Burials, Negroes & Mulattoes, 1736-1746


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Burials, Negroes & Mulattoes, 1736-1746
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Cathedral Parish Records Abstracts: Burials, Negroes & Mulattoes
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Saint Augustine (Fla.)
36 Cathedral Place (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Cathedral Basilica (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Cathedral (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 36 Cathedral Place


The Parish Records Abstracts are the result of a research initiative undertaken by the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board in the 1970s. The source material for these abstracts are the original parish records, written in Spanish, and held in the Diocesan Archives of the Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida (http://www.dosafl.com/diocesan-archives). They represent the records of baptisms, marriages, and burials for the oldest parish in the contiguous United States. The abstracts are brief English-language entries containing information drawn from the original records. For fuller exploration of the parish records of colonial St. Augustine, we encourage researchers to use the digital version available at the Vanderbilt University project “Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies” (http://www.vanderbilt.edu/esss). Please note that the Parish Records Abstracts are not word-for-word translations. The creators of the abstracts extracted information out of the parish records and presented it in a standardized format. Transcriptions were made from microfilmed copies of the originals. Researchers should use the abstracts as a guide to refer back to the originals.
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Pagel A Book of Interments of the Negoes page Book of interments of the Negoes Page I ~ Book of Interments of the Negoes

page 2 Of the Major Church of the Parish of the City of San Augustin, Page 2 Of the Major Chch of the Parish of the City of San Augustiu, Page 2 Of the Major Chreh of the Parish of the City of San Augustin,
ori a that cotans in i the ntermentaa s e and lor .aa that contains i it the nterments of' Morenos and orida that contains i t the nterments of sorenos and

Pardos Pardos Pardos 1736 1736 1736 Page 3 Page 3 Fage 3 Juan de UIrsa In the City o' St. Auustine, Florida harch ? 1736. 1, Juan de risa In the City of St. Augstine, Florida Varch 1736. i, Juan de I'isa In the City o- St. Augustine, Florida Iarch ? 1736.

Juan Joseph Solana, Lieuteat Cuh te of this Holy Prish Juan Joseph Solania, Lieutet nt Cate of this Toly Parish Juan Joseph Solana, Lieuteant Cate of this Holy Parish Ch ch ave sepult e in it to the deceased Juan de Urisa, Chch ave sepulture in it to the deceased Jan de Urisa, Church ave sepulte in it to the deceased uan de Urisa,

ardo slave of lieutenant Colonel Don Igaelo Rodriuez, e Pardo slave orf ieuteant Colonel Don Ignaoo Rodriguez, he ard sve of Lleutenant Colonel Don gSnaci Radripuez, he

received the Holy Sacraments and to coni n It, received the Holy Sacraments and to caonfi it, received the Holy Sacraents and to confirm it,

isiCn sign I sign
Juan Josenh Solna Juan Joseb Solana Juan Joseph Solana

Francisco March 31, 1736 gave sepulte in the Ealy Parish Chtrch to vFrancisco March 31, 1736 gave sepulture in the Eoly Parish Church to rancisco March 31, 1736 gave sepulte I the Holy Parlsh Chch to

Francisco adult moreno slave of Do Pablo de Hita, Received Francisco adult moreno slave o Don Pablo de Fita, Received Francisco adult moreno slave o Don Pablo de Hita, Received

the oly Sacramentsa. Jan Joseh Solana the Holy Sacraments. Jun Joseph Solana the oly Sacraments. Jan Joseph Solana

laria Aril 17, 1736, ave seulte- in the Holy Parish aChch to rila 1pril 17, 1736, ave sepult e in the Holy parish Church to Maria Apr-ll 17, 1736, ave sepult e in the Holy Parish Ch-ch to

aria, slave of on Antonio Elijio, wife of Joachin, slave naria, slave of Don Antonio Eliio, wife of Joachin, slave aria, slave of Don Antonio EliJio, wife of Joachin, slave

of the same. Received the Holy Sacraments ofI the same. received the Holy Sacraments of the same. Received the Eoly Sacraments

Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Sosha Juan Joseph Solana

Pa e a Page aa.ro June 1736 gave sepulture in the Holy parish Church to azaro azaro June 1736 gave sepulta e in the Holy ParisachChur to azaro Taro June a 1736 gave sepulture in the Holy Parish Church to azaro

adult, leg. son of Juan M;agaita and of Josepha Fexia, free adult, leg. san of Juan argrita and of aosepa e free adult, lg. son o Juan rita and of Josepa lexla, free

pardos. Received the oly Sacraments. pardos. Received the HoWy Sacraments. pardo. Received the Holy Sacraments.
n Josph Solaa Juan Joseph Sola Juan Jaaoseph Solam
5 t.

7 .6 a 1736 PagePePage ust 13, 1736 ave s-pa-tur- n the 17 seulture the Holy aarish Ch'h to August i3, 1736 gave sapult in te Holy Parish Chur- h to

a' small child, leg. son o anlo an loaiea -eelaaa
a s-ll child, .e. so o Jn de Moln an anula, ree Ia l child, log. son of Jan do lim and Manua, ree a small child, leg. son of Juan de Moli and Manuela, fre

pardos pardos.p .
Juan Joseph Solana Jun Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Slana

September 15, 1736, gave sepult e in the Holy Parish Church September 15, 1736, gave sepulture in the holy arish Church September 15, 1736, ave sepulture in the Holy Pr-ish Church

to a small boy, slave of dona ianuela Dnas ? to a s'll boy, slave of Dona a ai D Inueia Ds

Juan Joseph Salan Juan Joseph Solan Juan Joseph Solam

September 20, 1736 gave sepulte in the Holy Paris- Chuch September 20, 1736 gave sepultee n the iioly Parish Church September 20, 1736 gave sepulte n the Holy Parish Chch to a small child, leg daughter of rni co Regdor and of to a small child, lg. daughter o Francisco Regidor and of to a small child, leg. daughter o raniso gidor and of

Manua Escovedo, resident oif this Pesidio. Manuela Escovedo, residents of this Pesl di' anuela Escovedo, esients o this Presidio.

Jn Joseph Solan Juan Joseph SolJn Joseph Soa

Note : anuela sovedo was bon in t. Au tine. t.t. Note : Tanuela Escovedo ws born in St. Austne. st.l ed b St. A.

marriage to -ane-sco Regidor, 2nd to atolome Pat4onl23- marriage to hanci-co Regidor, 2nd to artolome Patoni-23- arria' e to ancisco Regidor, 2nd to "rtoloe Paton-231743. CI 188 1743. C, 188 1743. CP p. 188

October 4, 1736 gave sepulture in the Holy parish Church to October 4, 1736 gave sepulture in the Holy Parish Church to October 4, 1736 gave sepulture in the Holy Parish Church to Ia s-- ihild, eg. dghtgda te of Nicolas de Alcantaa and -- a small child, eg d htedaughter of Nicolasa de Alaacantara anad -onia rales, pard, dents of this, pard, residents or his P idio. onia orales, pard res idents o this rsid

Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solara -a Iosph Soa

i'aria itober 14, 1736 Ive pulae n he Holy Parsh h to a October 1, 176 gave sepute in the Holy Parish Church to ria tober m736 gave sepult-ta in the Holy parish Church to

aIria, adult slave of Ion Pedro A-lcantra. Received the Holy Maria, adult slave oI Bon Pedro Alantara. Received the Holy ariaadultslave of Dn Pro lcantara. Recived the oly

Sacraments. Juan Joseph Soana Sacraments. Juan Joseph Solana Sacraments, Juan Joseph Solana

Dece-ber 20, 1736 ae sepultu-e in the Holy P'rish Curch to December 20, 1736 ivo sepultui e in the Holy Parish Church to Decembo 20, 1736 ave sepultue in the oly Parish Church to

S-1 Idian baaly le.on of rancisco Tndian ative 11 hy a India e son of Francisco n I by son o rancisc Indian nie

Jn Jos teph o l soldier of the Cavalry Company di the Cavalry ompny
ln Jsepuan Joseph Sola Juan Joseph Sola.n

a De ember 27, 1736, gave pultue i the HI Prh Chur to Joseh Dcember 27, 1736, ave spulte in the l Prsh church to o D ember 27, 1736, ave sepultur in te riah ur t
osep adult slave of HIs Majesty. Josph adult slave of His Majesty. o sep adult slave of His Majesty.
Juan aseph Soloa Juan Jose Solaa aJan Joseoh SolanM Page 6 Page 6 ta e 6 lfons I alfonso rav Demoe 29, 1736 r'e sepulture in the Holy Paris Church to Iravo December 29, 1736 ave sepul ure in he Holy Parish Church to Bravo Deemoer 29, 1736 ve seulaur in the Holy Paish Chur to 'ono Brao Interpreter, tilve of the City ofava Relfoso Bra In eter, tive of the Ciy of avna. Alfonso Brav Intepreter, native of the City o avaa Re:ivae- the Holy Sacraments. ceived the Holy Sacrarents. ceived the Holy Sacraments.

un oseph Sol-aa Ja Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Sola n

7 'a -a7 le r at 1 a37 leo of 1737 a ,aryl, 1737 gave sepulture in the Haoly Paish Chure? to a at r1l, 1737 e seputue in the Holy P sh Church to a .u;yl 1737 e sepulture in the Holy Parish Church to a

small chl'd, daughter of ariana, free orna. small child, dautlter of -Rsana, free morons, small child, dahter oa Mtriana, free morena.
Juan Jose Solana Jan a aosnph Solana Jan Joseph Solana

oseph January 18, 1737, gave seultlure i the Toly larih Cr to Joseph January 8, 1737, gave sultue in te Holy Parish Church to Joseph ary 8, 1737, gave sepulure in the ly Parih Church t
oseph, prd ve of vernor Son ansco e oral sep h, rdo slave of Gv ernor Son ancisco deita rl. oseph, perdo slave of governor Son an;isc del Noral.
Received the Holy Sacraents. Received the Bely Sacraments. Received the Holy Satraments

Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Sol.a J'n Joseph Solana
11nuay 19, 3737 ave s 1oultu e in the Ioly Perish Church to -3- January 19, 1737 gave seoulture in the toly Parish Church to January 19, 1737 Fae aloultur in the i-o1y Pars hurch- to Joachin pardo "forzado" (forced laborer) of is Majesty and Joachlin pado "forzado" (forced laborer) of is Majesty and Joachin pardo "forado' (forced laborer) of his Majesty and

tive of ew Spai. Ta received the Holy Sacratents ative of Ne pain. e received -e oly Sa-cr-aents. native of New Spain. le received e o acraents.

Juan Joseph Solna Juan Joseph ola.na Juan Joseph Solana

a71ch 0, 1737 ga e seauture in the Hoy ar a Chuch to a *:ch i0, 137 ge sepultue in t Iroy Pa rptsh Church to a I'll7 1 h 10, 1737 ave seputure in the Holy trisb Curch to a
nero adult slave of D-n Juan del Pueyo, who was bapt sd dealer negro adut slave of Don Juan deo Peyo, who -s bapt-sed earle negro adult slave o on Juan del Pueyo, who was bartered earie

Jan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solaa Juan Joseph Sola

alonzalo Gonza lo

Marco a 27, i37 a sepulture In the oy Parsh Canahurc i taaah toh CNa the h 1737 e i th y P h Ch h t I t 27, 737 gave u ure the lo ly Parish Crch to th body of Gonao u tana, par-o nat-ve of the Canaries(Islands). body of Gonzao Quntana, pardo Iative of the Caries(sa ). body of onalao Quin-ta-, par-0 atve of the anarlesIsl s).
Received the Holy Sacaments. Jan Joseph Solana Received the Holy Sacraments. Jan Joseph Soiana Received the Holy Sacaments. J1a Joseph S.lana
5pr 2, 727, gave sepulture ln te Ioly Pa.ish 1hu-ch to a Apr i 2h, j7?7, gave seputure In the Holy prish Bhurch to a A1ril 2, 1727, gave sepulture i, the 1 y Pa-is h...h to a

l urch cbil, ].eg. son of Antonio, slave of D0n Juana de Pa e e o-all Chca child, leg. son of Anonio, slave of Don d Juna ded IaN ad a a free chi small Chrch ild, leg. so of in:onio slave of Dona Juar a de Sa'i '' a I aa aa a''a .'a a'a
n Joseph So, ana "a aa d of arha a Jua Joseph Solana
une 1737 gave seplure in t oly Parish Church to a J n Josep Solana un II, 173 uave sepultr, in te eoly Prish Chrcha to a
s al o hld, le. son of J -i. slave of Dn A l nla 7 plt i ih Ch h t sm ll a orns child, 0 h. son o Ju t, aimvn of nu AJneonno

Caa a o ne sla ve o e a Dona a E lan is ne DiAa s.Solan'lda s Juan Jo en Solana sCneps an o of prv ars, cave y DDa F ,ano ee a sibs. ad r Jn s onan oseih Julane CanJsa ano of sel vhrai sla ve o ona rajaela Dies.
Pa ge 9 u n aoea So Ja s e

Josep Jly 2, 1737 gave sepulture in the oly Perish Church to a .oss.a oil 28, 1737 A"ve s pu lture In he eHoly Parsh Churc to

ae seell etild le-do of- T-oae Rivelrosoldireodthics -uly 8, 17 7 gave sepultue e h Holy Puish C hurc t o a

s a a a ae J a un J I n i a n ao i nan t ei e s s sa a a e o f D o Ir i a n a n a t i v asio l dclre oe tie lsooiy JSF en S Jan J oaa nsaa ans, slavei o Doa Ancaionio alndc. Eaeived the oly au als 3, 17 C ve sp tu; r e in the o Cy arais t Chura toa ab la nCs' 'anaa

slaveoFraniscoGrajlese.ono *asa ra a a l ag'n *a a tia a' s aa 618' aC a C c

-a av of rc o j s e son of iia
aac 2ut v s, e 7, uar s p i u r Ihn t h e ooy Car i h D o t o

'Jua l negro i lave of a iZ a : D e z -c 2 1 -h fa 1r7, ae u t i tthe H le C ay Fth Mha t

Ju n h negro slave of tha 1 Cpa n odenis de 2 nallsh nt it ton.
1-eh- "-,,e l, 1737 1Ive seplture 1, the illy Parish Curh to 1n 9

aa, Ia 'Q-a a
s hi s o-f13. 11,dl- ac 1. f ,,jleo- Ilsjd 6, 173 g,- onp.1thue if ]7 -' e ser in a -11 p s d har i a n Joeph olra,,a If]8!l Fchi] d. -, slve of cir -6, -d don of 6 3dg- 1 I

deber 1P, 173 a the ly 1h-d, hr toa, I dh J.-p S.ade n1 dea ahl-ue Ian ad Iatives
Juan____ Josep _______ _n sCai F'a ,,ae Cr ,Caiaa C Nnative.

