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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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V &-, Vt,, Vt5" -_i.ii-~ V V -,

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STO1 I- oi 1--11O bt 1 2ond 29 1. 1- -- 1 01, N2 N. 1o1 oniri r .n oeuit ce o 0b een oe or X ry orv n Co nl n ito of P lc qe e ,l N"c a o r ro- lccri n t Piti o @b de V1 1 y a : ir
fl- R ol o Fl- i o I fror ., In n-e 1, o to Z-,. "i or fro io. a l -1 o 1 ,, 1,. ire n

l o iio of n nf xl di i on. D scri rio of trs, vgtabe bem e eito. esriti of tee v. .r g 1,

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1527 Feb 15 ASI /3 20, p.47-'8 1527 Feb STGI 4-29/35 ontr C bd 2, .47- 1527 eb 15 S? AI i 2-4- 29/4 Conlr 350 bnd 20, p.47-45

Vlml dolid. The King (copy) 1. Vladoleid. The Kin (cy) p. Vall dolid. The King (opy) 1i.

infilo de narveez v:ed / llevar a la trra pa q panfIlo de ,rvael ed / llevr" la 1trra a q pnfilo de erpvae- peda / lievar 1a Ltrr
Sva a poblar lo. cavallo e e rma e: n r Lentii.o v l po lr los caval0s e amas e s nen imi.os v TobIlr os cvalloo e rm as a ntenin i.os
y tra. Co-s syn aar dreec d. aeMo. y otrs Co3e. yn pae r drechos d.e iao tr Coea yrp per dde.c a t.voxc.

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-> t Vr A V~?i---~-i- ~-r;-r- :;i ~ir.A -i--~ -9%----i

157 Fb 1 T ACI S 2 41- 9/55 Contr 309 ni ) I 61-63 127 Flb 15 ST asI o2-4-9/3 outr 3,09 ,d 0 p. 61-63 15Il7 eb 15 IT CAI -4-9/35 ontr C 3)9 od 20 p. 61-63

Valla ao1id. The King to ligue de LnbhraLe-r alladolid. Th King to 1iue de L ,urle. Valladolid. The Kin to ig-ue de Lenbrate.
(co) 2 (oy-) I (co y)

Givnc Lun -ble the title of Regidor of the first Gives LuoHnrLes the title of iegider of the first Ove Lubroleo the title of Reglor of the first
town to be estolislhed in the territory iven to town o b. bl in t trritory icto Lown to be established ir territory iven to
*anfio e 0a fio de arvaez. Panfilo te irvae.


4. V> V -i; ~ -1%~ -~

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L&27 Fh 5 ST A 3-4-I/5 Contr 3309 bnd 20,. 7-7 157 eb 15 S' I 2-1I2/35 Conr 309 bnAd 2,p. 15'7 Feb 15 S AI 3-4- /5 Contr j9 ad P,P. 7,-,7

vall-aolid. Thee ig o an eriq (coy) llali. T King to Alonao Eni:uer (iop) alL olid. The Kig to Klonso Enriue. (coy)

o0 $ no aoo cringe hvi de facer er el oaro lo o0oa l -to enriquez hvis d face- n1 iago la vo3 YTso enr-iquez havois de facer n el cargo
ilv:- lo o UChAdor a e la tierr a E iovincia de lev ,, o Ctadr de l tierla l n ovincia do l1eay de inafo C tudor e la tierra E povincia e
Rio 13de la a. va a po lar panril.o d n rba oz Rio de 1;s palmns va piolar rnfilo de auIb ez Ric de la i lmas v r pon-lr rnfilo de narb-ez
/ uien avemo. poeido dla overnac ion d11a. / po ion dlla./ a uien av/mo n r oveil e ila gove;r cion dll.

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157 Feb 15 ST AI 32 ---9/. 5 Contr 33y brad 2 p.co-90 1527 Feb 1, fi A i 32--9/35 Gontr 3 t9 nd 1 .68-90 15'7 Feb 15 0 AUL 32-4-27/te Contr 309 nd I, p. 8-90

Vall.a olli. The Krig to Ionoe 7-nrije (op) p. allL olid. The Kinu to 1rnso Enius z (copy) 3 Val olid. The King to 1Alonso iU e (coy)

Nominoltion of Alonso Enri -uez a Conador in ho terr NomirO ion of Alon o Enriquez o Conrtaoor i~ le terr vominton of .10so n0auez as Contd;or in the ter,
story giveo to NarvEez. ialry o 0f i 00 maravedi- story iven to Nrvaz. y of ravedi- tory given to arvne. alary of 1
c fro ro(ir of ne- land bsh foul be iven every es fro profits of new lani; ou d b-l iven every es from profitf of ney land would o .iven overy
other year to En iluez from nS date of his deoartur e other year iTo E-iuez rom the &le of hi departoore other year to Enriqerz from the date of hi- depart ir
from an LiEr (Spirn) from san Lucr (Spi) from lan Lucar (sLain)

