Indians sent to Havana from Florida, May 8, 1770


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Indians sent to Havana from Florida, May 8, 1770
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1770 Puente Evacuation List
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St. Augustine Restoration, Inc.


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Saint Augustine (Fla.)
36 Cathedral Place (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Cathedral Basilica (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Cathedral (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 36 Cathedral Place


The Parish Records Abstracts are the result of a research initiative undertaken by the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board in the 1970s. The source material for these abstracts are the original parish records, written in Spanish, and held in the Diocesan Archives of the Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida ( They represent the records of baptisms, marriages, and burials for the oldest parish in the contiguous United States. The abstracts are brief English-language entries containing information drawn from the original records. For fuller exploration of the parish records of colonial St. Augustine, we encourage researchers to use the digital version available at the Vanderbilt University project “Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies” ( Please note that the Parish Records Abstracts are not word-for-word translations. The creators of the abstracts extracted information out of the parish records and presented it in a standardized format. Transcriptions were made from microfilmed copies of the originals. Researchers should use the abstracts as a guide to refer back to the originals.
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Incl~ds tw prsona of both sexes ad of ll age prooading fr Indlooes th prsooe of both sexes an of oti ages proosbding flr Inol s t pereone of both sees ad of l ag proof dig frm
the Indian failiesa tive of the city of San A.stln to la the Indian failiesnt tives of the city of n tn la he an a e the bndianhe ityV of San gotin de la
Florida, who a .are trsn oprtad to avas at the tim nlorida., ho a were trUsportet to Ha.n. at ti Florida, who aere trosportd to oakas as at the tim
of its transfer to the British crown, where thap dally of its transfer to the British rown, where tha daily of its trao fe to the Dritish crown ohers thes daly
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remainiln at his t fro the India gamilisa. tivto of remain ing at ohMs tI sr tfr Indian faoilnes, n tivs of remain st Otis tie frn the i i goalies, at:ives of he tone of the Jinisstiion of the oity of San usito de the o m of the jordiitio of the city of San Ag s in de the to of he h Tsridioion of the ctig of Sao Agusti de
la a frii, who were trports to thda city of oana osse i Ilori n, oho were rnnapoeta to thi~ otty of arna ood ase la lori.,. ho were tanaorted to this city of dana tea.e
of ioo i asfer to the British olon, here esch one of Obs of ts trasfer to the ritish tron, 'hors each one of th of i tramet r to the British orow, ohere osch one of the
has bnees ded nd is still dided with a dally sos of one-half has bas aid ad is sill aided with a aily som of one-half has boen aided so is sil aided with a daily sn of one-half
rot; to it ro; to to ito re; to wit

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A-a ada A. Urlsa An ar de Urla Aa kia de Urisa M ir de loos Ageles Uris i a lo eles Uris ia de los anle Urio Maria de o onao[ploion Uria Mrig o Ae l. Son@[plioJ Uria aria de I oes[palooin Urlisa

Maria Santoa Mjria santos aria Sanos Ana aia de Osrac Ana sla1 de r eaa Ans aria de tCaras t~oslia LVe00 osalia oteeoza Iosalia Oaera Babara Cdsaelrl Santos arbsra Canaeor a Mtos Barba C deabsra Sa toos M9i Cthalino esno Ao Mla Cathali A snolo is 0atsln A.eoseneo ara l natn de C Or Mar tonsl de C I o ar. x tonlle a Is Crl sri~ Frano aea Garola iarl rolso Erois Aria Frano eea are t asphl Otiers Hoseph Gt50sm dRoseph Gtis n Cp. d ans ais de lcantara CMv CO 80 H a a.i de Alontra c-v op l Ies M0i de lcantra CM 8 Fr sa as d e Al an s l ssra Chsoe Fr -al .oa .iera d Aloa tra Chatvs ,rois X ier s de AlC tatr C -es
Ptn e Al ra Nes Petrona de Al an s e Prona e Al ra ccilit de cart o cec111a de cao Ceilia de Cdao Mai .olore de Ver Maia Dolon de la Ve -/ M/i lone de la Vra

