I 4-1-31 nd 25,p.1. 15 eb 17 P a 7 I -1-31 nd ,p.l. 1971 Feb 17 OT 5-1-1 bnd 7,.I.

tavana. Pedro -nenrde ~ar es to King. Havana. Pedro fenendeoz Mrqwsp to King. Havana. Pedro enpfldez Irares to Kin-.
contiud from receding cllr continued fro rre eddin card. contiruei from preC"ting c-rd.

P!ltseqr de Berrca wo er-ed under edro Paen- Baltasar de sarra, who iserve arU er Pedro Meten- 3alta a" de Barredi, who served -oer Pedro Meundez de Aviles. doz de Aviles de d ,iviles.

i71 feb 1 E I 1+1-2-i bn '4/, 1, 13? eb 19 I b 217, p. 10 l 1 Feb 19 0 1 --- bnd 1

of dev ik, a o a 3 in with ife an f- of d.ille, a o a ,ew Spain it. if a n, f- of n.lle, 'o do a- w in its if t T. 3 .

0 0 T

1571 Feb 1 ST 71 fl -5 bnd M. 7 1 11 Feb -ly 1 1 1h-2- b, i 1- 1 l1 Feb 1 1 6i a - bad p, i. -1

adrill -oy C to I s d cLr i t con. r Roy l -o de
cop n y t (-oIyI ince et c) p. loy, inco p te)

or oil i hic 0 0... o le Ve -sri 1 y hic pp l 1 co n c e I h pop a dro
e a vie1 leet i be ile 1 wi1 be aid. d vils 1-It b ni.

0 0I

1.1 TFeo 19 I ,3-I, c Do 08 rd 2 -,1 32. 15, 1eb 19 519 toD 2 d 23 1- 2. 171 Feb b- -5 t 2 E 2'-. 2

(io ) 1 i (oy) 1 (o

o ov. in C i ck rcivin Lt r o o in C a o a r c ir in ; Cc l- a rec l 1ric t Just auti o de Go urT i tor it of 0ie u { ut de f f --i o pri-s J n tit de Te Ti I 3. infor in of 3 o o o pi ld a t I 7i o foo fo rft ilr In d n i oo ts, c e i

h i n n of0n-n Orde ro. in F a of] la d i

25,1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tl i ii a sfilj i11 UU2. P51 aS,3- 7 *I CMHL sa m ~~i3


1I -I 1 ;I I 14- -6 bn, i, ;. --10 1571 i eb 2 1 i I n 7, p. 9-0 7 f b 21 T I 14-2- b p. 9

Mad oy ed C de ota on. i 1 to eCo ri oy a to d ae o tl ta io ( y a o 1 ( Uy Es ha-n e 1l.a- hu be pii for xonce Datab de 1 a ii sean d-' 1 a shout be id ..or ex..en of oe a s ier in F d of hoe fr o in lorid o hoes fr i in or

0I 0

1571 Fo0 21 S AGI 72- -11 n 93, 4-4. 1571 Feb i S 1 72--il nM 293, p. 4t14. l a1 Fen l G' 72-5-1 .a d 293, p. 4-14.
Sant Fe, uueva GaGrd. f. Inforn o isobal rtn re, ut l nta Fe, Iunvf Ormr d Informacon on Critobl Sionto Fe, luoeu Grancda. mfnmcion on riotcbal de Monta.
de Mntaon d o.n 1n ( o y) Moto.
(EIoyl KY:" p. Tetior( of ,ineses: Frncico d. (onigo
Teimotrny of wittne-se: Frarcio de antgo, lestimo oi witneseo Francisco de Mng tio im owi so Fr ancicu delcniagon
a ; Al e an Mel, Licncio e r; lono dan luel, Licnciao An- alo, Domingo do ie l Li ido .ul o nmin d 'elb.. glo, Dolinjo de 'nlba. ul, Domingo de lb ,

1 ba 1a ST I 1 -?-8 bnd 47. p. 1,-13 171 'a 1 ST 3l1 118--, nd /, p. 1-1i 271 10 1 T a 11 -- bad 17, p. 1 -13
ra u l edul to onr on. l d Lo e. taj J lo alX la ; to Ga do ontra; c
(copy) 1) (pocy) 1 (coy) 11 -.