Page 9 continued Pae 9 continue .pae 9 continued
Jan Joseph Solana Jlan Joseph Solana Juan j, sph Solana

rancisc arch 25, 1738 pve sepulture n the Holy Parisn church to rncsco March 25, 1738 iave sepulture in the Holy r aish church to ncio hMlrch 25, 1738 iave sepulture in the Holy Parish Church to
Fancisco a Chino, husband of Catarna, slave of Marina Rod ancisco a Chino, husband of Cataina, stve of M rina Rod Evancisco a Chino, husband of Catarin, alave of tarina RodSwho eived h Holy Sacraent of Penace and because -rlez who eceive- the Holy Sacrament of P nance and because riguez who received the Hoy Sacrament of Pelance and because oa the id, se ohs ni t dd not th otes o th dgr o hia s n' rmlty did not receive the others o the degee o his irmity did not eie the ot s.
Juan Joseph Solana. J an Joseph So]asa a Ja Joseph Soana

pFrancisco pril 17, 1738 gave sepulture in the Holy Parish Church to Fancisco April 17, 1738 gave sopultur In the Holy aris Chch to raniso pr 17, 1738 Mre sepulture in the Ioly Parisn Church to
rancisco, a negro adult slave of francisco Cstro who be- rancisco, a negro adult slave of ncisco Castr who be- Fraanci a, a negro adult slave of asancso Cas ro who Iecause of the degree of his Infirmity did not receive the Holy cause of h degree of his infirmlty did not receive the Holy cause of the dee of his infirmty did not receive the Holy
Sa craments- Ssaaments, Sacraments.
J sep Solaa Juan Jaseph Solana Juan Joseph sola

May 5, 1738 gave sepultie in the Ioly Parish Church to a smll Kay 5, 1738 ve seputr- in the oly ish Church to a smll a y 5, 1738 ,ave sepulture in the Holy Parish Chu ch to a small
child, leg. son of Joseph Graiales and Mer cenc-na de la Cruz child, leg. son of Joseph Grajales and ler'cencana de la Cruz child, leg. sn of Joseph -rajales and er-eenciana de la Cuz
Juan oseph Solana Juan Jsep Solana juan Joseph Solana
lady 29, 1738 gave sepulture in th'e Holy Paish ChurcCh to an adult May 29, 1738 gave sepulte in Holy Paih Church o an adult 29, 1738 ga sepulte n the Holy arsh Churh o an adult no o of Captain Dan Pedro amberti who received the Holy Sacra negro o Captain Don Pedro lamberti who received the Holy Sacra- negro of Captain -n He-o Lambert who received the Holy oraents Juan Joseph Solaa nents Juan Joseph Solaa ents Juan Joseph Solaa

17,une 17 38 gve sepulure in the Holy arish Church to a small June 17, 1(38 gsve sepulture in the Holy Parish Church to a smll June 17, 1738 gave sepulturie in the Holy arBish Church to a smell
boy slave child o ia slve of ri Cavalleo. boy slae hild oMian, slave of ariana Cavaero. boy slave child f ana, e of iana Cavalero
Jan Joseph Soana Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana
Page 11 Page 11
ul 3, 1738 ave sepulture in he ol Prish Ch h to a small 178 ave sepulte n the oly Parish Church to a small Jly 3, 1738 gave sepultwe in the Holy Parish Church to a sall

child log. son of NkIolas de rt and ian de ls Res. child leg so o Nicolas de Orte and lsalana de los Heyes. child leg. son of Nicolas de Ortega and a uriana de 10s eyes.
Juan Joseph s la.s -na n Jase h S lana

uly 26, 138 gave sepulture in the Holy Parish Church to a 11J 26, 1738 gave sepulture in the HolY ar sh Church to a July 25, 1738 gave sPulture In the Ioly Crmsh Chu-eh to a

all chil leg. son of oeph Marin and nua Ferrera small chid leg. son of Joseph Mrin and aluala 'era small Chlld leg. son o Joseph Marin and anula 'erera

n se Solana Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana

A st 1, 1738 gave sepulture in ts rs h to a sll Aust 15, 1738 av spultur in ts Church to a small Aust 15, 1738 v Ce sepulture in this -ar s Church ;o a small

child, Jag. daughter of iarla Madoele free negress, child, le, daugltes of Maria Madele, free negress. o 1d, leg, caughte, of Tarla Madelena, free negress.

aJan Joseph Solana Jua Joseph Solana Juan oseph Solana

Au st 22, 1738 gave sepulture in this Parish Church to a small Au-st 22, 1738 gave sepuiture in tis Parish Church to a sall Aust 22, 1738 ave sepuiture in this Parish Church to a smal

child, leg. daughter of irancisco a Chino and Caaria, slave eild, leg. ?ughter oI -ancisco a Chio and Catar ,na slave child, leg. dauher of -ancs a a Chino and Cateri slave

of -arina Rodrlguez. of avina Rodriguez. of Marina Rodriagez.

Ja Joseph Slan Jua Jos-eph Soana Juan Josplh 'olana

Joseph november 23, 1738 ave spulture n this paish churen to Josep Joseph November 23, 1738 re sepulture in this arish Church to Joseph, Joseph oeber 23 173r gave sepulture In this ari-sh Ch ch to Joseph.

nearc slave of' -a 1a.ela Dias, Received the oly Sar-amonts. nere slave of Doa anuela Dias, Received the Holy Sacraments. nego slave of Da Manuela Dias, Received the 1oly Sacraments.

.uan Joseph olana ur Joseph -olana Jul Joseph Solana Pge 2 Pag 12 Pae 12 Novemberr 30, 1738 gave sepultu-e in this Prish Chueh to a aovembe 30, 1738 gave sepult ae in this Parish Church o a ovember 30, 1738 gave sepul~e in this Parih Ch ,ch to a sall child eg. on of Vuel Cas llanCs and lri, slaves s ll child eg. son o 'iguel Cstellan-s and Ilria, slaves s l chld e. an of i e C1 anos and ra, slaves

of Francisco rajales of Fr ancisco ,rajaes. of Franclsco 3raJles.

Juan Joseph Sola. J -an Joseph Solana Jua Joseph Solana

Josepha Jauary 6, 1739 gave sepii e in the Parish chich 1o Josepa, Josepha January 16, 1739 ve sepulpe in the ?arish Church to Josepha, JosoPha January 16, 1739 gave sepultu-e in the parish Church to Josepha,

slave of Ctan Dev s o English nation, slave of C-tail Dev s o English nation, slve of Captain Davis of English -aton.
Juan oseph Salana Juan Joseph Solana Juan oseph Salna

h Jan.-ry 17, 1739 gave sepule in this arsh Chch to Joseh Joseph Januay l7, 179 ave sepulture iaan thi t1 J y 1739 sep in t- sh Church to Joseph

In adult negro of Captain Don eastan anc, wo n essd an adul ner of captain on seastan nhez, who confessed an dul negro of Cptain on Se astian Sanchez, who confessed

and reCeive- the Eteme Unction. and rae aed t ahe extreme Upc.lion a and e -eived athe Cxtreme Unction.

Juan Joseph Solana Jaan oseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana

Page 13 January 17, 1739 gave spulture in this Holy Church to a negro Page 13 January 17, 1739 gave sopulture in this Holy Church to a negro aPae 13 January 17, 1739 gave sepultu'e in this Ioaly Chch to a negro

allt of Captan on Juan ues, ad lan ?ptsed in necessity adult o Captain Don Juan Duenas, n aed Jua ptased in necessity aadult l aptal on Juan Duena, aed Jua Csd n necessity

during his infir mity during his infirmity. Jua Jcsep Solena Jun JosephSona Juan Joseph Solna

ndrs February lo, 1739, gve sepulture in: tis Parish Church to a ndrs eDruary lo, 1739, gave sepulture in this Parish Church to aAndres Fbruary lo, 1739, ave sepul t -n thi Parish Curh to a

free neg-o named Andres who received extreme unction and be- free nego ",ned Andres wlo ,reeived extreme unction and be- free ne,o amed Anlres who received extrmle unctan and be

ause of hs sdden death was no able to receive the othe cause o his sudden death was no able to receive the othe o his sudden death was not abe to receive the other Ieets
Sacramets tSacraments. S acamert .
Jua oseph Sola uan Joseph Solaauan Joseph ona

brch 6, 2T39, ve seUlaure in thb s Parish church to a sal MaTrch 6, 1739, e sltur i tis Prish Chc to a small rch 6, 1391 ve sepulture in this Parish Chuch to a smll

hil eg. duglter of Francsoo and Ana, -ree morenos. c h ni leg. daughter of Francisco and Ana, ree morenos' oh-ld -e. daugher o Fransco and Ana, ree oeos,
Juan Joseph Solena Juan Joseph Solana Jun Joseph Soana

Salome arh 12, 1739, gave sepultr in this Ferish Chu h to baria Salome Mrch 12, 1739, gave seultre in thls Prish Cu-ch to arla 4 salae March 12, 1739, gave sepulture in this Par-sh Church to Iaria

SCasica of te Puebl o Nove de Dies, le. w of Salo Casica the Pueblo of Novbe de Dies, leg. wife of o sica of the uebo o be Di, le.
aa a' ala 1 l-iaa -f thl Plabl'D .

Fernando Rodrigpez. Received the ioly Sacraments. Fernando Rodrriez. Received :he a oly sacramrents. Fernando Rodripuez. Received the Holy Sacraments.
Juan Joseph Solana Tuan Joseph Solar juan Joseph Solana Page 1 PaPe 14
une 6, 1739 gve sepulte in this arish Churc to Pedro, pedro June 1739 gave sepulture i ths arish church to Podro, Pedro June 6, 1739 Pre sepulte in thls ariSs Church to Pedro,

fee oen dlt, atise in eessi f moreno adult, rptise in necessi', fe moreno adult, pi ae necessity.

n Joseh Sola Juan Joseph Solana Juan josoph Solana

an co June 18, 1739, gve seulture n this Parish urch to ranciso c June 18, 1739, ave s-pulte in this parish Church to ancic rancio June 18, 1739, gave seputiire in this pa ash Ch to lanciso

Aara, slave of Jis ajesty. A rara, slave of Jis MaJesty. Arara, slave of Jis ajesty.

Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseh Solana Juan Joseph Solana

June 19, 1739 gave sepulture n this is Church to small June 1 1739, ave sepultue n th ri Ch tr o a sall June 19, 1739, ave sepulture in this ParI Church to a s all

chld, slve o Tresuer child, son of ararita, slave of Treasu- r child, son o arrita slave of Treasuer

n Sebastian a zstiananhez Dn Saaeasian Sanlh

Juan Jsep oaa an Joseph Soan Juan Joseph Soana

4 .4 C o t Ia an t Francisco June I8, 17-9, gave sepullure in ttls parish Chutch o asco Fr-cncc Ara a, slhve of s u i t- a sto
a l of Mjesty. A ara, slave of His lljesty.
ua Joseph A oseph Sol

vlJune 19, 1739, a1e sp ultu ala in this ?arish Church to a s- all

J an e 1 7 a r e a ve t h a h hb b a sma z0 h a a s e T a r n b t n n child, so of s arg rlta, slave of Treasurer or Sebastian Sache chad, so arer-a, slave o7 Traurea I Sebstian S-, n- oa ild, son of Mar grita slave I f Donr A oni Ge st SnheJ juan Joseph Solana a --p an Jo ph Sotarb

n a s ulA u2, 1739, gave suutulre in thass P'ish Church o a cahmJ o tPe de 15 ca d uy 22, a7c9, gave seulture in this Parish Chrech to a s ml1
chIld, sa of a ,so ia PIaauee, sla6e J uan AJntonio aroso. child, son ao Mara anu-a, slave o on aon o Groso. a aa

I-an --ph
a-- 179 -- Jl 31, 179, gae sep" In his Prish Chrch to e smll trt aaa 79 ve sep ure in this P.rish Churc to M saiO e

lo .c ldgs sa n of a -cispo heoid r and an a de ascsvedo, tahld, leg. aCn of rapclSco Resider and anueia de Escoedo,
child, lea. soa o. Fra-cbco Regido and -,l- de scedo,e

Jaan f-ancsco Auust 1739, ave sep tuae i this Parisn Church Juan an sc Auust a1, a739, ae aepultur in this arish Chucho a, m

aoly Sacraments.-Ia. a a-r. a a

Pa a 66 7, aaOctober aa' b b abax *a a tba 7 ab tb 6, b aa p 73a sthispt at b ar- t ta ra a, aar -a Ocoat2a1 9, g-v al t io ahi aari sh aaamaa ao

eg. Wife of Antonio, slave of the same reWrred to. e lra leg. Wife o' Antonio, slave of the same reerred to. ai I, wfe of Antonio, S e o same referred to. Juan Joseph Solana uan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana

December 12, 1739, gve s iplture in this Parish Church to a smal Decembe 12, 1739, pve sepulture in this Parish Church to a small December 12, 1739 gve sepultre in this Parish Church to a small child, leg. son of iguel and arir, slaves of d an disco GraJales child, leg. son of Mlguel and Mari, slaves of --ianciso Grajies child, leg. son of MiEg ? and Iari1, slives of Lancisco Grajales Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Soana


.a.e16 C. Page 16 Cb t. Page 16 Ct. lhedora de lheodora e hoo d

Jauzry 2, 1740, gave sepulture in this Parshl Church to Florenl-a Jazry 2, 1711, gave seputur this ris Cur tolorenca ry 12, 17, culture in ts Parish h t

Theodora de lorenrcia, deceased mestisa, leg. Ife of Ignac Th-eodora de Fore cia, deceased mosisa, leg. wife of a garc Theoloa- de 'lorencia, deceased mesta, eg. wife of Ignaci

Brasas, soldier of this Presidio. Brasas, soilier of this Prmidio. Erasas, soldier of this Presldio.

Juran Joseph SoaDna Juan Joseph Solaa Jan Joseph Solana

(Tgnaela Brasas was born in St. Austine. (imacio Brasas was horn in St. ARugustine. ( gnacio Bra s w s born in St. Austine.

Parents: Tynacio Bras and a Parents: Inao rasa and I ia Norman. Parents: Iac Bas and Mari Noran.

Married Teodora de Florencia 6/22/739) Narried Teodora de Florenoia 6/22/17"9) arrled Toodora de F1 orecia 6/22/1739)

arh 740, gave sepulure in is Parish huch to arii ari arh 7, gave sepultue in tis Parish Church to iaaah 8, 70 gave spul e in this Parish Ch t 174, i turch to aia

Gutier es who received the Holy Sacraments. utierres who reclvd the oly Sarmon. tirrs received the Ho y Sacramnets.

uan Jioseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Soanai

I ay .8, 1780, gave sepulturo .n this Parish Churab to a small Page 17 8ay I, 1700, gve sepulture in tisi Parish Churah to a smn Pge 7 May 18, 1780, -ve sepulture in, this Par.is Church to a sm-1l

boy, slave of Josepta Sanjurgo. boy, slave of Jcsepha Sanju rgo boy, slave of Jcsepha Sanjurgo.

Juan Joseph ISolna Juan Joseph Sol. Juan Joseph Sol a

June 9, 1740, pve sePult-e in tiis Parih Church to a sll June 9, 1740, a've sepulte in th-is parish Curch to a s ll unei1 9, 1740a, gave sultu n tirs Parlsh Ch h to a small

IhlId, leg. daughter of Diego de Espincs and of Joseha de child, log. daughter of Diegc de Espno sa and of JoseP-a de child, leg. daughter of Dieg de Espinoss and of Joseha de

Juan Joset Sol1na Juan Joseph Solana Juan JosePh Solana Dieo Dieo Dio-o

July 26, 1740, I. Juan Jseph Solam, Cuate of this parish free July 26, 1740, I. Juan Joseh Solma, crate of this arish free July 26, 1740, .Jua J-Joseh sola a, Curate o' this Farish

Church, ertify that having received notice of the enemies in Chnrch, certify that having received noice of th enemies in Ch r-, certify that having received note of 1he enemies in the "Jatto' of San Diego, having died a free nego, husband of the "Jatto" of San Diego, having died a free -eo, husband oa the "Jatto" of San Diega, having died a free nego, husband of

Iria, also free, the said a moreno named Diego. Maria, also f-ree, the said a oen named D o. ria also free, he said a moen named Dieo.