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li27 Feb 15 T AI 52-4-29/55 Contr 3309 bnd -O, p. 91-92 1527 Feb 13 ST A- 32-i-29/!. Contr 309 bnd 20, p. 91-92 127L Feb 15 T -AI 3-4-il/53 Contr 3109 bnd 20, p. 91-92

V'lladolid. The King to Alonso E-riuez (oi p. Vall.aolid. he King to Alonoo orniquez (coy) 2p. Illdolid. The ing to Alonso -4ri -ue (co~i) 29 Nomination of lcono E-nriuez aE eidor in ti first Nomination of Alc.o Enrimue aE Reidor in the first Nomintion of Alonso En ue egir.or in the firs own o ,f c-oriotin in te territory i en to larvuez. town of chlltians in the i rrito ry ien to Narec. town of christins in t territory -ven to Nbvaz.


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--__;;I-~~~;~; ~~ :~s~,-~:r~-~-_- .rI :-;-~lc~;~l_;~ ;;-~~; I..~i~-~;:_-- ;-;-_I_;~1 -i-:;---

1527 March 1 S A 32-4- 9/35 Cot r 3309 bnd gp. 14 127 March 1 All 32l-4-9/3a Contr n309 ond It,p. 4I 1527 M.rch I S I 3, z-2A / Contl 3309 bnd 20, 43

lladolid. The King (cory) 1it. *ainidoli. Th King (coy) l Valadolid. The King (copy) ip.
l ision to panfil d ,rv ez ioo r rr- rii o Pfo meo do Nearvae to couer terri- Perii-in -i o Ililo de hrvz zo con er territory frivr L to the e i io o oa lf l ti, PEae o lrida story of river La, Pla o 1 n aa of Florid.

1527 March i ST GI 2--- 2,/55 Contr 09 jnd 20,.!-47 1i2- M-rch 1 ST ,]I 2 -4- 2;/3 Coutr 30I9 bnd 2D,p.4.47 157 Vrch I $ AG1 3-- 2/5 Cor3tr l09 bid -0,p.,-4

Va ladolid. The King (copy) 2:p. Vallao is..The King (eey) 2bM. Valladlid. The King (copy) 2p.

Concerin indians, ives order to dethe iphes qit concernig idianm, gives order to hel them quit Corcernrig indians, givea or to help he. quit
sin and eating human lesh and to have tihem chri ti- ,in n ebtin human flesh -n L have them christi- eis and eating bhusn flesh end to ive the, r Cristianized, if indans r fuse there will Oe Reartimien- nizev, if indians refuse there -I1y Repartimien- anlzed, if indians refuse there .ill be Reprtientoo. to. tos.

I1- ~-~- -~ ~ e -ia;:' ~~:i~i i -, -

earm:. .Eversu; 8~-----~ I
wfC111m.:0.md 2 sk

1527 March 1 ST z 2-4-29/ Contr 3309 bnd 20, p.58-60 7 lI arcn 1 ST -f 2-4-29/5 Contr 309 bnd 0, p.5-60 1527 March 12 1 ST .i I 32- -291a/3 Coitr JJ9 bid 2, p

all arlid. The King to Pedro de Lunei Vailadliod. The King to Pedro de Luntl V lladolid. Tho Kine to Pedro de Lunel
(copy) ( op y) (coy 2 p

Gives Ped-o de Luel the title of Regilo of t e Give iedro e Lunel the title of Regidor of the Gives el-o Ce L cl the title of Regidor of th
first Lakn to be etablishd in Lhe territory frt town to te teieh in the territory first town to be established in the territ ry
iven to Panfilo de trvaez. rvn to oianfilo de arvaiez. given to nfiio de Narvaes.

127 March 1.0T NI 3 9t. onr 3309 b 20 1.63-6 1527 Ma-ch 1.-9 .i 32-4- th- Cont 9 S 20 .6-65 1627 Msrch 1.T AI 324-A-*m Montr 59 a 25, p.63-6

Valladolid. The King to Frncsco Fernndez. 1d. The King to r-ncisco ern n Va lldoli. The Kin g to Fn r ez (copy) 2p. (copy) 2p. (copy) "I.

Givee Fernandez the title of eegldor of the first Give Fersrnde- thl titl of e irdor of the firi t Srvl Fronande the title of Rcgidor of Lie first
town estb:ishci ir th territory given to anfil t tow n ablLhd in the territory givon to Pnfil o Le o established in the terrto given to POnfil
de i"rv ez. dc Tervaez. de r~-ltez.

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- xx- ili.. -ii l i;~~~~rN -rr- x-~ u-i~~r~;-

i527 March 9 ST AGI 3N-4-2 /35 Contr j309 ben 20, p.7f-78 l7 Marh 9 ST AGI '-n-29/,,f Coltr 309 bnd 20, p.76-78 i27 arch 9 ST AGI 2-29/- Cnt- r 309 n fl, p.6-78

ValIadolid. The Kind to Ja-n de Ltosuer. (copy) oll dolid. The Kg to Juan de ios (o Valadold. The Kin o j I y)

Glves .oau r tilic of ,idior of tlh 1eon a to Gives4 Mosuea title of ,egidor of the second own Gives MosIuera title of Regidor of the second ton to oe -tehblishd in h terlrtory gin L; o tanfilo to be established in he territory iven to fnfilo to be established in tn- orritory iven to Fanlfio
de "arvaez. de raez. e .' z.

