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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


Spatial Coverage:
North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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ibM~ ~~~~~~~~ ii '--- 3R/Lr -4 I* **.f i n. 8 I W~'i . 3-7


S [S

15 7)lb. D a G. 2 2.V taEd 10. p.- 1-1 11 C 22 Ia l-b I bad -I 1-. t313? 1Fb. 1 I 2--l5/ ad p. .1Mexice o we. M ica. To qLueen MexYo. T o fn (cop) p. (cop0) 2 p. 0oiy

N L ~ N Nr> : \>

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~_;-i-_ ---;_;iir-

iil: ;~.

=- -- ;:--' l: -:i------;-;- : ~i i ~
i -i-';r :i:Il- -i-i-_ -- -- I_~ :

557 pr 2 T a s2.4-a/3 aontr0 9 Enda0,p.225-27 157 pr 0 S aS j-A-d9/55 fldont3 b- .20,2.22--Al7 1537 Ap 0 I S 52-4-9/5 0ntr 09 bdfIl,-.22- 227

Va ladolid. King to luis Hrez de alolid. Kin t e de de ie ladolid. King o ui Hernde de
(calY) j A. (cOp) .(cop) .

Nomin tion r faLcto for tl prov. of Fi. Hirna, Nomin tion s factor for -A 0lov. o Fl. o o0rnZl tion factor for the prov. of 1. Do iornr
ez De i D laiy of 1 00,CO0maravdis every e de ieda. r f d eer, e ry of ,)m vedi evey
othe" yer. -e, i t-d in evIlle I r JIul othr.- year. agister ir evil anl oth- tr. -gi r-d vj-lle i nl.

-- --:: : :: -. '--: -- il:'-~li; '---:i:--li--i -


-~~~--~--~~r-.-~r._ -ar--_~r:::

17 My 4 f : 3 / Contr bnd 20, 1 Nay S AI 2--29/5- Co4tr. '59 bnd 20, 137 Mhy ST GI 3-c-- J/5 Contr. l309 ond 20, p. 14-41 p. 1' -lL p. 140-it1

Vlalldolda. The King to eirnando de 3oo (copy) If. all allddoid. The King to ern o ot (copy Valdolid. The King to Icrnand o re oto (copy) h

Concrnin conueo L in neew land tiie of overnor ConcernKrg conquest in new liondt. Lle of !overnlr Concerni;.g onquest in new land, title of governor in the 0o0 leagues grnted to d SOoo in l.-ce hoo in the 200 eiigue grand to d e oto in lace hoo- in tIe 200 leagues rated to de oo in lacie hoo
sen b hi. alri, eo toe taken, on en bh al to ne t akeo, co n e.. by him. Salis eole to oe taken, crown
will not pay ejpendit lres will not p .y rxpeiitu esx will not pay exp nditure.

0 0 0

1557 My iA 32-4-,9/5 Coant r n 1557 Ly 4 ST i 2-4-2/35 Conr 5i9 bnd t 1 ay ST AGI >-4-2/i5 Contr 3U9 bna 20 I: p. 1 ValladolLd. The King to cat de Soe (cop) 1p. Il.laldoid. ihe King to cpt de Eoto (copy) ip. 7ilindol. I ing to opt de soIt (copy) lp.

-esidents of 200 leues :recd ; o de SOto a il not eridnts of no0 eaue granted La de Soto wll not -eident. of 2C league ranted to de lSoto ill not
1v o a ayleadla or ay oth-r ax. have to pay llcabaia or ani otier tax. nave ao ay aicrbi or ny other ta.

0 0

i57 Fy 4 ST G 2-J4-29/35 Contr 330 bd 2C 1- 17? May i AlL 3-4-2t Contr 3,09 bnd 20 151- 15? May 4 ST i 32 --,F/, Contr S09 bnd 2 p. 151155 15< Valladold. The King to Ker o i Soto. Valladolid. ThI> o\ to Her.no e oto Vlladolid. The Yng to Herrado Le Sote.
(p) 2 (Coy 2. (toy) 2.

ermisioon for de oto to can aer, pcify nd au- ermissin for de conuer-a popu- p iion o de Stto to cn er, p fy d pop
late territory of ilpn- t of Fla. Cro. .,l o ay ex lt erty of Fla. Crown ill ct pay e oenditues, diturce. litures.

