Earle Newton's Cirriculum Vitae


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Earle Newton's Cirriculum Vitae
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St. Augustine Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission Staff (Progress Photographs, Book No. 4)
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Mixed Material
St. Augustine Restoration, Inc.
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Box: 1NW22
Folder: STAFF

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University of Florida
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NEWTON, Earle Willlams, (dltor, ed ator: ,. Coriiand, N.Y., Apr. 10, L917; .. E'cric WHliamis and Ala (Mioore) N.: .1,. togh eum laude, Aori t, Coill., 108; A.M., Columbia. S193, dotorat. tVdy, 1*39-401; r. Jloslie A. Lyol. June 20. 1938; ehildren.-Iurle W.. Antoinette Lyo. ir. hist, rsoriirh WObster PAl). Co., St. Loris, 10):9-41; dlir. Verlont flit. Soe., Montilieir, Vt., 1942-50, lid Stilbridge Vi!age. 1950-54: dir. Ilst. HiLst. and Archival Mgmt. laiuldlife-ilaivtad, 194-55; loilldr, editor Vt. Life, :194-50; editor Vt. (!Ourteiy, 10948.50. Foooder, editor Am. Herige, 199-54, cons. cdiLor, 1054-00; st. rete rch scholar U Londo9lo i 3-56; dir. Pa.
Bur. M1osems and llistories Prop.ortls, 15M 50: dir. Mus., Art, Sci. and Jlodustry, Bridi;epirt, Con.m. 10)59-62; coxc, dir. St. A uitlustine liil. alld Resoration Co(m0!ml., 190--, dir.g,. Nat. Quadrime ltennial Coll n., l 1i02---; pres. St. "Aug!stie) R:til.OanO c.!(I 1965---; cl11m. N.I. Cont. Museums, :l9i5: 61..2, ,"p. .195vl- 9 ma0. editor 11isiory Nows, 1948-42; eoxec, ce, Aml. Assn. State aln Loca). Ilistory, 19i -52: se. Soc. Al. listoriaus, 19484i!. Served with U.SNIR, 194.4-6; field historian, Stnpluy Co, ior i ps, P f 194 5-40; dischl. rini Lt. (jig.) Iteeipient spl. awa:d of merit Am. Assn. Stal. arnd Local Hist.ory. 1.1)4., edi tori 0ward0i A ll. lust. Gralphi Arts, 1950, 51 52 Fellow InteliOt: nlst. Arts an1d Ltvtrs (MIc), It r Amt.(ist. Fine Arts (prel.); mem. Aub Assl. MIlSeulms., Am. Astsl, State avid Loc. HIist., Am. Hfist. Assr., Vt. Hist. Soc., Blritish Mios. Assn., lateriilt. Council Milsums ', I..N., Newuoomel Soc., P'hi Beta (appa, (ilm Laude See, Sigma Delfta (I)!. Rotarian. Author: iBefore Peart Harbor, 19421; The Vermont Story, 114. Editor: Growth of Vormont, 10 olss.. 194(-50,l. Mcm, ediLorial i0d. Art in Amerioa:, 1M15-54. Interested ir S(panist, Euglish a.nd Am. maps. pa;inltillg. Iloe:o; 48 Charotte St. Office: 46 St. Gcori; St., St. Atiustinel F'1.