P o de Vle to b pi or ?is sero le i o de V es to cr 1i
in florid during 0 ths. iMcions -ltter of in Flor i ng o: tils. tion lt of in l i d ing 9 oths. on lt

in load. in Mot ia.i l

1bY1 MIT 1 S i V-2-. bd 2 -7 p. 1 -1.. 1W Mr 1 a 1 6--8 b L .7, 1 1- 1571 Mar 1 Si 1 -- bd 2 7, ,. 15-1.

r uez. eyo Cdula to Ca e Co ration ra e. yl Cedl to e rtacin. -ra z. Royal Cedil L C1, a e Co a cion.
(c y) (C y) 1 (coy) 1 Seba n n e r adfer on Der o 16 -odiers ib ian de d on b-haf of o firs
sake for [cir salaries. These 0181 w- re in a ka for cheir- sale m. These oed r, w i. n a;k- for heir salaries, th s oldirs r r
rou o no d i- o K in o le ro o 0 s t i o d i
ie-a. Kin ocdr p yet of sa- e L Kin orders p' L of s -ies, iea Kin orders y t of sa r o.

0I 00

Nb Nb

L fl7 r 5 1 2i 8 nd 27, 15 1~1 r 5 2 -I 1 I-2-3 iYd W-, 7 - 171 Ir I 14- ond 2w?, .

dtd. Royl Cedula to as de SrLtraL-ion. d !i ] 1oal eu o as de ot too. d Royal Ceal to d Ctratac
(copy) 1i (coy) 1 ). (copy) 1 .

erissiin to eleven ioyle to ao LC ocdis ith a cr is ion to cleven eo; le to o nd n i h -errii s a Lo elevn peoic to go to n11d
i at t i

SMar 5 1m 5-1 ,St D p 5bu 256, p. A1- 1 U ar 5 I -1 9,-tw Do rEbud 56, p. -i5 1371 ir 5 G-M-it-1,; t LD mrt p. :i-I

Madrid. aulrio. Madrid. oediolro. Mdid. ed io.
( ) 1 copy 1 .(c Give i io to iro nndea e vico to Gives ision ned to iv eri ion to adro eende de vi e to L ke a ofz r rt ele 5Ll L t ir fa- tke more f s a ttlr it tei f tke mor f r setter with tei-r faii to othe rou o f s i fo ilie t a -ter roa of faer i f!o- tll o F oth tro o 3 r i Po Canrie. C ies. C. ... .

!0 0

Madrid. Ce rio. i c 1 .io . Get 1 rio.

Coatair o rt in otrtc


1 '2 N" Na1 2t D

fqo~'ria~py e~am oin -IPr

0r S 0,

adri d. Cedu W00 Manie 5 L W f edu65 4 riaoa 1 Mad i d. Cedu ,I fl ,io.& .(c p p. (cpyo) p. (i )p i i ri t for r z lC n Li ot fr rus. 51r fc 00 r J' i v i ery or Mary 3 a ry fo r: -00 'r edi ev ry -ter Dar us alry fo 00,00 morave i ev Dr o er
y ID

191 r 5 IT G1 a,- a.,aL o 8 in 6 ,b',.. +- 1572 hr b Bl S .C -51 AtA Do 1M b d ,.A t Ja IHr b GT 31 IH-19,3t" Do 2S Hid .5,1.2

M id. cdlaro. Madrid. di0tLr 0. M ai edilrio.
(cop) (coy + (d-y) p.

o-nir tion s factor an Veedor in 71. -sr er- Nti ion -factor a edor i l. a r Nomirtio a cta r Fla. fr I er
S 1-d an . n t ic = o0d- e n io n M -one o e i d n-don de i 1r te-n o ae.ran liz e
i o lo 1d i v r a er or E1 rn of Nired

1571 Mr C I 1 5-1-1 bi 276,p. 171 MRr 5 S I 5-L-1 n. f7lp.3- 11 jr 5 I1 -l bd 76,. -4

-dri. Royal Ce-~la to Cas de Ce-trabacion, ld-id. Royal Ceoule o C de Conrat zion. drid. oy Cedul to 1aa de Controtocion.
0(co: ) 1 .. (coy) 1 1(ooy) r .

