Major 'Surgery' Is Performed At Spanish Hospital


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Major 'Surgery' Is Performed At Spanish Hospital
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Spanish Military Hospital (Progress Photographs, Book No. 3)
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Carling, Anne
The St. Augustine Record
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Folder: Spanish Hospital


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Saint Augustine (Fla.)
3 Aviles Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spanish Military Hospital (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 3 Aviles Street
29.891837 x -81.311598

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University of Florida
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n eyes," Calkin exolain.- When the ent hs the
s e ereonce 'All the mannequins hd, M hopit este t e arwaves of thick hi so tP ph
n- solve this problem "I just h a
Commission curtor e completly," the tor Ad- to smile. ton Calkin has gone to the op- mits, "so we coe t a wig kin quip, "he enjoy work."
posite extreme to benefit thi on." The mourner's room, the doc- ,
nation's oldest city. He's just Chopping f h was not tor's office, the officers quarcompleted aging 14 mannequins the most asto g thing ters, an isolation ward and the which now appear in the corn- Calkin 4idh6w He also enlisted men's quarters commission's Spanish Military Hos- reposition hands, plete the setting.
pital on Aviles Street. heads d s. In the officers quarters, paTo be more speciic, te res All the manwr tients were placed on beds, but
toration curator has per formed ndin sng, aw, le ate in the enlisted men's section, O
,some major surgery on the 14 he hosi l ar only corporals and sergeants figuress probably the nly real had position got bed. Privates "just had ,surgery the restoration exhibit g them off at the to sleep on she ,hospital will ever see. a ips and then re-f Another note' of
SThe mannequins, recently em by means of metal ~. authenticity Is 4 by explaced in the Aviles Street re- "I wanted to be sure eac one cerpts from p e nal of re- C construction project, were put gulations e Royal :there in line witl the restora- was different,"eexpl a remains. So, Army Mia f Spain. tion's policy to make the craft onecraft man is pped p on one Listed iP duties of ...shops and exhibit buildings ap- elbow on another is in the ad doctor I pear as life-like as possible. the doct ,lying oi his (who liv from the hosThe Spanish Hospital project, 'stomach on his elbow, pit) an e intern, pharhowever, was not without its one ha leg an e Ate n rd tent, .problems, and hence Calkin's has his andage aist ners wered a ttendanthe serious surgery work. gun b1 sr ac ecp t fwreo the i l
"Our main problem was the kin vol st secondupfl withof the is a
beds" replicas of 18th cen- er is prop listing of the day's rations, a tur y medical eds made in his head th fo His commendale challenge for tothe restoration ture shop. head had to be reposoned for day's dieter. For breakfast, pa"They are an1 i feet, sev- this pose, and "I couldn't hide yt'ens were allotted soup from
en inches g '~ because the the joint, so I just bandaged two ounents weof bread anlltted up half an 1
averagema of tt time was his neck," the curator admits, two ounce of bread and half an midfPer asfe s poss Drle.Tr- k oeounce of lard, while the midfive fe ni tall, Dr. Three-Week Project day meal consisted of eight OJ ID
CalIn l ns, dy's male It took about three weeks to ounces of beef a half-ounce of --fiberglass widow display get the mannequins into shape, bacon, half o qgns and mannequns on the other Calkin explains, and Mrs. six ounce e r, the hand, shix feet tall and Dewey Adelperger,-wife of a sii n equal quansize so eet and ank- restoration o mission staff
les wl a hung off the mem r, and Mrs.Calkin aided meal
beds.o, "we Dr. Calkiby ng the cos- is pospita
So, e d shrugs, "we had to tumes h H isopen o a eek, and
order 16-year old boys sizes to Mrs. he Ad r costumed there is no l harge. Sget the right height and then we the ward at doctor, parhad to age them." Even the 18- macist, et. rs. Calkin
year-old boy sizes were too took carourner and
tall, th adds. the unifot, o rpse.
Fair Skinned T h ei4 les quite a
Once the curator located the hit, Calli" and so
right size, his next problems does ne co Hie took -the 0) were fair skin, blue eyes and figure of the doctor to the hair coloring. Too, all the fig- medical convention in Miami ures were smiling happily, and and ". was quite jealous. All (/) that wasn't appropriate for the ladies stopped and shook some of the roles they play in hands with him, and they the hospital especially the didn't pay any attention to seriously ill and the corpse. me!"
In all, the 14 figures include The corpse, plaed i an 18th a corpse and a female mourner; century mortuary bed which 0 a doctor, pharmacist, one ward was "made for the same purSattendant and nine patients, pose we're using it for," is act- s C/1 To look at them today, it's ually the figure of a woman, 1 Shard to bele that at one time and"is still very good looking," they all had blue eyes, many Calkin ts. It seems that one had blonde hair and they all had day wn he was at the hospi- )
-very fai- skin. Calkin's clever tal, teenage visitor from entou with dark spray paint and nsyvania' t scolded the restoraa sof t pencil added th h- tion staffer for killing the best ntce ote to the tests, arms looking one.
and faces of the hospital pa- "I told her: the good die tents, and the "ging' process" Youna." he smiles. l omplished 1hy "a little
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In Aviles Street Spanish Military Hospital