Jual 1 oseh So] Juan Joseph Sols,, u, Josenh Solm

Pa1e ]7 Cont. Pge 17 Cont. P9e1 17 Con.

July 0, v s lure i t (Pish to a smll JU1 O, 70, gave sepulture in it (prish Chch) to a mall July 30, i gave spulture n it (arish Cl ) to small

child, leg. daughter jin de -'ntes, 1arriner. cld, leg daughter of Juan de l uentes, mar-i.ner. 'd, leg. daughter of juan de Fentes, marriner.

uan Joseph Solana uan Joeph Solana Juan Joseph Solana

August 6, 170, gave sepulure in this Pa h Chrch to a 6, ugus 140, gave seputue in is Parish rc to a Aust 6, 1740, gave sepulture in this Parish Churh to a

ild, le. dghter o Tomas, an Indian soldier of the alld, leg dghter of Thomas, an ndan soldier of th Ca child, leg. dauhtr of Toas, n Indian soldier of the Ca

Company, and Maria Cruz. Company, and Maria Cruz. Company, an Malria Cruz.

SJseph Slana uan Josepp Solana uan J osep Solana

Pse .8 Page 18 iage 18

ai Auai 6, 1740, ave sepultre in this Paris Church to Maria, Maia Auat 16, 170, aave sepulture in tns Paris Church to Maria, Naria Auguat 16, 1740, pave sepulture in is P 'ris Church to Maria,

a -t slave of Dona Mrgarita (eliz) Rolna, she received adult slave oi -a Mar rita elz Rolin se received adult slave of na arrita el) in se eeved

Estrem Unction. Estreme Unction. Extreme Unction

Juan Joseph eolana Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana

Septbe 17, 740, gave sepul're ith rish Church to Seteme 17, 70, gave sepulture i th P tept 17, this Church to a Setemer 17, 1740, gave sepultre i this parish Chur t a
S hild, leg. daughter of J.un and Maria, fee, natives s cld, leg. daughter of Ja and Ana aria, free, natives snall child, leg. daughter of Juaa and AN aia, free, natives of Carolra. of Carol'na.

n Joseph Solana Juan Josepn Sola m Juan oseph Solana

seh tember 9, 1740, ave sepulture in this Parish Chu-ch to Jph SolSetembeir 29, 1740, 1ve euulturo an ths Parish Chnch to JSe September 29, i740,;ave seulture in h- Parish Church to

Karia, adult slave of Bias de Ortoga, She reeived the Holy Maria, adult slave of Blas de Orteg She received the Hoy arila, adult slave of Blas do Ortega. She received the Holy

Sa-mments of Penance and Extreme U tion. Saemments of Penance and Pxtreme Unction. Sacraments of Penance and Extreme Unction.

Juan joseph Solaa Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana Page 19 ae 9 Page 19 Lusia December 2, 17110, gave spultre in this Pa ish Church to luisa Lusia De ember 2, 1740, gave sepultue in this Par Crch t L T Deceber 40, gave seutue in this Parish Church to Luis

a ult slave of Don Pedro de Ortega. She received the Holy a1dut slave of Don Pedro de Ortega. She received the Holy adult slave of Don Pedra de Ortega. She received the Hal

Sacraments. Sacraments. Sacraments.
pan Jospph Solana lian Joseah So pna Jan Josph Solna

s Dece 18, 1740, gave sepulture in this parish Chrch to Ramo Deimber T8, 1740, ave sepultu-e in this Parish Chmrch to Rmas December 18, 1740, ~ae sepulture n this nari s Chuch to raancisco 'eamo, -tive o'f asna, il, paado. He did not hancisco F-ms, tive o, Ravan-, SI le, paEo. He did not rancisco Pamos, natlve o a Eavaa, sigle, pado. He did not ive te Ho, y Sacraments because he ws too i. receive the Holy Sacrame s because he wls too ill. receive ithe ioly Sacraments because he was too i.

ua Joseph Suan Joseph Soaa Jua osep Sana
December 29, 1740, ave sepulture i th arh Chur toJuan Decemer 170 sepute this ?ar ish Churoh to Jua Jun Dember 29, 1740. ave sepuot ,re in this Parish Chhc to Jua, free moreno, leg. Iubsand of Cthal--na. save o^ Francisco rc noreno, leg. ,-bsand o Cthali, slave o Frncso free oeno ubsand of Cathalina, slave of rancisco Chrisostomc. He did .not receive the Ioly Sacraments because he Chrisostomo. He did not receive the Eoly Sacraments because he Chrisstomo, lIe did not receive the Ealy Sacraments because he was too illa was too ill. aws too il1.
Joseph Solana Joseph Solna oseph Solam

January 7 ,e t h Chch to ntto January 2, 17!1, gave sepulture in this Pr ais Chlurc to ira Pinti;o January 2, 'a41, gave sepulture in -i, ?ar,H Curch to Fr a eisco Pint, pardo native of avaa; did not eeve the oy lsco Pintc, pardo, native or Hava; did not receive the Holy cisco in, pardo, native of Hava1a; did lot eie the Holy Sacraments because he -e too i]. Sacraments because he ;as oo ill. Sacraments because he was too ill Juan Joseph Solaa Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solsna

June 2, 17, ave sepultre in this Parish Chur to Juan ranclsco June 2, 17L, ave sepulture in th arish Church to Juan Francisco June 22, 741, gv sepulture in this Favish Churah to Juan Francisco, pardo tcriminal of His Majesty. He received the rancisco, pardo criminal of His Majesty. He received the Francisc, pardon criminal of irs Mjs-ty. Ee received the ly aoly Sacraments. aoly Saraments. Juan ioseph Solana Juan Joseph Solanm Juan Joseph Sol June 25, 1741, ave sepulture in ths Parish Church to a small Page 20 June 25, ]741, gave seiuture in this arish Church to a small Page 20 June 25, 17)1, gave sel:a e in th-s arish Church to a smal. child, leg, son of Juan de P-enles and Augustirn Perez. child, e1. son of Jan -de P.ents and Augustins Perez. chld, leg. son of Juan do entes and Augus"ina prez. Juan Joseih Solan Jua-n Joseph Sola Juan Joseph Sola

June 26, 1741, gave sepulture in this Parish Church to a snll June 26, 171, gave sepulture in this parish Church to a small June 26, 17-1, gave seputure in this Parish Church to a small child, son of .na, le of seh ill. Child, l, so of Juana, slave of Joseph Guillen. Juan Joseph Solana Jan Jcseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana

Septeter 22, 17l, gve sepulture l this arish Church to a September i, 17, gave spulture in this Parish Church to a splenber 22, 171, ave sepulture in this Parish church oa sll boy, slave of Krian Cavalleo, sell boy, slave of iaa Cavalero, sl boy, save of M ana avalleo Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Soana n Joseph Soana October P2, 171h, gave sepulture in ;his Padsh Churc- to a October 22, 17 gae epltue i ts aish Chrc to a October 221 v sepulture in this is Church to sml child, son of Mara, slavee of Josep;h SanjrEgo. small child, son of Maria, slave of Josep;ha Sanjurgo. small child, on of Maria, slave o- Josep;ha Eanjurgo. Juan Joseph Solana .Tuan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana Octboer 30, 171', iv-e sepulture in this Parish Church to a October 30, 3741, -ve sepulture in this Par1sh Church to a October 30, 741i, gave sepulture in bh s Parish Church to a small child, leg. daughter of Francsco egdor and aof Fran small child, leg. daughter of Francisco Rgidor andr of Fran- sll chld, leg. daughter of Francisco Re-dor andPaof ranso Reidr and of Manuela coved isa idor and of Mauela Esovedo a o Maela E vedo
J sh aa- 1 l i -a Joeph S.aa

November 3, 7, v sepu e in this P rish Cbrch to ovem-er 3, 171, ave sel in this prsh Charc to Novr er 3, 1711, < e sepulture in ths arh Church to

lanuel., leg. son of Nicolas ponce and Bosa, slave of Don Manual., leg. son of Nicolas Ponce and Rosa, slave of Don Manue., leg. son o' icolas Pnce an os sae of on

rancsco Aguilar. rancisco Aguiler. --ancisco Aguilar,

n Joseph Solana Jan Jsep Solsna Jan Joseph Solana

Noveoer 15, 1,1, ave s thls Pash Church to a Novomer li, 171, gave' sepultu-e in this Pa ash Church to a cavember 1-5, 17 ve sepultue n this Paih Church t a small c1ild, lg. son o'f icolas Ponce and Rosa, slave of Don s~all hild, leg. son of Ncolas Ponce and Rosa, slave of Doa smll child, leg. soan of icolas Ponce and Posa, slave of Do

'rancisco de Aailaar. rancisco de Ailar. aFrais. o de A aailar.

Juan Joseph Solana Jan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana

Novemoer 16, 174, gave sepulture n this Parish Church to a Nove 1ber 16, 1781, gave s lpulture in this Parish Church to a Novem oer 16, 174, gave sepulture n his Paris Chu a

small child, daughter o' Rita, slave of t a Acotnt small ci:ld, daughter of ita, slave of the ccountant small child, daughter of Rita, slave of he A a

uaIn Josenh Solana Juan Josenh Solana Juan Jose p Solana

oveber 16, 1741, gave s lt a to a ee sm ombe 1 17, ve sepulture in this aris to ree sa o be 6, 17,, gave sepulture in this Paris to a free sma

bdl of those wo came -on Cart! ha. boi of thcse ho tame f-o. 8aro!-na. boI, -f -y re wtho ome fom Caro!- .

Juand oseD Solana J uan ,ose l Solana aan-oseph Solan,

aovebe 3.'6, 1741, gave sepualture in this Pur sh Churh to .lara, ANovr- er 16, 1741, fare sepulture in tlls Parish Church to Mari^, Eria ber 16 17111, gave sepulture in this Parish Church to ara

an adult, ao received the Ioly S .crame ofa Penance ad .. n adult, -o receed the oy Sramnt of Penance ad died an dult, i reclved ta holy Sacraet of Penance ad died

oe se cou ld ec- ve the thers. aIeo-e she cou-ld re ve the others beo-e sh old eeive the ohais.

Juan Joseph Solana Jan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana

age 2 Novemer 19, 1741, ave seulte in this Parih Church to a e 2 November 1, 171, ave sopulture in this Parish Church to a e 22 ovmber 19, 17 gave sepulture in tis pa-ish hurch to a

small Gil, slave of Diego artln Belac. srell girl, slave o Dieo martin Belfac. small grl slave of Die-o Martin Befac.

Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana Jun Joseph Solana

November 20, !741, gave sepulture in this Parish Chuch to a November 20, 1741, gave sepulture in t-is arish Ch ch to a Novemoer 20, 17 ", gave sepultre In fs ari Church to a

s-ll free child o those who came fr om Caolna. smll free child o those who came om Carolina. smal fre child of those who came from Carolina.

Juan Joseph Soln an oSeph Soan un Joseph Slana

l PI ,U a

November 2, 1711, gave sepultur^e it ti-s parish churc to a Novembe, 24, 1741, gave sepulture in thIis Parish Churab to a Nlovember 24, 1741, gavree r i S Pr Curch to saa Cild e, Of oqUe a l5eyr .nd rarla sques smll cil ,eg. san of Roue e-raa aag Ilaa sques sa1 child, le. son of Roque ae \-ai and "ar asqus. Juan Joseph Sola- Juan oseph Sol na Juan Joseph Salas

November 28, 174-l ve sepulue in i1 s parish Church to a Novee 28, 1741, av spulure n t ariah Church to a ovenber 28, 1741, ae u n t sh ch a sm1 Cbild, leg. son o Sebastian, slav arrner? (clarinero) smal l child, leg. san of bstian, slave marriner? (cariero) small child, leg. sn of Sebastian, slave marrine (cln Ju-, ose Sona Juan Josth Solana Juan Joseph Soala

I 11 i i 7 2 i

-ae SoCnt ag e 2 o. g 2 3ont.

anuary 10, 1741, -ave saopltre in ti;s Parish Churc to a auary L, 1742, .ve sepulture in Ithi Pari h Church to a Januar" 10, 172, -ave sepulture in this Parish Churh to a

small ehild, leg. duugh ;er of J an and aria, bree morenos, s ll cld, leg. 'hter of n and Maria, free morenos. small child, leg. daughter of Juan and ar, ee ono

Juan doseph Sola Juan Joseph So-ana Juan Joseph So-ana

P~ag 23 anua-ry 29, 1782, gave s pulture in ths Parish Church to a Pe3 an2ary 29, 1742, Pave sepulture in is parsh Church to a Page 23 January 29, 1742, ve sepulture in this Parish Chur to
al chd leg. uhe o r sve of ego rtin ml h d, leg. daup hter o- mri, ve f Digo r;in sl Il :h d, le, du-hte of ria, ae o i irtln

i ac aelfae. e lfa ,

Juan Josent Solara Juan JoseDh Solana JUan JosoPh Solana

anuar 30, 1742, gave spute n tis is, ave eputue n is Chh Y e lrlh to a Januaraa 30, 1742, ave sepulture in this Parish Church to a

small 1ild, eg. daughter of Thra, a roe noss. smal bild, leg. daughter of Theresa, a free eess. sml child, eg. daughter o hres f egs.

uan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solaa Juan Josoph Solan

JanarT 31 1712, pvr souliture in the 'arish Churc to a small ananry 31, 1742, ve sepulture In the Parish Churc1 to a small Janary 3!, 1742, ave sepu-liure in the -arish Churth to a small

boy, slave of ofona na de iooy lave of ona na d Aseenso. boy slave of Do Ari de scns

uan Joseph Solpna an Joseph Solana Jan Joseph Solna

etbruary 1, 172, _ave sepulture in ie ar-sh Chur to a Febuary 2, 1742, -ve sl-ultur- in the '?rsh Cnurc to a Febuary 1, 172, gve seppu~ ure In the ar'ish Cur to a

s-1l boy, slave of Don Antonio -El2io. s1~a boy, save of Don Anoic Elio. m boy, la Antoio i

Juan oseph Solana -an oseph Solana Juan Joseph SPoana

ara eb ry 1, 174 ve sepu lture in this Parish C-hurch to ,aria, ara Febrp- ry a, 1722, ave sepnltur'e i- this Parish Ch'ch to IMria, ria February 14, 174, ava seulture in this parish Churcb to -ar- ,

an adult slave of Deg uel. She rce d te ly Sa m an adul l slave of Dago aael. She reeeved the Holy aaaraman-s. an adult slave o' D1,po Ma1,el. She received the Holy Sa-aamnlJuan Joseph Solza Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana page 24 page 2- aae 24

aebrua'y 19, 1742, ave sepulture in his Pazrsh Church to a sm1l aebrary 19, 1742, gave sepulture In t.s P1aris Church to a tmaal Febru ay 19, 1742, sepulture i this Parish Church to a sma

child, iaagol, of lr-lao, save of Die de Epinosa. 11, daughter of Mara, slave o ego loa. chid daughter ol f aar-a, save o Esplnos

J n Joseph Selen Juan -ose-h Sol-a Juan JosepIl Solan

Pa t' 2L.Caz e 2C-1 Pg .

