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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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0 V MI T--2/u 25, p, 1. 1530sT a, -1-5-/1 in p. a. 0sT : a 1- -/12 nd 2, p. 6 i.

( o o ) 1 (Coly) i ( oy)

Inforcion 'ue va yla frndna ante lo Inor-cin qu v 1esta ysl fr r nt- los Infomacion va dot yi frnin pa nt los Ju zes/ofi i 1 e 1 a l rI S, ovi- Juz /o ici l 1 C Con r.o e Sevi- J1'zes/ofici le de la o i Oar.oo de Svi1 e p i d ri i Fech d eii mri de vole-uela je dl 1 oe h de pdii L maria d vlocn -uels muier -el
govVdor I' _Ilo d- c-loz r frndo ve oenllo- iovndor panfilo ve nrbea o .-e evllos, govnor dot-i anfilo e nrbe l ez r frdo llde cevaio s.


1]0 April 0 r AT -1-5-2/1 bnd 2, p. -60 150 ril 30 S 1 5-- 2/1 bnD 3, p. 1 340 April 0 3I 51--./12 bnd p. 2-60

I1 na erma~i I d Ir nadina. 1i nLd e Fan-dina.
(copy) 31 -. (copy) 2 (cor y) 32

S nzuel, nfilo de n rvaez's if, e-l in Maria nzuna, ilo v ife ex ais M'ri ienzu-l, anfilo e arvez's ifi, ex l in o King about roblo it eba-llos. I clr.udes teti Kin ble it ll Iti- K King about rono leos w i ebllCs. includes tstirrnies caonce nirng Nairri e -.s robles with m r.s conerning Ilarvae nrria a o r oblem th moni- -oh ncrnngii V Nlroz rri-age nd problemss with zebIllas from: Manual de Hojas, oro Moron, Diego 0ob nlloo rom: -a-l eOja odro oro Dioo igo Zetno11 from: Mnul dje 20js, Peo 0 Moro., ie<
Lr5ngan ,Jan do Scganr-, ieo le la. L nsayo, Lorenjan, Juan dI ear ,io A.e Aino [ mayo,, Longens, Jon de ear ki:o ia.Tay,
and oI hr Coied b Ju a de la orre. nd or rs, Cotied b Juan o) l- Torre. d others. Coaied Ju.n de a Trr,

-2Z I-;~:_:: '1~~~:~~~,;

153 5 T .GI T i /12 bd p. 1 150 e A1I 1- -2/2 bnd 23, p. i 1530 p. T I 51- P brA D,. 15

Isil Fernanina, villa ian iavador I i Jernindin;, villa in Salvdor Illa icnron vi .Ra Savado(copy) .6 (copy J.6 p. (cop) .5 F.

1-rr of aLo:rei fraol Mria de l n c nif .e of a-tony fom Mri e V ,la, -filo ov ..r of attorney fromi M-.ra 1 Valenzuel , filo
de :,va 's wife, to 3istobl Tern" in the cse .r e's ife, to i obil ore in le cn", de urc' if, to Cristobil Torr in the -e Lg-i;nh Ferino di feobllon, for two hips, Gooe ,apinst vern do de Eballoi, for wo s is, goods ins r.ndo eballs, for two ri-- loods
an n0 ,eso n ouired ir .! pin nin n'n 0 os he cu-ired in n un n 0 peso he quire in e .ain using
Karvaes' .ince. N .rv,z's nam, Nirvaes's raie,

150 Sot ST G- 51--2/12 bn P p .7 15- 5kL 0T W i pAl---2/LP n p.7 10 et OST :i 2/L ond 25 p.'

an idor d San Sa o i1 d ern oa. oan Sv dor or 4slrd -er n-n.

Iower of attorney fro M-i Fn d Power of Atrrcy foz lr ia V zua Fle Oer oof Laro-y fro aria Valonzuea onfilo loN rvae's wifeal to Gr iobal do o hel n rvz' ie, to OnoL de orr-s help in Narvate' il Lo nristaolal de forr- hell n
thIeon a arinst rno a tf e against Terndo Zbalo. he c al et no Ze lls.

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