1 7 Iby U ST A I324- 9/15 Cootr 09 bnd 0 ~) 1.I 5 lij Yay 4 ST A I 32- ,29/5 Contr 509 bad 20 -l. -1 137 sy s T 32- -Pfl3 Contr 309 bu d 0 i.19-1)1

Valledolid. K r to ernando de oto. (coTy) p. -ll deo]d. Kng to Hernono do So (copy) 2p. Valladolid. King to e- -nando d oto. (copy) ip.

,1 reident- oef rovin e oi Fla. wiill pay te diemo Al re-id0nt of lrovilce of la. will y the diezro Al resident of province of il. wil1 pe; tie diez,
after y-, th n vne and so o until they are after yelrs, the noveno lnd so on until they re afr 6 yr,, the overi ad on untiilhey -e
paying he m nto from all the old nd roducts p n r oteqirto froe 1 'th e old d ouct pying h quirto from all the gld and products
from tLIt ion. f -or th t lad. from t t land.


17 May S I 32 / C r 9 bd 20,p. 156 15, May I 2-4-2/ Contr 3C9 on 2(,,. 6- 15, M)y 4 ST -I 32-4-2/55 Contr 39 cd BC,. l 15 1571
VanIldoiid. ne i to H drnao de Ct0. 11dol. he in to Ern-cdo do oo. l jladolid. The Kin to I crnno I- oto.
(copy) I (coy) 2 (co y)

C.rmission to c rn-i na de lino i Fl Lermi io touse min de i ri n to ue de ii os in la

V. A. V

Nh;lli. Nh

5? My 4 Si T 32-!-E9/j Gorir $09 bi 0,U 157 1'y 4 o l 3S -- 9/3 Con% n C bI ), 15j? May 4 GC I --2/G5 aOt- 30 bnd 2, T i p .61 16 ip. 161- 63

ValoLooi. The Kin- o official of t e irovine /illdeid. The Kin> to offici of rovnce l ioi The in to official of t e
off fla. (copy) of Fl. (copy) 2 .

Ofi l oid t do not -ve to py o- Officil an rsidn o no o oi- Of a r idn do no v to p f&ss-0 s lon as h,, don't imort ood to ak- fscO S lon they don't irport good to rke f g a 0i a L ] lo r' i-o-t ,ooi to :mke
aefit f ror r ie. potit ar ml. profit fo ,eale.
L 0 fo @

1337 My M AST ? 32-A-M/35 0-t-r 09 bnad 20, .163-167 1537 A S I 5-4-u / ontr309 bnd 0, i.16-16 35 ay + ST, I 2-2/ Ct r309 un 20 p.165, -67
alladolid. The ing to o in Fla. l doi. e to officials i al4adolid. The ib to official in Fl.
(oly) 6 (copy) .) (coy).

Ofiils onla 12 s e e s corl froL the ff i on ae 18 ire le ues hose from the fficll can h -e 2 si re leaves host n from th 2C eaus lv in o de Soto only if they a;r not on 20 le noes iv r. to do Soto onle if tleynre not on 0 ineaues g-i u to de oto only if ter & a o
ost 1 imortant plt e Offici i i -;o o t of ipo ni places. Office s ill report coas o i. po, nt lces. O cli s ill report thei 12 r leI ues and in ill en title tha- 1 I re le uns n. lin ill send itlo. their 1- re le u n a n Kin ;,i' sen i l .
Rcgi re in viI1n, oct. 0 7. i ered ir evil act. 2 157.i in ille, ot. ) l .

*I *

i37 MAy 4 -7 GI I -4-29/W Coatr 3309 Ibd 20,p.167"169 1W7 My I 51 A 4i-A-t/ Co-t-- -39 bid 20j,.26-16. 9 153? t3ay 4 ST AGI --29/3 Caonr 319 bid .20. .i716

Vlldoid. Kin to off s in li. lledol King to office in loi a. Vildolid. Kig to official i Florida.
(co) (cop) p. (cpy, 4S p.