March 1, 1742, gave S--pulure in tiia Paris Church to a small Mer-h 1. 17L2, gave asepultle in this Parish Chur-h I, a small Mar-h 1742, gave culture In this Paris Chure to a s

Girl. slave of Cptain Don auel de aViavete. -irl. slave of Ca lin Don Manal de Vllaver e. rl, lave of Captain Doin Mnuel de Viliaver e.

uan Joseph SoaIm Juan JCseph Solana Juan Joseph Sola.a

,arch L, 1742, gave sepulture In this parish ch-ch tc Rllfaepl, Mare :, 1742, gave sepulure in t Is parish LChu.ch to Rafael, arch E, 1742, gave sepultu in this parish Chu;rab to afae,

a f a, chino, who reoeivo the Holy Sacraments. a free I no, who received thie oly Sacraments a free chin, who aioeived the Holy Sarments.

Juan Joneph Solana Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana

March 7, 1742, ave sepulture in this Parlsh Chu ch to a small arch 7, 1742, ave sepulture -in this Parish Chuth to a so Marc 7, 174-., --ve seaulture in tls arish ut 2 a saml

ehi, son of ansa, free morF. >, son of aneisoa, ree m orena child, son of F-ancisce, free arena.

Juan Joseph Solana Juan Josep} Solana Juan Joseph Solana

March 16. 172, gve sepulture in this Parish C-rch to a sl I arcoh 16, 174Rave seaulture in this parish Chiu;c io a snal Ma-rh 16, 1742, auv seulture .n this parish Church to a small

hoy, selve oa Die-o Esirnosa. boy, slave of Diego Esnos. boy, slave of Diego Espine .

Juan Joseph Solana Jan Jos;o Solana Juan Josep Solana Pae Page 5 Page 25

1 1742, gave sepulture in the Parish curch to Luis, free Luis May 12. 1742, gave sepulture in the arish Churt to Luia, free LU MaIy 12, i2, gave sepulture in the ash Cu to u free negro, who received the Holy Sacraments. Leg. husband of Maria negro, who received the Holy parents. g. husband of M ria negro, w o received the Holy S.cra. ents. Le. husband of -aria
fr, e. free. foe.

S tJose Solah Juan Jose- Solana Juaan Joseph Sola

lay 13, 172, gve sepultuee in the Paris Church to Antonio, aY ]3, 1742, -ave sepulture In the Parsh Church to Antoni, May 13, 272, ave sepulure in te Parish to ntonlo,

Slve of Diego oales. Slave of Diego Morales. Slave of DIeo Morales.

Juan Joseph Solna Juan Josep Sol;na uan Joseph Solia

May 19, 1742, avre sepulture in it to a smnal morono boy, slave May 19, 1742, gave sepulture in it to a s alal moreno boy, slave May 19, 1742, gave saptlture in it to a small mreno bo, slave

of an Melchor inzales. o on Melo r onzales. of n Melchor Gozales.

Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana

aria hay 16, 1742, gave sepulture in this arish Church to laria, a ay 16, 1742, gave eputure In this Parish Church to aria, aia iy 16, t7o2, gave sepulture in t-is arish Church to Naia

lt, 1eg. wie o Joseph, slave of Don Fanisco ntes. adult, leg. wife o- Joseph, slave of Don ranclsco Uentes. adult, log. wi-e of Joseph, slave of Don Francisco aentes.

She received the ,oly Sacraments. She received the Boly Sacaments She eceived the Holy Saoraments.

a Joseph Sola Juan Joseph Solana Jan J seph Sola,

7- 72B, I I TI
-a 1 g pve seulture .r th aist Cheh to Isidora a i 2, I72 gave seput7e n tis pas Cu ,,h o Isidor a 28, 2. 1ave e C zDc, to Tsdr
Soles, eived the oy cranTorles, wo received the ioly acra Juan Josp Sola Jan Joseph Juan Joseph ola

Juan osep Solaa Tuan Joseph Sola Ja oseph Solaa

ne 12, 17i2, gave seIultue in the Paish Church to a sall ;rne 12, 17-2, gave sepultu-e e Prsh harc I o a m11 June 1I, 'V2, gave sputue 1 i the Pa-ish Churc to a sl

girl, save of Ctan Don bastion Schez. girl, slave of captain Don Sebastian S1nc-hez. girl, slae of Ctain Don Sebastian Sanez.

Jt an J SJoseh Sol- Juan Joseph Solana

June-, 19, 1742, v ep i oh Idiae, wn June 19, 17h2, Ie spulte hn it t ho I June 19, 172, ve sepultre n it to homas, an Indian, who Itne 1l 17 2, aIv''T I t II a 71-a'T -nI' -t to I I I s, In, '1

d e "oy Sa ments. teived the y Sacraments eceve the oy Sacaments

Jan Joseph Solio Juan Joseph Sol a ph Solana

July 4, 2742, gave sepulte in this Parish Church to a sma1 Ju 4, 7112, gave sepultwre in this Parish Church to a small aJu ); 7 gae42, epute in t arsh c slhur ch to a s-1

slave oIf Berado de Forencia b -, slave of 111Bernardo de Flor, en a lae of ta 1do T i '"i .
a Josoph Solza Juan Joseph Sola Juan Josepn Soa

July 5, 7 ve epl e th ai Cu to a a517, a sepulture in ths Paris uh to a suy 5 172, gave sepulture in ths Pash ch n to a sn a

ild, leg. danger of Joseph la-. hild, e daughter of Joseph lrdo. ild, le. dgher of Joseph al rd.
Juan Joseph 2oa Jan Joseph Soaia Juan Joseph Solana

Gasrasr spr
,ily 5, 17/42, gave sepulture in this Parish Church to caspa Dions July 5, 1742, gave sepultuire in this parish Church to Gspa Don isi July 5, 1742, %ve sopulture in this Parish Church to Caspar

rbeits. Said o, l~e n-tie ol Ca-la -d d fin -hte-." Slid tabo Ie f Ch la and mr d i -t foc.t. Said to be a nat-e .1 Chail ed yarrd i that

Jlan Joseph Solana Juan Joseph Solana Jan oseph Solana

Andrs de l, ArAid d I'd clra,,

Cruz jly !, lhl, gaeauaure n this Pa h C uc to, 11, 174, C-'y in th io 1ASr7 7 r J 174. a eu-r ti aisn Chrc, to andre a

a r, ndian, ,lects (.aley save) who received the Hol a Cruz, an ndi n, les (lle- save) who received he Holy la Cr, an Indian, leoa (-lley e) r d t lil

Sacraments. Sacrment s. 4aernts.

Jose Salna Jlanaosep' Slana Juan Jos Solana a

SJuly a712, a ave sepulture in atia Parls Cauurc to Antonic Antoio July 11, 12, ae sepultur. in tlls Parisi Chure to Anniao A July II, 172, -ve soouture in this P-ish Church to Antonio

slave of on irbaln, --e'd the S--lea: o' s e on A t- tho hane, w ra el'od tae S'crment of til sIe o OAon rbno w.o -ceied h Scrent of the

Holy Oil 1-Y Oil. Holy Oi

oan Joseph Solana Juan oseph Solana Juan Joseph Solane p1-e 2 Fae 28 Pa-e 28

J 1y 4, gave sepuiture in this Pars. Church :o a small July i, 1 742, ave splure In tis arish Cuc to a sll Jl 1, 172, ave se8lt r e in this aris Chuch to a sall

-1d, o1d acundo and ari, slave o" Don rancisco Menendez child, son of acundo ant ;M-, sleve of Don Francisco Menendez child, son of aculrdo and Maria, slave of Don Franeso iennr

Juan Jose' Solana J ar Jos' Solar, Ju- Joscr Sola ri

u 7 2, gave 'seu.lure in tis Parish Church to a small Jui y 17, 17, gave sopulture n ;is paish Church- to a snail Jly I7, 17E2, gave sepultune in t-is Parisi Churc to a sial

child, leg. sor of Salva'or and Anto-ia, free. child, le,. o of Salvaor and Ant a, free. child, ag. son of Salvador and Antonia, fre.

an eh Solaa -oseph Solana uan oseph Solana

August 8, 1742, gave sepulture ix this Parish Churn o .a.cc Frjancis August 8, l742, --ave sepultre i this p-ar ,i Chuch to anciso r io Agus 8, 1742, ve sep-lue in ls Pari C-uh to Ianic

REgider, leg. bas;a-nd of -~aruela Escovedo, who received the ElOy REgidor, log. husband of Manuela Escovedo, who r'ecesed thi holy Riilndor, leg. hsband of Mauela Escoveo, who received thle oly

-Jan Joeph Solana uan Joeph SoJlana uan Joep Solana

'age 2i qae 2 Pa-o 29 jose-' A-s 1742, gave senate in 1ils P- Ish Church to Joseph JosIeph August 1742, gave senu- re in thls Parish Chilurch to Joseph Joseph August 95, 1742, gave senuit1e in this Parist Church to Josep

de -zed, )loreno, ,, ile ecEied the Holy Sac-amt of de Az-vedo, .,,en, free, ,ho ecelved the Holy Sacaent od o Aeedo, o-eno, f,-e, who received the oi SacFalent o

P enci- e and too ill to receive the others penience and too ill to receive the others. Penitence and too ill t receive the othes.

Juan Joseph Solari n Joseph S anl -hua Joseph Solam

pale 2- Cle. Page 29 Ce. Page 29 Con. lid Oco 1742, Don Juan de aredes, etc gave apulture in i Peli October 2, 17, Don Jua de Paedes e ve se ure in it Phe oe tober 2 174, aon Juan de Faredes, etc. gave epult i i

to Phelioe scovedc, moreno slave of Don Pedro Esccvedo and of to Phe.1pe Esoovedo, ore slave of Don Pedro scoedo and of t ple Es edC mre slave of o edro sco a an o Rosa Anh-lo, son o- Mari Angulo and of a Father unknown. He Rosa Anl-o, son of Maria Angulo and of a ather unmown. He rsa Anlo, son "o Maria Angulo ad of a ather unknown. He

Tece e Sacrament of Exreme Unction. received the Sacrament of iteme Union. receivee te Sacrament of Extreme Unction

r Juan e Paredes Br Jluan de Paredes Er ian de Paredes

,uan le joan de Tol ies November 26, 1742, pve sepulture i- it to the deceased Juan de Dies November 26, 17 17, gve sepulture in it to -he deceased Juan de Dros November 26, 1742, ave sIpulture in it to e deceased Juan de
Dis, moreno of Congo nation, slae o Don ablo de Hita Dios, moreno of Coo nation, slave of Don able de Uita y Dios, oreno of Congo nation, slave o Don lble de Hita y

aSaalaza. Salazar. Salazau.

Br Juan de Pardes Br Juan -de redes Br Jlan de aredes Page 30 Pago 30 Paae 30

Maria Deas December 3, 173, (Note: dec. s-ates year 1734. No doubt in Naria enas December 1734 (Note: doc. sates year t73I. Nc doubt in Mria Donhs December 3, 1734 (Note: doe. sates year 1734. No doub in

e--o-.) ave sepulture in this is Cu to the deceased eo ) ave e tue n s Cuc to the decased eror.) gave sepulture In this aris Cn-,eh to the deceased body of aia es, free china, e of Man native o body of aia ree nawe o Manu native of body of aria monas, free china, wife of a nuel native San Jorge, free moreno. She received the Holy Sacraments San Jorge, free morono. She received the Holy Sacraments. San Jorge, free moreno. She receive the Holy awcrants.

Br. Juan de a 'edes Br. Juan de Paredes Br. Juan 'e artdes "potto v1oHi volite ...no December 3, 1742, ro sepulture in this Paris Church to the Torenzo Decm:ir 3, 1712, ve sepulture in this Parish Chureh to the Lorenzo Decebsr 3, 1742, ave sepulture in this pris Churh to the

decesed Ipo-ito Loreno, na ve of the city of Havana, son of deceased Ipolito Lorenzo, naive of the City of Tava-a, son of deceased Tp lit Lorenzo, natve of the city of Havana, so

Naria Lorena de la Cruz. T ae roeived the Holy Sacraments. Maria Lorenza de la Cruz. He received the oly STcraments. Maria Lorenza de la Cruz. He received the Holy Sacraments.

Dr Juan e ra edes ar Juan de 'aredes Br JHan de ?a;a des Getrudis d !e sh os Cererds de ls h s December 11, 17112, gave sepulture in this Parish Churcl to the eyes December 11, 1742, Cae seplture in this Parish Chuch to the Reyes Deceber 1, 1742, gave sepulture in this Parish Church to the

deceased trudis de los Reyes, native of th-s City, wife of deceased Getrudis de los Royos, native of this City, wife of deceased etrudls do los Reyes, native of this City. wife of Pedro Escovar, leg. dauge of Pedro de los oyes, nave of te Pedro Esovar, leg. dauter of Pedro de ls Reyes, n ve of t Pdro Escovar, lg. daughter of Pedro de lo eye, n of the Kingdom of Mexico, and of a ia, ntive of the Pueblo of San Kingdom of Mexico, and of Maria, ntve of the ueblo of San indom of f exco, and of M, aria, native of the 1uebo of San

Pedro. Se received the Ealy Sacrament. Pedro. She received the HoEaly Sacraments. Pedro. She received the Toly Sacraments.