Given riion to Adelatedo Fedro ne-de- d ives ermission to del t ti o dro M n,-z de Given rI' ission to del tl- do FPdro Me-nnde1 oe viloe to tk, to Flori 50 farmea i toir AvLleo to tioo to lorid, 0 formr with thei, Avile to tke to F-iita t0 frmer ih theih,
f omileside 1e- h- is ting fro Cnri- fmi-i, d i the 5l h it loln fror Ctri famie, ide t e is takig fr- C-i* 0

t K-,-- K K~-~ ~ V

-K -K
-~ -N V-~c'--- V
-~ -N N -N

Nh Nh

I'l1 Mar 13 W :I 1d8-- nd k4, p. 1718 171 IMar 13 52 0 14.-i-- nd 47, j. 17-1 -d71 M-r i G 1._-2- o, 47. -1

SEl ado. oya C u to ea crtat con. 1 r oa Cd a L a C tr 11 rdo. Roya la to Ca a e otra
(COpy) 2 (opy) 2 (copy) a

Gpt, Cr to a e o de aerro o H v n rec civd Monen Opt. CrLo b al d ae b rra o avac receive KeaoenBec u office is fro c n n ezds fle r riid not Iteca e of iis fror Me a z' flae d id rot became of ical fro en de floot id not
py ex s- o- rip he r e-- an Informacio s of trip he d a frcin Py x s of trip he h e Informcion
to Con jo da Indi d Co Kin- orde s. .nL o Con ejo de in,- and Cown. Ki, orders a n to Co o de ain ia rd Cown. Kin orc, yi n t
0I 0

; ~ -; i -i-"

-~_1C~:-i.f ~~ii:_i-i_--,-i _; --~.I-:~_

1%-i_~: ~ I-ii;:-~_

1571 Mar 20 ST AGI 139-1-13 bnd 97, p. 6-8 1571 Mar 20 ST AGI 139--13 bnd 97, p. 6-8 1571 Mar 20 ST A1 139-1-13 bnd 97,. 6--8

Madrid. Royal Decree. Madrid. Royal Decree. Madrid. Royal Decree.
(copy) 2 p. (copy) 2 p. (copy) 2 p.

Orders that Francisco Nec, Diego Castellon, Pes. Orders that Francisco Ndez, Diego Catellon, Pas- Orders that Francisco Naez, Diego Castellon, Pascual Navarro and other people who didn't defend coal Navarro and other people who didn't defend coal Navarro and other people who didn't defend fort at San Mateo in Fla. should be imprisoned, fort at San Mateo in Pla. should be imprisoned, fort at San Mateo in F. should be imprisoned.

0* 0


-1 a, 2 ST MI 1 8 n bd .. 2-. 15 1 MI C ST 1 1 4-2-S n 47, p. L -3 i, I 0 S 1 1'-2- nd 4, p. 2-5

ri. Roya: G ula to a de ont Licon. adrd. r-o l 1ed; 'To Caa d Contrat ei on. Mdid. Royal Ced c Caa o e o; r atacio. (coy) 1 a ( cop ) L .. ( y

Co cenir F .h ata on fot an i. Or- Go inning rench atLak on fort sar te. 0r ers t Fra cco e Diego C nord le th t ie ll h o ne ,, 6ieo Cast elo n and Pascu1 Nav re houlo] b ipri on: for escpin, Pa cu1 1,varro shou imprisomes io- ping Pascu Navarro should be imisa ones for e cLl o fr form. frctu [rt fo o-t.