Of!icilr do not have to iny almcrif go dring the Official do not hve to ty lrmorifamo z urin the Offiiii do inot hve to ay -irorifno dirng the
first six year io- o s they dlort import Goodo first ix yoIr' n s lon- ny dan't imyit oods first su yea o i -l on as -ot Con't import goos o roit ro ra it d n vill to k roi fro rea e. egitered in colk to m;ke profit fro retale. eiied in Seville Oct 0,c 150 Oct 20 17. Oct 20, 15

0 0

"~; '--- -

137 M-1y + ST A --29/ Conw O9 bd C .12-177 157 May 4 ST A 4-2/ Con 9 bId C .172-117 1,37 Ia 4 T I 3-4-2/5 Cnrij9 bnd C p.117-17

Valldolid. Ting Lo Herrn-no de oto. ladold King to He:r-ndo de Sob. Vlladolid. King to lerrrndo de oto.
(coep ) I p( (o ) .

Perisrsion for e oo to oild i, mny lhree sto Fee'rision for de sot to build en mny o three sto Pe mission for ee 0to to bUild s many a thr-e 5st Sf De o r is heir ill be roc of e fot d iheir l of n fotrt. ste o r inir d hi heirs will be nc re of then ,ith -il of i0c000 mar veoies ever other them iLh r;ir ry 10,0O mrrvedie every other them ith a 6i-ry of iC0.00 maru vedies eery other
eor- for each r, from h- imr t hey are bPilt. yeam foo- ,ch fort, fom .e time hey are ult. year fo- each fort, from ttime th-y a.e bilt.
Crown wil not pay ..dture. ego es i rown wil o p, xpenditure Reii--tr ir ron wrll n py xenit regijer ir
Se i -,o t -0, l Se il c, 37 ei lle, o t '0, 1557

-V >~ ~.* C


C x ~-, V ~- -~

Siy 4 T -P9/35 ontrO nd 20 6 1537 My 4 ST A 32-A-29/55 Contr,09 Ind 20, .185-18 157 y 4 ST I 32- -29/n Co- r nd 20i i.1 b

'alladol id Kan to go., of, eru. (co 2 p. Valldolj. King to go. of Per. c ) alladoli. King to gov. of eru. (oy) p.

Infor. tht r ern ndo e Soto Is nchdarged with con- Inorm ht Kerm do de Soto i no r ednrith con- Inform, -ht Hern ,ndo e Soto is encharged itl Fo ue ln settlement of Fla. Com-rnd to reort v- ues aod 4setlement of Flo. Comand- to reyort va- ucr lnd settlement of Flar Coe-nd to report v lue inl thro yers of tetribute of i-an Lha lue durng threee f of trne tribut of in ians tha lue ring three years of the trb-te of ini tn ere de Soto's n Peru. Regi tered in 6ville, oe de Soto's in Peru. -Reistered it n -vile, wer- de o0 W i Pcru. Re istered in ville, 17, ot. d.17, oct. ,7, oct. ,


I z z 7

: 1 :: :T N~;. ~i\*~,---i N K Ni- N N N N N:;

1537 Yay T i 2 -2/5 C 9 ond 20 p.19-19 1539 My & aGI 2--2/'5 Cr j309 bd 0 p.191- 2 157 May a4 I -4-P/l Contr309 bod 0o .11-1

VlIoClldli. Kin to offi i^ s I,. (ioy) 1 Valladclii. Kin to ofil n Fl. (io) P. Vailadeli. K', to offMici l IF (op) 1

Molio.n need for ho-pital in FYl. Cat2flnd offi- Mentono need fo, ho~pitl in Fla. Comnd offi- entio-s need for ho;i[rt i i. 0o rnnd officials to give hospitl erosonel 100000 .rvedi cols to ive hosi' pTersonnOl 100 m rvedi- ci to ie mental ersonnl 100,0 r ved
in the nKing' rK e to hl hospital* in ith King a -rme to 1ep hospital in the King,' name to heip hoti tal.
iter-d n Sovll, 1537 Oct D. eitere- ille, 17 Ct 20. Restered uon Seville, 1537 Oct C.