Br Juan de ardde Paredes Juan de iaedes

I t1e C1 of St. A'a .rna, rda, ece- 174, th dct I the City of St. Ausne, aFlr-da. e t, 17112, n te CIt'- o S. Astie, Flord- 'cCr 1, 42, t

.o.t iltusrous Reverend Don ay, Franlcsco d San Buenaventura Most Illstrious Reverend Don F-ay -rancisco de Sin Buenaventa I-ost Illustrous Reverend Don r r -rnciso de San Buenaventu1ra

y Tejada, IWorth, Blshop of Troale, Auxiliary oi Cuba, this y Tejada, Worthy Bis'op of Tricale, Auiliary oa Cuba, this y T'eada, Wor'thy Eisop o Ticale, Auxili r of Cuba, this

City and is roins o h Couc" o- 1- Baesty, aiy, City ad its fones of the Coun7 t. ,SI- M''eaty h'1 ', all and its ,ovi,s o h Coaci o H- Mesaty, avin

eaned thidhs book w :cb arbe ontre te .r o the persons exam ned this b- in wh h -ind thws bio ia rencr are inmerod tee ites o ihe person negroes and a-rds, tt died in ths City anld ts ne ghborhood, negroes and pa"dos, that died in this City and its neighborhood, gr os and Flados, t t die rin t is City and ats neighborhood,

prshted or tis sct o by bE Don Juan de a ees, Major presented for this inspection by Er Don Juan de a,-redes, MJor presented or this inspection by Pr Don Juan d, Faredes, laJor S, st I and -ter Curate of the PaEish of Ihs City.(gives Sacristan and Inerim Curate of the Pa ish o. t? s City.(gives Sacristan and Inrim Curate of the Parish of t is City.(gives fr a app al and coa- and a Incd the p aae .r th de or a approal a d a,nad th nh, d, t1e p-a- rid-c the .-- p .a a l and co-nd to lncude the plae nere the de

ceased ere boa,a, a rta r, :ased wr born, o s a Ca-in horm, e-. ,sod -ee bo, o e a Crtin foa, eac. e 3 end of this Aulo ad Signaures Page 3 2 nd of thls Auto and Sig tures P;ae 32 ed of this Auto an Sinaltures

Pr ,ncisc de San urbvaant r ac e SFn -h-rantura .9 'ba'C] s de San Euen.ven ,a

B isop o' Trivsle Si gnaue -ade o to most Ishop o rvale S'_nat-ure mde of: he Most lop o Trivale Signature ade o t-e s

-L-sirlusiho V1sltor Ilustrius -ishoc Visitor Illustrious ip so Don Migue- }ancisco de VaWrgas elo M'igue -ancscso de Vargas Don Niigud C ancisco de Vrgas Seaeta n ry o. t-d Ia"tt S1-ltay -d Ia, o- the Vistatl Secetary an aotr' o the Vis tti

-7 3

Pae 32 C ent
'Pae 32 Ccnt
Page 32 cent. s u a ancsco Sunday i7arh 17 17113, I rancso -avih e Aarturo, Cuarat'e -enifi
Sunday I-arch 17, 174e, anso ier Arto, Curte Benei- cary ^f this Parst o St. Autine, Florda, Lave sepulture ca o tis a stine, r.dA, ga repul ur
car oa his Par,- o S. Au saud-, l orida, a e e a-as ga iw ns. to te de:ease, a s l u iy on year old, s ave of in iB to te deceased o thsily boh one ia- old, sl'ae of
1 it t1 t deeased, a sl boy on er ol d, slave of nn Don c de -, ad l son of Josep Pa 'ug Do neo de T, a leg oi' Joseph Jsp ceutnan on ranros de -ne ofexid ei,. son of Joseph eduala and -- ,a dE ecion., nored slaves.
Agulla and Iai a de a lle, ono slaves.
AUl Ma d ald hMa de aeresr, o tzno saves. rncsc a a a o aretuho Francisco avuir Artwo
Francisco Xvier Arturo

Nia--rn z esday Marc 2, 17a3, av sepultu r in it oht e deceased h,
ErWneiusday yarch 2, 1i3, yve seulte i to t he dsaead HSend uo Dur, te th City on~ne o. pe o his u-rntsn.
e-a, Dn, tive of tte City aMex ica Pa.ns un-nown.
edo Dran, ave of the C oty of rexicoo Pa-ens en'own' eenvtd ive Sacraments of engce, the uist ad Ex De ooee the sccramnts o n si-cev the EuyEeian od eX
le -,ce',ed thI, S-rmnt" of aene-, tae aaaS a'd ,- er non. 'a ilD nd.

ir w nci iold No a'sc ide At ranecsco a er Art a-o

AA an"lso ',i'e-a A'rturao aaa 32 FIe 32

Do sh

Peph Ped-osa Mhusday Ir7 21, 173, iie sepultre In ths aaIa to ahe Arrss _hurdY May'h 21, 174, e S lte In th:l Aaraish t. tn d I
eceas Joseph d droa, nai e o, e ico, so of IIel Ped ics
ueceasIe Josepn Pedroa, na;i, of 1e7l o, so of Jliguel Ped-ca old daria de Ia Encarna4on, Marred to An-l dd rot receive hnd irIa de -a ,hncarnac-o. ,arica t Ai; did not receive
a"! C-r'a de la Enearna on. WIrr'ea, Ah; did -ot ree-e th ]ol Sacramts, lavig died a the -nrds of the enaies.
he Holy Scrants, having died a. t1e nads o the enemies.
a h al Sl (ren-t h -in died at t!e 'd s o f tla neai a1a a -ill Iad-.

SNicola' Pe
Aicola, Acrez arande' Ta' Msd M A' as aa- I'' 7 aa-A'a-a-a-a1,'ch 21, 17 13, e seult e jn thls paaish to the

deceased Niolas "e, ilenandei. No record of his pare ts.
decsad Nicol- s eaz a e's' nandea. No re:o-d o his parts. AId ot receive the sarrarrents, haain' died b' ta hands oa'a ra

enms. Yo ill made. a--i x- dl ,ea e.
ho will made. t lanclsco iavie- bayhiur drncsa d. i ytl,

Irincid--d "Ali b -111,

age 3 o t.

uan Joosepp
aJun Joseph iquez Thrsday arch 21, 173, gave sepulture ir this Parish to the }{enrqez T l-rsaT' rch 21, 1a4a, gave aT ulTure i this a lsh to the T Thuri day KaroF 21, 1743, ave sePulture i this Farish to the decnsed Juan Josep h Hemiqoez, native of tbhe, Roal de facatecas.
decesed Juan Joseph kerd iuez, native of the Real de S-ealeas.
dce eeniues, native of the eal do Sa t ecas ,ed e;co ;ra de la Cruz. Did lot rei ,ive the Sacraments, 'arieId to aril de 1 ru. Did 2; e eiv the Sa laments,
,rried to 7a1,i de la Cruz. Did nt receIve the Sacraments in dib i a th ie i hallh die by the hands o the enj. No w made.
hing dled by he ands of the ene,. No will nade. a i ie A o nisco vier Atuo

Ar"c'asco advaer Artuao
Gregorio de la

Thur asda- arch 1, 17'3, alve sepul;ure in this Parish to te deceased Creorio de la Torre, native of the Twn of San ancisc d- -g-ib dI 11 T,,-r, n tive I' lla 3,, aaaF'1'a ',Ihd 1d -J i p a or Jo pn), n rried. o record of n e, h1s 1 tar enzs Ifre.
'a deco-aas dea l aa r e a d -v of aIe aow oero Jul e or Jo a a, t ri o a aecor a who bi pae were Juiaa (or Joiapa), marred. No record oT who ,is aa ents were. ete dad not recei e the Sacraments. having did b the 'ands of to ai did dot rci he Sacamni hai e died te hnds t ell d
3So did hot reaeiv ? the Cacra-entr l V, -id b- t11e 7,d, of t-e -e..1. ti 11i-l 1,te.
aen ". a aill ade.

F-ancisco Xavier AIrtur o PaaPage 3
e at a.

iaoata d-eV Te TIrsay 1,17 v t r17e ,, an eplte in this Parish to th Vea Thrsd: ach 21, 1743, gave sepuntce in tdie apuvaah to tde deceased Santiago de Vea, native of ascase and rosiatsof deCease-d Santiao de Vaa- native a' aaa.aisa,'a aIae 'aesen:o

deceased Santiao de Vi'p, native of Qaguislase dand reidlVe, tie o a lcla, leg. son of Jualn do ia Ve and ;a de Vega, carried 'lasa, le. son o Juan de ia ,rec an Juana de ea, r'rriad
Claula, 10. son of Jan de a Ve an uana de ea, r ed leg. s outo Catalina n- 1 ona, a creole of the ngneer of Penestepanga.
l'- Cat ion ona, coe of he Engine, of Dene epanga

to Catalina ozona, a c e-1 of tie Eigineer of Penstopanga. Dii reot receive the Sac ra.ents, having di ed by th e hands of te i nt receive the SacrBaents, ?avinZ died by ale hatlds of the

Did ot receive the Sacraonts, haing died by the hands of the .enemy. No will ade.
enemy. No il made.
enemy. No will made. rrancisco %avier rtwo
rancisco Avier Ar'to Mate tatheo

a- a-Y ail a l71, a- a, a a '' b 'Ta a' eandE riay April a, ,17ere, a a ri"dytur aa I1 7 t3ds pedIsh to the de rnandez Friday Apil 12, 1743, ave sepulture in this Paish to the d- ceased Matheo ernande de Cordova, native of San Nicolas do los

cesed7 atheo -enandez de Cordova, native of San Nico-as de los sncho in te ingdom of NSwi. Spain.S n d tlis d. Son of Mieol Pernander and
Ranchoe in the Kingdom of' New Spain. S -O of Mi auel Iea,,nadez n -edaa- and a ena e and
ofetudla Heradez. Rec-ved the a s of Pnace and Extreme Unction. No will made.
a-aatrd.aaanr~na I eci l -' e 'a r~e- Il .laa'adaaa ad rtin nto.~ il a*Ier or n "a a'l ma.

baeo -eradez ancio Xavie Arturo aie erandez -na Xavier Art'o athc erndez Fancsc Xa-avier Art

An tala -u -;asti aAugustina

e Monday April 17 ave se-ulture In this P-arish to the Rutinel Monday April 2 17 ave s this ri to the utine ndy pril 1743, gae sepuit this rish t the

deceasd iAustina nutinel, native of this CIy, a free pards, deceased Austlna Rutie 1, native of ths City, a Fre parda, deceased Au-stina duianen, native of this Ciy a free aPad,

70 a of ae, widow or PablO, Congo negro o San Jore. 70 years of age, widow of blo, Conge negro of San org e. 70 years of age, widow o abl, cong negro of San 1orge.

S oe received the Sacraments. No wlli made. She received the Sacraments. No wili made. She eeived lhe Sacraments. No w il ade.

Francisco Xavier Arturo Francisco Xavier Arturo Fanelsco avier AltJaachin de 1 Ja1hn e ], J-chin be la C-a ,diesday ay 15, 1743, gave sepult-e n this arrt t te a -a Wednesday ay 1i 17113, g-ave sepultue in this Parsh to he cara W ednesday ly 15, 1743, ave ep e In to h

deceased Joach*i de a Ca-ra, native of aexico Ci y in tba deceased Joachin de la Cara- native of aexico City in the deceased Joachir de la Cra, na-ive of e Ci in

ingdom of New Spain. San of Jan de 'a Carra and of Magdalena Kid- o Spain. San or de arra anh dana Kingdo of INew Spain. San of Juan de la Carra and of' ngda ena

onals. le me-Aved the Sac----r. No w-ll -ade. cnais. Fe -ece-ved ...e c-ans. No will de. -ajz-jes. He -ce-red the Sa--nets, No will ade.

Page 35 Page 35 Page 35

-Maiaa e I a.-de MaI-la de

on on ednsda a 15, 173, ave sepu e in this Parish to he co on wednesday 1, vspulture i this aris t the oncepcion ednesday K 15, 173, gave sepulture in this arish to the

deceased i de a Conccin, ltto Il three of ceased Mri de l Caonec -l r, a little girl oi ee o fo cesed ri t a Concepcion, little girl three of fo

-ears, daughter of Torrarita Sanchz, morena slave of Don yea- s, daughter or ar arta Sanchez, morena slave of Don years, daughter oif ararita Sanches, morena save of Don

Sunday 1ay 19, 1713, g.ave spulture in this Parish, to a small Sunday Iay 19, 1743, e sep re in his ash, to a smnal Sunday ay 19, 173, gave sepultui e in tls Parish, to a snal hid barpt-sed by the Sergean:. srtholome montes de Oca; leg. child baptised -y the Sergean Bartholome Mones de Oea; In,. child baptsied by the Sergeant artholome Montes de a; leg.

daughter of Salvaor cacia and Antonia de Rosario, Free morenos. daughter of Salvdor Gareia and Anonia de RosaMio, free orena s, daughter of Salvador Capai and AnI-nia -a Rosario, free morenos,

natives of San Jorge and residents of tis city, atives of San Jorge and residents of this ciY. Vatves of San orge and resdents it

Francisco Xavier Irto Francisco aier Artura F-ranciso Xaer Arto

Monday ay 201, 1743, ave sepulture in this Parish to a snll Xonday Nay 20, 1743, gve SePulture In this PaB1sh to a sall ]ianday May l0, 1743, ove sepulture in i-is Faris to a smll

child, leg. daughter of Salvador Ocia and Antonia del Rosara., child, log. daughter of Salvador arca and A nini del Rosario., child. leg. daughter of Salvador -- ia and A -tonia del Rosario

free morenos, natives of San Dorge, resident sof tis City- free morenos, natives o San Jore, residents of tlis City free m0Ens, natives o an ore of t

Juae Evanelista ednesay June 1743, gave sepu ;ure in this irish JPe-e Evangeis;a Wednsday June 5, 1743, gave sopulture in this Farish Jusa Eva-ge lists woeesday June 5, .743, gave sepulture tls pr,
to the deceased Jn Evalrel sta native widow of William to ine deceased Jusna evangelist, ntive widow of Willian to ie dcoased Juana -WvariElista native wido of i:lliam Cd-j leE. diua-her of Fancisco Con1 1as and 11lar Deth-an, 1-; leg. 61il-er of Fancisco Conl:eras and 1la- De-len Ca; lc-. dju her o *anlsco Cent ,eys nd M8 8 Petlen,
deceased. Se received the SaCr nts andad a ade h r 'l aeea .d. s a 7 a'se' t7 sacr ts and/h.d 'de a ,n deceased. S received the Sa nhts an/ad made her -l, e d o he public writings of Don Sion r-ecorded in the register o the ,public waiting of Don Simon recorded in he register of the rubic witings of Don Simon rou lotar- Publ:i. Names he, e tuors and the res sque, otary -llc. Names her e-s, tutors and the- r, s.e, Not7r'y 'b li'. Names 1r e-',, execus a- he rest

ac.oriln to he Clauses of said will, .hich signed. acordin, to the Clauses o- said will, which signed, according to he Clauses of said will, which i sigd.

Page 36 Page 36 Page 36

-honas Sunday Jule 9, 1743, 1v sepulture in tlis Parish to t-e ahomas Sulday June 9, 1743, 'ave sep ire in this Parsl to the hoas Sunda n 9, 1713, ve sepultue in this PaI- to te Nego Slave deceased aboras, negro adult of Lunni ation, slave of Don Negro slave deceased homs, noegr anuli o Luum l atio n slave of Don Neo Slave deceased hoaV negro adult ao ,cuni nat on Save of Don

t Caerannts. the Saeranen~s. the Sacraments.

ranosce oavie, Aturo iacisoo ypvier A,,lro -raeeAsl, Xaid, Atu-r

S'cl -eia11 -eliiana

S Saturday june 29, 1743, 've sepultu-e in this aPrls to hbe Slave Saturday une 29, 173, ve s ltu-e in tFs Pish to the lave Sat e 29 174 ve seultu-e i L- aris t the

deceased Felciana, a sman l g.1 3 slave, two years old, o deceased Feicir.m, a small girl slave, two years old, of deCOasd Folicia, a small girl slave, two years old, of

F-ancisco Grajales leg. daughter of aria, morena of Congo rancisco Grajales, leg, daughter of Ialia, morera of Congo Francisco Grajales, leg. daughter of ria, moera of Congo

nation, slave o the said, resident of this Ciy, and of iguel, nation, slave of the sid, resident o this City, and of iguel, tion, slave of the said, resident o this City, and of Migu'e, mor o sae nation, slave of Don Antonio Crespo, resident moreno of the sae nation, slave of Don Antnio Crospo, resident moreno of the same tion. slave of Don Antonia Crespo, resident

of Havana. of Ivana. of Havana.

aia iday Jly 26 1733, gave sepultre in ts lash to te ia ida Juy 26, gve putue i the h ris to he a lday Juy 6, 17313 gave sepulture i t s t-r3-1s to th

deceased rnisca ria, child of sil years, slave of Lieut deceased rancisc Maria, child of si- years, slave of Lieut deceased ancis aia child of si yeas, slave of Lieut-

a~ a C'I a.' 'P 36 >, 7 1' 3' aa' T+air Francsa Fran : sea la.via erant Don a-o Escovedo, daughter of aheu o andofAa erzl n Tar sao rio, aalghtr o- a1 ne' u "kn wn and fAria ra ant Don Pedro Escovedo, ae t r of : ur'own end of A

aria crc-a. morena of Ma.lnga rtion, resident o ahis :Ity aia a aara-i, morena of Ma1-ding a 6fion, resident o this city ra r a mITena of ndiga n.n resi I o this

end slave of said Lieutenant. and slave of said Leuteant. nd sPl ve of said Lieutenant.