*| 0

1571 M S2 GI o-3 bnd -. 571 Mar 20 ST 10-7-3 bnd 2 171 Mhr '0 ST AI 140-7-52 td 270,p.-E.

Madri0. Cor 2tation of LIe. )iego Gasca. Mad'i o111ion of Lci. Diogo Gascn. Madid. C:n t Ition of Lci. DiEgo Gasca.
,(coy) 2 'coy) 2 n, (copy)

o Coa o de In,,,is =. Kin. ist if Ir oble To Co -Te od Inf b TOias .i Kin. t it of problem colcernre vir-ious tJ g_: money in d-ntio de concerning various t -is: oney in -nti o de oncernirn vari,.o hit: mny in o.nlo dt
uml; -.otasr el crio, eribno Tn P t- la; al r e car-ilo, -ibno n P- ute0la-ilta a d arri 0 crbno in
S, nts to reion; rie f for inoio os, wt o resin; ri f a for nonio 5oants to en; raie f lary for n-,
d C taje; s ermision to -t Fero de C-rt1jen; sks peri-ion to vit Pero de C tjea aks e-mi ion to viit Pero

1571 Mar P S I LO? bnI 70,1-2. 1571 MrP 0 T T 140-r brd 70,p.1. 571 Mr I ST oj 14-7 bi Z 70,p.1- .

i-drid. Consulttion o f ic. Dieg Gaco, aIid. ConoiltnItio-n of Lic. Diego ac. o'drid. Coanlation. of ic. Diego n e-.
orinef.d fo ing card. ontiu-id o ro rec edin c-r. sontinu-d from reotdiong rd.

eri's fleet ond n fro o dez' fleet nd ne. rom !lo- a of poor o- dez's fleb nd ne from loi, ofoor ci itio elie, o Meend ho ot be d ; beli es edr Mnendez 5ould ot be diti on bel s edro enedz wouldd not be Gov. oef h-n, because e i i tcre of too 0. of aa b he I in cwer of too v. of vn becau~o ho i in ch of too
meny thi ; ro igntion ve by ribo iB man things; iven y ecrib m thin rigt iven y ecrino
cho Ototo de Oribe in Cuzon ho Oroih d rite in Cco, cho rt de Cribe in uzI1o.

>~ \'~. N>

N- >5~ >~ N- -t ~> NV N--~" V V 4- -~ N N -~ 4-N> 4-N N ~~.
-N N4-~>
1% N-

A < ~'~V C-+>\VTht~t. 'Y* ~ tVC ~<~ < A>..

-~ 2~*rsa ~ a~ >.~ \-&~A-~v~~*

~ .-4->->. V4r~> ~~>zA. -~


1571 r 27 ST ,;I 4.-6-/6 bnd 710, p. 4. 1571 M=r 27 ST I 42-64-6 nd 710, 1: 4. 1171 br 27 ST .i 42-6-/6 and 71 4.

evil. Cf- de ontratacion to -on. Seville. Cas de ontratacior to Grown. Seville. C.a de ontratacio o ro n.
(o.y, incomplete) (coiy, incomplete) (copy, incomplete)
concerni n Cedula ordering iAde ntado enerdez provi concerning Cdlab ordering gdelantd "enendez provi coernin lCedul ordering Adelantdo "oenendez rovi
ded with ,OO0 du udos worth of supllieo for people ded with 4,000 duc dos worth of supplies for people ded with 4,ooc d u doe worth of suilies for prcple in Florid and the 1hi olsier- s he is to tlke; .a in iorid and the 150 soldiers he i to take; r. in lrida and the 15 soldier ne i to tke; Jas fr tontratocion will get the money form "Biene de ir ontratcion wil get the money form "ienes de fr ontratacion will get the noney form miness de Dirfu toc; FSetor irnciso Durte to get suppl e Difirtos"; Factor irancoco Duarte to get ospilies Difuntos"; Factor Francisco Duarte to get sippi~
and 310,00 mnarvedis (fm-he ,00 ad os wid 310,50 maravdi (4 te 4,0 ductdos) wich rond 510,500 maravedoa (fn the 4,000 ducadol ich