-;-~: ;~-~----~ ~~ i--~~-2_1; =; "i ""-"-~l-:i- ~i---

E-;-- .; I V"--4" ?- -K

i 0,a t 0rl 0ll a i j 0 a I

at evll 1 7 o I59 a
L1l r 'c h

U a

;i):~i;_;, ;:~ ~ I -;- ;~;;;V



- -- --;--- ;I--i --:---; : ; .. -;: :: i :i
~- :;. -;;;;


-i- .- --:; -. i~-


--:'-: ---- -;::-i -'-' -":"- -il -=:;'-' --

1557 a ATI 32-4-fl/35 CtrI nd, isi9-2 1))/ May C .WI I2-I-2/G Co9 n, p.2-S 11W7 Ikv C I 32---/ -It.Ylf9 LnO. p.2- 1

Valladoli Kingl to Dieo, d Corriles l. llol. iin, to Diego ie Corral' ValIladloli. Kin to Diec de Ccrrales
(capy) 12 p. (cop,) 12 (oey) 12 T.

Lo Iue vos diego 6- Lrrala s veys d-brer 1 1 e vo igo d flo i cuv con, ist e o ;l ou then's enco, nd- lorida cy o.,n it ol cion then' co n- florid y, ,,s ist a polcion tlens .nco ten
da al caian ien o d- cto. eiste in ovi ol ca! t n h ,anc d- cto. git in vi-l n ern c o c Tegitere in a
1 1 8 Feb o. 1~, 15 -Fb 6. 1 Feb .

0 0 0

E?.., ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 i-a' tec I.-.4rg ~ ~ ~ j~ I. L!:1 2*Zr u .FL-

,? May 4 uT sI .-4-9/eContr0 ond0, ..256-27 1937 My A T I -2-29/5bContr309 ond2, p.26-y 1 7 ay l ST & I 2- -2 /SContr S9 d20. .56- 27

iiladolid. Kin o i lo eo Vlladolid. King to Qvo de Sd Juro Valladolid, Kin o Iv ro dI e I Juro
(co y) 2 p. (copy) 2 p. (cop) 2 p.
Nomi-ntion : d Re idn r tow here gov. of F-rida Noinaion a Reidor in town wher on of Florid a Nominion cs i egior ion town here gov. of Floried
will ettl- Registered i Ie will settle. Re l tcilre) in eville, 138 wil t Rel in Se vilc, I5o8 fb 6.

-;- r -1._ ;__-I:; 1_-- :--li :_"_- i -i::--- i- -- -i -- : ~1

-I;-I~~i- ;i- -~.i..-jli~ ._,I;-_Il._:.;~_;I_

1957 My- ST C l ~2/5 Conr309 nd D, ;.767-72 li2 May4 -1 7- -29/l Contr3Cg bid 20, .267-72 137 Mayh :P Af D2-4-29/ ContrD9 and uO, p.26n ?

Valladolid Te Kinog ValidO. Tho Kmin Vhalaol he Kin
(coy) 6 ( iy) p. (coy).

10 ie von 0 e0 ro ro vill ha havey doee o' 1 10 'u pedo de vil aveys de h... l el- I0 u vas pedro d vil. de a-eys de a d r e r el
crgo 1i evai o no boo-or de i: f 'ldiiora de cargo a levoais s nf f sedo de ia a:uicion-:s e c;-rc ,: ac 1i da d beedor e fuiilionc de la phobit ih alori / cuya gobernaion y ca- ista 1a froingi lorida/ ou yo-rcr y onqlirta l probliiv florid/ cuy oernagoin y c t5i.lla
0 0 n do 1 c hra o o o oncom ddo ,>1 ca:tan trr d t. o -o1 oa e- ncamadad .1 e t nor nn o-- :=oto.
Rei re i Seille. 1 8 pril 1, ei te- a n $evill e. 3 ASril 1L. e tered e.

: \


~r=--" -;--:_---;-i;
'- i ;:-- .
1: i; i--l-i;::i ~:;;----;:;i ;;;;r i;,~i : i
~ _

V ~ I. ~ iI

~u~ ~ .~;:* i 1% --


4-~ ~. V

~ +
-~ V V -~ V V 'A -~ V ~ V -

~# >-V>4-N~> K -r Vt <- -N N -~ >~L4 K -N -t ~r- -N

4 -~ K N -N -~
N -N t~t- t~~-r --~ N r~
-t >N~-r %VN
-N -N ~ Nt N N -N N N -N K-Nt-N -N N K -N N
K -~ -.