Joseph de Yta -.sep ae pYa c seph de 'ta mreno slave sunday uly 28, 1743, gave sepulture in tis larish o the ono slve Sda1y July 28, 1743, rave sepulture in this Farish to the mo-eno Slave Sunday Jul 28, 1743, ve sepulture in tis Pari sh to

ase ,Josep Y a y S-a aar, moreno, of age 21, slave of deceased Jos'ph de yta y Salazar, moreno, of afe 21, slave of deceased Joseph de Yta y Slazar, moreao, of age 21, slave of I'age 37 Don Lorec' de YIa and native of this City, son of a father un Page '7 Don lronzc de Yta and native of this City, son o a father n- Page 37 Don Lorenzo de Y'a and native of 'his City, son o a aat-er unknow and of Maria o Ia, soreno slave o DoE-ea hrolima de Yta, known and o- aria de Ita, mrene elave of Dora Ceonima de yta, non and of Maria de ita, oreno slave oD noia GOon ima de ta, native o ara and resident o avana. He rece;v the Sacrament native oV ara and resident o -avana. ie c-ived the Scament native o- ara and resi dent o pavana. e received the Sacament

of Po1ane and E 'teme nnction. of Penance and Extree action. of penance and Exireme Untion

aa-ncisl i ier A -;, -' 1 ancisco a ier Artur-o ca '' a Juana Juan Juana

Earbosa Sunday Aur t 25, 173, gare seit ue in this Paris to the aarosa Suday A~ust 25, 1743, gave -epultue in this Paris to te rbosa Sunday August 25, 1743, gave sepulture in this Paris-h t t e

deeasd ua bo adult o 21 ears, native of ti Cty eased a boaadt of tive of this City deceased Juana rbosa, adult o' 21 years, Itive of this City

and Slave of ona Ana Pan y A-a, dauI'er o ather unnown a-n Slave of Do6 Aia Pan y A' da-ughter o faer anknon and Slave o -f Do Ana Pan y aAaa, daughter c ratr unk nown

n o 1renza arboya, more,, nale an resident of 1his city, an a Lorc nza arbos, morena, nathe and resaen't of this city. .a o L orenza arbos-, morena, ae and resident of is a y.

S eved l the Sacraments. Shle received '' a Sacraments. She received the Sacraents.

raniisco A7i'r At aa aran a'cists "-r aA'tt a I r-niS avier ar lar

-ta Fta Rita

horrytne onday August 29, 1743, gave sopulture in the parish to the or,,,,,ytner onday August 29, 173, gave sepulture in the Parish to the orrul iner Ionday Aust 29 173, gave sepltur- in the a h to the

deceased Rita Eorruytine, free mono, native and resident of deceased Rita Eorruytine, free mo-eno, native and resident of deceased Rita orruytine, free moreno, native and resident of tis City, wife of 1'-el Diaz, native of Cadiz, daughter of a this City, wife of Miel Diaz, native of Cadiz. daulghter of a this City, wife of igual Diaz, native of Cadiz, daughter of a father un own and of Juana de los Santos, free morena, native father unn and of Jua de los San;os, free morena, ntive father uniao and or Juana de los Santos, free morena, native

and resident o t's City. She received the Sacramonts, and resident of this City. She received te Sacraments. and resident of this City. She received the Sacraments.

No wrill mad No will ade. No will made.

e B FaCe 38 Page 38

as- -38 -. p age Cont. .

t T u rd y S p t e el- a- t 17a a re ce- ll tem- an to h is Pr 1 t - d u o i a rg ,

o .ree Nowno fre sdti City. pee 26, ecev, te Scpr n -er in eies parish t Y ce oor'n o l rsd a y SOpct c h c a v e s e p l -r i n t i s i P r ir s t o
the deceA aet Pedro fre moeno -w-a caa- aro- San Jorae' a sidn
the dceased pedro, free serene o a't e roa r San ao,, resiint

-e dscenseo Pedro, free morno Ya c-ridt f i Cy da A n o a r t, o r t of l s City. I" receiaed tae ,S'reis of pnnce and -xtaeme

of this City. e aeceir the Sarram- n ts of Pe- ent and E tr me Sve t7-utr o ad t Screns o nce E-u'nd E-- t treme
Sebanstian ancisc AaveAtu va\a Sunday Coeber 1, 173, ave -sepultue in this Parish to the Cogo Sunday Nober 10, 17113, ve sepultur i ti t

ata Sday cte 7 43, a e saeputt re i is P, brish to h e deceased noni, h reno of .a .. 1ion, res.denl of .I--s Ci.-y

an S ve of Pag S n o o ree i t e ScraInt s of 39nj ua a aat - 1 0- d a a nd t- s-a -a b a anh Siv oi, -nh.arB Shn-t. e cei e the Sarens of Pen

a c a-siaen o f t r rnoyo. e ece d te parents of PS ts ancjcancisco Xave Atuo

i X scoXaie Ato a Artao Seaidsti esn

Ct a y -emtber 1t, 17 3, a- tl p ih Snday om -br iO, 713, pva sap tur e irLis Pt rish Pto h
of Con o nation h and o Sebaliata Gross, morene slave of
of tonat nation, h sand o Seastia O oreno slave ofta-tat

oP- --id If tia- at -a Ia a Pi ta -f t D-a aA- a f th a-a- t- ta' -. 1- - -ion, and residents of tha' a-- If- -, e-a A

'-tat If-i gloss Ca f tha a-te -d n a.- et -a thi

-- a a a a a-at A'- a- Ci a- a

Th sday Decembr gve se ltre in tis Prsh to a Thursal y December 1 ,ve seu--ture in, -7'3, .. ths Parish to ai ir l csll chila oLae o' aianteDonJ Ddn Jeaan de Laadet, sel daa a. er oao a a CnnepC, norn olr s e oaf .oT a c antonl Ca nep, of Ciaa na tion iy an o raaaDon uan de mna, of Cong nation, res'det o tis City a'- 'C''Y -a .1 -a.a- a, ae a d Ca ,aa a -a af

n d T dtDon un de Id, o Conga nti onl,eident o tis Ci ty. Don uana de and, e Con f nation rsd ant oa tis c a a ity.

TuesdA 'aa'e -7, 1e743, ga atit 0rie a a 7''e'da aag ba- 17, 13, ae elt in a' is Parisl to a

sTd, d'gtar a' aaer unklaowa ad Mara Mota, ara a,

ao e., na'a:av and eidnt of the Cty c' aa. aoola, ative and aare t of ahe Ciy of a'aaa. 'na.

I i l,,7i .... i ,

e 0 on Page 0 Cont Pae o Co

Slt u 173, g e e n this prish to a Saturday nur 173, gave sepulture in ti s Parish o a Sa day a y 173, gave sepulta e in this Paris to a
-tur1 ia ue d a1 small child, daughtereof father unknown, and of Ba-bara, mo-eno erslave of Do Gnslave of Do Getruds Pasqua de Leon, of inglsh nation, resident slave a D ao, etr-a pasqua de Len, of n i ah tion, s ae- I ,nt
Il hia 1tJ. ctis City. fi City.
ancso Xavie Arturo an'isoc vier Art'o e an so Xavier Arturo ig l auel 1gue Jopo Sat day Jna-y 11, ]7)II4 ve sepu]lt e in this Parish to the Jospo Saturday January 11, 1714, gave sepulture in this Pa lsh to the Jospo Saturda m y 1, 17 a e ,pltur e in this Pari to the
de deceased 1 ya g, at a City, dea d o J as a native o:his C

eg sono ar Joeo an Au st Pe natives. eg. on of aranisco Josepo nd ustna Perez, naties. g. n ep d A re, es

ran e rsa nts- an a erS a nts. Paa'ge ''Ca PaioveAu

e-I a C d'e Ln de arenza. de

A T sday J y 16, 1724, g e sepu re in this Paish to the A edo Thu y Ja r 16, 1744, 1 e s litue in this Paih to ti Azevedo Thursday January 16, 1744, gave sepultur in this Paish to the

--L''ad1ad L d A..d., aed 12 yeaar-, atee aaaa'iv

ad Aned, f a de-pal aal n r a aa oagt h s3a, e- SIhar net te

aaln aesc h na 7y, ae sptn u letn ai 'to

d's A Cedt e ,f rann vI na ai M ,i t 'en Ie a ed bl1e n e ara f -aal, ni, a oif den t es d C f'o in f b 11a i land .C dl e den

ran m a r Aturo ansoo vier Artro ancisco aviea Artuo
decease P- ea rd, nativ a aead a a aalaa, ai- 'e dalnnln'na'nnel naBonC'e a', es

aanalna dusa'l a 'anna''aaa''a, 'a Ca reed

,anoaa a 'an Inan rseo Xavier Ar t y huanisc oe Art o
A,-.h eeie ~i~Sh rendth armns

Tues-ay Aprl 14, 1744, gave sEopltwe in this Pa ish to a small TueSday 1Aprl 14, 274,, tre sepIur- in thi s PA.1is to a small Tusdary April 14, 1744-, 4ve sep~ulturne in lIs Paris to a small

child, leg. daughter o Fanisco de ia orre, free mreno chid, leg. dau-hte- o ar Fancisco do a r, free moreno child, leg. auteo a a de

ole f JaTica, resident of t-his City nd of ariea Glillen, eoe of Ja a, resden tis City and of ara Gulln cole f Jamaa, rside o ths City and of aia ulle

oena 0 Carabaly nation, resident of this City and slave of mrena of Carabaly nation, resident of iris City and slave of morons of Carabaly nation, -sident or this C-;ty and slave of

the Treasurer D. n J- Este-va de la Pr a. the ensure r Don Jan Estevan de la P la
ranecico uv-er Arturo Francico Xavier Arturo anaico a er Arto Page 42 page 42 Page 42 francisco Friday ay 2, 174, gve sepulture in this Farish to the deceased ranciscc Friday 7Ea 2, 7-,, gave seulture in this Paish to the deceased rancisc a' iday ay 2, 14, gave seputL in this Parlis to the decased

ancisco of nation unl Nown. Free oreno, e dd no eive sco of aion o. ree orno. e d not reiancisc o nation ee oe e i not ita -c 7't a-'- aaa a
the Sacraments. the Sacraments. the sacraments.

Francisco h Atu~o~ F anci seo avier Arturo Francisco Xsvier Arturo

bturcay May 9, 174L, gave sepaltre in this iris to a small Siuay ay 9, 17, ;ve sepulture in this PDr ish to a smalln Saturday ay 9, 1744, ,ave sepu-ture in this parish to a smal

boy and girl, twins, baptised i necessity by olme ons boy d gir, twins, baptise in necessity by bartholome ontes boy and gil, twins, baptised in necessity by aarthoome Montes de Oca, eg. childr-n of Saviador Cra and Antcnia avia, free do Oca, leg. children o Salvador Grcia and Antonia ala, free de Oca, leg. children of S 1avador 1rcia and ;onia aria, free

morenos, natives of Sa Joge and esdents o this Ciy moreos, ntves of S ,an Jorge and residents of this City. oenos, tives of San Jorge and residents o this City.

an~cisco Avier Arturo F~ranclsco avier Arturo wancisco Xavier Arturo

Fr-ay June 5, 174 ve seulture in this a t l 1ish o a s-all ,ris-y une 5, 17L', ve sepulture in this Parish -o a smail

child ou or i maonts old, dau-gter o a father nnown and ohild four or ive months old, daughter o a aer n n and hld fr or e months old, d tr father u own an
o Juara de Urisa, parda, native and resident o this City, o Juara de UIs, pa-rds, native and resident of this City' o Juaa de Urs, native nd r t this City,

Save of Dona Juana Romo y Ursa. Slave of Dona Juana Romo y Urisa. Slave o Dona Juana Romo y 7ris7.

niso Atuo ncisc yavir Arturo ra ncse aier Atu PaFe 43 Pge 43 age 4.3 Baen-avenira aunday July 12, 17h, ave sepulure in this arish uenaventura Snday July 12, 17)1, ae se ture in is Pars Beventua Sunday Jly 12, 174, e s ture in this arlsh

to the decsed Bueventa, a moen ten or even a-eas oald to the deceased e 1ventU a, a morena ten or elven years 01d' to the deceased uea ventura., a morena, ten or elven years old,

native and r-esdent of is City, slave of Dona Ana Periae native and resident of this City, slave 7of 1oaa Ar pnia, nazve and resident of his City, slave of Do Ana eniaa,

daughter of father unkno- and of -t7a enendez, moren, rtive daughter of father unnown and or Rita Menendez, morona, ntlve deuhter of father unhan and of Hita aenendez, morena, native
fis City, esdent of ravana, slave of non rancisco Cstlla- fathls City, resident of navana, slave o )n Mancisco Castina" atlis City, resident of Havana, slave of Dor Wanciseo Casiil.

aranciscoc avie Artwo -eancisco xavie. Arro

Bge Cent'I a' anaac- a 43 Ce int, Beatris Thursday Jul 30,763, re sepulture i this arish to the Beatris Thursday July 30, 1763, ve seplre i this a sh to e Batrs Thursday July 30, 176 gve sult this a h C te

deceased Beats, mren of Congo -natan, resident oi this doceaBeo Beatris, morena of Con'o nation, rasiden of this deceased at mrn of Congo naon, res of t

ty if of onio o oCaravay aton resident o lty, w e of Antonio, moreno o^ Caravhly ton, resident o' City, rife of Antonio, oreno o Caravaly nation, rsden o tliSi:, slaves o on Dieo Dia. She heeled th e IrIa'lnt ths ait, seve o 'on Die, 1a-. She eel Bd the Sacramnts. is City sla es o on g -Da S eceved th, Sacrans

Sunday August 9, 174, ale sepulte in this Pa ish to the 'hovar Sui ay August 9, 1714, gave sepulture in tis P sh to the hovar Sunday August 9, 174, v sn is P is t

deceased Juan anuel hovar, casto, resident of Valle and deceased Iuan Manuel hovar, castizo, resident of vall and deceased Juan Manuel Thovar, castizo, resident of Vlle and

ueado (this is e County or P-ovnce) of J usbn ezado (his is like ounty o ovine) of Johica, hasbana Mr'u'ado (t-is is like County oa Provine) of Jobica, husband of Mathana lores, mestisa othe same vall0, son of Franeisco of Nathiana Flores, mestsa ofthe same Vale, son of Fancisco 0 Mathiana Flores, masisa ofthe same Valle, son of Francisco

Thov Be received the o]y Sacraments Thar. Te re eive the Holy Sacraments. Tovar. He re- i o Sacr

Nwill trade. will t. No will me.