171 Mer 27 A I 42-6-2/6 bnd 71), !. l. 1571 Ma- 27 S :1I 42-6-2/6 bnd 71J., . 1571 iMr 27 ST .i 2-6-2/6 bnd 710, 1.

Seille. Casa de tontratlcion to Gron. Sevile. Caos de Contratacio toL ron. Seville. Ca ie contrataocin to Crowo.
continue from precein-g cad. continued fromr Ireceing card. continued from receding card.

will be ;iven to J-n utierrez Telleo for urplies wil1 be iven to Jun uticirrez Tello for urlive will be givr to J-uan utierroe Tello for suaplies
for 1- olters the delntedo will take to 'Io- for 13 soldiers the delantrdo will toke to lo- for 1 oldro the delantr.do will t.ke to tlorid. rid,. ride.

-i~i_.~l-. ..._:ii-_-.:- i::;i-_::~ ii--i_; ;~. -i-l;.-i-m--

1571 Ar 1 SE AI S-l-l/1 otr 5185, 2E bd 16,. 1 1571 Apr 1 S GI 1-1 Contr 55, '. ,ud 16,p.l 1571 Apr 1 S Al 3-119/1 Ocntr 518i T.,tnd 16,j,.

Seville CaS de Contrtclon to Jn utierrc Seville. C a l e Contrat eion to Ju; Gutserre sevills. Caa d Contrtclon tou J-n wa.rierre
Tello (tesorero). Tello (tesorero). Tello (teoorero).
(copy) P. (copy) 7 p. (copy) ) p.

Mentions that Valveude is taking s-plis to fort Montions that ilverde is t kin saiplie to fort Mntions tlhat alverer is takin g scplies to rah in ivan atd to people in l., to give to Pero in Havana an to people in fl. t to l o tedro in Kava n to people in Fl,. to ive to Pero
Menen~ez and officials of his float. Menendez ond officials of his fleet Mennoez and officials of h i fleet.

s At i s AGI 2-5-4/12 ord 78,W . 1571 Ar 1 AI 2-I-/-2 bnl 2?8,p.2-4. 15?1 ar iT ASI 2-5-4/1 brd 7,,.2-4.

SLucr r a enlz e Aies. San OLunr. edro Men dez de Avile. Sn uc; r Pedro tl tici de Aviles.
2p. 0 .

In rely to a de C cr n ocernin ro In oply to ao de Cotr t in co rning no- In reoly to C Cotr icr conceri otion of s Ma v itio of M o v isit do for moi tion of ia Maldondo visitador for
rndez' fleet. Diaree, on ,vng hi le Me fleet. Di ogees or n fleet M endo s f et Disgree on h vng i fleet
register ed ecuse it wil le y eprt". rtistrd e e it i d e, regisi erd because it ill del de rt .

15l Apr 6 S7 CAI &H-D1/I ontr 515 T.2, bnd 16S,.14 171 r 6 SIT AI 43-1 /1 Contr 58l i.2, bnd i6fp.14 1571 Apr 6 ET 4GI 46- 19/l Cot 518i T.2, bnd 16,.p.l

ceville. adC de control action to Juan uterrez Sville. Case de Contr.taion to Jujn Gutierrez Seville. Cais doe ontratacian to Jairn Gutierrez
Teilo. Cello. Tello.
(coS ) p. conyy) p. (copy) .

Mention n chang Ecayl Ceiula to imprison soldiers Mentions -endinp cayl Cedula o inprison soldiers MElntion.s -niin Roay1 Cedulato inprion soldr
that were ifortn Mateo (Fa.) that core in fort San atea (Fia.) that were in for San Mateo (Fl,.)

0I 0




1i P 11 tr lt 186-2- brd i2 7-2 171 Afr 11 ST i --8 n 2 2, 7- 1 371 Apr U1 T I' 18-L2 b nd -7 7- 2

Escorl 1. a nll tr Royl edl to de Cont-a on c i 1. Royl eula to as d otra acio.
(coy) 1 (co y) 1 (c ) ] .