U K K *~ \


V V V V a V V a


N -v

:-,~;~ ~-;~ i -- =- -~-

15 Ug I -T I --29/135 Con-r3309 bnd20, 1 .. 26 15 7 5 1 I n2-42/55 onLr3 bndO, p.22- 1 7 ug 1 T ,1 32-4-, /5 Contr d bnd0, .26

alluolid, oFr risco e Osoic 1.il dolid. n ob Franoino doe Ooria. Vi ada id. nuor to r noico -n ori.

Nomnation a ei ,nor in town dier gov.of ir ci ll d i f Fla. f ill o r0tir a Reiior ir to, r whr gov. cf fa. ai
s tl ie red in Sville, 153 Ma i, t. ..ttl. ei ed Svi 158 1c setl. e1isered in Seville, 15 -ch 9.

*I 0

Vlladolid, ,-ucer. L Fr- ncic d Osocioo falldolid. ueen c r-nci-.co de Georio lladol-nd. ueen to rainc (copy) 3 i (copy) 3 1- (coly)

onination a Regior n town here gov- of Fl- t a riOr io oegider ain 0 I'l l o,1 1ter n evills 1 JC 1arch te i red i

7 Aug.! GI ? -2z5l Contr 39 ond n 0, .65 -57 .ug21 l 2- /5 Cotr 3i9 bnd 0p.65 157 u21 "GI 2-4-l /fl Cont 30 bd 20,3.265

Villa. un to DLen a de munlo. Vallldoali. uen e oial e imusco. V'llad iC. uon o Di7 de muso.
(opy) p. (copy) ? p. (co )

Nomination a ai-or in toan ,here ov of il. 1Noi tion as Reidr in to n here or of Fl Nomination as egii r in town here ov of Ala.
will settle. wdl ettle ill ttle.

0 0

g L 21 I J .W llb y .i1 , f3 l N- -UY37 ag. 21 ,I a l- 31 bd, A h 3. a llo, dlduc0sDieg d ueco Iflli ---d lie.o 1de d o

o on do on v ooino rgir in n re r. of n egi re of i stt1 t noto il ttl D iat o i d 0l Dto ps i bd


57 A 1i S -29/ bnd 4bS I 2II7 hug 2] ST n. f- 29/5 b~n'1 p. 1i Aus 2r I i 9/,5 n b 5
alldclid. 1 r o -: ci OrcOsrio dali-.u en i0 r-1- orio (copy) p. (copy) 1. (c ) 1ionion no dgidor in 0cond awnC to b 1t lihe Nor Lan as egidor in scoi on ton e etbishe Nomin tion as -eidor in sonrd town sco be setblish
S on Riterd in S le rch in a. eistered in e Mch i M .
Du r i Dlicte grhs i h Duli c raph- i I 0.

0 0

157 u 2a aT 1 2- 9/5 Comi r 9 bnd p.26-M7 1 ? Aug 1 S aI 54- 9/ CoLt -,9 id ,.266-2 1957 Aug 1 S GI 3-J-2 9/5 onr39 adS p 266- r7

J;lld oli. uen to Officil idn 1 Validolin. er to Offiicls in ila. Vildolid. un ro officials ir Fla.
(copy) (o (ea )

;omndt t a rancico Oorio ano o iar oia orio,lhis Comirnds thit 'rianiOco orio ind Garcim 0 o-o hio Co Old tht francico Olio iind Giil 0 a-io i brolhe ,il nt ,i y ilorif zgo on goods taken to rather, ill not p ay ,iorifezgo on Wooaa n^ Lto brother, will not 1y luorl g ag on good l ar to
-. egisteed iSeville March ,' 1. Fla. egis in S e, , 1. Fla. Rei te-d ir evil le irch

0 0 0

1.0 n r

- 1 -- -~\ V .~-il~.= _i:=i -~ i i 11%

P7 August 27 S 1i5 2-1-,,, ontr Iu0 na L,yin. 157 1, uCt ?7 'T 4I 3-0 / C0outr >u brA 0,p. li? a ut -. 57 GL -2 / Contr T0 n (copy) p. (copy) I p. (op)

Asentoce sot provision ieail de U crgir en los i- Asentone est pzrvioon neal d sa mgts on los li- Asenlos- sa provi ion ral e ~S ictts en 1o lbros de isr as De l ontr.or d scui.a 1/ voynte bros do is caa De lc conr.oc&n eoCeui. A/ vente ro de l- c o De lia contr .ode eni. A/ -ersei di di es de ag e mill y lir ynt ei di dei e g de Zil y q teynta i di d es de r go de ill y 1ies y tr y iete aht y siete as y i ete I.
(IT bnd 0, t 1Y ond C, p. 115 a )s ,. 1? 4)

0 0

\ -\


mA- -.