Page 44 pe 4P4 41

ono Friday October 16,, 1, ave e in t ais tot Friday October 16 111, gave sepultur in this a sh to the Brisono riday October 16, 174, ve sepulture hi Farish to e

deceased Bernardo Brinsono, singe, mtive o- tho City of -uad deceased ernardo nson si e, na e o the y Cua de ed B do Brnsono, single, naio of te City of Cadiajlara in theln gdom of Mexico. He -eceived the Sacraments. alajara in theingdom o Mexico. He e-:ived- the Sacra ments. alaara in theKingdom of Mexico. He received the Scraments.

NO wi made. No will made. No will made.

-iBaB aasco av ~a'taro aancsco t,-e at'ro e-a nc'so -- aa- A-ro

Wednesday October 21, 1744, Cave sepulture in tis Parlsh to a Wednesday October 21, 1744, gave sepulture in t1his Prish to a ednesda y October 21, 174', gave sepulure in this Parish to a

sall child, aged 3 years, leg. son of Nlicoas de Alcantara, small child, agoc years, leg. son of Nico-as ,e Alcantara, s ll cild, aged 3 years, leg. son of Nlicoas de Alcantara,

native of City of uete nd of er a Chavez, naive native of at ty o uetero? a d of ronma Chavez, native native of athe City of Qu-tero? nd o Geronia Chave, native

and residents of this City. and residents o this City. and residents of this City.

Antonia Mondayy December 14, 17,4, gave s-pulture in this arish to the Atoia Monday Dlcember 1, 174, ave sepulte In Itis 'Paish to the Antinia onda December i, 7l, ave sepultue in ts aish to
daeaed Anaonia, ed a a a a0 Y- deceas d Antoa aed ] ars, i a Sd nton, aed 1 0-a ea', at.ve

day Decemer 30, ve seulue in tis rsh to ds Deme 30, 17 17 uave sepulture in tnis aris 0s W ednesdsy Deeimer 30, 17h4 gave sepulue in t ar

ml il, sn atr u nd of os a, mo-a small i, on ather n and of oea Usa, m-ea sall chil, son o ther unknown and cJo Urisa :e a i y, Slve of Dona M arita a rel a resident of this City, Slav e of Dona Nargarita Dris. creole and resident oa this Cit-, Slave of Dona Ma, FncscO X ,vler ArtiUIo hancisco vavi( r Artuo Vrlaisco Yavler Arturo

omitted Aluto omitted

e Pae 46 PaIe 46 J nh a Joseph de Joseh de

NSunday J naryy 31, 17'4, in this arish, oseph de -uentes, aged -uentes Sunday nary 3, 1745, in tis h, oeph e uentes, age uente Sunday Janr 31, 17/:!, in this rlis, oseph de Fuentes, aged

15 16 ylais, ative and resident of the "ueb' of P-a.1 ]5 'O 16 years, native and resident of tIe ae o of Palica. 15 O 16 Years, native ad reslde;t of t'n Nueblo of Palica.

Son of parents not known. He received the Sac---ament No wl Son of parents no t kown. lie rF-ved the Sacr-ments. No will Son of part no lnown. He rece-ved the Sacraments. No will

sac o yvier Arturo Francisco Xavior Arturo ancisoo Xavler A-turo

Sunday January 31, 1743, to an infat abandoned in this ch Snday anar 31, 1745, to an infant abandoned in this chu- h. Sunday January 31, 175, to an :inant abandoned in his rch.
ancisco Xavuer Arturo ,a-ncisc Xa er Ato an o tu

Wednesday -ebruary 10, 1I45, in the P 1arish, o a sl child, rdnesd- Feb-uary 10, 174, in he Pais. to a Ill child, Wildnesd-ay Febuay "0, 175, in the Par-Ish, to a sma-1 child, leg. daughter cC Pedro and Juan, morenos of corngo nation, re- leg. daughter of Pedro and Juana, morenos of Congo nation, re leg. daughter of Pedro and Juana, orenos of Congo nation, re
siN--, If IO UNiy, N 1-s ill tInt~o d,
ts this City, slave of Captain Don Alonz p de e of this slaves Captain Don Alono pe de of ts i slaves of Catain Dn z de

Mancisco Xavier Arturo iancisco Xavier Aturo ancisco avie Arturo

Gr-agoro Coron''a Gre Ngorio Croa Pae 47 Friday iba ry 19, 1745, in this Prish, to the body deceased age 47 ia--y Pebrauazry a9, 174', In his Prish, to the body deceased lge 47 riay eb,-raua-y 19, 745, in tis ParFish, to the bod- .ecoased
of Gw.gor-o Corona, ative of te town of Guanabacoa of G-egoro Corona, native of the town of OGnabacoa of Gregorio coro a, native of the town of Guanabacoa
Sreceived thie Sacrament of Penance and the Toly Sacrament of He received the Sacrament of Penance and the Holy Sacrament of He recoel d the Sacrament of Penance and the holy Sacrament of

Extreme unction. No wrll Extreme unction. No will. xtreme uncti on. No 'wll.

ancisco avier Arturo ancisco avor Arturo ancisco Xaver Atuo

wenni sday tach 24, '745, in this Pa-ish, to Antonia, a small Antonio wIenesdady r1rh 24, 1745, in this Pa tish to t mnonio wensday arch 2, 17, In tis paish, to An tonia, a small child Iii y-. NN' NA N'' N A RA Nd N and aN Na 'child si years, le. son of aisco gidor a n a ci s yeas, le. son of anisco edo and nula child ix year son o aniso Regio a anela

EBcovedo, natives and residents of this City. E nati Nsain of his Cy. 1 tisA d s-dents N this City.
aisco avier Ar-r 17-1 e1 N Aa to 'a-Ncisc- -vi A-tur-

Wednesday Aprl7, 5, 7, 175, i this Par s, to srl child, -e'. Wednesday Aprl 7, 17 5, i t 'his P st, to sa-l, child, leg. Wed nsda Apri, 7, 1745, in this Par sl, to mall child, le

daughter of Francisco Joseph rlbuena, native Mof arraicabo, daughter of Francisco Josep albuona, native of Maanicab, daughter of Francisco Josepn Balouena, natve of ~Masaleabc, ldon of Preidio and oCathalina Florenci, morn resident of tls residio and o- Cathalina Plor cia, morena resident of tis Pre o and of Cathalina Florenca, morena

eo es o this d slave of DoI hria creole, -esdent of this Presidio and slave o' D ar' a ia creole, resident ol t s Presriic and slave of Dons Aria

Rodrguez. Rodriguez. Rodriguez.

I -ue I day April 16, 174, in his Parish, to Franc sco Manuel, in "Frday Aril 16, 1745, in this Parish, to Francisco Ianuel, uel riday April 16, 1745, in this Par:is, to Fransco nul,

nate Cman, husband o' Andrea Marlna, son of Captain Don native o Cunaa, husan- of Andre ari-na, son of Captain 'on native of Cu an, 'huband of Andrea arina, sor of Captain Don

'anuel Velasaues and catal na a rquez. a anuel Velasques and Catalina arlquezr Anuel Velasques an. d Caaln- a 'A rq-z.

"e received the Sacrament of Pnance and Ext me Unction. He received the Sacrnment of Penance and Extem nc;iaon. e -eceived te Saern t enane n, xlee Unction

No vill. NO Will. No will.

:e 48 Pae 48 )1e8AS aria de Miaa de Maria de

ess Tuesday Apr il 20, 175, in this arish, to Ia-ia de leass, morena Jesus Tuesda y Apri 20, 17215, in this Wr.sh, to Maria de Jesus, more a Jesus Tuesda April 20, 1743, In this Prish, to ria de Jesus, moren

of' Caraval1 nation. She was baptise in necessity in the house of Caravall nation. She was baptised in necessity in the house of Caravali .ation. She was baptised in necessity in the hose

vof D an Pescador who said she s the slave of an EngIshan. of Dor Juan Poseanor who said she s the slave of an Engls~nan. of Don un Pescador who said she wes he slave of an Englismln.

co Xavier Artu-,o Francisco Xaver Arturo Francisco Xavilo Art:uo

Thurday April 22, A7d, in this Parish, to a small child of Thursda-y Aril 2, A174, s n iis Parsh, to a sn11 hilad of Thursday Aprll 22, 1745, in this Parish, to a small child of three monthsr leg. son of Antonio Uirza, oreno of Cav three months, leg. son of A nonio Trza, Aoreno of Caravali three months, leg. son of Antonio Uriz oreno of Ca ,avali

nation, resident of tis City, Slave of Dona Juana Urisa and of nation,resident of tlis City, Slave of Dan Juana Urisa and o, naion, resident of this City, Slave of Doa Juana isa and of ria 1asqua, free creole momena of San JarE e, resident of this Jara Pasqua, free creole moren o San Jore, aesi. ent of this Mlla Pasqua, free creoe morena of' an Jorge, resident of th

City. City. City,
ransoo IXavier ar"uro A ''nca'a, 'ava' a 'rturo ncsco ''vier Art 'ate

Fancisco xavier Francisco avier Francisco Xvior S aa Tridad onday Aprl 26, a75, in this atris a to 7r' ncisc de la Trndad M day April 26, in this -aris, to rancisc de la Trinidad ondy April 26, 45, in this aris, to so

Pad 48 C00I 4
oge 48 Cont. -anci-cX aavler Zanisc Yir
ede la nrinlada davei de a TriTlinadd nttve oo, a'a cn i Ne Spain,

de la -rinidla avier de 7a Trlniad, naive of Daxaea in New Spain, ainge, leg. son of Alons de rln idad and of Pnala S-an .
oi-n -Te, -e se oi Alonso de r idaa and of asanue'a Senc'ez.
aSNge, lE. son of Alonso de rinadad and of Manuela Sa j aer. e received the Holy Sacaments, no will.

e r -c the Holy Sacraments, no will. Frncsco Yver Artur

Frcaiseo 7av11A" Aturo age 49a
aPage a9
Page i9 Bernardo

aaa er o rri TUy sdaYay 13, 75, 1 in this arsh, to Bearda Ca rcia de

Gria Tlusday May 13, 175, in this arsh, t Brnarade arcla de r1roracia, -ative oIf tis City, husband of Au ustn a Cola, Floena- 1ive Of tl CIty, h-' bnd A Aa'gua ina o"a,
FlOrenca, ative of t is city, busand oi Augustna Gl, F tural son of Don Iran cisce de Florencia and o Cathallla Qlnatural son o Aon A ancaso dae lranla And of Cata auia
natural on of Don Mnciszo de Florencla and o Catalina Qunc- o. He received the S .raments and de a will bIfore Don S e recei e d the Scraents aa d a Ade a w l befr Don
oga. He received the Sacraments and made a will before Don Simon varquez, otary public and of the Gov rment heirs etc.
'aon aruez, Noay 'IC ana o th C el*I-"ngnt. eiIs Ie .
Sion Varquez, Notay Public and of the overnent.eiret. a ai according to the causes aseding to the clauses oa the Pial.
a- di to clauses o'f e ll. F anISO Xver Ataure F,,anc sco ya,7er Aruro
aancisco i Art Xavier ApTUO arla do la

,aria de la Concepcion Thursday Miay 27, 17'5, aI this Parish, to M ria ne la Concepcon, onepcon Thusda May 2, 175, in this Parsh, to ril de o pi,
ncepon hrsday ay 27, 7 5, in this Farish, to Maria de la onePloionaut morena of Carvall nation, wio as aptised n nec essty adu~l rns off CEIreali nation, whn war S p-isel in A 'ea' sa ty
adult Iolrena of Crav nation, wa batted In neest in the house of Joseph Del 0Ilo wh sad she ws the slave of an

Engl] isi.an. XraIncsco Xavier d rtd o Tr--eiso Xavier ALrt a

ntus P-anria aAs!y a 7, 174, in this P -sh, to Antonio Polinaio,
ona-o huursday May 27, 15, in this l rsh, to Antonio Poliari,
Pol:na-io hu'-sda y 7o, in this ish, to ntnio Polnaro tive pf th Canay sland, sile, le. son of rancsco vie native pf the Calary Isla-d, sinle, l'A. son o Dranclo Xvier
native pa the Canry island, single, le. on of ranco er and eona -ari. i received tle Sament. No ill.
a-nd Ce"rna ,ria. e aeceved t ae acens. o will.
and aaronima aria. He received the acraments. No Wll. iranclsoo XaIver Arat o dancisco -1vie- Artuo
Francisco Xavie Arto Page" 5o

page 50 Thursday June 17,1745, in this Parish, to a small child, -eg.
Thhudda un 17,7,4175, iin ths hiPh, toa alla sma chld, f an o Jon P h'day 111 17,1745, 1 thl pa' h, at sala Chld, I g. a 'm af aa a- a -

of this City, and Catal 1a Florenzia, creole cena, and of his Ci and tha orenla, co a, and o t s Ci. nd C a Ilo i, creol orna, and

resident of t Presidio, s ve o D arina Rori ez. rsien of this Preidio, slave of a origueresiden o is reside s veo ai e
ancisco aver At Francisco vier Ar o Faancisco Xavier Arture

Escovar Sunday July 11, 175, in this Paris, to Joseph scovar, creole Escovar Sunday July 11, 175, in this Par:ish, to Joseph Ecovar, creole Encorar ulday July 11, 1745, in this arlsh, to Joseh seaovar, creole
o c le, oreno of J ica, snle, resident of this City, slave of Cap- m oeno of Ja ca, sin resident f this City, save o Ca

I Cit lae s f Mria C'ris omn .. saa I o thid City, Xla'es r. ia ch isostomo.
Francisco Xavier Arturo Francisco Xuvir Artu"ro rancisco Aviuer lturo

P Saurday Auly 17 in thJis prih, to Aranci iso, to, sep A 5 Tdhguz ursday uu 2 5, 17)-, in t-is Parlsbh, to A u io I sila, odnrge saturday July 22, 17l5, in tis arish, to A nicis li oeh n
df a a i of ti C ity, lban a en Mriasa i si r iden tk x o s City, nndn a a -' aas kon, e dent hbd of MIrna I na
S a de a athis City, eeiv th e ame nts d elas- e of a a ie, Id rsoi ved t he S acrament s fa e D n e d the S acraments P a a I I Ia .' I -l-a A

lanllo 'el '' 0 a

a s Turay u syt 21, 1 In this lr i sh, to a cri c h d,l a 'Tulday Aouet 22, 175 in tis Pr h, t ri o n ls a J a epa aari o1 S h urday ue. 17-45, in this al, to a'ri o -a Jose
-a. aicl ,atiofa' Meaa Ilaald o l City tsbCnd I la'aii a 0' .' Maevd Ct.I a-'aa 7'", lh-add lD' iaaaaaa

.ad e id t thi 1 y. DI at iedta ad ,.dt f A City. D tt a ed the Sa- .aapnt. ad residet f a I a City. Did ,t eeio ah I aram eat

N bill.

Roariag n o Sepha ~I nlsy oe ,7 h r ,o shaepha ad reay Octbe, 13, 17L ir t is lrih, a-a aaa a' a sa' a 1a L'esa lC b 13, 1715, iis 1b ,I 'ao alari e
'aadl a.'aa 1i b 13, 17'5 1a thaI a' t m '., 1 '-i aa 'aa

i J ph tve of te u Sn Jn, relent of Tholr.ata a J ph native of tre Puelc of San '.uan, l s..on of Tholomat iare Josepha native of' t. puelc le f S"an Juan, resident of Thalomat

O 7iua-a htio, Idoa o Dningo -d- a-3 daugter of o iaur natioI, id. o ongo l' -rh an datr o of iar naton, Ido oona r tair an daghter oMalia Pasquz. Ma'ia ae-,z. Marea Pasquz.

eceied te Saran of ance and aame iio. eceivd te Sa.r...senis of' tr 'arc afd xteme eti Ec d the Sarnts of nn d Extreme Unation.