FnmiY of. dceai ed ot. il l k for y familyy o decasd t. V -ii1 el ks ,r y F .amily of deceased ct. Vi r aks for i y Conr-- on ow-s hi for service in 1. rhr Contratacon o, e t for acr cs in l h Co -tion owes for in l h-e
he t in ancho d a r a r fleot. h, ent in n-ncho ae r i- a ticit. 1 1 n ir 6ano de Arcinie 'lett.

I T z z

Vi\i--;;.~~ V r \~.~

4 -- ;= ;--- -;-: 4

4 4 -. -4 t-<": 4r" ff; 4*44-4

171 Ar 27 I -1-/ bnd 78.p.1-2. 1571 Apr 7 ST GI 2-5-4/U bnd 7,'.12A. 1771 Apr 27 i g H -4/1 bnd 7,.11eville C Contratcior. ev e. Ca e Contrtacion. e e Coitrat on
(oy) (oy)I)

Nominte 1-rieo Maldondo as visitdor for leet Notinates Arites Mldoidlo as visitor for fleet Nminates >rias M"ldo>, de visitedor for fleet
oFedr Menenz s ill iae too itlorid. 7i1et of Pero Menondnz will toke to Fltida. Fleet of pero Mnendlz will tak o Florido. fleet of

-e 11 .d m
0 0m --1 -7,ln IV. .. L i1 -

& > V tV & ~K- ~>-~-~ & >~fl V. V. V. V. ~ ~t~X V.

'V V.. V V tVt$ t t>~-~tfl V V. t~t*t~ 'V N' V VvN V~'&t4~t

1571 Ma 2 S AI 72-5l11 bd '93, 1. 18. 1571 May 2 ST 4GI 7L-5-11 od 29, p. 18. 1571 M- Si AGI 7-5-11 b d I9', p. 18.

Sebastian de Mari uaits. Informclion on Cris- Sebastian de Mriouita. Infonaion on Cris- sebatian do Mariquita. Inform ion on Crsotobal de Mont7So. tobol de Monto o. tobsl de Montari.
I n.1. 1 .

J in Gltierre, Cron's Esorioano, ertifies tht juan Gutierrez, Crown's htribano, 1elifes tLa Juan outi-rrz, Cron's Escribane, certifies thnt antos Lorez was the scrbitro for G-aintb I Mn- Santos Lope wio- te rcibn o io istotlMon S.ntai pe we he Esoribano for -istaih l ontaio's p-of of attorney to his wife (Ca aliia t io's ower of attorney to his wife (CatIln tho's poser of attorney to ts ,ife (Catalic
Reino n) Reinoso) Rinoso).

0 8 O

'7 1 Mg 4 S I 14 -2 i a ? 30-1. 191 My I 8 I -1 12- bd 2-, p I3. 171 Ma, i 1 1S 4- ond Eli?. p. S-i.

Arajue. Hoyal Cen u a to oo C a de Cotratacion Aranj ez. aiol Lul0 t o 0 9 t Contrntai
(coiYy) 1 (cI- 'c ) P p- ( oy)

Crers to o rigo aa o., tho orlcr to y a caries to Hod igo 0 no Orders y aa arie to odrio bO now.
So i with Pero ena as one o w o i t "h edr1,o no;a, an on of e to Florid with e-d-o ne e nd-, 7s o
t:o people Crmwn ent,. the Co s .e the sole r n ent.

_71 iy 7 T I 14 2- bnd 2 p. c. 15/1 1y 7 i 1 e-8- b5 c 7, p. jd-35. -I y 7 T I IM- u r, .- 5
AmjacL o l odula La Can de contra cion. rrjn ez. cyal Gdul to Casa de contract cics. 1 u- rcclr codul -o Casa de Gor t"ci

oy) (coy) )

211oytr I t l'r il cl o d y o w,-.y o 7l- ei~cr h I t t I nc coo cy :.-n;oco oent o 7,, iT-or -r- -F mi c de e...-r ..l y iort iir a Ece e e- ri cIer a o e o a e r cc e O c lo
v som 1] o ,c 7c/C or ors ya IacRy"- v ,t ve fro 156 hLo 15 Crd1rs to iy i .c nci rcm 15- f to 1 Ord r t to ip i yneo e
is a lim. 0 a ro i r t o