V V V V ~ V V
-V ~- -' ~ 1%

1537 Octf l JI 32- -2W/ GotrolS Enh p.2 5- 4 1537 Otl lII 3-4-29/5 Contr3 9 bndC, p.251-254 157 O0ct 1s I i2-4-3/55 Contr09 EndC, p. 51-4

a lladolid. gin ro Jurn S, tan Valldolid. Kin to juan Sq n iA6lladolid. Kin o Icuan
(copy) 1 p. (cop) je (cop)

Nomination as treasurer of to ion tr ur of to Jun yt Nomi n ~r L-a-urer of F1. to lo o yt n
ly o100 Orvdies ev yry-oryar. Salry of 15,0 r-aedisc evry rlary of i,000 maravedies every oth yar.
Iriiered S l Fb. 6. eIistered in evi 155, Feb. kaiterd n S;eville 1 Feb,. .

le 0 0

~wo rxj ~.~ j IdLI .5.r fM-~ briO. 13LIOo.LUhd d0.K' I o r. A PIc- i

'il -"~

Ct, ? I 1 i 2 -'-2-4 1 i, i. 1 li7 Ot 7 I t 1,r1-- 1: i b* 5 ]- 1 1 c 1 -I 2M hA 3,. -1
V cli Li toa 1dlid. LI inM=1-0 t h a 1 tc e 2 io t to o t t an e N o t a Fi d
1 } | I


i, II n HI m I bI ~ ot 1 11 c J,

1c ,,c I cc, 1 c co
b ri !

--c -;_- i_;:;. i ;. :-r-: __-, -, ,i__---- ~,-,;,:

157 Ot 13 D .1 3 -4-2/g5 o tr 3309 bd .,. 1 1 7 D t 15 C .- / oI / otr 3 9 bd 20. .61 1557 OcL 25 f ASl 3b4- /5 o tr 5309 brd 0..1 1

(co ) vi(co ) vi (coy y)

Aibnt.e esta revision eal s u 2 a n lo Aen e st roii Reil de u mgL u i Aselto ot t rovisic Real c suls t -- lolibro De ca casa ] co tratacion dh a ydias libros De c a cotr cio e dia libro De c d l on a ci i l1s ndiay i/ D y noble y may a iba e ei.- XV / e- taE y oble ny -a ci o seni. a XI / t- y nble 1 l ibad d eui X, di Del /otbro e nta dis Del de /otbre di mis e u io a tI ynta s i de /otubre e io i reynta
emiete anos. estte anos. emiet anon.
(ST hn '0 p. 1,-161, 13 ay 4) (ST 0 15-161 15 4 (S nd 0 -161 5 ay 4


1157 ov13 C I 3 5 tl 43 1- 1-3 1537 Ao1, I 2 TI 1 b, 4j j. 1- 15 o Ih S-A-I2/55 End 1 p. 101I -lid. nee- t Lu s ca ll,olil. ue to L-uis Dca tl dit ue to i, 1 co
( copy) 0T L yo) 1 .

11 4C! 00 ti In Th. -1- -i t o T T. I f
Norin t-ion o ogidor ir he secon town to n ta- Homiairt n a agidor in the eorn ton o e ta Noi tion a eider in the eo to b t clihe idn eitr i vile, 15 8 eb 28. Claish d in ... Re i.. red in Svi e, 5 28. lashed in l. 1 ei rd in vil, 1 e 2.
Duliste hotog l h in bnd C. Duplicte phtog- I nd 20. DulI to photog-a in n

1% --I

157 7 0 S 1 o T o bov 21 7 1 n,


1 u i e a i ,d a Hf of i e i c-i, fiI a n it1.an o nd t 1 oide y ol ear i d i T- rr. c r dl ii.



S to offic n v 1 1 t o off i. i evl lid of 1 ; ile
1 .( 3i (coy

e ., c O Or erin e no Or En n o oO e a, or h t L or I ies o 1 trvel 1 h 2 or a- tc conv0 for ro i o y 0