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127 Krch 16 ST AGI 52-h-9/55 Gontr 3309 bnd C, al-22 -, ifch ]6 S ,1 32-4-29/35 Contr 3309 nd 0, p12-22 157 Mach 16 ST AGI 32-4-9/t5 Cortr 3J39 bnd 20, pl2-2

Vl lidoli. The Kin, (copy) lefS. Vaildolid. The King (coPy) 10U,. Vlladolid. The (copy) 10yo.

Cpituiooio e Instr.on pa lo frailes. Capital oi: Inttron pa los frales. Ca ituio e Iritr.on pa los frailes.
Concerning Capituloilon to Narvlez. opy of royi Concerni g Capitulacion to Narvaeo. Copy of tol oncerning faitu- cion Lo Narvoae. Cop of eyal Order from Dec 11 1526. allos pri ost Lto decide Order fro Dec i 1 26. Alilola priets to decide Order from Dec 11 1t6. 110ws riests to aeci-,e
in indin should re in ipartiniento in indians should be in eparti.ientos. iindians should ie in Repartiiento._.

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1 1 V- V-- C Vu
V V -< ~__i- -c~~; ti i~.--


1~_2-.--r IL1;-__

-----_r_ ;-I";--i:I_~2-i-i;ri .

17 March 9 T 2-29/ Conr C bad 20 127 March 2 T 32-29/3Cntr bnd 20 1527 Ma h 2 T AGI 32-4-29/55 Contr 3)0 b.d 20 p. 1l-11. 11-114 p. 112-114 Valladolid. The King to Rei.o d. xul onRrq lalldolid. The King to t-gim.o v. ou l eanrqz Valladolid. The King to iecui.o d. rxoul enrz

Nomination of Regidor of the first zown of christins Nomination of Regidor of the first town of chriotiLns Nomintion of Regidor of the first town of christin
in territory given to Narvaez. in territory given to Nrvez. in territory given to Narvae.

1I27 Aril 6 3 A l 2- /35 Contr 309 nd 20, p.4-VE 1' fr57 Aril AMI 2-42,V/55 Contr 5309 had 20,,.43-n 15n7 April 6 AmI 32-2/f5 Contr 5jC9 nd 20,.4 -4

Vll dolid. T Ki (cop;) 1. Valadoli*. Thl King (copy) 1. Vallaoolid. The Kind (co93) -.

M entio Ls thl Panfilo de iraez ill earn ohio mentions tLatl Pnfilo de arvz i" I ar hi M tions tht nflode arv ill earn his salaries aos ov. nd -en from the Roment he 3lries gov. nd cpt--gn fro, the morrent he slari e as cov. :n d lopt-gn fro he oment he
leaves from n Luc r de rramed (Sp ). leve from Si Lucr de ofrromeda (Srdin). cave. ftom S an Lucr de Brreaod (p in.

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1527 April 6 ST AGI 32-4-Fi9/3 Contr 3309 e 17 5Al 6 3bnd 2Q, i5, Apri l 6 ST AI 32-4-29/35 Contr 1309 bn 1t p. 114-115 i14-i5 p. 114-115

Valladolid. The King (copy) 1ci. Valladoli The King (copy) 1ik. Vallaco~id. The King (copy) 1rk.

Concernin the 10 square leagues ivern to Panfilo de Onrcernint the 10 square leagues given to tnfile de Concerning the 10 sq,-ro leagues given to Panfilo de
Navaez in ria. Land should be unpopulated end If Narvae, in Pl. Lnd should be unpopulated and if Narveez in Fla. Land should oe unpopulted and if encomi ndas de indios are ranted to Narvasz, Lhey encomiendas d indios are granted to Narvaez, they encomiendo dan inios are granted to Narvaez, they
should be fror other and out rie of 10 leagues should be from other land out side of 10 lee. should be from other land out side of 10 leagues.

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-YP--~I_ ;-~ -

sea Als enark wa V%VsaaraT < Eve

V ~ VV1V

07 ut ST aI 3 4- r 1 7 -u t 20 Sl fl -4 '/5 Cor a 59 n 201, 1-7 -n uut 20 ST ua i e-4-2/ Conr 3 n (mid d d ahoulde b 5 ) i hou 7) i houl e -137 p 157

illa ( il (opy

seto se poison o nl e us t los t s potion el de u t On 0 Aeoe esa povision R- sl do a e t a liros l c do la contr.on de ls yna, li ro D c de ono .n yn-i liro D cas; de 1 contr.on de 16 ynia
ncibdad ,s cn il- o X -1., my noY y 1 1 i d d Du na XXr sa muy no e eo d I-DXXViI (S d 231 61 m s (T 2 1 (T 16 l ( 1 7 a 4 ( 15 ay 4) 157 y )

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