0 0 0

-:- --; K- V -:i:~;~


V-: r---

171 ay 1A S A1 -5-4/n b S .13. 11 y 7b 1T 2-i/' tra 2 sp.1-. 1571 May 1 ST Si 2-5-/11 lnd 279,.1i-5.

an Luar. Pro en dez o e vilEo L r 3 -to Lucrd o n4 L a ed'o "enendez de iles to
Li Jua de Oa nd, ic. Juan de Ovndo. ic. ln e Cvan o.

ic J1-r de Ovndo, fro"m Car ejo upr emo d il Lie Jan de 0;lo, fro oa a jo "-rIm lC Lie n ajn de va IdIo, fromCon ejo Sup .e.o de la
2anta y G- neral inu-icii n rintador I tn y ener in usi n y Visit or d 1 Snt y general I i oI o y Visitador de rroal riW 1 Inias". Io ortnce of hi r l de IIU .1 I ort i of his rre1 t de -i Indial. I ortance of
rri 1 i loi av ,I s rr in i ths 1i iiri

3571 MRy l 'T il 1-l-/36 bnd 281. p,. 1-"1 Myi 1 I- ;I '1-i-1/36 nd a81. 8.l. 1,71 My l' S 1 1-6-/36 nd 81. i.l.

(Sln otuar) Padro Menrdez de sviles to Ca.a (an Luoar) pedro Menrende de Aviies to Ca- (;an Luea) eCdao urenndez de avile to Cana de Contract cion. d Contratcion l de Contrat cio,. .

Gknow'edie rteceivilg dispatche from CLos rt- Cknow-oed'e receiving 11ptcers fI- -- rniat s d tch f-om Ce:aitrcio and alo oa 0l o 1 t Niclan Iaro. Ocie an yalol Ced l- o aiclas Cordone. ci ard ]so toal 001 o0icoa Cardons.
enedez rd his fleet ill v time. Meedez n hi fleet il lev t ny time. Mende nd hi fleet wil leave t y tie.
(m'otr hota il clIy i 11I '81, .. tr o t (,nthI, I-rbT 8ticoyi I bd 21


1,,I lo" ST I 145-?-13 bn- 2 -. M-ay 1i5 3a w 1,3 1-73 an p. 1-1. 1571 May 15 T I 1 3- 13 bd ". 1-2.

S Lucar. Pedro endz d vi to Kin. S L r. edo e nde e vil to King. Sn Lucar. Fedro 1M- deoz de vil's. to Kinr.

Prort oi a e i t oo ot i a e th e Cxt i i oo to r Rett rt ic et toi U oml ii t t e rt sria o l to, I i at a.. d ots o. tort ries001 n to jt C-, de Contra i c- t tria
Intsdr to chec o, f l t. and tol-n do no a ca or fln to

;- i~_-r-~--.:i_ --,
;1 .-_-;-il-i~-li ----- ~:~;i- ;~-: ~r ri;F -;~i~-;~- -';-~---~-~-:~:i i-- ~--_^
-i~-C-~ -;--~-i- -1--~--;-

1 M9, 15 ST a 41-6-1/36 bnd 28,p.i. 1-1 y l5 sT *I 41-6-1i/3 bnd 2$4pI.1 1571 My 15 -T I.-6-1f/36 bad 28,SJ.1.

Sa ,anoma. pedo aen-ndiez de vrles to Cas r on Fn eo. Pedaa c na e ..il. to -C,- Sarn rpan o. edo Menndez de Ailes to Raaa
de Ce Coataci Ctratacion. de tratci.

exports of cnient of hip lirnta, wile an erorts of accident f hi lmir a e ia r t of accident of hipt almirnt, ile ing n u ee air i a notifi d ing Tr Luan r, Need repair. Kg S aotiied ing San in r, Needs repair-. ing ,as notified of acideat. Due to leek af suplie i Ploride oaf tciden- t. to -lc of sulie rin Forid a c cidet. ue to ck of uIe in lorid R d, er of cor air he is going o- to tlorida n dn-ger of corsair& he ii gon o to fioria it aI hla of corsairo he is going o to Florid leanin lmirata .n n Lucr de Earrameda. le aing almirat, an an Lucadra do an a. Lai-i almirnta iln Sa Lucar doe earrraed.