Page 52 Pege 52 age 52

ereda rday November ]9 17/:5 In this Parish, to the reins oI Tereda iday Novemer 19, 1745, in this Parish, o the reins o- Tereda riday November 59, 1715. in this aris to te r' n of

those that were aound in the placo named Ayzcin who by some those that ere found in the place namd A chin who by sote those that were found in t'h p a'ce amed Ai-,aa who by some conts(of osrio) and ther sins that were seen with in aounts(rof Rosario?) ,nd tlher sins that were seen it in a counts(o Roar io?) and other sgns that w see Wt

said pa:n w dere of Pedro -1eca (or Fl.ela) said place wore oa a a,, la. (aor Freela) said place were of Pedaro Teecla (or wrecla)

Ative f sinsgo of the Kingdom of New Spairwhose life was natie of Ayusingo of the Kingdom of New Spai,whose life was native of Amsin of the Kingdorr of New Spain,whose life was

tkel by ihe Indian enemy, taken ,y the Indirfa enemy. taken by the Indian enemy.

Thursday Decembe 16, 17ht, in this Parish, to a small child, ThIrsday Dcember 16, 1741, in this Perisn, to a sMll hild, Thursday December ]6, 745, jn this Parish, to a small child,

aged to year-s, leg. son of Pedro V isdias, moreno o Congo aged two yoars, leg. son of Pedro visda 's, moreno of Congc aged two years, leg. son of Pedro visas- ,bIno o of Congo

on, e of City, and o'f zrrita Sanche, oena ation, resident C and of ra Sanchez, morena nation, resien of this City, and of %argarita Sanhez, moe

of Caravaly ntion, resident of this it, and slave of Captain of Caravaly nation, resdent o tis City and slae oCaptaino Caavay nat on, resident of this City and slave of Captain

Don Seba

Frida a -ch sl, .746, In this iar'sh, t: a very small child, inay iah 1746, in this Parish, t, a rey, sall ildl Friday Ma-ch 4, 17)16, in tils ar sh, to a vey sall child,

e. son o acos e aore, naTiae o Caaaa of te nli so o cs e orr, raie of Catagea of te Inaies -e. ar a irco- -o orrs, naie of Car aena of te Inaies

ar rancs.a Soia, c;eol of Sa-'ore, adaoe nrpr'cs, rs 'aar's- and arancaa p Saar,' c-eole of Saa ore. free morencs, resients and raca Solara, c ,ol of Sa orre, free morencs, resient ft of this C'ty, of this C-tj, n c airAancisco Xavier Arture "ancisco Eavier r ro

rl, Tuasdy Tay 3, 376. In t?-s payis7, to a small chiid, daugnier Tuesday May 3a 1746. in tis Parish, to a Srall hild, a3ug 7er Pa t. Tuesday a' 3, 1h7-6. i tI ap-ish, to a small child, dauhter

of a -t,her .uno.. ad of Anta .ar a, creole morena, residents of 1 of a father unPowp and o Ana Rari, ro morna, resdens of a ;aher un'on and of Anra -ari, creole morena, resldnts o

s eio, save of Captain Dn lvrc Lopez ts Pesdio, slave of Capa Don Alvarc Loez tis Pesiiro, slave of Capta, Don Alvarc Lopoz

riay; ay 6, 1716, in his Parish, toa swanll (ild, aged tw o Friday ay 6, 17h6, n tis Parish, toa smanll clld, aged two riday ay 6, 17L6, in tlis paris, to s m ll cbild, aged ta, o to sio, or ancisco fee ono and of arra to six ontls, g. son of danmco, free oreno and of laria to six months, leg. son of ,rancisco, 'ee aor'eao and of Maria de la Cu, ,rna slave o' Lieutenant Son C;los rson, res- do la c morna slave of Lieutenant Son C-]s reo, res de la Cz, oen slave of Lieutenant Son rl re

idants p -- -, PPa,-Con, 'athon, identa o ts P-esd oatidon,I ]is oi Psdo oo nation. a

Fraipciaco a pvie atupa a s",o aaavaa a tuao Prancisco uler a atupo An o-io Doncio -.noio D-onioio Antonio D -nAi-ae 54 Su-nday ly 8, 1746, in this Pa,,sh, to A -toniO Dionlclol who ?age 5- Sunday n' a '1 Ih s Paris-, to Antonio Dinicio wo a 5 day a 8, ts to oi,

pdied udenl, son f J apa and of Pheipa de a dies s-ddnl, in,. o i uan as and of peipa de aa daea suddenly lep. s-n a ,uan 'ap" a pn o- P o6ipa d l

CrU f ,,ro d Clip err Crz, natie of Peto de Celp oa a d'a C, 1. Cra, P ptiae of auerao de Ci a o f -r c'ra.

Francisco aier u.o Francisco Xvier Artu-o .ranc..s.c i e Atr

Joseph Monday Nay 23, 1746, In this Farish, to Joseph, moreno of Congo JosePh ionday ay 23, 1716, in this Farish, to Joseph, moreno of Congo Joseph .onday ay 23, 17'16, ir this Parist, to Josep, moreno of Congo

nat, eent P slave f on anciso nation, rsient o ats residio, slave o D Fancico nation, resident of this Presidio, slave of Don -,an isc

Auilar. -ei-evod t-e Sa-a-tnt o -enance and Extreme Unction. A tilar. Received the Sa-,aments o7 1e,n- and Ezt ena Unctqon. aduila. resied tEe -ara-,n-,3 o- Penane and E-reme In-t-on,

oe Marin se Joseph Marin

Wednesday Ma 25, 1716, in th i Parish, to aosep 1a rnanadez arn, Wednesday ay 25, 1746, in this ri, to ernnde edned y 2, 1746, in -his Pash, to sep eranez Parn,
nave of the -on o Sant ar 'a tP th P eto dl icipe, natp'e of te o S'a Ilr o the Puerto del aia cie,

, ese l, ar.[r Josepn" searn Jose,. ,arlr

Bishopie o Cuba. Tusband of Catalina Eenandez, Recelveo 1ne Bishopric o' Cuba. Husband of Catalinaa a aern nez. Receive te op o Cuba. u nd of Catallna EernanIe-a. te'ves the Holy Sacraments and made a memoria will placed n the Archives aoly Sacraments and maCe a me morial wrll paced in the Archives Holy Sacramea s and iade a memorial will praced in the Arc hi

this lbunal. o h ts o: this Ibuna .

aFracisco ,avier Arturo Fr ancisCo Xavier Ar'turo Fr ancis o Xavie, Arturo Bealtris de la Datais de Bea tries de la Cr Thursay -une 2, 176, tis Pari, t Beat de la cru Cru urs ay June 2, 176, in this ari'sh, to Beatris de la Cru C,,uz Thursday une 2, 1716, in this Parish, to Batris de la Craz, Fage 55 morena slave of Don Domingo de ]a C-uz, wife of Juan Tlho.as Pae 55 orena slave of Don Don ll de la rz, wife of Jua Tloms. a 55 ona slave of Don Domin o de la cruz, wife o Juan Thomas,

ree oeno, esdet of this city and of Gnofesa? nation. .re Imoreno, resident of this city and of Gnofesa? nation, free morno, resident of this city and of Gfesa? aton.

received conditonally the Sacrament o' anance Ond trem ceid condinally the Sacrament of Penance and Ex,-me Received eonditorally the Sacramnt of Penance and Extreme

Tinct on. Unction. UOnet~en.

Francisco vfieo Arturo Francisco Xavier Arturo Francisco avier AIrturo

Andres de Andres do Ill s de a Mto Conlda June 27, a746, in this Pa-ish, to Andes de Soto, wh Soto ondcy une 27, 1746, in this ?aish, to -ndes de Soto, who Soto ,onday une 27, 1716, in this Parish, to Andres de sto, who

died suddenly native racaib, son of uan Antnid suddenly, native ab, sn f Juan Antonio de So e died suddenly native of avacaib son of Juan Antonio de Sato

and of JLana. and of J -ana. 0and ol Iana.

Francisco Xavier Ar:uro F rancisco Xavier Arturo Frsncisco Xavie Ariurn Catharina de Cattalna de Cahar- na doe Quiroga Thursday Jtly 14, 3746, in thLs arish, to Catharina de -uui oga -hursday July 1 a, 1746, in this -alh, to Catharina de Q'irog, Quoga -ur sday July 14, 17416, In this Dris, to Catharina de Quiro- ,
native and resident of this Presidio, Iaural daughte of Don Die native and resident of tis Presidio ntursl daughter of Don Die native and resident of this Presldio, natural daughter of Don

de Quiroga y Losdaa and of To de Flo enci We of ran de Quirna y Losada and of Thomasa de Flor-enia. Wife of an- de Quiro y Losada and of Thomasa d a Florenaia. Wife o' -anCiseo Gutierres. Received the Ioly Sacraments, ade a will befor cisco Gutierres. Eocelved the Holy cra ents, mde a will befor Cisco Gutierres. received the Holy Sacraments, ade a will befo,

Don Simon Vaquez, Notiry Publc, Dispositions accorn to t he Don Saion varque, Notary Public, Dispositions according to he DOn Simon varquez, Noaary Public, Dispositions according to the

clauses oaf h wil. alauases o the will clauses of the will

-ancsco Xavier Artu-ao a sco C vier Arturo rlanciso aavie Art o Plage 56 Page 56 Page 56

iday July 15, 1746, in this Paris, to a srall a ild, leg. dau ridayt July ]5, 1746, in this Paris-, to a sall child, leg. dau riday July 15, 1746, -i this aris, to a small child, leg. dau

ghte- of Manuel Joseph and Mara Antonia, onrenos o Caravai ghter of Manuel Joseph and Maria Antonia, monos o Cara--l ghter of lanuel Joseph and 'ira Anltonia, ,orenos of Ca avali

n, es nts of hs esio, aes of ala aa n, -esidents of t es saes of a a la aio, esdents o h esi slaves o ho

A. 6 0no. ae- 56 Con

Francisco Xavier Ar o Francisco Xavier Arturo

Ma ia Mria

Sundy JulyW, 1746, in this rih, to Mara ntona wie of ntonia Sunday July, 1746, in lhis Parish, to MarI Antoni, wife o AtLni Sunday Julyl(, 1746, in this Paris, to Maria inta ife of
Manuel ,osep, mornos Carava nation, resident of ts lanuel Josoph, norenos of C-aval naio, rident e this anul Joseph, norenos of Ca-avall nation esd ts o is

Preidio, slaves of, Maria Ielchorva Chrisostomo. Baceived the Presidio, slaves of Maria meTocora Chrisostomo. Received the Fresidio. slaves of Maria Melchora Crisastomo. Receive
Sacraments. Sacraments. Sacra~nents.

mracisea Xavier Ar turo Francisec Xavier Arturo

rio a Setdeber 2, 1746 in tis 'arisl, to a s-mall o ld, leg. Friday Sep-emIr 2. 1746 ir th*s -arish, o a small child, leg. -riday Sepember 2, 1746 ir tho small child, leg
dau e of a Josep oren slave of cs a de rres nd daugtr of Jn Jep, moren slae of sepa de Tors nd daht Juan Jeph, orno slav of se d Tores and
osepha, morena slave of Diegs de Florenci, rsidents of this 70sepha, morena slave of Dipeg de lorenea, residents of this Josepha, morena slave of Diogo do Florenia, .eidents of this
Cat= of Co O nation. Cita. o'aConao atra.ti
FI a, C ea -w D i a a' o la d a Il

aA Francisc "iEl artr

"Pg 57
-at-day October 6, 1746, in 1is Parish, to a very small child, Satrday October, 8, 16, in t ai a mall cild, Stra October 1746, n this Pash, to a a very sall ild,
neg. sot of Rafael, moreno slave of the morena slave of Pirbara Santoyo, residents of t is Presidio of mo-ena slave of Fharbaa Santoyo, residents of this Presidio of molna sv o arbara antoyo, residents is i io of

abals nation. Carabalies nation. Carabaes nation rancisco Xvir Artu ranciso Xavier Artua Franels avier Artu

unday October 9, 7116, in this Paaish, I -vancisco, noreno Sunday October 9, 1746, in this Paaish, to rancisco, oreno i Sunda October 9, 16, in 0his Parish, to 1rancisco, moreno
resident of this pr di, slave of Capain Do Dego Ds. esien of ths Presdio. slav of aan D Diego Dias. resident of tis residi, slave Capain D Diego
eived the a t. Received the sacraments. received the Sacraments Francisco Xaver Arturo Francisco Xavier Artro Francisco Xavi Arturo

Wednesday Octobe r 2, 1746, in this Parish, to a small child iednesda7 October 12, 116, in this Pari,, to a small clld wednesday October 1 1746, in this Parish, o a srll child ahter of a faher unknown l nd of Lorenza orruitlner, creole daughter of a father unknown and of Lorenza Horrul.iner, er.eole daughter of a ather un ow and of Lorenz orruter, crle

na nd resident of this Prsidio, lave of te A t Don a nd resident of tis P esido slave of the AdjUant DOn m a nid resident of ths resdio, slave of the Adjuant Don
Pabl. de lta. 1'ablo de i a ita.

T ohday Octoil 20, lh 6, in t Ui Pr'i, to a all chil-d. -l ay October 20, 17a6, in tIis FriS, to a smal child, Thursday Octoner 20, 1716, in this Faris, to a sall i

leg. da'agr te[' of -uan Chr sooo, ore o r nma ]air n Lg diu te f Juan Cnisostom lcarr o Ba1 a 7- io, lef. 1- 1u-tt, d of Jan Chr-grtslomo,- m-re-o 'and-n ato- 1

and Maria Antonia, morena Mi-na (nation). aes-del s o- this ad .aria Antonla, .crea Mina (nation). residentss of this and .Isla Antonia, morena Mira (nation). esidents o ths

e 'da savs osepa de Tor s. Presidio, slves of Josepa de es. Presidio, saves of oeta d es.

edro T;ono s odro Thomas led- Toas MRier monday December a, 1746, in this Parish, to Pedo ?ones Rii a, Rivera Monday December 176, it Ihis Parish, to Pedro Thoas Rivera, Rivera Ionday Deomber1 17 in tis FParish, tt tdo Thomas River, a native. Husband oa W l a de la Cuz, a mtie and residEts a native. Husband of' Mrla do a Cruz l a native n a residents a native. Husband ',.aia de la :-l, a tive and resi:s
i rsido e. son iego ac,.nto and -t fn Ddi- o. this .esii, son of Dego c a- d t d uia of ta7-s aresdio, ae'. son of ieo Jcnto and o An a tiaa

Joahln, natis. did not ee Sao on acon Jochln natives. l did not aeael ,l Sazents ., aaeo't aocln N-s ae ad taot te'- eie tae 'r ent aou nt

of eng illd by te eemy. No ill O bing kll te enemy-. o lll. o1 bin lia y Ie m. No ill.

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