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[p 81 anoe as ay h e seen rom the preedin san ry, [Pp eneo as lay eo seen rom the presoein snae ryg [PP Z1 s oao ..say be seen ro n the breeding sau ry, the number of those persons from the Indian families ndties the nmbe of those persons from the lian foehlieo Otivhs the nober of those pOrsons fro the Inde failies ,otivs of the tow'n of the jurisdi~ion of the city of San ~uatin of the towns of the jOrisdition of the city of asn Agostin of the towns of the jnrildition of the ioy of tan uadtln de lo lori monts to forty-si persons of n a both de La Fiorit, mounts to fortt-si- persons of ma both de la lorida, mounts to forty-shx persons of Bt both se fs an arious ges, who ~ve beeno substoted up to date. snes ad various aes. who have beea shubsated up to date. noes and various ges, ho have been subsisted up to date. This total daily eobestion oaun s annually to on thousand This total ddly santi on ulone an M ly to one thousand Ths tool daily sebrvetion mo0nP ann-lly to one theusnd asd frtyF peeo and three reals. It is to be noted ad frty peso and three reals. It is to be noted t d ffty a 0ea and thee re a. It 'a to be noted t thte BAtoia de c ad hina noise aeaoi thsat/de.d atoh ah hnsd i C. and -- ens nia Oo araoia o o do l On end OMeen l nbooe teeetn are ilned in the number of those prsons, they hare been are inlaed i the noeu of those persons, they hve been ore in ..ed in the nber of those prons, they ve been alrea. y nonted for h in the titUe of Gavsoca with already euoanted r to in the vllge of Ganes eos with already aomnted fr h in the villesp of Genevnacs with natives of this Blanod and that .jsepha Gtterree. together ntives of this islo ; nd that Josepha Gtteeres, together natives of this islcnc I and that Joseph Getierree. together with her daghtsrs j4na dro,. orancise nviar and Petrona with her deoghteres uan aern. ia ceeisn Xaviera. ad Petrona with her Adnghters jna an ri knoisea Xs irn. and PItrona de nts hes, s ll s her hs a father s e henr husend and their father, de Aloenfas Ohaves. as ell as her hsbEda and hetr father. eniseo de lcntare Chves, nothwlthetnding thet en- nce de Aleant r Chves, noth tthestnding their en- aano de lentsra C es. nothithstnding theh eno teetthestn fotire aeecrtehtddeooohet hs both htnong the tton athores inodede nton afr. Included, both aen joYing th Lntio aoressneoe included, both weeen and the other, in the regul order of their lease, and and the other, in the regular order of their laso, and and the other. in the regl order of their aas. and tnaen Ues beosase the lst naed ae formerly se e because the idt n aed -formerly eed nea behces the 1nt omed a former s- ned to the/hoot do hen hoechon do Otlooth on B no oeel of the o ots toocd ot the/hoot of den donehtn do Zioedo 00i 0 onsdne of the taboreetnoed
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o Vees, ihe dow aend [ resotively f tooer the .e and e respectivelyy] of a tonio I Ve t, the doW and s s [ ptively] of Mtonlo de l o-a, ohe also served fisrrly in the abovemetioned dae a Vera, wrh eal served f. erey in the abovementioneo de lo Vetoa, we A eao se aed frlerly in the aboveenotioned fort ov s goatin de ?florid@ as a sole o of for o Sn g h n or s a soldier in one of fort of sae stint de ryi as a soldier in one of the three detancbente. of infantry in the garrison there, re the three detaohmento, of infantry in the arrteison there,. r the three deotaoens, of infatry in the garison there, are a~ incltee in the abohesead paper No. 4. avna, "y 8. a inclded in the above ead paper No. 4. sorn, Mey 8. a8o include in the sboeesald paper o. 4. aea. hey 8, 1770. 1770. 1770. [Pp. 4, 5, s 6 bank] [Pp. 4, 5, 6 bla ] [Pp. 4, 5, dd 6 bl k]