0e 0 0

71 May ST i 1 6-1/3 nd 2 .1. 157] May 15 ACT 41-6-1/36 bnd 244,-p.. 171 M3 1 S- 41-6-1/6 bnd 28,p.1.

San okn .os. pedro Menondez de vil s to an Fonemos. ?edro Mnendez de Aviles to Sano Fnezos. Pedro Menendz de "-iles to S ora an de ontratio. Cas de ont.n Another photootati co; y inp h otI 2,. ) ( -nother hotost t qopy in T I 2 .) ( otherr ohotosttlc coly i oti o i

K I:--- ~ ~_-~:;i-~I-;;: - ~ -: ~i.

1% ; 1%;~\

y 1 GI 1 -2 nd 2 J 171 y I ST 1 4-- nd 7, -6 1571 y 6 I 1 bd 24, 1 .

-z. 20 1 ,ea dl o e C 1, eai o lr Aranj Roy Cada to Caa e Contrataion. ranju Royl Gedula to G- e ,
tned i.. ,ecedn r. cotiued fro Trecein crd, co in ; cd fro roce in .a d.

nacionpcjies h pe i i hejlpi d a e f; i it. n:ec io n e help= in defending it.

0 0 0

-i :-;-.-~

--11 -.i~l."-_ ;__ ..."~- r_

1 4 Ly i4 C -I 7 -2 8 n 7, .. p 9 157 May PA GT I 98-2- bnd 24/< 1 7-39 457 lb y 24 ;I 1i t- 2 E E 7, p ]/

Ai nju .oz ii.dula. to ias ia WoraT cion. hr U yal e.l i g to. r E oy i o c Contra n
(coy) c. (coy) 2 (oy

sk, foo on o ior on .ro d orc t or- or no io or Infr .ci-on ,l ro 0rcel. For
0l o -o la. iL de ircirio a -n c 1 t o d o i io o 0 la i n 0 sol
dao arcbuceo ; i o w n to nE M-t d- area-coro"; latr he wa. -rL n teoo IiFE-O; ater h, n -et to -ar Malco
r nc ttac, l to e -an w thre Frn at k c l L, i0 o o, t rnc 1 t o
of the d er, I. not iiltl of b0 ,doin, of h deender. if no i y o ba r g t e e s. if ot uity- o0 a badnrii
9 9 9

17 y lt Y iM ii L JB 2- bm y 2 7 1571 May 4 8 1 -2 bn- 4, i7 9 ll 1 My SE i 1 -2- bn 2 p. 7-B

In o 1z ioy il Cdule Lo de cont -arac ra,n i R 1 'edul, to ca i a ontr cion. uiu- ioal Gei c aa de 000 c t-cion.
cont n f-r a prcd a ot f-- -rcei ng car. co in m i cling card.

fo- 0n o t a 1n te e a a ol be pi ort n oc t Frnch tt aok, 0 j d ad 1- 0 0 Op

71 1 By C 7, 4 T AA1 ] 2- bnd 2 j. .Ao 1W y i 48 brd II? F. b.S

ro ju oy dla to s de Co rtcio. 0r nju o l Ca to C e de C0 tratc 'n 0ez 1 oyl Cedl o Una- a (co y) 1 ( op) C) Or not to -cont a ro a ri-s for Or r a to dico-ut oler- ala 0 o Orders not to count soldiers a i v1 ca isse Td th pl Ia i nod to the sup is i ud to to .

------ ------


,,~, ~,- ~-----:;;r-;;;l --

1 71 L, S i .-I4 b2 1p-p bd p. 4-06 br y 2i 4 4S a, i: i42-b bna 2 p. -46

Sa r r -Io oa f t or

0 0 0