Restoration Is An Aging Project For Curator, Dr. Calkin


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Restoration Is An Aging Project For Curator, Dr. Calkin
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St. Augustine Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission Staff (Progress Photographs, Book No. 4)
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Carling, Anne
The St. Augustine Record
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Box: 1NW22
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Jan. 10-11, 1970

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University of Florida
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B, ANNE CARLING vices," Calkin says, shaking his ame r
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W 's Eior head. AndeI'm still not satis- d e
Restoratflbis. 'an aglng, pro- filed with, tbejob.. eedject ufo r afleto Gni nneral t c r 6 Te St, Aptin s b s ir o Hiorical estoratio ,an id tir Ieno el e 7n servaion Cqk fiission. 'If he's b t.Mr as S441 wor lor not taking seating modern the wood and broulit ou h achie s, and aging it a -did with grain of walnut principal Calkin tin like the manikins in 4h Spanish wood used in construction of the it though, beca eswax) Military Hospital on Aviles 18th century Spanih furniture has a tendency o tay sticky
-Street he's repaying some The disadvantages are the in this humid climate.
-.antique piecein preparation for carvings found even on the "If the 'feel' has to be reproplacement in the restor- ordinary pieces and the lush up- duced" the way it would feel baton's exhibit es. This lat- holtery used on the nobiities after years and years of wear, ter is prticla true when it furniture on a chair arm for examlecomes tofurniture. 1Most often, te quite Calkin uses the bees. If only "Almost all the furniture I get ordinary piece e carv- a visual apple requirto work on is 18th century ing, and some "quite A ed, he uses t oil and Spanish, since that's what our lot," says Cal 'some of turpentine m buildings are," Calkin explains. this is gone gd, it ha Since Spani oil"Actually, most of what we get match ed, not waxed f er can be considered. 8t century somebody e arving i' with age, so Curnt rural Spanish, is wht tricky," he smiling, umber an ear ("it's the people W ve14 "although, admit it's clay you dig out of th ground") here," He des th ri fun. It's k allenge." to age the repaired parts. fur ishingsas mad in He's just d an ac- "It's the furniture restores' shops in: small tdwziand, pi countant's lacing the best friend. It's the best ager. prised of all~wooa With ie. scroll work u th t6p. 'This "It's the furniture restorers' upholstery. particular piece of furniture restorers," however, he cauNobilify of that tim e was obtained in Mexico. tions, "that all of this kind of
.. The really nice pieces the work rubbing of burnt umber pins, used el expensive pieces, made with into the crack s,, -evitak gnd the velvet or tapestry and em- corners s e itb the Italian-broidery which have deteriorat- fingers,7ratE it a cloth
d embridery, none"o ed through the years, present or ht I ay .to
t rmatcbig the original I Vth ood i y the and pattern.,'
furniture requ e s ation a th t i n
work of some kind. The minor en com mits. Te majorn
w m r s r tre, it h oes ae in repairs, Calkin does himself, e ure used
gated to the workmen in the antique, and whe ces cabinet shops. w hid f t pure as l 'bro a~d arrive Governor on. the "f o s o we Pros And ;ire Replaced put amThere are both AdAites blemn which might ber a and disadvantages to working face oe'is riot one which the week." cated, with the 18th eituy_ Spanish restoration commission has to for the present, in t orth end
rural, the curator tit he overcome. That's the task.of re- of the Rivera Hou itchen. mdain advantage is at genral- placing-w hardware. M'We are Then, too, pieces: e o obtain ly, the furniture ha nqvr.,been furtun'Wt .jnire in that Wj'have ed eithe g fi'A grou ing. It was bought with a group painted or varnish !'se,"you A blac o ion of furniture, "and it's one of the don't have that robim of can epro*4 d6 Spanish t cen- whg most p ia' things I ,seen sipping them H ardthe tur s c been in l time." i tiae,"dhBeemphasiz '. "This could be a l rob- 'It that sopt "IshOne recent exce i an 1 e in," he expla y a nstrosity ioned 'a'1~ir by 'in bh ceh iry chest ti' co 'is* ti.nes, a piece can ed Calkin says smil froil differ@ sn pp chased at a blur all Ib e4 in with' ahal f a bar inlm Beach.e o the chair Tb meLhad een plaed. d it*('" tim ng the whi n

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